December's Featured Artist - TBKoen

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December's Featured Artist - TBKoen
First of all, I would like to thank Renderosity and all the people that helped me along the way. I would also like to thank all the members for keeping the site alive.

Who is TBKoen (aka TBK)?
My real name is Koen Koopman. I am a 17 year old from The Netherlands (Holland). My hometown is Groningen.

How long have you have you been rendering?
And have been posting images on Renderosity since the beginning of my 3D addiction, which is 2.5 years now.

What are you currently working on?
I just started attending Deltion College. It is a graphical school for commercial development. My main goal is to become a professional visualiser, which makes illustrations for advertisements. I really hope my 3D hobby could be a part of my profession.

What software do you use and why?
I started out using Poser4—and I'm glad I did. I think I would have given up a long time ago, if I had started with a program like 3DMAX (because of all the terms and almost unlimited options). But Poser taught me the basics. Later on I started using MAX and I love it. I have also tried Lightwave, Raydream and others. Although the rendering output is better in Lightwave, MAX has a better interface that helped me learn the modeling techniques quickly. I also use Photoshop to edit my picture, a lot, so I can improve the realism of a picture myself.

Why do you like 3D art?
The reason I like 3D so much, is that I can create a non-existing figure (or other model) and make it look like it's real. I only work with organic creatures, because they inspire me. Every now and then, I make a mechanical form, but I’ve notice that they still have organic features.

What inspires you?
You can see that my inspiration was based on movies like Jurassic Park and Walking with Dinosaurs in a series of my pictures. I'm always very focused on the realism with a sense of style and composition.

At first I had to make my pictures with poser models. But since I have started using 3DMAX, I'm able to create my own fantasy models. It took me lots of time and effort to master the modeling techniques. Each time I thought that this would be it; I came up with another problem I had to figure out. But the positive comments from the Renderosity members helped me get through it--and the fact that I was determined to create my own models.

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Member Opinions:
By: Jan-Michael on 12/6/00
This young man does fantastic work... we will be all able to say I remember him when... as he achieves great things... great choice and CONGRATS TBKoen.. :)

By: desdemona on 12/6/00
Congrats TBKoen! You do splendid work, and admire Your modelling and texturing skills....You are trully gifted :::DES:::

By: Syyd on 12/6/00
This guy is a formidable talent, tried and true....I have followed his work for some time, in awe of his modelling and texturing, and then his posing of his models. He is also a great person. Congratulations friend, you certainly deserve it! Syyd

By: TBKoen on 12/6/00
OOooowh! stop it guys, you're making me blush=) there are lots of members that deserved this more then I did..TBK..

By: remc on 12/6/00
Yeah! Well done dude! I love your crazy work!
Long live to TBKoen!

By: palmix on 12/6/00
I've never made a comment on your works... but I've to admit that you are an exceptional talent drawing and texturing. Your famous Serpent Head it's one of the very best pics here.

By: Adonis on 12/6/00
Neither did I make any comments on your pieces but there is no doubt that you're very talented and it is delightful to see your work here. Keep up the great job, please! ^__^

By: nnuu on 12/6/00
good job TBKoen you diffienetly have my support

By: Glengarry on 12/6/00
You da man. Fantastic portfolio. I love your work. Congrats. GG

By: --Divide-By-Zero-- on 12/6/00
Way to go TBK! I knew you'd win...

By: Teyon on 12/6/00
TBKOEN is just too darn good not to get work in the film industry! I can't wait to say I knew you when!

By: Virus on 12/6/00
Congratulations TBKoen!!!!
Your stuff is amazing and you deserve very well to be Renderosity December's featured Artist. Congratulations again, and please keep making magic for all of us with your creative work!.

By: Antoonio on 12/7/00
Could not be better choice. Congrats pal, you deserve all the glory. Enjoy. And like Teyon said, when G. Lucas is going to hire you, I'm gonna watch all of your movies.

By: Eshal on 12/7/00
Excellent work TBK!

By: hobbit on 12/7/00
Good work TBKoen, admirable drawing,modelling and texturing skills, well done

By: Lorraine on 12/7/00
Great job and your work is always inspiring...Keep on making those wonderful pictures...

By: 3da on 12/7/00
I dont know you but I know your work and it`s fabules,amasing,and in swedish "SKIT BRA!!"
I`m glad for you!

By: Tuesday on 12/7/00
Congratulations, very well deserved

By: Binx on 12/8/00
TBKoen is the best...not only is his work based upon complicated models....but the end up being perfect...he deserves this for sure....TBK rules....

By: futuramik on 12/8/00
you,sir, are otherword for it.

By: ARADTech on 12/8/00
Most excellent bro , very pleased to see you get it. You are a most talent young dude. Keep with it !!

Peace and Creativity

By: SHiVER on 12/8/00
congrats, you rock! ;-)

By: nick2k on 12/8/00
TBK is great artist who just happens to have some amazing talent when it comes to 3d work. Its good to see someone as young as me get this:). keep up the great work.

By: mussert on 12/8/00
Gefeliciteerd ! Tof dat dankzij jouw Nederland ook scoort in het grafische/modelleer wereldje. Je dino-serie heb ik met interesse gevolgd, de realistische insteek die je hanteert spreekt mij zeer aan. Zoals een bekende televisie-jurylid altijd al zij "Vooral doorgaan".

By: on 12/10/00
your work is incredible...congratulations...

By: rcnash on 12/11/00
Congrat's You are one of the best!!!

By: Freedom on 12/12/00
Congratulations for your GREAT work.

By: Ironbear on 12/12/00
Heh. Looks like I'm a day late and a dollar short chiming in here... ah well, I sent you my congrats via PM. Still - very nice. You definately deserve the accolades. Your modeling and poseable work is some of the best I've seen. Kudos.

By: souln2life on 12/12/00
Become my mentor!!!

By: swfreeman on 12/12/00
hes already my mentor :P

naa.. joke

By: HxDBeN on 12/13/00
just a little word.. because everybody has said what i think!! i love your work so continue like this. HxDBeN

By: Quikp51 on 12/14/00
Man if you weren't in my homeland I'd offer you a job with me making video games. Well you'd have to be 18 too :o)

By: dragongirl on 12/14/00
Congratulations - your work is very impressive.

By: khorne on 12/19/00
awesome, just look at his work !

By: Talos on 12/19/00
TBKoen is so young to be so spectacularly talented. His second version of the Predator is particularly stunning. The best modeling and texturing work I have ever seen!

By: jasminre on 12/24/00
I didn't know that you are so young, your works looks like from some older artist..BRAVO!!!

By: Frankie on 12/24/00
17 and already a pro :-)
Imagine this young artist in a few years.

Better you 3D Companys get your Hands on him now
before you cannot afford him anymore.

By: khoogeveen on 12/27/00
Geweldig.. (Sorry, English please) Great. Love your work man, and I hope you get the car you designed when you get your drivers license :-)

By: MplsOiBoi on 12/29/00
Great job.

By: Shademaster on 2/18/01
Inderdaad, geweldig. I have ordered 3dMAX 3 and I hope one day I will make beautifull art too!

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