Bigt -- June's Artist Of The Month!

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Bigt -- June's Artist Of The Month!
Who is BigT?

Ok first things first, a BIG thank you to all the people that took the time to vote for me, and also may I send a greeting out to the other Nominees; I just want to let you guys know I didn't think I was in with a chance after seeing all your brilliant work! Talk about tough competition!...Well done to you all!!

Well I'm BigT, real name Tony Sellars, I live in Yorkshire, which is a beautiful part of the UK, I'm in my late 40's and have always had a love of art. If you were wondering, the BigT nickname I picked up way back in school, I was tall for my age, not now, I'm just a normal six footer, I just got there quick!

How long have you have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

I have been dabbling in computer art for about 2 years or so, which is when I first got Poser 4. Later I found Renderosity and my interest deepened greatly, seeing all that great artwork, not to mention all that freestuff, I was like a kid in a sweetshop!!

Do you have traditional art experience?

I have no formal art training other than the usual school classroom stuff, but I have always loved sketching and did some work in the 80's with an airbrush and some motorscooter panels for some friends who assured me I was quite good, not to mention 'Free', and for more years than I can remember I have enjoyed building and painting scale models, achieving "competition standard" no less, which I think gave me an eye for detail and composition.

What are you currently working on?

I simply work on what what takes my fancy, I have no commercial experience although I have been advised on quite a few occasions to produce a book containing my images, which is what I would really love to do. Time will tell I guess.

The other thing I am working on is improving my Postwork which is an area I really enjoy doing, plus I would like to learn 3D modelling which I think I will try to develop further this year if possible.

What software do you use and why?

Thanks to friends in the States I recently upgraded to Poser 5 and have found the move to be a good thing. I for one love the extra features found in 5 and find it runs flawlessly on my system. All my postwork is done in Photoshop 7. I also use Vue occasionally but have yet to use it to anywhere near it's potential.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I don't have favourites as such, every piece I do I try to improve in some sense, although that does not always happen, but I think it's good if you can look back and see mistakes you made and later improved on.

Most of your pieces seem to involve dragons. What is it that draws you back to this subject?

Yes, a lot of my stuff does seem to revolve around our scaly friends it seems; they just sort of evolved from nowhere and became a part of what I do best. I actually find I enjoy using them greatly, I am a fairly modest person but I think I can claim to be a world authority on posing these fella's. Just because of how often I do it! :)

Also I think with the dragons you can really let your imagination loose and get away with it!!

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

I like to work with 3D software because I find it's almost instantly pleasing. When I was building the scale models I mentioned earlier I would spend many evenings going into months, painstakingly constructing, converting, and painting whatever I was working on, not to mention all the research that went into the subject you were recreating, and the cost could be prohibitive as with a lot of hobbies. I find that 3D art gives me the same Buzz but with quicker results, I can still construct and paint without the mess!! Or the cleaning up!!!

Who/what inspires you?

Life! Anything and everything around me, I can find inspiration from simply watching a tv programme or reading something perhaps in a magazine or book, the world is FULL of inspiration!

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

When I discovered Renderosity my eyes were opened, here I had found a place to share and develop my work with other likeminded people, here suddenly were people willing to share with me and help me grow.

Parting Comments/Advice to other Artists?

Well only to say perhaps if you lack inspiration, open a door, open your eyes, it's there.

I DO want to thank all the members and staff here for welcoming me and allowing me to be a part of this great community, you really make it what it is...the Best!

Best Regards,
BigT :)

Be sure to check out Bigt's gallery!

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Member Opinions:
By: Rita on 6/3/03
Well deserved honor Tony. Very happy for you. Congratulations!!!!!!!

By: rockets on 6/3/03
Congratulations on your win! I have enjoyed your dragons so much and I'm always looking for them in the Poser gallery...thanks for the smiles!

By: jaydiva on 6/3/03
Congratulations Tony !!!
Nice meeting you and getting to know a little about the Dragon Master ;))

By: LaurieA on 6/3/03
Congrats on AOM! I have enjoyed your images greatly and have gotten many a chuckle when I needed one :o). Thanks so much!


By: Mint3D on 6/3/03
Hooray for the Dragonmaster !!! You and those 3 fellows surely have deserved this Tony .. Gongratulations and Big hugs to all of you :)

By: fretshredder on 6/3/03
Congratulations!!! Well deserved :-)

By: fauve on 6/3/03
This was a very well-deserved win. :) Your dragons always make me smile; you give the scaly guys so much personality! It's a pleasure to look at your images, not just for the great themes and humor, but for your excellent technical accomplishments with posing, lighting and composition. Congrats!

By: Kinouk on 6/3/03
Congratulations! Couldn't happen to a nicer dragon tamer.

By: Dejah on 6/3/03
Congrats Tony, your dragon series is absolutely wonderful!!!

By: SnowSultan on 6/3/03
Your images are always so much fun and so original! The galleries here would be a lot more interesting if we all had as much creativity as you. ;)

By: Prufrock81 on 6/3/03
We have alot in Common BigT. Glad to see an accomplished amateur getting the "nod" from such a well founded community as this - truley an inspiration to all of us!

By: Seven Wolves on 6/3/03
Hey, I've been to Yorkshire!
Well deserved award man. Your series with the dragons just has me busting a gut everytime I see them. Pleeeeeese don't stop making them!! :)

By: Djeser on 6/3/03
Ditto on the congratulations, Tony; absolutely love your images! Always done with humor, talent, and sensitivity to the all-too-human foibles and failings of the "Terrible Trio".

By: gypsyangel on 6/4/03
Right on, Big T! I knew all the time you were going to win!!
Your hero worshiping newbie...

By: _samildanach_ on 6/4/03
I adore your work, congratulations!

By: BonBonish on 6/4/03
Congratulations! I love very much your funny images!

By: hyperborea on 6/4/03
Congratulations Tony! A man whose work creates a smile on peoples faces deserves to be in the spotlight for a while. Thanks for the joy you brought us!
Willem and Madeleine

By: karanta on 6/4/03
Congratulations :-))) You do wonderful things with your dragons. I love your images so much. Always I have to smile since looking at your images. And that`s a really wonderful things to let such a lot of people smiling. Great Work :-))

By: Eowyn on 6/4/03
Congratulations!!! Definitely well deserved, I always love viewing your images :D

By: guarie on 6/4/03
Congrats Tony - you deserved this honor long ago. Have always been a fan of your dragon pics!

By: maciek on 6/4/03
You've done it! Fully deserved honor. My congrats , Bigt. Don't ever stop :)

By: Diandra on 6/4/03
Oh big congratulations! It is so very well deserved and an Englishman to boot ;) Yeah! Really love that you make so many people smile. Your dragons are fantastic!

By: babydollTX on 6/4/03
Congratulations, big guy, to you and your scaly friends. ^_^

By: luciferino on 6/4/03
I'm very very happy for your win, Congrats because with your art not only you have learning at a lot of person whet is the pure poser art, but because you have do at all of us a lot of laugh thanks a lot my friend big kisses Orietta

By: LadySmitthms on 6/4/03
I very much enjoy your work and it brightens my day, thank You for sharing and congrats! ~Lady~

By: Osirusblue on 6/4/03
Congratulations! Your work is always a wonderful experience to view, your stuff always brings a smile to my face typically after I pick myself back up off the floor from laughing hysterically!

By: Lyne on 6/4/03
If you do a book it better be available here in the states!! I would HAVE to have a copy!! I can't get enough of your humor and very classy images!! Thanks for always bringing a smile or a "laugh out loud" to my day!! Laughter IS the best medicine for all the world's ills! :)

By: derjimi on 6/4/03

I love your works and humor - Congrats!

By: linwhite on 6/4/03
You know I love your work, because I comment on everything you do...and hey, I sent you flowers BEFORE you were AOM...Hugs!! Linda

By: dialyn on 6/4/03
The award is well deserved. Your art is original, creative, has well developed themes, and it's all offered with a sense of humor and/or insight....everything that's good. You've made those crazy dragons your own. Good job! And congratulations!!!

By: kromekat on 6/4/03
Glad it was you! - I hadn't seen your work before the nominations, but I was impressed with your humorous and sometimes surreal work! - so, 'eyup big T, and big congrats! lad!! ;)

By: Fatale on 6/4/03
you certainly rule :)!!

By: dreampaint on 6/4/03
Happy you are the winner of the month, your art is always an enchantment of fun for me :)

Stay fun man.

By: brynna on 6/4/03
You are by far my most favorite artist! Your dragons are enchanting and humorous! So glad you won Artist of the Month! You have no idea how many people where I work have been directed to your wonderful images. Thank you!

By: capsces on 6/4/03
Congratulations, Bigt. Your images are great fun. I'll be lookin' forward to that book. :) -Beth

By: Ehrilaz on 6/4/03
Congrats BigT! I've been a fan of yours for some time and pleased to see you win AOM. Your sense of humor is awesome. I've shared many of your pics with friends and colleagues who have enjoyed them as much as I. Good luck to you and keep up the great work!

By: m0nk3yh34d on 6/4/03
Nice to see another "narthern bloke" get some Kudos, especially since they are so well deserved in your case BigT =:-)

Of course, when it comes to looking around for inspiration, I reckon living in "gods own county" helps a fair bit huh? hehehe


By: miyu on 6/4/03
Congratulations Tony! Very well deserved! :) /jen

By: btsculptor on 6/5/03
Congrats, Tony - You're on my Favorite Artists List, and I check out the new adventures immediately! I turned my daughter on to your dragons the other night and she LOVES them:) Keep up the great work!

By: T.Rex on 6/5/03
Congratulations Tony. You're the ONLY artist I have on my Favourite Artists List- I just can't miss a single image (have downloaded them all and recommended your images to all my friends). Hope to see more of my 3 "cousins" in more adventures!-T.Rex

By: mcomp1969 on 6/5/03
Gongratulations Tony.... its been a long journey that started in the poser so glad you deserve it mate....DW......:)

By: mondoxjake on 6/5/03
Way to go, Big Tony! Your dragons have been a double treat for me, catching your show here and at the Poser newsgroup. I enjoy your rare non-dragon posts as well. Keep up the good work.

By: spatrx on 6/6/03
congrates man luv those crisp renders,keep up the xlent work..

By: wrdgirl on 6/6/03
Excellent!!! Your sense of humor just adds another level to your technical expertise. Thanks for sharing!

By: Niutek on 6/7/03
A well deserved honour, BigT! I'm very happy for you :)))

By: hobbit on 6/7/03
congrats Tony,,you work wonders with those dragons

By: Bigt on 6/7/03
Aw shuck's guy's c'mon, i'm comin over all shy! ;)

Thanks for the really great comments and support guy's it makes it all worthwhile, and yes i guess these three are here to stay!!

Regards BigT

By: Mathefrax on 6/7/03
Congrats for sure BigT. I still say you need a comic or cartoon company to pick up on what you are doing with the 3 guys and now a gal. It is truly an entertaining bit and one that gives me endless chuckles.. Thx for that!!

By: The_Great_Dane on 6/8/03
WOW, you do great stuff. I simply adore those dragonpics. they're fantastic! such great humor in them too.

By: jeweldragon on 6/8/03
i think your work is wonderful congrats to you :)

By: BigRedKane on 6/8/03
Nice one BigT and congrats. :-) It's great to see another face from the UK, being from the UK Hope to see you around the chat room one day and good luck with your future projects...:-)

By: Solomen on 6/8/03
Congrats :p

By: PabloS on 6/10/03
Congrats Tony! A well deserved honor. If you do the book, put me on your mailing list for the notice. I'll be first in line to pick it up. As your imagery appeals to young and old, I'm sure it would be a success!

By: jgeorge on 6/11/03
A well deserved winning... I love your dragons, not only because of their humor (which I really enjoy), but also for the great skills you put in making every picture! They are all astonishingly of high quality!

By: MoxieGraphix on 6/12/03
A well deserved win! Your combination of humor and skill is quite refreshing. Thanks for sharing with us and congratulations!

By: SAMS3D on 6/12/03
All of your images are just so unique and so interesting. Finding so much work in them too. Yes, I agree, well deserved.

By: marcfx on 6/14/03
I think you have done exceedingly well after going back to your first uploads and viewing each one growing in talent in the 3D artform.well done and PLEASE keep rendering.
something different>>

By: calum5 on 6/15/03
Ive commented on many of your brilliant images !The threesome on the bike series springs to mind immediately and love the smoothness of your work!Well done on your WIN you deserve it!

By: shazz501 on 6/15/03
congratulations,well deserved,my husband and myself both laugh so much at the pictures you make,they are just awesome and so very unique!!! keep up the good work :)

By: shazz501 on 6/15/03
congratulations,well deserved,my husband and myself both laugh so much at the pictures you make,they are just awesome and so very unique!!! keep up the good work :)

By: slinger on 6/16/03
An absolutely, positively, completely, and utterly DESERVED honour, if I may say so. Your images make me smile, and that's a great gift that you give us all. I thank you. :} Paul.

By: newherve on 6/18/03
your humor is the ray of sunligths of renderosity

By: ShadowWind on 6/18/03
Congrats on your AOM win and hope to see more from you in the future. The dragon series is always a delightful and fun escape... - ShadowWind

By: george on 6/19/03
bingo this is a good choice to vote for you..
we are living closer as i thought. i am in the early 50's and if you need help with moving vertices around in max or so just call.
i like to see that your humor is touching people.
well i could say very british indeed. Georges

By: rohi on 6/24/03
Well deserved honor Tony - I am very happy for you - Congratulations and keep on the good work !

By: Lordfox on 6/27/03
YAY! about time :)
love those dragons!

Keep up the good work!


By: ariaans on 6/29/03
Congratulations Tony! A bit late, but very truly ment! It's a GREAT pleasure to see your work! :)

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