July 2002 Artist of the Month Carles_P

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July 2002 Artist of the Month Carles_P
Congratulations to Carles_P for being voted July's Artist of the Month!

Stay tuned for the interview!

The results of the voting:

Carles_P 25.3%
drzorn 14.3%
kaiservr 12.8%
Matthieu 10.2%
TOXE 9.4%
Drakath 7.2%
squidnc 4.2%
TrevorN 4.2%
cartesius 4.2%
litst 3.8%
DDavid 2.6%
Epheckz 1.9%

JULY 2002 Artist of the Month Nominees

Carrara / Cinema 4D / Strata 3D


So, who is up for nomination this month?

Okay, here they are in alphabetical order (click on a thumbnail to be taken to their Renderosity Gallery):













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Member Opinions:
By: MoxieGraphix on 7/2/02
How do you choose just one choose out of these choices? I don't know a lot about the programs for this month's choices but, dang.

By: dandavis on 7/2/02
kaiservr is absolutely one of my favorite artists (and he knows this) but I think it's interesting that you chose one of his Lighwave posts for his example :-)

By: zorares on 7/2/02
Geez, why not make it hard on us! How can anyone pick just 1!

By: audre on 7/2/02
>chose one of his Lighwave posts for his example

*chuckle* whoops.

By: Realitybuilder on 7/2/02
I am bad in cinema ;-) but Carles P. is too perfect for this voting. every other artist wants to learn more about cinema and needs an motivation to dont give it up! :) so carles P is not MY favourite artist that way. and his THREE pictures are ahmm, GREAT :) LOL

By: merbliss on 7/2/02
Interesting to see Charles_P is in the lead with only three pics in the gallery...good quality sure, but I would have expected a greater body of work from a nominee.

Would love to see more 2D artists up for nomination in the future - I know you're out there!

By: dandavis on 7/2/02
Hey merbliss, I'm sure you'll see plenty of 2D artists up for nomination in August, when it's that gallery's turn. This month, it's Cinema 4D, Carrera and Strata. When will this concept finally catch on???

By: Epheckz on 7/2/02
Whoa, it's an honor just to be up for nomination with all of these awesome artists. Thanks for telling me that I'm up here danddavis. It sucks to be getting my ass kicked in the voting but that's motivation.

By: merbliss on 7/3/02
D'oh! Thanks dandavis!

By: chemicalbrother on 7/3/02
i agree with mer that it is unusual for somebody to be in the voting with only 3 images in their gallery....... but the images are of such high quality (junkyard on it's own would be enough) he got my vote : )

By: drzorn on 7/3/02
it is also an honor for me to be up here! there are soo great artists! to carles: has he realised that he is in the voting? the only thing i have seen typed from him were the comments under his pictures! and where is 3Dieter? he is also a very great artist! any way... i never thought that i would be up here :) THX!!

also THX to dandavis who told me my luck.

By: squidinc on 7/3/02
pretty cool to have a nomination, score sucks though, ah well

By: ladynimue on 7/3/02
In a word ... Amazing!
How about All 12 of the artists being AOM??? :)

By: kaiservr on 7/3/02
i have the worst thumbnail(scratches his head). thx for the nomination , it's an honor to be selected amongst such talented people.cheers !!

By: Eowyn on 7/4/02
I don't know, I am reluctant to give my vote to someone with only 3 images in the gallery even though those three images are stunning. I want to see more, I want to see if the artist is versatile enough for my taste. TOXE's got my vote :)

By: davidm on 7/5/02
Wow! These are ALL so brilliant! :-)

By: ppowellaa on 7/5/02
WOW! Great images from all!
My vote is in, but a Huge CONGRATULATIONS to all the nomenies (sp)! There is alot of incredible tallent, both in the concepts and in the execution.

By: Epheckz on 7/8/02
YES!!! I won! I won! Okay, I would like to thank... wait a minute... ? Oh, I was reading it from the wrong end. oops.

By: Carles_P on 7/8/02
Is great for me to see how I was nominated and of course see now, that I'm the AOM. Thanks to all the artists who post your works here, making possible my eyes enjoyment. They are a infinite source of inspiration for me. I hope learn more from my colleagues.

By: drzorn on 7/9/02
WOW iam at the second place! thx to all voters! its an honor to be at the top 12 :) LOL

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