3Dream May '04 Merchant of the Month!

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3Dream May '04 Merchant of the Month!
How did you get started in 3D Graphics?

I started at a very young age. At 7, I already made some drawings and 3D objects using very simple programs. At that time spectrum was the most powerfull computer.

How long have you been working with 3D Graphics?

As I answered before I strated at a very young age but at University I learned 3D programs, such as Poser, Rhino and many others. It was the real begining because then I knew that was fascinated by those programs and by 3D art.

Do you have any formal training?

As I said before. I learned a lot at University and then I developed my knowlege by myself trying the programs, seeing results of my experiences. I spend lot of time learning by myself.

What software do you use for product development?

Basically I use Poser, Rhino3D, UV Mapper and Photoshop.

How much time is required for product development?

I don´t establish a determinate time to finish a product. My main objective is quality, so it will take the necessary time until I consider it is as I want and like it.

Can you give a brief overview of your development cycle for a new product?

First I have an idea, then I start step by step and if I think it will may be a good product I give all my free time to get to the result (high quality) I imagined for it.

Where does your inspiration come from when developing new products?

I have so many ideas that sometimes I wish that I could be two instead of one.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Quality above of everything and love what they intend to do.

How has Renderosity's on-line community played a role in regards to your products, friendships and learning?

The renderosity online community plays a important role in my works reading the products reviews on my products. Some buyers advices are very important too. Renderosity forums gives me a lot of information. I have made a lot of friends in this site and I thank them for their friendship.

Do you have any final words?

In my country (Portugal) there are no many ways to learn all about 3D Art. I think I am the only Portuguese creating Poser software. I would like to say that I am very happy being Renderosity's May 2004 MarketPlace Merchant, but I really would like to have answered with bigger precision to the questions, since my English is not as good as I would like.
Thank you to all.
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Member Opinions:
By: jorgeluso on 5/1/04
I Love his art. The characters are unique in question of textures . I never saw any other artist who works so good the eyes. My favourites are Kimshara , king, Radical V3 and Adro this last is a supreme art creation it looks like an human beeing .
Not to speak about his hair objects. Once some one told me that Glorious hair was too expensive and he / her would wait till it was in the warehouse ...it makes me laugh . Glorious has all is a complete anf full pacage. Congratulations to 3Dream

By: jotapomba on 5/1/04
o teu trabalho é fantástico...

By: rhiafaery on 5/2/04
Congratulations! :)

By: Giana on 5/2/04
Jose, my sincere congratulations... I absolutely adore your Kimshara series - if I was told that I could have only one texture set/series to use for all time, it would be Kimshara. Thank you for all you create! :))

By: ratracer on 5/3/04
Boa, Ze!!!!

By: DarkStarRising on 5/3/04
well done! your textures, hairs are amazing, and i have quite a few items from your store! and i am never dissapointed in what i get!
well done again!

By: Laksmi on 5/3/04
Parabéns!!!!! Seu trabalho é fantastico!

By: costa197 on 5/4/04
Muitos parabéns, é o reconhecimento devido por um trabalho fantástico.

By: Wildflowers on 5/4/04
Congratulations! your art is very special :-)
I love the hair...is so amazing!
E finalmente você tem um sorriso bonito ;-)

By: islandgirdesigns on 5/4/04
I am a fan of your work and am happy to see you being recognized! Thank you for your hard work! :)

By: Eowyn on 5/4/04
Congratulations! This is definitely deserved - your products are amazing. I agree with Giana on your Kimshara textures, they are some of the most gorgeous skin textures I've ever seen.

By: islandgirdesigns on 5/4/04
I am a fan of your work and am very happy to see you being recognized! Congratulations! Thank you for your hard work. :)

By: Lisbeth on 5/4/04
Congratulations!! Well deserved :o)

By: fmorgan on 5/4/04
Parabens de um compatriota (no exilio).


By: Jazzmin on 5/4/04
Congratulations!! Glad to see you've been recognized for your work :)

ps... has anyone ever told you that you look like Adam Sandler?

By: vshane on 5/4/04

By: BonBonish on 5/4/04
My congratulations also!

By: AlteredKitty on 5/5/04
Congratulations: this is very well deserved for your wonderful products :) ________ali x

By: ilona on 5/5/04
Parabéns de coração José... já era mais do que merecido pela qualidade e beleza dos seus produtos! Valeu!!!!!!!

By: PandaPride on 5/5/04
COngrats to you! My my how you look so much like Adam Sandler! nice pic!

By: gmt on 5/6/04
Parabéns José! Bom Trabalho.

By: C4blessed on 5/6/04
Congrats! plus i was thinking the samething as Pandapride, you do look like Adamn Sandler, thats what got my attention.

By: softcris on 5/6/04
I love his work,I clap loud my hands for him!
Parabéns! para voce José, ganhou o titulo de vendedor do mes aqui no nosso Renderosity.
Muito tempo que não dou um alô para voce, então surgiu esta grande oportunidade de aplaudir seu trabalho de 'pé' por assim dizer :)
Aplausos á voce meu amigo e muito sucesso com seus personagens, texturas e cabelos tão lindos..eu uso de montão o cabelo de Vic Natural Hair e o Classic Cut. E estou começando á usar com muito gosto a Fantasy TX p/Mike.
Aplausos para voce meu amigo, sucesso de montão.
Abraços Cris Galvão (softcris da Suécia, lembra?)

By: Lory on 5/6/04
Congratulations!! You Rock!!!

By: Khrys on 5/6/04
Couldn't happen to a better person or a more talented artist. Or a cuter one. ;)

By: bungle1 on 5/7/04
Greets!! and Congrats Jose, my hat goes off to you for your achievements I have learnt alot from you, and am in awe of your fantastic hair products, Im glad to see you getting the exposure , you deserve it, well done, (erm and wen did u start and erm.. have u had formal training) - joke hehe please plle read the whole thread...LOL p.s. your english is very good Jose..

By: quim2001 on 5/7/04
Muchas felicidades. Me he dado cuenta por pura casualidad de que eres en mejor en el mercado del mes. Esto es todo un record. Te lo mereces y me alegro mucho de que así sea. Te mando un fuerte abrazo. Quim Abella.

By: A_ on 5/10/04
Congratulations, Jose! you do beautiful and high quality work, this is well deserved! :)

By: mathman on 5/11/04
Congratulations ! I really enjoy your unique work. Well done.

By: Mercytoo on 5/12/04
Congratulations! I too enjoy your work, thank you for your wonderful products.

By: Dizzie on 5/17/04
BIG Congrats!! You deserve every bit and more...I too adore your fabulous hair!!

By: 3ddave44 on 5/18/04
If you don't mind my saying, you're a lot better looking than Adam Sandler... : ) Congrats on this spotlight - it's well deserved; I have a few of your products and use them often.

By: trogboy on 5/19/04
Congrats man.. Hey you look like Adam Sandler.

Ooo i just realized the guy above me said the same thing LOL

By: SeanE on 5/19/04
3Dream - Keanu Reeves look-a-like???... :+P

By: PauloH on 5/20/04
Congratulations, 3Dream! You surely deserve this! Your products are helping me out a lot :)

By: mondoxjake on 5/24/04
Bravo! A well deserved honor to a very creative artist. All of your items are excellent at a nice price...and you put as much effort in your freestuff as you do in store items. Your Eternal Posette is a must have file for everybody. Thanks for all the gifts.

By: 3Dream on 6/1/04
Thank you for all the comments . I really enjoyed being MOM .

By: 3Dream on 6/1/04
Thank to you all , for your comments.
I enjoyed beiing MOM

By: Evchen76 on 8/6/04
Your products rock:-) And thank you again for
Kiss Eva

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