MOM -February's 2001 - Wyrmmaster

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MOM -February's 2001 - Wyrmmaster
Who is Wyrmmaster?
The name wyrmmaster sounds kind of funny, but the name was born after becoming the webmaster for Witches & Wyrms, a website dedicated to the introduction and development of a background for a role-playing game.

How long have you have you been rendering?
Initially, all art included on the website was 2D, which I have been doing for most of my life. In 1979, when I was in the fifth grade, I first began working with 2D graphic art on an Amiga VIC 20. The art was VERY limited…lines and blocks! In the 1980’s, I saw the film Tron and became obsessed with computer art from that point on. Armed with an Amiga 2000, and a program called Imagine, I created my first 3D human figures, which were mainly used as proportion references for my 2D artwork. Even after I migrated to the PC platform, I continued to use the computer to enhance my 2D work. Eventually, I discovered this amazing product called Poser 2, and the rest is history.

During this time, I somehow managed to discover this amazing woman, whom you now know as wyrmmystress. Not only did she put up with my rather unusual obsession with disproportionate human figures, she actually encouraged it.

This December, she wanted me to buy Zygote’s Michael, but we really couldn’t justify the expense. So, she convinced me to sell one of my figures online in hopes that my hobby could at least pay for itself. Creating Voluptuous Vicki (the CR2) was easy but I couldn’t present her to the public without the kind of support that I expect when purchasing a character.

What are you currently working on?
I have several projects that I am working on, the reason they are taking such a long time is that I want to offer the very best product I can give and that takes time. In the near future, I intend to offer clothing packs for Voluptuous Vicki and Massive Mike, a pose pack for both characters, a weapons and armor fantasy pack, and a sci-fi pack for them also.

What software do you use and why?
The software I use is Poser 4, Carrara (morph targets), Bryce 4 (backgrounds), Photopaint 9 (post render and animation), Jungle 2D and 3D (foliage and textures), Total 3D Home (interior backgrounds), and Symantec Visual Page/MS Office (web design).

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
There is no way to replace the learning I got from Renderosity. The tutorials, downloads, and other support I have received from 3D artists like Voodoo, Mobius, Nerd, PhilC, and many others are priceless. I have seen other artists become successful on their own and then not want to share their profits and their knowledge with Renderosity and its’ members. I will never forget what I owe to this site.
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Member Opinions:
By: ronmolina on 2/5/01
Congratulations and keep up the good work!

By: Lady Cherry on 2/5/01
I wanted to let you know Wyrmmaster how much i enjoy your work. Like you i could not even begin to explain how much i owe to the community and what it offers here at renderosity. Keep them coming we love ya!

By: chromecafe on 2/5/01
Well done Guy! you inspire

By: Catharina Przezak on 2/5/01
Congratulations!!! I don't have used your stuff but I saw your wrok made using your products and it looks very good!!!

By: Lorraine on 2/5/01
congratulations...plunk plunk..I am saving my pennies to get your wonderful models!

By: Ironbear on 2/5/01
Excellent Wyrm... congratulations on being selected as the "Featured Contributor". The recognition is long overdue.

By: kromekat on 2/5/01
Congrats man! :)

By: The MonsMan on 2/6/01
Congrats Bro!
I really like your stuff and u
deserve the attention!

By: dhc2nite on 2/6/01
Congrats! Really looking for to the poses, clothing, and other packs for VV & MM. Love the figures. Keep up the excellent work.

By: Syyd on 2/6/01
you are definitely an inspiration. It is nice to a see a couple help each other like this, and share themselves with the community. Keep up this great work, for all of us to see. Thank you for mentioning how you feel about this community, it is a wonderful place to be.

By: jasminre on 2/6/01
You are one of the BEST ARTIST with using Poser so successfully and everything what you using now to help you making your artworks so WONDERFUL and EXCITING. I love your work very much and always looking forward to see more...Thank you...Jasmin

By: kellj on 2/6/01
Wyrmmaster, you are without a doubt one of the best. I dream of asending to your level of skill and expertise. You are a true inspiration, and I thank you for the oppertunity to view such fine art. Congratulations.

By: platform69 on 2/6/01
Ah yes, great to see the creator of big juicy B(o)(o)BS get recognition. Congrats and hope to see more great BIG ripe juicy B(o)(o)BS at the Online Store

By: gsimmons on 2/7/01
As a fan of your work I am constantly trying to keep up with you but you never cease to impress me and everybody here at Renderosity! Power to ya'!

By: dante on 2/7/01
Congrats, man
I've just acquired the massive mike set...very good, can hardly wait for the fantasy armour...
Keep it up.

By: ComplxMind on 2/7/01
Congrats. Its about time huh? See you later.

By: Shademaster on 2/9/01
I always admire your work. Actually, thanks to your site I discovered renderosity. Keep up the great work! (I love it when you post something new)

By: smokke on 2/10/01
I've been to your site many times for inspiration, your one of the best keep up the good work!

By: DemolitionMan on 2/17/01
Your images of the witchblade woman is what got me interested in Renderosity. And made me want to be a part of this community. Still can't quite remember what led me here it was a long and fruitfull search, but your artwork inspired me. I was about to give up not being able to figure out how to properly use the programs like poser. Then I found renderosity and your artwork and a whole new world opened up. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to you and all here helping in renderosity for what I may achieve because of this random discovery. I will never forget and will return tenfold what I can when I reach your level of expertise........:)

By: dukduk on 3/3/01
Hey, man, I don't know much of your work, but what I have seen is great...Congrats and keep it up!!!

By: farhad on 11/11/01

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