Angelmoon - December '02 Merchant Of The Month

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Angelmoon - December '02 Merchant Of The Month
How did you get started in 3D art?

It was a long way of starting creating in 3D-

Long time before (5 years) i didn`t liked images rendered in Bryce or other 3D-programs. It still looked not real. I was on a trip making homepages and learned it only with a book and the text-editor.

So I created webpages and was really exciting, looking for the american people, who created the best webdesign, I`ve ever seen. I could not find it here in Germany. So I was searching for the tools from the webcreators ressources and tried it out again and again, whatever I wanted to find out how it works.

Some day I visited a great graphic-site - of course an american site- and was wondering, how the design was made with.

So I did, what I always do: I asked the designer for the tools and programs - and so I met POSER at first time

I load the testversion, played for a while- but couldn`t find much fun. So I took my eyes on webdesign again.

But after a short time, I wanted to create my own images with beauty women with lovely poses for my site and so I gave Poser another chance- although it was THE CHANCE for me, for my fantasies. I bought it and some items and with a lot of freestuff, I could see how it works.

Some day it was not enough and I wanted to find out, if I could create some things, that people could like.

I remember the first time: I was painting a flower on a free-stuff-bodytexture and load it in Poser- I was really happy about my success to see, what i have I study the way of texturing with the templates, but I needed big 6 month for my first Vicky-Texture and tons of half body-textures and head-textures and gigs of images , till I was satisfied with the result. Whenever I saw a little thing, that I could make it better, I started again. So this was LUNA- and she is still my best model for me, because it means much to me.

What software do you use and why?

Poser- of course! At most Poser 4, because I need more time, trying Poser 5 , I use Photoshop and PI8- and my minds :) my favorite program.

Any advice for getting started in selling 3D work?

I can only speak for myself: It is a theme of my life: I only can do something good, if it`s fun- and if I like it. Never do anything, without passion - Everything I do, I give my best- always- From the heart into the work- that`s my theme.Nothing is impossible to do- So don`t thinking about: Just start! Nothing is stronger, than an idea whose time has come.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

Everywhere, books, films, my own fantasies and discussions with my friends.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Long time, I felt apart - just a user :), but with my creations I found some really good friends here. Although my englisch is not the best, it`s not the language-problem to contact the people. I met a lot different people here, but at most the real real real human and good-feeling-people. Renderosity has a great influence on my life in good times and in bad times :) Especially Rick and Loredana for beeing always with me.

I would not be here, without the great artist at Rendero- I learned a lot of techniques and much *HOW TO* . The community is living with the soul of the artists- BECAUSE: there is space enough for everyone!

For all the peoples, who bought my creations- ( I never thought some one would do) , for all my friends I have found here, for all the good words they found for me, for all the trust into my person, for all good reasons or questions they contact me:

I have to thank you all- of course the great testers and the people around Renderosity - and Clint, too :) , to be the merchant of this month- To be happy before Christmas :))) Please forgive me my english- But this cannot stop me to change my minds with you.

Wishing all health at most...and harmony- Only a smile let`s the world spinning araound :))

Thanx, Elke Preuschoff /Angelmoon- Germany
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Member Opinions:
By: spiket on 12/3/02
You go girl!!! Your work is fantastic and so is your merchandise!
Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to the comunity!!


By: laetia on 12/3/02
Bravo!!! :o) Congratulations, my dear Elke! You totally deserve this! {hugs}!!

By: K.Weiser on 12/3/02
Congratulations, Elke. I always liked your stuff. You do most stunning textures and pictures.

By: luciferino on 12/3/02
Compliments !!! You are great a kiss Orietta ^_^

By: Mahna on 12/3/02
Congratulations Elke! I am so happy for you, and yes, you totally deserve this! *WarmHugs*
Mahna :)

By: Crasher on 12/3/02
Though I don't have any of your MP products (thought I want them, and will get them at some point, I swear. ;)), I do have a couple of your free things, and they're wonderful. Congratulations, you're a great artist, and I'm happy for you.

By: egor on 12/3/02
Congratulations love! You deserve this because you are the best! You are a beautiful soul!
Peace and Love,

By: SPIRESMEDIA on 12/3/02
wonderful to see you honored in this way...your products are very nice! congratulations!!!
tam ;o)

By: Dave71 on 12/3/02
congrats Elke, great job and very well deserved.

By: Turtle on 12/3/02
Elke, This is wonderful, You are a wonderful Creator and I just love your work. I have more fun with your packages than any other ones.
Congratulations!!!! Your so nice and I liked when you said "room for all of us." :O)
Keep making your excellent packages.

By: Seven Wolves on 12/3/02
Congratulations Angelmoon!
I've only used a few of your products, but I enjoy them very much! Keep up the great work :)

By: Alexander on 12/4/02
hallo elke,
gratuliere dir herzlich. schreibe dir in meiner muttersprache. das mit dem besten web-design
möchte ich aber sehr bestreiten (entschieden).

By: jeweldragon on 12/4/02
i love your products im after the xenia one esp!!! i just am so happy for you, you so deserve this ((hugs))

By: Turtle on 12/4/02
Congratulations, Elke
I love your work! and your a great person too.

By: Angelmoon on 12/4/02
thank you sooo much- for all kind words..i am really really happy..and i hope to work with you all together as good as till now.
thank you for all :)

By: Lory on 12/4/02
I am so happy for you my very dear friend, I know you are happy for this title and this means a lot for me too :)
I wish I was the first to post an opinion here, but.... :(
You know it well my moonsister that I apreciate a lot you fantastic work and with all my heart I congratulate you :) Go girl!!!
Hugs :)

By: kayjay97 on 12/4/02
Elke, from one who owns many of your products a very big, warm congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I always look forward to your next masterpiece!

By: LadyJaiven on 12/4/02
Yay Elke, congrats :) ~hugs~

By: reflash on 12/5/02
Elke, just bought Poser 5 (still waiting for it to arrive) and your Luna texture (among other things). Your products look very good! Congratulations!

By: linwhite on 12/5/02
Elke, I have been a fan since Luna first came out. I like your whimsical, creative work, especially with the body painting. I have especially enjoyed getting to know YOU, the real you, through your art, letters, and creative products. Hope you'll keep producing them for a long, long time, and I wish you all the best. oh, congratulation, and you really deserve this, my friend. Linda White

By: Danie on 12/5/02
Herzlich Glückwunsch, Elke !

DAS hast Du verdient ! Du hast echt wundervolle Arbeit geleistet ! Nur das mit den deutschen Webseiten möchte ich bestreiten. Sorry ! ;-)

Weiter so, ich liebe Deine Produkte ! :-)

LG, Danie

By: GaryT on 12/6/02

You Deserve This more than anyone I know !!! Congratulations my Friend !!! It has been a long time coming but you finally did it !!!!

My Biggest Hugs

By: boundless on 12/11/02
Hi meine liebe Elke, ich gratuliere Dir auch recht herzlich zu diesem Erfolg. Ich hab mich wahnsinnig darüber gefreut als ich den Newsletter bekam und sah, meine Freundin Elke ist der beste Verkäufer im Dezember. WOW!!! Ich umarme Dich ganz lieb *jubelfreu*.
Das Einzige was nicht so ganz stimmt ist halt das mit den deutschen Pages. He Du... mach uns mal nich so schlecht. Sonntag ist mein neues Design Online, schau dann mal und sag Deine Meinung ob es wirklich soooo schlecht ist ;-)
Knuddels von Peti

By: Angelmoon on 12/11/02
hallo noch mal an meine deutschen freunde:
natürlich meinte ich das mit den webpages, so wie ich es beschrieben habe: als ich anfing war es so, daß es nicht viele gute deutsche seiten gab- und ich kann nur für mich sprechen :)
natürlich gibt es mittlerweile ausnahmen, aber was ich sage, meine ich auch so :) - ich sagte ja nicht es gäbe (mittlerweile) nichts an guten deutschen websites ;) und ich kann nur das schreiben, was ich auch meine- nicht immer passend, aber ist halt so :) danke noch einmal an alle liebe grüsse !

By: karanta on 12/19/02
Congratulations Elke :-) Ich freu mich sehr für Dich :-) Den Erfolg hast Du Dir verdient.

By: Angelmoon on 12/20/02
hallo Ihr Lieben ;)

ich finde ein wenig mehr Toleranz kann nicht schaden - ich sage IMMER, was ich denke und brauche keine *säuselnde* Worte ;) schließlich habe ich den Erfolg bereits - und was ich sage, meine ich so. Schade, daß es mal wieder sture Deutsche sind, die manch Dinge nicht akzeptieren können. Es gibt gutes Webdesign- auch hier- allerdings gegenüber America reicht es nicht heran- das hat auch mit meinen persönlichen Seiten zu tun: die sind wie gesagt: persönlich und sollen auch nur mir gefallen- erlaubt ist was gefällt - über Geschmack läßt sich wie immer nicht streiten ;)
Etwas mehr Gelassenheit führt immer zu einem besseren Gefühl ;) auch hier. Alles Liebe, denen die mir Glück gewünscht haben und mehr- Elke

By: SophiaDeer on 12/24/02
Wonderful to see you are merchant of the month! Your products are excellent!

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