Creating Toxic Waste Effects Using Photoshop 7's New Brush Features

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This week we are going to look at creating a text effect using the new scatter brush option. This effect is simple to create and its not limited to text, you could create some great background effects with this technique.

Start with some text on a new layer.

Render the type so we can modify it freely.

Select quickmask mode.

Under brushes, choose one of the presets that use the scattering option.

Paint through the text using the brush.

Press the "Q" key to switch off the quickmask. You will now see a selection.

You will need to inverse the selection. Ctrl/Cmd+Shfit+I

Press the delete/backspace key to cut into the text.

If you want a stronger effect press the del key again. Here I pressed it 3 times.

Add a standard drop shadow in the layer styles and choose a bevel similar to shown. Be sure to change the gloss contour.

Change the color overlay to a bright green color.

And here is our effect!

If you want to go a step further add a 1 pixel stroke using layer styles.

This creates a very interesting effect.

Experiment with this effect and see what you can come up with. Terrain maps for 3D come to mind.

See you at the café

Special thanks to for allowing us to reprint their Photoshop tutorials here at Renderosity.

You can e-mail Colin Smith, the author of this article, at Also, be sure to check out his resource and training CD, "PhotoshopCAFE Live".

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Member Opinions:
By: Nuriagi72 on 3/24/03
Very Nice!!!
great work, Colin!

By: JurgenDoe on 3/26/03
Excellent tut Janne. Thanks for this

By: sudacov on 3/27/03
good. I'd like to try.

By: bitplayer on 3/27/03
Wow, this is great! Thanks!!

By: -F1r3Fox- on 3/27/03
i have photoshop 7. it' s a very good prog.!
you can so much do wiht it! it's creat!

By: Hoofdcommissaris on 3/27/03
This reminds me I still need to order PS7. This looks very nice & promising indeed!

By: TheWarlock on 3/28/03
Just chked it out, worked out a new texture.... for the landscape.. n incase instead of the green u try out the rust (brwn) it looks neat with some redoxide...!!! anyway thnx

By: Commander_18 on 3/28/03
Great Tutorial!
I tried it and it's also great for making a lava effect with a few tweaks.
Very useful tutorial indeed.

By: xyptklz on 3/28/03

By: solomimo on 3/28/03
its a great stuff

By: BEAST666 on 3/28/03
This is a very cool and effective effect luv it.


By: Doublecrash on 3/30/03
That's great!

By: justG on 3/15/04
It's amazing what can be done when one thinks "outside the box." It would never occur to me to use the scatter brush as anything but a... brush! Thanks for a great tutorial (nearly a year late, but hey, better'n never, eh?) :)

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