marforno April '04 Merchant of the Month!

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marforno April '04 Merchant of the Month!
How did you get started in 3D Graphics?

I was at work one day and I needed an animation for a Flash movie. A friend told me about a program called Poser that could do the trick, so I tried it. After about 4 days of working non-stop, I had acquired most of the basic Poser knowledge I needed to become a Poser junkie. Then I joined the Poser 101 Yahoo newsgroup, where I met some wonderful people who helped me a lot.

How long have you been working with 3D Graphics?

For approximately 3 years. I posted my first images at Renderosity in May 2001. They were mainly simple renders with lots of Photoshop. Then, at this time, I got really obsessed in exploring how far this application could reach. It was actually an image by SkoolDaze called "The mouth of the cave" done in Bryce, that changed my conception forever of this new media. I moved into Bryce immediately and I remember spending a great deal of time trying to get the hang of it. Bryce can be a “big” pain in the neck for a beginner, but I was lucky because I met one of the masters, Kees Roobol. He took the time to make me tutorials and to answer a million questions. Then modeling came to me as a consequence of the lack of modeling tools in Bryce.

Do you have any formal training?

No, not in 3D. More or less related to what I do now, is the fact that I am/was a professional photographer, and a programmer analyst who abandoned programming for the multimedia business. All my knowledge in 3D comes from long hours of studying and practicing. I am very fortunate though, because since the beginning I have had the help and advice of one of the best modellers on the planet, my friend Abraham. He never gets tired of helping me to improve my modeling, sometimes showing me the “how to” or just pointing me where the sources are, and then coming back to make sure that I got it … and poor me if I didn't.

What software do you use for product development?

I use many different programs, depending on what I am trying to achieve, but I do believe that the best results in architecture modeling can be accomplished with MAX. I am a MAX guy basically. I am far from being a master in the program, but I try very hard to learn as much as I can every day.

How much time is required for product development?

This really depends a lot on how complex the project is. We never really know how complex it will be until it is finished, because our creative process as a team is improvisation. I start making individual props and scenes, and then we select some. Our selections give the project a natural path and direction, and then it just seems to come to life from that point and almost completes itself, so-to-speak.

Can you give a brief overview of your development cycle for a new product?

I spend a great deal of time on the telephone with my partner, Danie, kicking around ideas for new projects and packages. After we come up with a concept we both like, I sit down and start modeling. I very seldom make a sketch or draw anything or paper beforehand. I like to see modeling like I see jazz ... I just take the concept and run with it, letting my imagination and creativity take over, listening to the music in my head. :-) Sometimes I will ask Danie to make a specific pose with a Poser model, and actually model around that pose, keeping in mind what it will look like in Poser, how the lighting will look, what the possible camera angles are, etc. Once I have something I like, I apply some provisional textures to it and send it to Danie, who is so fantastic at adding the right textures, geometry ripping, scene construction, and lighting.

Where does your inspiration come from when developing new products?

My inspiration comes from many sources, but it comes mainly from my love for architecture.
In the past I was fortunate enough to have been able to travel around the world. I was able to study and touch real wonders of the past, in the old world and in the Americas … from Rome to the fortress of Sacsahuaman in Cuzco, Peru and Macchu Pichu. I don't normally try to replicate buildings, because I am modeling for Poser and all must be dwarfed proportionally or you simply are out of the Poser window, and the interaction with a Poser character would be impossible. Just think for a second, an Egyptian column is actually 15 meters high (50 feet)!

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

I believe the main thing anyone must do is to find a "niche", and look for something original, something difficult to find. But above all this, you have to persevere, to study, and to practice your chosen craft. For instance, modeling requires a great deal of discipline and the old trial an error process. Just keep on doing it. If it is difficult, let it rest for a while and come back later, but never, ever quit. I think that this is true of anything, whether it’s modeling, creating textures, or what-have-you. If you want to be the best, you have to work for it, and it will all be worth it.

How has Renderosity's on-line community played a role in regards to your products, friendships and learning?

Renderosity is an incredible place that I like to call home … my “Home and Alma Mater." I have found wonderful friends here, transcending borders, beliefs, and doctrines. Friends like Debbie M. who is responsible for me becoming a merchant in the first place; Kiera, a wonderful artist in many disciplines; Danie, an extraordinarily talented person, just to mention the 3 that I have worked with. If I made a list of everyone who has influenced me, or inspired me, or helped me along the way, I think it would be way too long to post here, but I think they all know who they are. ::wink::

Do you have any final words?

I would like to thank all my customers, for their undying support these last 3 years, you have been incredible!

I would also like to thank:

My partner Debbie M … without you I wouldn't be a merchant.
My partner Danie … without you Spatz, I wouldn't be here.
My Friend Abraham … for all your time and patience... merci Jean-Luc.

And in a very special way:

Lorraine (Rhiannon), Carol (Rockets), Rose (rjghise), Orietta (luciferino), Leah (Turtle), Joan (Kinouk), Ilona, Michelle (jeweldragon), Mike (Mike0), Michelle (Crasher).

Thanks to all for your time.
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Member Opinions:
By: Giana on 4/1/04
woohoo!!! i'll need to come back and read the interview once it is up, but i saw the headlines & just couldn't hold off to tell you congrats!! well-deserved, Martin :)) >clap< >clap<

By: Sinamin on 4/1/04
My first thought when seeing this on the front page was, "it's about time!". My second thought was....this is so very well deserved. Congratulations my talented friend!!

By: Stormi on 4/1/04
Congratulations Martin, your work is amazing and
I can't think of anyone who deserves this honor
more then you! Hats off for a job well done. =)
Big Hugs!!

By: Jazzmin on 4/1/04
I agree, it is "about time" and congrats! You're extremely talented and I'm doin' a happy dance for you :o)


By: The_Sandman on 4/1/04
At last. Its about time Martin. You have contributed so much to Renderosity. Not only have you created scenes that have inspired me to let my imagination flow, but have enabled many of us at Renderosity to achieve the best from our talents. You are a inspiration to all of us, and long my it continue. Many many congratulations.....S

By: jeweldragon on 4/1/04
i am glad! you deserved this along time ago imho.. wonderful person and wonderful products *huggles my friend* !!

By: DarkStarRising on 4/1/04
well, a big well done and congrats to you!
well deserved in my eyes :)

By: luciferino on 4/1/04
BIG Brother ^_^ you deserve this place... I'm very very pride of you and you know how much i love you ti voglio bene smack big big kisses Orietta

By: Debbie M. on 4/1/04
AMEN Mr. Man :) I'm so happy for you, and PROUD of you also!! An honor VERY well deserved. You GO MR. MAN *wink*

By: Avalonne on 4/1/04
Can't wait to read the interview...but I have to say that this is an honor well deserved. This man makes the most kick ass props ever...beautifully designed and wonderfully executed. An honor long over due, IMHO. Congratulations Martin!!!!

By: Rhiannon on 4/1/04
I am so proud of you sweetie ... Orietta is right, you definitely deserve the recognition for all you have contributed to this community, as a merchant, a friend, and a huge inspiration to many here. Congrats baby ... now ... smile a big smile, and take a bow! :-) Love you lots ... **HHKK**

By: lluque on 4/1/04
Enhorabuena viejo. Realmente lo mereces!! Un abrazo.

By: Kiera on 4/1/04
My life has been made richer through my friendship with you. This is an honor that is well deserved. Congratulations. :)

By: Cimerone on 4/1/04
Congrats Martin! I am very happy for you! Way to go!!

By: rhiafaery on 4/1/04
Congratulations. :)

By: KimberlyC on 4/1/04
Congrads Martin..well deserved :)

By: Kinouk on 4/1/04
Well, it's about time you get the recognition you deserve! Because of your amazing brain and wonderful have given so much to world of three D art. I for one am very grateful for being a small part of this :) Two thumbs up my friend! (( hugz and kisses))

By: macelene on 4/1/04
Congrats. I've always loved your pieces, just wish I had more money to buy every single one of them.

By: Fyrene on 4/1/04
Congratulations Martin. Well deserved :)

By: Mahna on 4/1/04
I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on this very deserved honor! And I agree, this is so long overdue! Hugs & Kisses to you, Luv ya bunches! ;-)

By: Vampi on 4/1/04
My opinion is that this award is well deserved :) You create excellent props and your talents seem to know no bounds :) Congratulations.

By: butterfly_fish on 4/1/04
"About time" doesn't even cover it. You've got the best products around, IMO. Congrats! -Heidi

By: Corinne on 4/2/04
Congratulations, you do amazingly inspirational stuff !

By: Lory on 4/2/04
WOOOW... Congrats' Sir! I am really happy for you Martin, you deserve it! Kisses!! :)

By: Danie on 4/2/04
I don´t know who else deserve this honor more than you ... this was overdue for a long time and i´m so proud and happy for you !
I adore your endless imagination, your creativity, your perfection ... and the person you are. You play the music and i never get tired listening to it ... Congratulations from the bottom of my heart and thanks for all you have given to me. Te amo, socio. :)

By: ToxicAngel on 4/2/04
Way to go mate - and well deserved nomination :)
Keep on doing the marvellous stuff you do !!!

By: romanceworks on 4/2/04
Your love for your craft shines in everything you create. Congratulations. Carol & LJ

By: haxan on 4/2/04
congratulations dude.. keep up the great work ur doing.. congratulations once again.. :))

By: dolfijntjes on 4/2/04
Congratulations this is so much deserved. I have almost all MD products poser wasn't poser with no MD product!! Angél

By: RNKarenER on 4/2/04
Congratulations Martin!!! You really desearve this!!

By: arwenone on 4/2/04
Congratulations and well deserved :))

By: ilona on 4/2/04
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was about time and you more than deserved this!.. It´s been years working restless to get here .. being perfect... creative...unique and always trying to get better if that´s still possible. Still, with almost no time left in hands, you find the time to help friends in all way you can.. you should get a award alone just for this my friend! I can´t think of anyone that would deserve this more than you!!!!!! Way to go amigo!!!!!!!!!

By: brycek on 4/2/04
Congratulations Martin..Well Deserved!!

By: roobol on 4/2/04
Hey Martin, a nice surprise to see you on the front page. It has also been a pleasure to see your work evolve throughout the years, and this accolade is a well-deserved jewell in the crown. Congrats (and thanks for the compliment...:-) Kees

By: xoconostle on 4/2/04
Warm congratulations from a big fan of your work! :-)

By: Crasher on 4/2/04
Honey! You deserve this more than anyone I know, I'm so glad to see you up there on the front page. Congratulations, darlin, you make me proud. So glad you're my friend, and I love ya much. *HK!*

By: BluesPadawan on 4/2/04
Martin, this is an honor truly well deserved. You've given me and others so much over the past several years, that none of us could every repay you except in our art and words. Thank you, way to go!!!

By: Turtle on 4/2/04
Ohhhhhhh This is so Great, Bravo Martin!!!
You mention my Name, That brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Friend!
now you have Martin the Panther sitting here yelling See, now make a good post of me.
Actually he's chewing on my Leg.
Your the best.

By: cwshorty on 4/2/04
Your work has been such an incredible source of inspiration from the word go. It's great to finally see your name here, I agree with the statement that it has been long overdue and much deserved - I offer you a bouquet of roses for you and you alone...^_^....Congratulations Martin!

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 4/2/04
Martin is besides a stupendous designer he is so much a person to which respect a lot for his perseverance in the work, in the products of first it lines that he takes place, as well as in his artwork.
I have a friendship with the since you beginning in Renderosity, I arrive here before some months, when their occupations allowed it to him we had long really very enriching conversations.
I am happy for you Martin that today is among the artists of first line and if you remind some of our conversations of the principle several times I told you that this way serious, the time agreed with me.
I wish you the best thing Martin...!! =)

By: rockets on 4/2/04
I'm just so proud of you sweetie...this is a wonderful honor that you have deserved for a long time! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us! Big hugs and kisses... :-)

By: Kath13 on 4/2/04
Recognition well deserved at last Martin! Keep up that wonderful work of yours!

By: Sprinter on 4/2/04
Congrats Martin well deserved!

By: Seven Wolves on 4/2/04
Well deserved, LOVE your products! :)

By: pendarian on 4/2/04
This is great Martin!!! I'm so glad to see this for you, well deserved :) *HUGS*

By: ElorOnceDark on 4/3/04
Wow Martin! What a well-deserved honor! I'm very happy for you my friend! Great interview too. Keep those great products coming!

By: FantastArt on 4/3/04
Congratulation! Your work is fantastic!

By: Angeldust on 4/3/04
Congrats my old friend & ofcourse well deserved..
you are the best..!!

By: Angelmoon on 4/3/04
congrats my friend...big hugs and a big big kiss - hope to meet you sooooon here ;)

By: Richabri on 4/3/04
A big congrats on a long overdue distinction my friend :)

By: Mint3D on 4/3/04
Well deserved my friend you and your partners make absolutely wonderful products :) Gongratulation and **HUGE HUGS**

By: BrokenAngel9 on 4/3/04
it's about time for this honors *s* thank you and your partners for all those wonderful models you gave us, thank you for all the wonderful models that will hopefully keep coming, and huge congrats, too! ;-)

By: svdl on 4/3/04
Well deserved, and congratulations. I love your stuff!

By: Zrincx on 4/4/04
CONGRATS BUDDY!!! You certainly deserve this :o)
((( BIG HUGS. )))

By: laetia on 4/4/04
YAY!!! Congrats, Martin!!! Tu le mérite vraiment! :-)

By: MiKo0 on 4/4/04
Throughly deserved recognition for your amazing work Martin!! You are amongst some of the best modellers out there, and you should be proud of this achievement!! Very well done buddy **And nice to finally put a face to the name :D*

By: ffabris on 4/4/04
Well deserved!!! I am a huge fan of your work.

By: emorin on 4/4/04
Well, well, well! I am so happy for you my friend. This certainly brought a big smile to me.
Be Blessed.

By: Aery_Soul on 4/5/04
Congratulations Martin, really well deserved! Sincerely, As Shanim & Siliphiel :)

By: mlevans on 4/5/04
You da man, my friend. So good to see you getting the sort of recognition you so richly deserve.

By: Morris on 4/5/04
Congratulations!!! Your talent just keeps growing, your models and Danie's poses are inspirational to say the least!

By: Bernado on 4/5/04
Congratulations for a well deserved place as a merchant of the month. You have arrived here with not just quantity but quality. Well done, Martin.
Che, que bueno que llegaste!!

By: msebonyluv on 4/5/04
Congratulations on becoming a MOM teehee. You do amazing props and they are the best quality!! I admire you work and will continue to use them for years to come!! Thank you for your talent!! Merci mon ami!!!

By: Varian on 4/6/04
Great models, and a very informative and interesting interview. Thanks! :)

By: rjghise on 4/6/04
You really deserve this Martin, your props sets are the best. Congratulations :) {hugz} Rose

By: Bez on 4/7/04
Congratulations Martin, a well deserved award. I'm really pleased for you. Hugs, Bez

By: hmatienzo on 4/9/04
Hey, cutie-pie... I am soooo happy for you. This recognition was long overdue! Besides, good to see a face with your name, finally, LOL!!!

By: DTigerWoman on 4/10/04
Absolutely very well deserved! Congrats to you!

By: SkoolDaze on 4/13/04
Dang, I waited a couple of days so I could sit down and enjoy your interview (which I did) and now look at all the congrats you have! Every single word of praise is well deserved, as is this honor.

Congratulations Martin!!


By: Placebo on 4/14/04
Congratulations Martin! Very well deserved! Cheers!

By: JurgenDoe on 4/18/04
Congrats my friend and you deserve it very well. I love to read the interview and this is the first time I took the time to read it all. Your talent is amazing and and keeps growing and growing and you're very unique and it is a pleasure to call you as friend. I wish you all the luck and if someone deserve it, well I always would call your name :)

Thanks for being there my dear friend :)


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