Farewell to Don Tatro
We are saddened to annouce that on June 19th, Don Tatro (dontatro), passed away from sudden cardiac arrest. Don Tatro has been a long-time Renderosity member since May of 1999, sharing 963 images with us in his gallery. He was widely known for his wry sense of humour and the creation of the "Creepy Clown" character and website. In addition, to being an artist, Dan was also clinical psychologist specializing in forensic psychology for 20 years. He combined art and psychology in interesting ways which can be seen on his award winning site, Totally Tatro. Don�s sudden departure leaves another hole in the Renderosity community�s heart. But, through his creative works his memory lives on. The Renderosity community extends our deepest sympathies and best wishes to Don�s family, may they find some peace in knowing how much he was respected and loved.
(Image created by: magoo)
Don, you will be missed. May you enjoy the next phase of your journey. Happy trails! We welcome the Renderosity community to post their farewell wishes and/or links to images that they have created in memory of Don. -The Renderosity Staff To view the original thread, please visit the Poser Forum Dan's Renderosity Gallery Links to Dons' award winning sites.... http://www.creepyclown.com http://dontatro.bryce-alive.net/tatro.htm

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Member Opinions:
By: lgp692000 on 6/21/04
I have been viewing tribute renders in the Bryce Gallery all day and was very sad to hear of his passing. But I must admit his clown give me the hee-bee-gee-bees ;) Non the less, I loved his work and he will be missed by a whole lot of people. God speed Don.

By: Davrosdalek on 6/21/04
I knew don from before his arival here at renderosity when he spent time in the bryce and poser news groups. It is because of him and his images that I finaly joined renderosity.

Don, you always were an insperation to me. Thank you and good journey.

Alex Nowak

By: shadow_dancer on 6/21/04
http://www.renderosity.com/viewed.ez?galleryid=698693 farewell friend :(

By: wandrinminstrl on 6/21/04
Farewell Don, your art has been an inspiration, your humour contagious, and your legacy will live on for many years to come.

Thank you for what you gave and shared..and thank you to his family for sharing him..

God bless..

By: SyS on 6/21/04
A great loss to the 3D community indeed.... See ya soon Don...

By: eres on 6/21/04
I'm crying...By by buddy!

By: Hellmark on 6/21/04
Don was a great guy, and I am proud to say that I knew him. He's left a big hole over at AB3P

By: Richard T on 6/21/04
Goodbye Don. Thank you for contributions to the Bryce and Poser communities, amd most of all I will miss your humor and inspiration.

By: geoegress on 6/21/04
condolences to Don's family :(

By: rygar on 6/21/04
Once more a great artist is ripped away from our lives, but never our hearts. Farewell Don

By: xantor on 6/21/04
That is sad. I am glad that he didn`t just get overlooked with the death of ironhart.

By: ShadowWind on 6/21/04
I've never had the pleasure to talk to Don personally, but I've always been inspired by his very unique looks at the human (and animal) conditions. He will be missed and is a very sad week for Rosity to lose two prominant artists. Condolences to his family.

By: killer3d on 6/21/04
Quite an artist even if he didn't think of himself as exactly such. Shame to have lost a person with such an extensive knowledge of life and computer graphic arts. The, http://dontatro.bryce-alive.net/tatro.htm , site is a really well done work. Sorry not to have really known you Don but I am reviewing your works in memory.

By: xoconostle on 6/21/04
Don was my greatest inspiration in the community. His support meant everything to me. I loved his renders, and had a lot of fun doing my own with Creepy Clown. It's going to take some time to come to grips with this loss.

By: redawg2 on 6/21/04
I did not know Don personally. But I knew his work & through it his spirit will live on.

By: BurntPlanet on 6/21/04
Thank you for being one of the first people to
talk to me and greet me into AB3DP.
it was your art work work that inspired me
to do better. You will be saddly missed.

By: spider1313 on 6/21/04
Don was one of the very first folks I "met" at adbd3db when I began "my" 3D journey a few years back and it was his sense of humor, his willingness to help, and of course, "his" Creepy that really got me hooked here! I will miss him AND his outlook on life greatly...

By: geep on 6/21/04
Don, you may be gone ... but certainly not forgotten.
I appreciate all that you did for the community.
R.I.P. my friend.

By: SK2Design on 6/21/04
I'm so deeply saddened by the loss of yet another great artist. I think of all the Creepy the Clown images I've seen in Don's gallery over time, and I feel that deep sense of loss. I send all my heart felt sympathies to Don's family and loved ones and hope that the fond memories they have of Don will help through this very difficult time. Love and Blessings,

By: Rochr on 6/21/04
Don has been around ever since i joined, and have given me many laughs with his funny images.
This is truly a great loss. Rest in peace Don and thank you.

By: Moebius87 on 6/21/04
My heartfelt condolences go to the family and loved ones of Don. I wish I had a chance to really get to know you. God speed... you will be truly missed here. :o(


By: Mercytoo on 6/22/04
This is very sad indeed. One of the first images I saw created with Poser contained Creepy. Don was a big reason that I got into poser, because that darn clown was so cool. My thoughts to his friends and family.

By: drgnmztr on 6/22/04
I feel cheated not having had the chance to meet him online. I love his work and his sense of humor even though tears roll down my cheeks while enjoying his wonderful art..

Thanks Don..

By: SndCastie on 6/22/04
This is truely a sad time I have know Don since I started doing Bryce and Poser he helped me when I needed help. He was alway that way and I will miss him terribly. My heart goes out to his family and friends.


By: Li-An on 6/22/04
Your artwork was an inspiration for me. Thanks for all you shared with the 3D community.

By: Doc Mojo on 6/22/04
Don's manner of twisted brilliance is a rare thing. The world will be less fun without him.

I've been honored to support his free speach in the face of The Humorless (to put it politely).

Long live Don!

Long live Creepy!


By: orbital on 6/22/04
You will be missed very much, things won't be the same in the Bryce gallery without your daily posting. I hear they have Bryce 6 in heaven so have fun. Rest in peace Buddy.

By: Bigt on 6/22/04
Sad Sad news!

Don was a truly great artist and an all round decent bloke, i will miss his
work, his humour, and his friendship,

Goodbye Don and God Bless.

By: jeweldragon on 6/22/04
my condolences, this is so sad :( may god keep and bless dons family, rest in peace don

By: imanwillie on 6/22/04
thanks for the laughs, as usual you'll be having the last on in HEAVEN

god bless


By: ben_martin on 6/22/04
I'm speechless!
Take my silent pray Don!

By: brylaz on 6/22/04
Farwell Don, we'll miss you....bye! Condolences to Don's family!

By: Batsarse on 6/22/04
Don was one of the first artists I saw when I joined Renderosity, and he remains one of the finest to this day. His sense of humour was Pythonesque and his modelling and picture-composition skills were incredible. I still have his picture, "There He Goes", as a desktop wallpaper and it makes me laugh out loud to this day. We've lost a terrific artist, a skilled humourist and a great friend.


By: Lyrra on 6/22/04
the clown will never die. Don Tatro, you will be remembered.


By: Blur014 on 6/22/04
Rest in peace and godspeed.

By: DrunkMonkey on 6/22/04
Thanks for everything Don. You made us laugh and sometimes made us think. I'm missing you already buddy.

Jonathan Russell

By: steeloavenger on 6/22/04
The Creepy Clown is most hilarious thing ive ever seen. i simply love it!!! Thank you, Don, hours on hours of laughter. You will be missed, greatly. Have a safe journey, Don:-D

By: Kenmac on 6/22/04
Don was a very smart man and I considered him to be kind of an online "friend". We exchanged a few e-mails when he first started doing his Creepy Clown renders. Words can't express how sad I was when I heard the news. It was like I'd been hit in the stomach. Don was always an inspiration, not just to me but to many people in the Poser and Bryce community with his excellent artwork, vivid imagination and his great sense of humour. We'll all miss you very much Don.

By: tammymc on 6/22/04
This is a sad week for our community. I want to send my thoughts to his family and friends. He will be missed.

By: Strixowl on 6/22/04
Tears. Creepy was my very first freebie for Poser. Don you are missed in this rhelm.

By: cagle on 6/22/04
Don, Creepy's *unique* humor and warped perceptions created a wry filter upon the crazy world that we are all creating. We will miss you and the big guy's insights very, very much.

By: myalicat on 6/22/04
I heard this the other and it still hasn't penetrated that Don is gone!!!! I knew him from way back in the old msn newsgroups 97-98? and he always knew how to make me laugh... Good-bye dear friend,, you impacted my life more than you knew!!! God Speed!!!!!
My condolences to the Tatro family...

By: Jakel on 6/22/04
I didn't know him so well, but his comments in the poser-group were so full of humor.
My thoughts are for his family and friends.

By: Shoshanna on 6/22/04
Creepy the clown was one of the first free models I ever downloaded.
His galleries never fail to raise a smile and I hope that the joy he brought to the community will live on to keep his memory alive.

By: Conniekat8 on 6/22/04
I just found out. I can't believe he's gone.
I've takled to Don online quite a few times.
My condolences to his family. Don will be missed very much here online. I hope that we find a way to keep his art online.

By: alvinylaya on 6/22/04
Don, you are a true artist who shared your brilliant thoughts, provoked and humored us over and over again. We will miss you! Thanks for everything, rest well.

By: vjerana on 6/23/04
God be with You!

By: Dash101 on 6/23/04
Wow, this is quite a shock.

Don, I loved your work, you were always a bright and wonderful artists.

I too would like to send my thoughts to your family and friends.

Rest in Peace. I'm sure you've still got a smile on your face... even now.

By: CaptCrazy on 6/23/04
The great thing about being an artist - is once we pass over to the other side, our artwork will keep us living in others for ever. Let us not forget those who are gone and remember what they inspired us to be. God Speed Don... We will never forget you. Capt Crazy...

By: davidm on 6/23/04
Thank you for your wonderful contribution, Don - your fabulous sense of humour and wonderful talent will never be forgotten. God bless you and your family. Dave.

By: Tartan on 6/23/04
:( Don was around the poser community for a long time. I will miss his warped sense of humor and the way his images provoked me to think. I havent checked it yet but I am sure the poser news group is going nuts with remorse. Headed there now. God speed Don.. say hello to Dano and FX for me :(

By: kodesign on 6/23/04
Good bye Don!...All ours prayers for him and all his family.

By: THROCK on 6/23/04
Happy Trails Don! I learned more about poser and bryce from Creepy then any other sourse. Since 1997 Don was a part of my CG life through various newsgroups...You, Don, are missed and will be!, you're student.....Rocky

By: estevez on 6/23/04
It was really a notice very sad for me to know that we lose a quality artist. With certainty where it will be, will continue creating and sending in spirit its beautiful ideas for this Community. Condolences to his family.

By: captor213 on 6/23/04
Gone to that 'Great Big Render In The Sky',Godspeed Don.

By: Daworth on 6/24/04
So very sad to lose such a creative and imaginative artist. May his family take some comfort from the high esteem in which he was held in this community.

By: vlaaitje on 6/24/04
I never heard from his name before, but my thoughts are by his family......so sad.....you will be missid......rest well

By: TheBryster on 6/24/04
Don may have gone to better places, but Creepy will be here forever!
Blue skies and green fields, Don!

By: Mint3D on 6/24/04
This news was shocking, Don has always been favourite of mine with his sense of humour and very special vision in his artwork. Looking at his work and worlds he created, only showed a glimpse of his brilliant mindwork. He never stopped stunning and every work was unique and one of the kind. Will miss him and his art in newsgroup a lot, it will never be the same without him. Rest in peace Don, Creepy will keep going and DBs will be contiously in trouble by him.

By: Wanda Burns on 6/24/04
Don was a special and very unique person. I'll certainly miss his sense of humor and great renders.

By: fingers on 6/24/04
Don, Thank you for being my friend.
You will never be forgotten !!!


By: RogueLyrecyst on 6/25/04
please view this page as its a very fitting tribute to Don, i hope digimon doesnt mind!! Clickhere

By: ErikaKatz on 6/25/04
RIP, Don! You were a creative bright light in our universe! We will miss you.


By: ByteDreams on 6/26/04
I remember Don way back in the newsgroup days. He made me laugh. And always made himself available to help out a newbie. I will miss you a lot, Don!

By: nitro115 on 6/28/04
Hard to say anything, Don... you'll be missed very much! Thanks for Creepy, he's a great gift to all of us!

By: mushypea on 6/28/04
Death, rock me asleep,
Bring me to quiet rest,
Let pass my weary guiltless ghost
Out of my careful breast.
Toll on, thou passing bell;
Ring out my doleful knell;
Let thy sound my death tell.
Death doth draw nigh;
There is no remedy.

By: Anjour on 6/28/04
Thx for sharing your art with us, may god be with you for the rest of your way....

By: mrscience on 8/10/04
Don was a symbol of creativity, of inspiration and ingenuity, but most of all, he never lost sight of kindness and respect for anyone and everyone. Thanks.

By: kromekat on 10/13/04
A great artist with an unusual take on things - I am sure you are having fun wherever you are now Don - somehow I imagine you'll be rolling down (and up) large green hills wearing a clown outfit! :) - respect!

By: emangl on 11/28/05
still unforgotten - Creepy makes me think about Don at least once a week

By: jan_scrapper on 12/29/07
I didn't know about his passing. I wondered why no one ever spoke of him in the 2 1/2 years I have been associated with 3d art.

God Bless his family and friends, for I know there is still pain.

By: reesearoon on 1/9/08
Don, I miss you. Watched Star Trek tonight and saw your brother...I know you're happy to be reunited, but I sure would have liked to have been able to tell you good bye, buddy. You'll always be in my heart, and there will never be another clown for me. Love ya.

By: xpersona on 11/12/09

So for me very unpleasantly.
I am uniting with the family in pain.
I know as large it is pain recently
my Mum walked away .....
I am lighting lights of the memory.


I apologise for English...
I am coming from Poland
and poorly I am writing in English.


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