May's Featured Artist - Archangel_Gabriel

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May's Featured Artist - Archangel_Gabriel
When he's not fighting crime or battling off-world clones, Archangel Gabriel is Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray, living in Central Maine USA. Father of 2 and a third by Acquisition, I am 39 years old and married to the beautiful Tracy Ann. My history contains many lives. Art school droogie, concert audio engineer, police officer and then back around again to graphic design. (Go figure that chain out..) My life has taken many interesting and adventurous turns.

Currently I'm employed as a [Title] Senior Graphics and Web Designer for an outsourcing technical support company. And, as mentioned, I'm living in central Maine, but the process has begun to relocate to Southern California. Why,.? Just because.

I've been working with digital media since the Commodore 64 was released. With a solid background in traditional mediums I found (then) digital drawing platforms were clanky and brutish. But, with the release of Photoshop 2.5 beta and armed with my blistering fast DX2-33 AND a whopping 12 meg of RAM, I discovered that digital was evolving very fast. From Photoshop I then discovered Visual Reality, a low end but workable tool for true 3d Model creation and rendering. The process has lead onto poser 2, then 3 and finally 4. The same evolution has lead up through the Bryce releases and onto Strata Studio 3D and 3D Studio MAX.

Currently I'm working on a series of posters based upon the classic comic heroes from when I was young(er). Also slated, I've done the preliminary work on a series based on the Hanna Barbara cartoon series from the 1960's. Back when cartoons were made for their own sake, not to hawk action figures.

(Renderosity: Why do you like 3D art?)
Why?, Because it allows me to see things I wouldn't normally see otherwise. Example: many times I've started a project with a particular posed/set/form in mind. And often, quite by accident, I'll fiddle with a camera or a light and POOF completely new angle and concept, often taking me into a completely new direction. 3D also allows me to create world and feelings difficult to translate into 2D mediums.

For work I use Photoshop 6 daily. I've found very little that it cannot do. For my personal projects, I use a combination of Poser 4, Bryce 4, Photoshop and Painter 6. They allow me to create the characters from my youth and give them life in a matter of hours rather than spending (literally) weeks drawing and airbrushing. I tend to stick to the Michael and Victoria models for poser. I need the Hi-Res for close-up work. The general release Poser models are ok for long shots but they then to lose something in close.

Everything inspires me. Comics, classical sculpture, Mozart, Peter Gabriel, Van Gogh, Ed Wood, Ridley Scott, The Bible, The Bagavadgitta, the Quran, The book of the Dead, you name it, I'm inspired by it, Old Star Trek, 50's B movies, Blade Runner and an imagination that never shuts off. My mind is constantly in motion. Ask my wife, it drives her nutty.

Working and posting with Renderosity has allowed me thousands of sets of eyes to note and critique projects I create. Although perhaps only 10% of what I do gets posted (Many commercial projects never are seen) it allows folks to point out errors or glitches that I fail to notice OR how a particular part of an illustration can be made differently or better. Plus I get to share images for viewers to enjoy. Which, ultimately, is the best part.

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Member Opinions:
By: trevor3000 on 5/7/01

By: Tamela.J. on 5/8/01
Congratulations Gabriel!

By: desdemona on 5/8/01
My congratulations to You. Great to know something more about You, I am Your big fan :)


By: Billy on 5/8/01
Congratulations Daniel, its great to see you here. Love your work and found your tutorials realy helpful and fun. Thanks for sharing. I follow the same path of inspiration and it drives my wife nuts too, they should get together and compare notes. All the best to you and your family.

By: ronmolina on 5/8/01

By: Khaled on 5/8/01
The best.
Made me feel Poser-sick (home-sick), I'm launching Poser now...

Love your work.

Good luck

By: henriqueaguiar on 5/8/01
Congratulations,my friend!!!:)))

By: cake1 on 5/8/01
That was really fully deserved.
Congratulations, and a happy tommorow ;o)


By: februus on 5/8/01
Your work is wonderfully creative and imaginative. It's great to see someone willing to sweat the details and refine their work to the extent that you do. Congratulations, sir!

By: Thorgrim on 5/8/01

I enjoy your work and find it inspiring both for the technical expertise and the way you seem to be able capture the essence of the characters you are portraying.

By: Helen on 5/8/01
congratulations... :)

By: Brandi on 5/8/01
Congratulations! :)

By: alamo on 5/8/01
You are an outstanding artist & I am proud to call you a friend- Good luck on your relocation. Your talent becomes more impressive every time I see it. Congrats :)

By: alamo on 5/8/01
You are an outstanding artist & I am proud to call you a friend- Good luck on your relocation. Your talent becomes more impressive every time I see it. Congrats :)

By: Jody on 5/8/01
VERY good interview. Love the art. Spiderman is the best!!!!!!

By: Steel2Wolf on 5/8/01
Your artwork has always inspired awe and admiration in me and I'm glad to see that it has the same effect on everyone else :)
I'm sure that there will be many more awards and many more great artworks in the future, and I'm anxiously waiting to see each and every one of them :)

By: sturkwurk2 on 5/9/01
First off.. your artwork is amazing, among the very best in it's field.

but, don't forget to try and give credit to those who make the files you've used.

By: Olympus on 5/9/01
Congradulations. Love your work. The new Muaddib is Killer!

By: Poppi on 5/11/01
Gabriel. You are my favorite artist in this here, Renderosity. You are wonderful at doing facial expressions. In your case a picture IS worth a thousand words.

As for the move to Cali....well, I am from there. I hope you don't hate it. If you do...well, Florida is very similar, but, without the earthquakes, jackings, and, energy problems. (Yes, I have heard that we are not smart enough to vote,here. If you have a problem with that stay in Cali...giggle.)
Best of luck.

By: Shademaster on 5/12/01
Great artwork man! You are a real crack at poser and photoshop!

By: SHiVER on 5/12/01
congrats, mister archangel :-)

By: Redgoddess on 5/12/01
So many talented people here. All with their unique talents. But your stuff knocks me out. Characters that have souls, images that have movement and breath. I love you comic renderings. So many comic characters are so flat. Yours are alive. A well deserved honor. If you ever go pro I know an agent .

By: Cassiel on 5/13/01
Thank you, for all the inspiration and motivation your art gives.... Best of fortune to you... in whatever you do.

By: dolly on 5/14/01
All the best son you deserve it

By: trogboy on 5/14/01
umm. poser? i thought you modeled them yourself.

oh well. Dont take this the wrong way. but i am a third generation Californian and well, we dont need anymore people in California. especially the Bay Area. stay where you are :) but i still like the photos.

By: SyS on 5/14/01
Nice one geezer....


By: JordyArt on 5/16/01
I first noticed you when I found your Batman character - since then I've spent hours of slow online time looking at your works - amazing. Thanx.

By: dwarvenkind on 5/25/01
Whoa, just stumbled across this.. Congrats buddy!

By: Archangel_Gabriel on 5/28/01
To all who voted and to all who replied with the kind words, thank you. It's a wonderful feeling to know that something I did has brought enjoyment to other's lives. May you all be well. I hope to continue to be worthy of your good wishes and praise.

Best regards,

Daniel - Archangel Gabriel

By: ralphmanis on 6/16/01
Bravo! Congratulations Daniel!!!

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