In Memory of prodag

On July 29th, Yaov Zask, better known on Renderosity as prodag, finally succumbed to skin cancer.

Yaov was an admired and active member of the Rhino 3D forum and has been an active part of our community since 2001. He was a wonderful person who created incredible images and shared himself so genuinely with this community. He was a rare jewel.

We are deeply saddened by his passing, and at the same time we are also thankful that he is now free of the physical pain. Through his images and contributions, we will continue to keep his memory alive. The Renderosity community sends out our prayers and best wishes to Yaov’s wife and children, may they find some peace in knowing how much he was respected and loved by all.

 Yaov, you will be missed!

prodag's Renderosity Art Gallery

We welcome the Renderosity community to post their farewell wishes and/or links to images that they have created in honor of Yaov or using any of Yaov's Free Stuff contributions.

The Renderosity Staff

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Member Opinions:
By: deerpath on 8/2/04
I am so sad and sorry to read this news.
Please fly free now Prodag. We will miss you.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

By: Seraphira on 8/2/04
I knew is work, but he was a valued member of renderosity and I consider him like renderosity family. I am sad to see him go. Farewell let you're beautiful works and you're artistic vision be with us forever. Peace.


By: Teyon on 8/2/04
I'm sorry to see you go. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. You will be missed.

By: Porthos on 8/2/04
Condolences to his family and loved ones!

By: jgeorge on 8/2/04
Yoav! I'll miss you!
And still I'mk thankful that I had the occasion to meet a fantastic person like you!

My prayers with the family...

You'll be never forgotten!

By: cryptojoe on 8/2/04
May our brother Yoav rest in peace in the bosom of the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

By: alexandre_milot on 8/2/04
Well, always sad that a brother artist return to the mothership and that we'll never seen him back on post. Well Yaov, repose in peace bro.

By: grylin on 8/2/04
.... did'nt know him ,but lovely art work :) hope his family will be ok... may god look after his family....

By: TMGraphics on 8/2/04
I would like to say thank you to Prodag. Thank you for sharing your questions, your art, your creativity, your renderings, your time, your words, your happiness, your sadness, your joy, your love. Mostly, Thank You For Sharing You. You will be in my thoughts and my prayers. You WILL be missed. God Bless you and your family and friends.


By: trev3k on 8/2/04
I first got to know Yoav here. He was a great modeler, father and friend. And he will be missed by those whose lives he touched, by act or by word. Rest in peace my friend.


By: GROINGRINDER on 8/2/04
I will miss my wonderful friend Yoav. He always had something nice to say when others would not say anything at all. My sincerest condolances to his family. GOD BLESS YOAV.

By: Modulok on 8/2/04
"you will be missed..." Yes you shall, wherever you are, Godspeed my friend...

By: twisted_angel_9 on 8/2/04
Sorry for the loss... A great artist.

By: pstekky on 8/3/04
Yaov was always there with a kind and supportive word as I was struggling through some modelling issues. He was a good and generous person, and I shall remember him fondly. He will be missed.

By: chemicalbrother on 8/3/04
I never knew prodag personally but i am always sadened to hear of the passing of another fine artist........... my sympathies go out to his family and friends........
rest peaceful

By: 3Dream on 8/3/04
We all will miss you, but you will be allways with us. Jose Silva

By: Lorraine on 8/3/04
He will be missed and I will remember his family and him in my prayers. I am saddened by yet another loss of a forum friend and digital artist.

By: Churchwell on 8/3/04
you were a fine artist and will be missed

By: gypsyangel on 8/3/04
With deep respect to his wife and children, he will be missed.

By: olitoth on 8/3/04
It's too sade... Mush love from France for his family.

By: neftis on 8/3/04
You will be missed my friend!talented and loved you were.I pray for you, sleep in peace and look over us 3d artist.

Hugz to you and your family.

By: juan_carlos on 8/3/04
I'll miss you, Yoav. For all of us you've been a great modeler, teacher and friend.

By: Helen on 8/3/04
Rest in peace. My deepest and heart felt condolences for his family..


By: Tedz on 8/3/04
I knew Him not, ...but wish to share My Condolence of sorrow to His Family.

By: ymhcallab on 8/3/04
I have kept checking his works because I liked the total fineness of his works. I'll miss him always. Never same again without him... however I believe he is still living through his works. I pray for him, and his family.

By: TOXE on 8/3/04
My condolences to your lovely family. Have a nice trip to heaven... A big hug Yaov.


By: A_ on 8/3/04
I didn't know him, but I am so sorry for the loss. :( Condolences to his family and friends.

By: treemont on 8/3/04
I so sorry to hear these sad news. We'll miss you dear friend!

By: LaserBeams on 8/3/04
Goodbye, Yoav, and may your family rest peacefully now. I regret not knowing you better, but perhaps we will meet again. Godspeed.

By: Avengia on 8/3/04
My heart goes out to his family, who I am sure are struggling with the loss of their loved one. You are in many prayers and thoughts. God Bless you! Prod, you will be missed, both your art, and your personality!

By: me-man on 8/3/04
I didn't know him either, But I'm really sorry to hear this. I hope he is happy, where ever he is. And I wish his family good luck. He was an amazing artist I must say....

By: LadyStarDancer on 8/3/04
Sorry for the loss, He will indeed be missed,and his Art also, prayers will go out for the family ..

By: Dani3d on 8/4/04
The angels too will be amazed by your skill. Farewell.

By: Kropot on 8/4/04
Every ending is a new beginning. Travel far in peace.

By: jeweldragon on 8/4/04
this is so sad yet another member gone but through thier artwork they live on, my condolences to the family and i will keep you in my prayers

By: geep on 8/4/04
Now you can go and make art amoungst the stars. ;=]

By: Suede on 8/4/04
Prodag was one of the people I really really liked alot here on the Rhino forums, always trying something new and sharing with his peers and friends. Always took the time to post a word of encouragement and share insights - prodag you will be missed. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, it is my hope that you will be surrounded again by your friends and loved ones, and that they may bring you the joy and encouragement and just good feelings that you have offered so many and so often.

God bless you my friend - always
- Suede

By: glenartist on 8/4/04
I have always felt that Yoav was a great artist and good and a special kind of person, who only said positive words of encouragement towards others. I will miss you Yoav. My sincerest condolences to his family. GOD BLESSES YOAV.

By: ruri on 8/4/04
I did not know you but you will be missed,my prayers are with you and your family,your art will live forever my friend,peace be with you

By: Fyrene on 8/4/04
Im going to miss your postings Yoav. Im going to miss the wonderful work you loved to share. Peace be with you, my dear friend.

By: Salmissra on 8/5/04
I did not know prodag, but it is a shame that those whose lives he touched will be without him. He will be missed, not only by those who knew him, but by those of us that never had the chance.
His family is in my thoughts and prayers.

By: brylaz on 8/5/04
We all will miss you. Condolences to his family and friends.

By: RadiositySG on 8/5/04
Peace unto you.

By: Elsina on 8/5/04
A fellow countryman, but I didn't know him. I am sorry, as only now I saw his great work. May his memory be blessed! Shalom Yoav.

By: middleast on 8/5/04
May the Goddess be with your family. In love and light rest well Yaov.


By: synergyauto on 8/5/04
I will never forget you Yoav, we learned our skills about the same time and progressed together. You however reached higher stars than I, and I will miss you my friend.

By: dberryart on 8/5/04
Rest easy now and may your art live on for ever.

By: mushypea on 8/6/04
Rest in peace man!

The body maybe gone, but the soul still lives on!

By: ebrochure on 8/6/04
It's sad whenever we lose one of our gifted Renderosity friends. My respects to his family and friends. Yoav, human flesh is fragile, but art lives forever.

By: JoArtist on 8/6/04
i dont know him....but i am sorry he's passed away. his artworks are so great! my prayer goes with his family.

By: Akinom on 8/7/04
I didn't know him, but I am so sorry for the loss. As I've heard from others he had been a wonderful person. My condolences to his family and friends.

By: samoanlady on 8/7/04
my prayers and thougths are with his family... he lives on in his work

By: sirrick on 8/7/04
Rest in peace Yoav, your art will live on.

By: Eugenofrostin on 8/8/04
Mister Yoav !

I didn't know you but I know you was a great person, the traces you left in this world and your images are the proof in the Other World (the renderosity community).

Like said sirrick, your art will live on between us. And, also, I hope you will meet some great persons in Paradise, like Leonardo Da Vinci, Micheal Ange, Nicolas Poussin, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and others (sorry if I forgot many else painters and poets in the past). Please, would you salute them for my humble part :-) ?

Well, I sincerelly hope you will find the great Happiness in your new place :-)

And my condolences for your familly. I hope they find their way of happiness.

With Respect and Love

Your humble servant

Mr Eugenofrostin

By: Paradogma on 8/8/04
Rest in Peace Yoav.
Your art and your talent will inspire us all and remain forever in our hearts.
My thoughts are with your family.

By: FiXato on 8/8/04
Although I have not had the pleasure to meet such a fine artist myself, his work truly seems amazing, and reading all those comments, he must've been a marvellous person.
The world must carry on once again without an incredible artist which obviously inspired so much fellow-artists!
may his soul live on in all of our hearts and be an inspiration to us all!

-Filip H.F. [FiXato] Slagter
aka BorgCmd

By: davidm on 8/8/04
It's so sad to lose another talented member of our community, but art, like good memories, lives on. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and creativity with us. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

By: WeeLaddie on 8/9/04
I've just had a browse of Prodag's work, as I wasn't familiar with it before. He certainly was an accomplished 3d modeller. One of his latest works "My Life" is now very poignant. I watched my father die of skin cancer three years ago - it isn't nice.
Yaov has left us with some beautiful artwork, but he will be missed by us all.

By: Teller_and_Me on 8/9/04
I am so sorry i never met him, although i knew his work, he was such a great artist. Least no one can say he didnt leave a mark here on earth.

By: Neec on 8/9/04
Yoav was an accomplished artist, but so much more. He was one of the first that I 'talked' to here online, and was always a positive force filled with encouragement. He was a great friend and a truly genuine and wonderful person.

Yoav you were the "real thing" and will be sadly missed. Rest peacefully dear friend, you battled hard and rest.


By: Tamela.J. on 8/9/04
RIP Prodag! My Condolences to his family and friends!


By: Afrodite-Ohki on 8/10/04
and thus God has claimed this great artist to be by His side... may he have a beautiful and peaceful afterlife.

By: zarth on 8/10/04
Kind, generous, encouraging. Yoav, I'll miss you.

By: zarth on 8/10/04
Kind, generous, encouraging. Yoav, I'll miss you.

By: vlaaitje on 8/10/04
I never saw his art before, but I did now, wonderful work, so sorry that he is past prayers and thougths are with his family...his work will be around us .......

By: googboog on 8/11/04
you're free now. soar with the eagles, friend.
my thoughts go out to your family

By: thegame13 on 8/11/04
He made peace, now he goes onto a better place. Rest in Peace. My thoughts are with his family and friends...

By: eaglebeak on 8/11/04
Thirty years ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I was frightened then, but lived. I learned to take one day at a time. Obviously, Yoav did as I did. God wanted his talents with him instead of with us.

By: TomDart on 8/11/04
Like Tedz, I did not know this talented man. I wish I had, viewing the works he created. All in all, the artistry will remain and there will be one less to add to his gallery. Thanks that what is there is there. May the last entry be in the memories of those who knew gain from this artist, to weep in loss and find some joy in continuance. God Bless. TomDart.

By: Dutch_Wally on 8/12/04
In the few months that i spoke with Yoav, i learned that he was a very patienced, very helpfull man. He was a man with many talents, good craftsman.

May his God take good care of him and his family.
Godspeed for Yoav.

By: eagleseye on 8/12/04
My sincere heartfelt sympathy to family. Yoav, Rest in peace.

By: karanta on 8/12/04
My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

By: max- on 8/12/04
May your images live forever in the sea of memories.

By: sector666 on 8/13/04
there will always be a piece of you on my hard drive. good night.

By: snowflake on 8/14/04
Sincerely sympathy to his friends and family.

By: z80paranoia on 8/14/04
i never knew him but his death saddend me. rest in peace.

By: shemia on 8/15/04
Although I never knew Yoav or his work closely, I feel saddened by the loss of an obviously gifted artist. His artistry is now required elsewhere and shall adorn a higher place.
Rest in peace Yoav and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to your family.

By: Aprillo on 8/16/04
I so sorry to hear these sad news but wish to share my condolence of sorrow to his family. Have a nice trip to new world. I pray for you and your family. Aprillo.

By: chrispy91768 on 8/16/04
The world loses yet another great provider of joy to the masses, I'm sure he will be missed.

By: vshane on 8/17/04
I am deeply saddened by news of Prodag. I knew him as a sweet man who always took time to talk with and encourage others. He always had kind things to say.

My heartfelt condolences to his family. Please know that so many of us here feel your loss. And we too are better for having known him.

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