Armands -- April's Artist Of The Month!

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Who is 'Armands'?

Armands Auseklis, 31 years old, long term PC engineer from Riga, Latvia. I spend my free time reading some stunning hard SF books and travelling in some hidden corners of my beautiful country, Latvia.

How long have you have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

For almost 4 years I have everyday worked with PC.

Do you have traditional art experience?


What are you currently working on?

Currently I'm tightly related with Pandromeda's stunning Mojoworld software, trying to expand already endless limits of Paramatric Hyperspace. :)

What software do you use and why?

Since my first introduction to CG I was deeply interested in virtual landscapes. First of course was Bryce. Then I was spellbound by Terragen for a long time, but since it has some limits, I was in need of other softwares. So I tried Vue d'Esprit 4, World Builder 3, even Bryce 5 again. Then came an invitation from Ken 'Doc Mojo' Musgrave to test Mojoworld a little. :) So here I am now. Besides Mojoworld I'm trying to learn Lightwave. The results of these findings you can view at my website,, where there are Terragen, Bryce and Mojoworld galleries.

For postprocessing I mainly use Photoshop, but sometimes PhotoImpact and then Photoshop.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I spent very much time on planet Shive, where bring in the best from me and other Mojonouts like Bob Buttery and Calyxa. Unfortunately it requires the very best hardware that you can buy today.

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

Well, I simply love to make some beautiful views, to dive into my Worlds or Worlds by other Mojonouts. It's just the way of life!

What inspires you?

Nature, works by other Mojonouts, Photographers, CG artists.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Comments sometimes help very much, it gives you confidence in what you are doing. The other good thing is that at Renderosity there are so many artists with so many softwares, so I am always able to view the newest pieces in, let's say, Terragen or Bryce.

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

Widen your knowings in every moment!! At least try this or other stuff/softwares/models. For example, returning to Bryce after some time with Terragen, I had a better realization about major principles of landscape building/texturing.

Best regards,
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Member Opinions:
By: Alfons on 4/1/03
Congratulations Armands with your AOM title, you really deserved this.
I admire your Mojowork, you have a style all of your own.
Keep up the good work :)


By: bclaytonphoto on 4/1/03
Bravo Armands ! A well deserved award.. Your work is a constant inspiration for me. I've done some of my best renders from your worlds.Thanks again.

By: unveiled on 4/1/03
Good work! Your worlds are awesome.

By: SoundChaser on 4/1/03
Congrats, Armands! Glad to see you're getting some public recognition for your awesome work! You build some of the greatest Mojo worlds out there - keep 'em coming!

By: Cada on 4/2/03
Congratulations Armands this is a well deserved award .... your work is an inspiration to us all! ... Good luck & best wishes for the future! Cada

By: prutzworks on 4/2/03
well deserved Armands

By: RainbowGypsy on 4/2/03
Congratulation Armand!! I have always loved your artwork... Its inspirational and stunning in every aspect... You really take people on a journey with your work... This is certainly deserved!! Congrats from another fellow mojonaut...

By: TheWingedOne on 4/3/03
My congrats for being voted as AOM! I have to admit that I haven't seen your artworks before. Have no idea why!!! They're extremely impressive and inspiring. Many thanks for sharing these worlds with us. :)

By: ltcmdrcoconut on 4/3/03
Cangrats Armands !

Your Work is really inspiring and beautiful ...
go on expandinding your Bounderies,Coco.

By: L&A on 4/3/03
OMG!! Congrats youe title is deserved. Maybe I shouoldn't ask that you do tutorials? I'd like to know how you do your skys (if they are done in PS) and techniques to do good lanscapes cuze I doubt that the software gives such result with very few effort. I would like to know how I could apply those techniques and trick to Maya to have as stunning (or a close as I can go) as your wonderfull environnment.

A newbie in CG lanscape creation

By: eargasm on 4/3/03
Congratulations! Your fine work is an inspiration and sets the bar for us to aspire...Good Luck to you!

By: Wanda Burns on 4/3/03
You deserve it, Armands, so congratulations. :)
Always love your work.

By: Lon Chaney on 4/4/03
Congrats on the AOM. Well deserved :)

By: Mayth on 4/4/03
I've been waiting for the day you became artist of the month, I love your art, it is so creative! Congratulations!

By: aktati on 4/5/03
Good to see you up here Armands : )'re a superb artist ( and technician ) and an all round nice guy in the forums and galleries ....we salute you for a well deserved honour !

By: Armands on 4/7/03
Thank You guys very much!!! I didn't know, that so many peoples loves my landscapes!! :) Its really a good impulse to made more (I hope it soon will be so, as soon I got my own Mojo-PC at home ;)

By: munsils on 4/8/03
Apsveicu! Man ir liels prieks, ka beidzot arii kaads latvietis ir kļuvis par Meenessa Maakslinieku. Lieliski darbi ar labu kraasu gammu un kompoziiciju.

By: Arre on 4/9/03
Congratulations, Armands. You deserve this award. :)

By: edegiuli on 4/9/03
Armands your work has been inspiring to me ever since I saw your first Terragen image! Keep up the good work, I know I'll be checking out everything you do.


By: ??? on 4/10/03
Congratulations, Armands! Your work, in all the software you use, is an inspiration to all of us.


By: Chris.C on 4/24/03
Congratulations! I love so much your awesome images! You are the best to draw emotions and dreams from the stones : ) A well deserved honor for a brilliant artist.

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