dalinise - September '02 Merchant Of The Month

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dalinise - September '02 Merchant Of The Month
How did you get started in 3D art?

I started with 3D art about 3 years ago. I had just bough a computer and while trying to learn how to 'surf' the net, I came across a site with 3D art. Since I already created paintings and sketches, the 3D art immediately drew my attention. I wanted to know more and somewhere along the line I came across the term "poser", and that changed my life. I have been poser-ing 3 years now and still the results amaze me! Its such a pleasure, being able to make art that really comes to life. And besides that, it always comes in handy when making websites for my clients.

What software do you use and why?

I use Poser and Photoshop 6.
Photoshop works best for me, it has so many possibilities!
I make my textures from Photo's which I make with my digital camera. And nobody is safe for my camera, always lurking around to see if there is any good brow or mouth to photograph :-))) Besides that I am now starting to learn modelling. I have a very big drive, to try to master more in this line of creating. I want to learn how to be able to make what I imagine, besides textures and characters.
And thanks to the help of some absolutely great people, I am slowly learing this :-)

Any advice for getting started in selling 3D work?

My advice if I can give any is: try to create what feels right. Dont try to make what others make, but find your own strength, your own talent. And really like what you make, then the creations will come on itself. Know your limitations and stay open for constructive critisism. Keep your eye out for all the beauty in the world, it will inspire you. But most of all, listen to your customers, help them when they need it and let them know you appreciate their trust.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

I walk around in life with a camera in my head. My view on the world has changed since doing this. I look at people and see textures, great lips, beautiful eyebrows :-), I think in materials and shapes. I go to the theater and my head is filled with ideas to recreate that what I just saw in 3D. I brows art and paintings and get inspired. I listen to music and then feel the urge to create. But I also look at my children, and realize that I'll never be able to create that kind of glow and beauty in 3D art:-)

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

This community is my cyber home. I love to be here, talk to my friends, wonder in amazement at the art in the galleries, get fired up when reading the forums, feel like a part of this wonderful world. I have gotten to know so many great friends here, its hard to name them all. But thanks specially to:
-Stormi my partner and dear friend, for all the talks and fun we have:-)
-ToxicAngel my little bro, you have a special place in my heart!
-Deb and Marforno for their generosity and advice, thanks for being there.
-Darrell for his friendship.
-Jen for always being willing to help.
-Syyd, for her inspiring art.
-All my amazing testers, for their awesome art and help in making a good product, to many to mention but you know I am speaking of you :-)
-My customers, thanks for your trust, feedback and enthousiasm.
-Xurge, Sharkey and Vairesh for all their patience, time and support in trying to teach me to model :-)
-Jenifer, Clint and all the other admins who are always willing to help, test and answer all my questions, every time :-).
-All those who have send me feedback, instant messages and emails with questions, comments or to just say hai and tell me they appreciated my work.
-And all those who I didnt mention.

You all made me a better artist and are the reason for me being here, trying to make art and good products.

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Member Opinions:
By: SPIRESMEDIA on 9/4/02
congratulations, dal....i have always been happy with your products, so this honor is very well deserved!!!

tam ;o)

By: Eowyn on 9/4/02
Congratulations! Very nice to find out a bit more about you :) I really like your work! :)

By: rasputina on 9/4/02
congratulations dalinise, I'm glad to see you featured! Your work is lovely.

By: ronmolina on 9/4/02
Congratulations and keep up the good work!

By: jeweldragon on 9/4/02
congrats!!!!!! you do deserve it :)

By: ToxicAngel on 9/5/02
Way to go big sis :) !!! This spot is well deserved !!!

By: Mahna on 9/5/02
What an inspiring interview. And you are So pretty, Dal!! I admire your work so very much, and appreciate all you have done for me! :-)
I am so proud of you learning how to model!


By: Stormi on 9/5/02
Mucho CONGRATULATIONS partner, you're an inspiration to us all and I'm so proud of you.
I feel blessed to get to work with you on our little projects and call you a very special friend. You've given so much to this community and
we love ya. Hugs, Tara

By: Mahna on 9/5/02
I forgot to say Congratulations!! :-)

By: kayjay97 on 9/5/02
Congrats Dalinise!!!!!!!!!!!!! well deserved!! And you are one of the BEST when it comes to helping people. Thank you!

By: Richabri on 9/5/02
Congrats Dal! It's a well deserved distinction for all of your wonderful work :)

By: LadyJaiven on 9/5/02
Congratulations, Dal, you really deserve this! And wow, so that's what you look like! You are just as gorgeous as your work! :)

By: Giana on 9/5/02
Woohoo!! I am so so excited to see you up here!! One of the first few textures I ever owned for Vicki was your glorious Carly and I've been hooked on your packages ever since. Congrats, Dal!! Wishing you a most successful future too. :))

By: Tammy on 9/6/02
Congratulations, very well deserved.

By: lynde on 9/6/02
hi Dal, it's great to see you here finally, I've always loved your work! And nice pic BTW..:) *hugs*

By: Flaxynn on 9/6/02
Way to go Dal! I was hoping I'd see you in here at last! You deserve it!

By: MrCaleb on 9/6/02
Congratulations, i think you deserve this very much because your work really stands out of the crowd, you make fiction look like reality, and things that are not real touchable, Fantastic work and well deserved, Good luck on your further work

By: KimberlyC on 9/6/02
Congrads Dal....you deserve this..and more..Congrads again... :)

By: sparrowheart on 9/6/02
It makes me very happy to see you honoured as you deserve! I love everything you make and look forward to seeing each new creative breakthrough of yours. Your eye for beauty is flawless, and I wish you the greatest success in the future! :-)

By: the3dgm on 9/7/02
Congratulations. . .finally, someone I actually buy from! Best of all. . .one of the ones I buy from who is always worth it! Well deserved and long overdue.

By: picky on 9/7/02
Hi Dalinise,
Glad to see your name here! :) Well deserved. My congratulations to you and keep up a good work.

By: Sinamin on 9/7/02
Couldn't have been given to a more deserving person! Super congrats to you hon!!!

By: Ringwraith on 9/8/02
You really deserve this.I love yor work...and I must admit it, its nice to know how you really look like...

By: lordbyron on 9/9/02
Congratulations Dalinise,

As one of your (sometimes critical) customers, I'm glad to be able to speak warmly and positively on this occasion. you deserve it.

By: GaryT on 9/10/02

Congratulations !!! Very Very Well Deserved, I have admired your work for sometime now !!!

By: Rio on 9/10/02
Sorry Im late to the party!!! but WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats babe!!!!!

By: ladydawg on 9/11/02

Dal, I am so happy to see you here.....You know how much I love ya and your work....And you patiently put up with all the things I do to Carly...... ;0)


By: SkoolDaze on 9/11/02
Congrats Dal! As wonderful a merchant you may be, you are equally a wonderful artist and person... this is a most deserved honor....


By: Catharina Przezak on 9/14/02
Congratulations Dal! I wish you much success with your work and all your little and big projects in the future.

Dikke Knuffel, :O)


By: Ironbear on 9/17/02
Congrats, Dal. ;]

By: SAMS3D on 9/18/02
Dal, I love your work and all your textures, your gallery is always amazing and a beauty to sit back and look at. Thank you for your hard work and can't wait to see what the future brings.

By: marforno on 9/19/02
CONGRATULATIONS...!!! As John says you are not just a wonderful artist but a wonderful person as well... I am very glad for you...:-) HUGS...!!! :-)

By: DTHUREGRIF on 9/19/02
Congratulations! This is a well-deserved honor.

By: Debbie M. on 9/20/02
oh Dal, it's so great to see you in this spotlight! What an honor WELL deserved. YOU GO GIRL!!!! Congratulations my friend :)

By: Pen_Is_Envy on 9/23/02
Sorry I'm so late on this, Dal, but my heartfelt congratulations to you on this most deserved honour. Should have happened long before now, in my opinion... but better late than never. Thank you for making such incredible characters, and for being so generous and kind to me personally. You are also very beautiful on the outside. :)!!!

By: liquidtracy on 8/27/04
congrats bravo bravo

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