Morris February '04 Merchant of the Month

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Morris February '04 Merchant of the Month
How did you get started in 3D Graphics?

I got started in 3d graphics by accident, I suppose. I started fiddling around with computer graphics, scanning some of my old pencil drawings, and coloring them in Photoshop; Renderosity at that time was an inspiration for my 2d graphics, but also peeked my curiosity for 3d.

How long have you been working with 3D Graphics?

Back in Feb of 2001, I bought Poser 4, downloaded a few freebies and the rest is history ;-) Inspired by some of the most talented artists, such as syyd and dglidden, I dived into texturing clothing and models and later moved to the millennium figures. Also, working with other artists, such as Stacey_73, Mahna, and ElorOncedark, I am surrounded by endless inspiration ;-)

Do you have any formal training?

I do not have any training formally in arts or any of itís relations, yet with my interest in graphics and my training in writing, I did have a job for a time with an engineering company rewriting technical manuals and redoing the diagrams and digital photography of the parts. This job did give me my first glimpse of rendering in a 3d program, CAD, and my first use with a digital camera. I was hooked on both!

What software do you use for product development?

I work pretty exclusively in Corel Photo-Paint 9 for creating textures, and Poser 4 for the finalizing of textures and packs. I also use Poser 5 from time to time, and I do love to render in Bryce. Also by using bright lights in Bryce I have found this to be a great tool for finding those dang seams ;-)

Can you give a brief overview of your development cycle for a new product?

When developing a product I begin with the world around me. The human figure and all itís complexities is an art form in and of itself. When I see the smile of a beautiful woman, the twinkle in a manís eyes, the radiance of a childís complexion, I am always thinking how can I somehow bring this into the world of 3d. Photos, photos, photos! No one is safe ;-) An eye, an eyebrow, a hand, a toe, it is all a part of a sizeable library of photos I have been building for years. I assemble the photos in Corel Photo-Paint 9 and watch in complete wonder when the texture is applied to a 3d model and rendered for the very first time. Itís almost like opening a Christmas present to see what I worked on come to existence on my computer!

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Any advice I can give would be, donít give up! If you love what you do, keep doing it! We have all been there; we have all had a beginning. Still trying to find your niche, still trying to figure out how to get what is in your imagination in a form for others to create from. If you get an idea no matter how far fetched it may seem at the time, donít disregard it, this idea could be what sets you apart from any other.

How has Renderosity's on-line community played a role in regards to your products, friendships and learning?

The artists here at Renderosity are an amazing bunch of folks, from all counties and beliefs, but we come together because we all share this same passion, art! Renderosity has given me the chance to meet the greatest people with the biggest hearts imaginable, and has given me the opportunity to work with some tremendous talents! Mahna, Stacey_73, ElorOncedark, you all are the best!

Do you have any final words?

In conclusion, I would like to share with you this story. I canít remember where I first heard it, but it has stuck with me all this time. Itís about a race of beings that live in a riverbed, clinging to the rocks and plants for their very lives, in order to not be swept away by the currents of the rivers waters. One day one of these beings was seen floating down the river above all those that clung dearly to the only way of life they knew. His spirit was free and they all longed for this! They asked him how did he do this, how did he free his spirit and float down the river, all he said was to ďLet GoĒ. Let go of what you fear and let life take you wherever it may. This is true in your work, your art, and your imagination ;-)

Thank you so much to all my amazing and gifted customers, to all my friends, and to the Renderosity staff ;-)
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Member Opinions:
By: Yunas_Guardian on 2/1/04
Congratulations! This is a very well deserved honor. I love all your characters and the quality of them is amazing! :D

By: Dave-So on 2/1/04
You're a great person...and you work is fabulous.
Thanks for your generosity :)

By: trev3k on 2/1/04
Congratulations Jeni and well deserved. You are a very nice lady with a lot of talent!

By: cstickney on 2/1/04
The Quality of your work is amazing, very well deserved honor,Congratulations!

By: Aaronheart on 2/1/04
Very well deserved!!! (-: Congratulations to one of the best character creator around :-)

By: Jamesadactyle on 2/1/04
Congrats Jeni! Its about time you got this, and its wholey deserved.

By: bk321467SKYNET on 2/1/04
Your characters are my favorites.
Bravo! Valentin

By: Smitthms on 2/1/04
Congrats Jeni... its very well deserved :o) Thomas

By: philebus on 2/1/04
Congradulations! Every character in your store is no less than a supermodel! Better still they look like individuals rather than versions of Vicky. Only the best manage that. I look forward to many more.

By: The_Sandman on 2/1/04
This is long overdue!! Congratulations Jeni and best wishes for the future. S

By: begga on 2/1/04
Congratulations.. all your charecters are really great.. :ř

By: karanta on 2/1/04
Congratulations Jeni :-) Very well deserved!!!

By: AtharianMedia on 2/1/04
Congrats Jeni! Your work is fantastic! :)

By: newherve on 2/1/04
congrats ... (it seems that almost textures creators are beautifull women...with so nice smile)...friendly

By: VOID on 2/1/04
Congrats! I am not really surprised. *g*
Your characters and textures are excellent. Keep up your great work!

By: marforno on 2/1/04
Congrats Jeni..., very well deserved... Your work is Awesome... :-)

By: Magix-101 on 2/1/04
Great Going Morris
I love the look of your stuff

By: Richabri on 2/1/04
Oh wow Jeni this is teriffic news and a very well deserved distinction for you! A very big congrats and an even bigger hugs :)

By: LadyFire_Ice on 2/1/04
Congrats hon,,, I absolutely love your textures,,, a well deserved honor indeed,, "Hugsssss" Linda :-)

By: rrkknight3 on 2/1/04
Very well deserved. You make wonderful characters and your texture rock!

By: Rexxzilla on 2/1/04
Epic figures!Congrats!

By: SkoolDaze on 2/1/04
Yeah!! This is too cool Jeni, I am happy for you! and a very well deserved honor to boot :)


By: Vampi on 2/2/04
I kind of figured it'd be your turn...with your quality of work, I just knew your turn would be coming up :) Congrats on the well deserved recognition.

By: LeFrog on 2/2/04
Congrats, you should have been merchant of the month a long time ago. Your stuff is amazing.

By: pendarian on 2/2/04
Congrats girlfriend!! Well deserved :) *HUGS*

By: Tamela.J. on 2/2/04
Congratulations Jeni! :O)

By: rjghise on 2/2/04
Congratulations Jeni, I love your work :)

By: keihan on 2/2/04
Congratz! Great job! Keep it hope and best wishes to you. ---Will

By: SydneyKeys on 2/2/04
This honor may be a bit overdue. I love Jenni's masterful renders and amazing texture/morph packages. She is a merchant and artist that understands a character is more than just it's skin. Congratulations ^_^ Well done.

By: Judas1st on 2/2/04
Congrats Jeni! You are the BEST

By: simontemplar on 2/2/04
It's hard to find better textures than yous, Jeni. Now and since we can see what you really look like, I think we certainly need a Jeni set too :)

Hmmm wait... *looks* *looks*

Indeed, this is anything but a crazy idea :)

By: cadman on 2/2/04
Wow. No wonder Morris's characters look great. All she has to do is look in a mirror and copy!

By: rasputina on 2/2/04
well deserved Jeni!

By: dolfijntjes on 2/2/04
Congratulations Jeni for me your one of the best character makers I love your stuff have many of them and you deserved this please make more beautiful things for us!!

By: TheWingedOne on 2/2/04
I asked myself for months now: "When will they vote Morris for being merchant of the month?" I think it was about time they finally did. ;) Very well deeserved and I'm really looking forward to you next works. Keep those awesome characters coming!
Cheers, Phil :)

By: on 2/2/04
Your work is as lovely as yourself, you totally deserve this!!!! Nice Job!!!!!!!

By: pixelfader on 2/2/04
Excellent products and a real beauty as well...:) Congratulations.

By: Pen_Is_Envy on 2/2/04
It's about time you get acknowledged in this capacity, Jeni. Your textures have become some of, if not THE best photoreal textures on the market (having Malefica and speaking from personal experience). You had said when you were new here that that was your goal, and you have not only achieved it but you've far exceeded even your own expectations, I think. Congratulations on an honour well-deserved.

By: cwshorty on 2/2/04
This has being a long time coming, you sooooo deserve it, congratulations!!!!

By: Cada on 2/2/04
Congrats .... well deserved!! Excellent quality & characters.

By: SamTherapy on 2/2/04
Very well deserved. You're an outstanding artist, Ms Morris.

By: Baron_Vlad_Harkonnen on 2/2/04
Hey Congrats and kudos Morris :)!

All the best for your upcoming projects, and kick major butt in 2004 okay, Cheers :)!

By: DarkStarRising on 2/2/04
well done, it was truely deserved :>

By: Morris on 2/2/04
Oh my goodness! Thank you everyone so much for your sweet comments! And to all my customers, and friends, that have created the most wonderful artwork ever!

By: specs2 on 2/2/04
Just by reading the interview, I can see the natural writer in you:-D
Congrats for being Merchant of the Month.

By: libertyart on 2/2/04
ouah!!!talentuous and pretty!!you want marry me?congratulation and nice smile

By: shadownet on 2/2/04
Congrats :O)

By: Stacey_73 on 2/2/04
Well its about time! :P
This is not only well deserved, but very hard earned. It has always been a joy to work with you and to see our girls come to life. I wonder if they're ready for what we have planned next ;>

Outstanding job, Jen. Im so very proud of you!

By: Mahna on 2/2/04
Congratulations Jeni! It has been an honor and my pleasure to work with you! You are truly a beautiful person in every way, and the sweetest friend! You so deserve this and I am truly so happy for you! :-)

By: richardson on 2/2/04
Without a doubt the most spectacular texture made to date. April 3 in 2005? How will you top this? Oh, just read Stacey 73...

By: ElorOnceDark on 2/2/04
Congrats Jeni! You never cease to amaze me with your incredible talent and skill. I feel very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to work with you! This honor is very well deserved!

By: klaus-rittmeyer on 2/2/04
a beginner and a old photographer:
well done!

By: Corinne on 2/2/04
Congratulations, well deserved ;)

By: Khrys on 2/2/04
Morris is a great person as well as a great artist. I was having a problem downloading one of her great sets, and she set it up in much smaller downloads so I could get it. She rocks. :) Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

By: madmaxh on 2/2/04
Congratulations Morris! Your Kelly is probably my all-time favorite V3 texture, and looking through your store I see that ALL your products are stunning. Keep up the great work, 'cause YOU RULE. Bravo!


By: Strixowl on 2/2/04
The first Texture/Character pack I ever purchased was your TawnieV3. Like her so much I now have 3-4 more. Beautiful work!! Deserved honor :-)


By: Giana on 2/2/04
woohoo!! such awesome news!! you know, whenst i look back o'er all the packages that you've had a hand at bringing to life, it truly has been an amazing journey from where i sit: watching your skills grow & grow, how you keep pushing that internal envelope inside of you, and time & time again, you surpass yourself... it really is people like you who inspire the very souls of us all, revealing that with hard work, passion and ingenuity, dreams can be realised... thanks, Jeni, thanks for everything...

By: BonBonish on 2/3/04
My congratulation Morris! And I would like to thank you also for those inspiering words!

By: SacredBlade on 2/3/04
I'm so happy for you Jeni! Your work is of the highest calibre and it's about time you get your just rewards...I think your creations are unique and beautiful as are you. Keep on rendering!!

By: Morrighan on 2/3/04
Your characters are the best indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D Congratulations and big big kisses !!!!!! Debby

By: Coleman on 2/3/04
Morris - your work ROCKS !!!

By: DaveF on 2/3/04
Congrats, Jeni! It's great to see all of your hard work finally pay off! This is a much-deserved kudo!

By: Tammy on 2/3/04
Congratulations Jeni this is well deserved. I loved your final words too.

By: Danie on 2/3/04
Congratulations, Jeni ... your work is amazing and you deserve it!! :)

By: stallion on 2/3/04
you are as beautiful as your products.
Keep up the excellent work

By: Ra Graphics on 2/3/04
Congratulations Jeni, they could not have given it to a more deserving artist, and someone with such a great smile.


By: RodolfoCiminelli on 2/3/04
With Jenni I have a friendship that she comes since her this in Renderosity, is a stupendous person and an incredible and talented artist.
I am very happy to have their friendship, and he sends him my congratulations and that it follows the great work...!! =)

By: ilona on 2/3/04
It was about time Jeni! Youīve been the inspiration for many artists here, me itīs great to see itīs acknowledged! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: wissim on 2/4/04
Beauty models & beautiful creator. I have a request and if it sounds offending to the creator I apologize first. For the next human model it would be real nice to model yourself into 3D digital form.


By: Dejah on 2/4/04
Congrats Jeni, so well deserved. Your work is fabulous!!!

By: DayTimer on 2/4/04
Your character/textures are an Excellent addition to the community of the 3D world. Keep up the inspiring work!

By: mstudios on 2/4/04
Bravo!!!!! Great work , thank you for such great Textures!!!!!! 'Bout time they gave you the notice you deserve.

By: zapper1977 on 2/4/04
Congratulations Jeni, your work is Awesome, Keep it up, I really enjoy Seeing your Images, There Awesome, Have a great Day.... :0]

By: dglidden on 2/4/04
Congratulations Jeni!!

By: ericwestray on 2/4/04
I'm your number one fan! :)

By: timefighter on 2/4/04
Jeni!!! Your work is truely above the best. Do you use yourself as a model for your characters?? If not, you should! Congrats on an honor well deserved!

By: Cyncro007 on 2/4/04
Congrats morris youre a great artist
Have a nice day

By: Metrini on 2/5/04
Definitely well deserved!! Congrats jeni!! Your textures are of the top quality!!

By: dadamson on 2/5/04
Congrats!!! As you know, I love your textures and characters!

By: SnowSultan on 2/5/04
Congratulations, you certainly do deserve this like so many have already said. Your textures have always been of very high quality, but I think your recent ones have really shown what you're capable of. As always, beautiful creations from a beautiful woman. :)

By: AlteredKitty on 2/5/04
Very well deserved, so BIG congratulations and thanks for your wonderfully inspiring work :)

ali x

By: CeeBeeVFXG on 2/6/04
Congrats! This is a very well-deserved honor. Keep up the great work :)

By: Ironbear on 2/6/04
Congrats, Jeni. ;]

By: tralfaz on 2/7/04
Congrats! Your art is wonderful and you make some excellent textures. A true inspration for those of us still learning.

By: Mercytoo on 2/7/04
Congratulations :-)

By: Stormi on 2/7/04
Congratulations Jeni, very well deserved. =)

By: maniano on 2/7/04
Morris Jest Cudowna !!!

By: phenomenom on 2/7/04
Congratulations, your works are simply amazing!!!!

By: Blur014 on 2/7/04
Congrats Jeni! Thanks for all your hard work... You have earned this honor!

By: Olivier on 2/8/04
Congratulations! You really deserve our admiration for the top quality work you involve in your products. :)

By: Marty_Mcfly84 on 2/8/04
Congrats have done a awesome job on your products that I truely enjoy...keep up the great work, plus I have noticed out of politeness no one has commented on your are a looker....

By: neoken1 on 2/9/04 I the only guy here? Jeni is HOT! Oh yeah...your textures are pretty cool.

By: Barzoff on 2/9/04
You are a great lady in texture character creation. I'm really happy they finally gave you this very well deserved honor!

By: Varian on 2/10/04
Congratulations, and keep up the good work! That wonderful story is from the prologue to "Illusions" by Richard Bach. One of my favorites as well. :)

By: Magician on 2/10/04
BIG, BIG Congrats my friend, you truly deserve this honour. Like your characters and textures very, very much. :)

By: laserzag on 2/11/04
Congratulations ! Your textures are greatful!
...should be not possible to have something like these for... Alexa 8) ?
Ciao !

By: majikart on 2/12/04
Congratulations Jenn!Love your models, They absolutely Rock!!........Are Me and neoken1 the only two guys? ;-)

By: majikart on 2/12/04
A Big Congratulations Jenn!, Your characters Absolutely Rock!......Are Me and neoken1 the only two here? :-)

By: jonfe on 2/12/04
In your case, Jenni, it certainly takes real beauty to appreciate artistic beauty - Thank You.

By: luciferino on 2/13/04
^_^ You know perfectly what I thinks my dear friend and i'm really happy for this tribute at your wonderful work. Big kisses Orietta

By: adh3d on 2/14/04
Congratulations, your art is as beatifull as you are.

By: LadySmitthms on 2/14/04
Congrates, well deserved tribute. You are a amazing artist. ~Lady~

By: SirMikal on 2/14/04
I completely agree, a well deserved feather in your cap, Jenn. Congrats to ya...

By: Vali on 2/15/04
Very well deserved, I have some of your stuff and once you start using them , you get addicted ! Congrats ! And keep up the excellent work !

By: Derty on 2/16/04
Congrats! You deserve it! Hope to see much more great products from youin the future! That story is from Richard Bach in a book called Illusions... great book!...and i thoought i was about the only person who ever read it:)

By: therock1 on 2/18/04
I'm very proud of you, honey! To stick with what you love to do and be successful is a true sign of self pride and a big heart. Don't ever lose that, and I promise to do my best to help you realize all your dreams!

your loving fiance'

By: mushypea on 2/20/04
congrats....i loved your image "fallen from grace"

By: Aery_Soul on 2/24/04
it's so cool to see you as MOM, you do amazing works and have always done it and certainly you truly deserve this recognition!
Many congratulations!!!

As Shanim & Siliphiel
of AwFuL SouL

By: Firebirdz on 2/24/04
Congratulations Jeni!

By: Syyd on 2/25/04
Its a pleasure to see you in the spotlight Jeni. Your texture work is excellent, and your art even better. Its been nice knowing and working with you since day 1.

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