Doublecrash - August 2004 AOM!

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Doublecrash - August 2004 AOM!
Who is 'Doublecrash'?

My name is Stefano and I am a 38 years old Italian writer. I already published some books in Italy and the next one will be on the shelves next March: I'm quite excited, because it will be my first book published by one of the Italian Majors and the first one to be nation-wide launched and distributed. I live in Milan, I love classical music, I translate novels from English to Italian and I'm a big, big, BIG fan of Inter FC, one (the "real" one, LOL) of the two Milanese soccer teams.

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

I started in 1997, when I found a copy of Imagine for Dos in an Italian graphics magazine. I was immediately hooked: those pictures were astounding! But I hadn't the money to buy the real software, so I switched to POVRay (what a fantsastic app and philosophy!) and trudged my way into 3D with no interface and text programming. Then my writing took over and I left 3D until, in '99, I discovered Bryce. Bryce has been my real first 3D love: with Bryce2, I became really addicted. I started making landscapes and then tried to do something more with Bryce4 and Poser2. At the end of 2002 I discovered Renderosity, and I have been here ever since... how couldn't I? :)

Do you have traditional art experience?

Absolutely not. It's frustrating: my hands seem to refuse to follow my brain's orders, LOL. I play piano more than decently, I take decent photographs... gosh, I'm even able to *knit*, but I completely lack any drawing skills. Everything I try to draw comes out like sticky-boy.

What are you currently working on?

Mostly proof-reading my book and writing my next novel. When I have time (and I have almost none in this period), I go to the studio to see how the anim progresses and learn, learn, learn watching others using XSI and Maya. There I produce a still from time to time because I love to post in the R'osity galleries.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

After Bryce, I switched to Cinema4D because I wanted to have modeling tools at my hands. Then, last winter, a small Italian studio bought the rights of one of my Sci-Fi short stories and decided to realize a 3D short animation of it. I was excited to the max, and I gave up on the most part of the money to be in the team: I didn't care if I have to bring coffee to the animators, but I wanted to learn, so I began using Softimage|XSI and, later, Maya under their guide. And everything changed: XSI is fantastic, but Maya is... super! The GUI, the architecture of the program... it seems to have everything I always dreamed in a 3D app. I'm amazed. Right now I'm using Maya 6, but I use it only when I am in the agency because I don't have the money to buy it. At home, on my AMD XP2400 with 1 gig of RAM, I use Cinema4D and Maya 5 PLE. One of the first things I'll do if my book sells good will be to buy Maya Unlimited and a monster-PC so I will be able to use it at home. Then, I think my outdoor days will be over, LOL...

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I'm specially fond of "Arcade!", made with Bryce, because it was so incredibly funny to realize. I wanted to write a short story for all the friends in the Bryce Forum, and then I began to "visualize" it... in two weeks, I modeled a "Tetris-Stadium" and it was really a wonderful time. I even won the Bryce Forum Challenge with that one! :) If someone is interested, there's the short fiction of "Arcade!" among the articles in my Artist Page.

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

I think that my lack of traditional art skills is the main reason for my absolute love with computer graphics: 3D allows me to express myself in a form that I always loved but that, before, for me was completely forbidden. It allows me to paint and "visualize" my fantasies: otherwise, they would remain secluded in my mind. And 3D is fantastic: with it, you can literally "create" worlds, emotions, situations. Incredibly addicting.

Who/what inspires you?

It's impossible to answer. Like for my books, I think that the only correct answer would be "everyone, everything": other people's work, music, situations, thoughts, views, feelings... I could go on for pages.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Incredibly. You really can't imagine how much. When I signed in my membership in 2002 and started to post my first pitiful Bryce images, I was confronted with the works of Rochr, Sbleci, AlvinYlaya and many others. I received a boost, a fantastic inspiration. And an incredible, totally unexpected support. And, even if it's more than one year that I don't use Bryce, the Bryce Forum is the first place I look when I log in: there I have friends and people that helped me a lot and taught me even more. And, with time, I had the opportunity to exchange opinions and advice with fantastic artists in all the various forums of Renderosity: it will be impossible to name them all, but I can easily say that, without Renderosity, maybe I'd still be making the ever-classic "Shiny Sphere On A Checkered Plane".

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

I'd like to thank Renderosity and all the people who always supported me. Some of them became friends also outside the graphics community. Advice? Well... the most obvious one: be thankful for the appreciative comments, but examine always with double attention the negative ones, because without the ability to accept criticism there is no possible growth. And, when talking to a newbie, never, never forget that Shiny Sphere On A Checkered Plane that is somewhere in the Hard-Disk of everyone of us. :)


Be sure to check out Doublecrash's gallery!

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Member Opinions:
By: SeaCrystal on 8/5/04
Congradulations Stefano, for being chosen AOM!!! I'm so happy for you!! :) My best wishes to you on your novel(s), and your artworks!! -SeaC- :)

By: drawbridgep on 8/5/04
Bravo Doublecrash. Since I joined Renderosity you have been an inspiration and your comments on my work have done nothing but help and encourage me. You deserve to be AOM. Congratulations.

By: derjimi on 8/5/04
Congrats! You really deserve it.

By: alvinylaya on 8/5/04
My dear friend! I'm so overjoyed to see you get this AOM. Very well deserved!!! Youv'e been a great inspiration to me, and to so many. Congratulations and continued success! (confetti, fireworks, music, and loud applause!)

By: Anjour on 8/5/04
My best wishes for you getting AOM. It was always a pleasure for me to watch your art and enjoying your comments. You´ve been away for a while and I was glad to see you back again. Hope that you will delight us for a very long time !! Anjour :o)

By: hyperborea on 8/5/04
Congratulations Stefano!

You really deserve this and we hope your writing will pay of so you can follow your next dream :-)

In the mean time enjoy the moment because it's yours!!!

Willem and Madeleine

By: gerbach on 8/5/04
Congradulations Stefano! I like your statements and your renders, and I wish you big success on your new novel.


By: Flak on 8/5/04
Well done and congrats on the award, DoubleCrash. A worthy winner :)

By: Drsuess on 8/5/04
Good Luck On The Novel!

By: tcdrushgeddy on 8/5/04
mucho congrats doublecrash, i remember when i first started posting bryce images here, you and alvinylaya would always comment and offer encouragement and useful critiques, and i still have one or two of those chrome spheres laying around :)

By: woodhurst on 8/5/04
congratulations man!
Well deserved and long overdue.


By: Ang25 on 8/6/04
Congrats! Wonderful to see you get this. And I'm hoping your writing gets you that new computer.

By: Rochr on 8/6/04
Congratulations Stefano! Nice to see you get this most deserved plug.
And best of luck in the future my friend!

By: -Stormi- on 8/6/04
Congratulations! It is about time you won this award. I'm so happy for you. :-)

By: SerenityBlue on 8/6/04
I have always enjoyed Doublecrash's images. [The thing that makes me curious is how did you come up with the name "Doublecrash" ??] Congratulations on a well-deserved award!

By: danamo on 8/6/04
Many congrats Stefano! I hope your new novel becomes a runaway best-seller so you can afford
Maya Unlimited. Your work just keeps getting better and better!

By: CarloTraversi on 8/6/04
Congratulazioni, Stefano, finalmente il giusto riconoscimento per la tua grande opera - grande anche a livello qualitativo - e per la tua continua ricerca di forme espressive sempre particolari ed emozionanti. Un grande augurio, anche per ciò che verrà :)

By: Swade on 8/6/04
Contratulations Stefano...
You have definitely earned this recognition. You have been an inspiration to me as well as many others there is no doubt.
You are doing some fantastic things with Maya and I thoroughly enjoy seeing your new works.
Hope you have great success with your new novel.


By: draculaz on 8/6/04
mascalzone, how ya doin'? :D

By: Blitzz-Licht on 8/7/04
Hi Stefano. You are really an alround Artist. Everything you make is excellent. Since i have not worked with bryce i lost you here out of my eyes. It´s cool to see you as AOM - Congrats -

By: frndofyaweh on 8/7/04
WOW! Just awesome that you got AOM! VERY interesting interview. It makes me believe I will make it someday myself. I make great coffee in any office, LOL. For me the pencil speaks wonders and my writing skills are stick men, metaphorically speaking. Hehe.
I did get an honorable mention at Rosity's prose contest last yr.
I'll be SURE to read your short story. I can't wait!
Anyways, congratulations and absolutely deserved!

By: Akinom on 8/7/04
Congratulations, Stefano! You really deserve being AOM! Your work is gorgeous... keep it up! God luck to your new novel too!

By: Vali on 8/7/04
Hey, Stephano ! You are the best ! I am not a Bryce artist, but I know your gallery very well and all i can say is that you have been born with a tone of talent for art ! I wish you all the best in the world and may the succes never leave you ! Big hugs, my friend !

By: Claymor on 8/7/04
CONGRATS old friend!!!!
Glad you're still around.
We still need to schedule that cup of coffee in some Italian cafe.

By: aceface041973 on 8/8/04
Congrats Stefano, and goodluck with everything.

Cheers my friend!!

By: linkinpark on 8/8/04
Well deserved honor for you Stefano, your work is really excellent and you prooved that you can do amazing jobs in every soft! ;-)

By: Elsina on 8/8/04
Congratulations Stefano, Way to go! Loved your Bryce work and looking forward to your Maya/Cinema art!

By: OritH on 8/8/04
BRAVO Stephano!! You are a fine 3D artist and you deserve it! I enjoyed reading your interview here. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!! Orit

By: jstsittinghere on 8/8/04
congrats Stefano!a well deserved honor! :)

By: Gog on 8/9/04
Well deserved Stefano, thanks for all the images and enjoyment you've given us all.

By: online_art on 8/10/04
Congrats!!! You should make Artist of the year also! I love the sexy picture you sent renderosity!

By: Incarnadine on 8/10/04
Wonderfull! Congratulations! (and very well deserved IMHO!)

By: jory on 8/11/04
Way to go Stefano - and what a wonderful final comment in your interview! You commented on my very first image that I posted on rederosity (My first image with Bryce) and your comments, help and support as well as the help and support of all the members here help make Renderosity a truly amazing place.

Once again congrats and thank you for sharing your art!

By: tjohn on 8/12/04
Congratulations, DC. Miss you in the Bryce Forum.

By: eres on 8/12/04
Congratulations Stefano!!!!! It's great to see you on the front page...!

By: grind on 8/13/04
Well deserved - and though Ive had no time for Bryce lately - I have to say that you were one of the artists who inspired me when I was making 'shiny spheres on checkered planes'!

By: zopeynn on 8/13/04

By: lemonjim on 8/13/04
today AOM, tomorrow AOYear! Surprised it took so long, and I want to buy that book and see your Maya animation! I have to say your art is a cut above, and when I get an ebot msg you have posted something, I can't wait for the download. Now I know why your comments are so well written - you're a writer, for gosh sakes! PS I want a nice espresso in a Milanese cafe, too! -jim

By: WindofChanges on 8/14/04
Congratulation's Stefano...i'm veryhappy to see you on this page...:)

By: WindofChanges on 8/14/04
Congratulation's Stefano...i'm veryhappy to see you on this page...:)

By: dtp on 8/14/04
augurissimi stefano peccato che spendete tantissimi soldi da 7 anni a questa parte e non avete vinto mai uno scudetto Cambia squadra FORZA MILAN he he he.....
BTW compliments for the AOM I am so glad to be you ciao Di Tiello Pasquale
May luck be whith you and the force also`

By: nawtyangel on 8/15/04
Congratulations on being named AOM Stefano!!! A most deserved honor. As you know, I am now and have always been a huge fan of yours. I always look forward to you posting your works. Keep up the good work! Lotsa love, Genevieve

By: aladingenius on 8/16/04
Congratulation Stefano, i really think you deserve the AOM! I have a lot of your artwork as a random wallpapers... and my colleagues too like them very much :)

Good luck with your novel and the monster-pc ;-)

By: tresamie on 8/16/04
Congratulations to my favorite collaborator and teacher and most of all friend! You deserve it.

By: Calanthe on 8/16/04
Caro Stefano, mi congratulo per questo riconoscinento più che meritato!

By: skullmonkey2078 on 8/17/04
Congratulations Doublecrash!

By: catlin_mc on 8/18/04
You are the greatest Stephano, congratulations. You have inspired many of us in the Bryce forum too you know and we love you for your input. 8)

By: Glasko on 8/19/04
Boy, was I excited to see this. The first real fan of my comic here at Renderosity. You're very talented, a true artist and I still get email notifications of your newest works. I've been checking my email for over a year now, often just to see what you and some others here can accomplish using the computer as your paintbrush. Continue to be the artist you are and continue down that unending journey that is the path of the imaginative, the creator-- the artist. Good luck friend, keep it up.

By: calum5 on 8/21/04
Stefano you old fart!Its me,the nude guy thats runs around F1 Tracks!lol!Congratualtions on the much deserved AOM!!I thought you had left due to your time away!Im going to get round to your gallery now and comment!Heck ,Im excited !!All your work used to inspire me no end and I feel like Im going somewhere special,as a matter of fact I am!!Congratulations :-)))Bye calum

By: IgnisSerpentus on 8/22/04
Wow congrats on everything... was really surprised to see u on the front of r'osity... thats quite an accomplishment. Ive always known yer work was fab.... but I had no idea that u were a writer too. While I dont boast any shiny spheres on checkered planes, my old scewl stuff is mostly consistent of pyramids on checkered planes. LOL :that was really funny btw: You however, have managed to capture some really realistic perspectives in yer work, in spite of the whole checkered state of mind. You fully deserve this honor :o)

By: Daniel7Mc on 8/22/04
Well deserved Stefano, a big congrats!

By: librarian__1 on 8/23/04
Glad to see your face up on the front page. Like I've said before you've been an inspiration all along, and it was your gallery I first saw here. I cannot think of another artist who I would be happier to see up there. Congratulations.

By: baher on 8/24/04
congratulations!well deserved...!

By: Longrider on 8/25/04
Better late than never..wel done DC you da man.

By: zfigure7 on 8/25/04
Beautifully said and done Stefano! I am so very glad that you got to where you are. You're very talented and gifted. I wish you all the best and success. Cheers!!

By: roobol on 8/26/04
Congrats Stephano, it's a pleasure to see you as AOM; well deserved.

By: gallimel on 8/29/04
Back after holidays I can celebrate you dear :)
You know from my sms how infinitely happy I am for your triumph :) and... well, you show your poetic heart and soul even more now that I know you support Inter :) Always the best for you, with friendly hugs, Meli :)

By: Eugenius on 10/6/04
Sorry for my lateness, but I just wanted to let you know that it's about time you got AOM! Congrats!!!

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