July Merchant of the Month is wusamah

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July Merchant of the Month is wusamah
I completely did not expect that I would ever be nominated as a merchant of anything at all. I thank you for the honor. I also hope this means that Uzilite products have satisfied many number of customers.

Before I go on mumbling utter nonsense, I must admit that my English is beyond poor. Notice how awkward that last sentence ends. Should I somehow offend anyone or anything kindly understand that I am writing in a language that does not slur comfortably from my tongue. Hard as I try, Grammar always eludes me. Perhaps it is due to my deep infatuation with Words that have led me astray and betray my betrothed Grammar. Paragraph, my true best friend, hates me for my infidelity. Conjugation is not as supportive either. Despite my passion for my beloved Grammar, at every period I am lost, thinking about Words.

How did you get started in 3D art?
I started with digital 3D art in my senior year at the university some eight years ago. My final school project was to create a short film with a science fiction theme. Computer was the only inexpensive alternative. Well, I actually seduced this one female student to buy a Macintosh program called 3D Strata studio for me. Thus, in terms of cost, it was really about the price of a dinner. A romantic one, of course. The film was finally shot in video with live actors against a blue screen. We accomplished the compositing of the live image with the 3D modeled spaceships via analog machine in real-time. Non-linear digital video editing facilities back then were out of reach for a poor college student like me. I could not find any student on campus that had a $50,000 Avid editing system sitting around in their dorm room. After I graduated I completely ignored computer 3D.

Honestly, back then I had very little respect for any computer art or computer artists. I always believed that any so-called artist should begin to draw first with a pencil not a mouse. Computer was just another tool in addition to other facilities available.

Anyway, just a year ago, I came up with another idea for a short animation. I chose to go digital. The idea of drawing 24 frames for every second of the animation did not seem very exciting. While researching I was introduced to Daz3D Vicky. I thought, cool, I did not have to learn how to model anything and concentrate on the creative aspect of the animation. Unfortunately, I was not very happy with the available wardrobe on the market. After six month of painful struggle due to an overdose of Cosmopolitan magazine, the first Uzilite LoungeWear, HellAndBack the morphing undergarment, appeared in Renderosity.

With thousand dollars of software and equipment, the first thing I created was underwear.

What software do you use and why?
The software I used mostly is that nifty program in my microwave. Imagine, with just one press of a button I could make edible food. How cool is that?!

Hey, that is way so important, especially when you are working on a project in your studio until the next morning. The Power to create dinner in under two minutes is phenomenal!

For my computer “art” work I use, Macromedia Director, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. I extensively use After Effects for that Nike advertisement type of look. I use Curious Labs Poser for character animation and NuTek Lightwave for modeling. Poser has such an easy interface for animating character’s movement and expression with their dial interface. Everyone who watches Star Trek knows how amazing Lightwave graphics are.

Any advice for getting started in selling 3D work?
I do not think I have any good advices to give. Somehow, I still believe to be somewhat incompetent in that field. If I do have one, then I suggest that you seek and find the One. He goes by the name “Jaager.” He will reveal to you the secrets of the Universe, the true unspoken name of God, the intricacies of Quantum theories, the real reason why women behave unexpectedly sometimes and how to weld geometries in cr2 files.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?
Baywatch television series, of course. Oh, and every time this Renderosity gal with a screen name “Xena” calls me “Handsome and Beautiful.” Little does she know that I am a hideous, indescribable monster, an abomination to mankind. Muahahaha.

Seriously, I worked from a storyboard where most of my Uzilite Clothing items were based on. Their basic design was from magazines or women I saw on the streets. Before I began modeling, I would play certain music that may fit the mood of the fashion I designed. I believed it was Armani or Karl who said every clothing spoke a unique feeling. I couldn’t remember. The music varied. They ranged from Khaled, Kid Loco, and BeeGees to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Then I just let the rhythm guided my hand. Each mouse click represented a drumbeat.

Second, women deeply inspire me. Their curvaceous shape, the way they play with their fingers, how they bite their lower lip, how they whisper in my ears and how their clothing slips to the ground as they undress, everything about them inspire me. The Universe is a Woman. God is a Woman. Art is all about worshiping women.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
Hmmm... It’s an interesting question, indeed. First, I am getting some income through Renderosity Marketplace, which helps me buy Cup-o-noodles that will give me some energy to complete work to give to my client whom in turn pays my rent and a vacation in Paris. Therefore, this online community do enhanced my work. In regards to relationship? Well, a woman I am pursuing now keeps quoting Cosmopolitan magazine like some bible to second-guess my character as a person. Don’t you just hate that? Now she says that I am a passive type B womanizer. What the heck does that mean? Unless Renderosity opens up a forum specific to that case then the answer to the second question is not really. Third, everytime I read the viewers’ comments about Dr. Legume’s artwork I learn something new.

By the way, although, my birth name is “Wusamah”, everyone mostly calls me “Uzi.” I was born near a bridge named “Musi.” While I was a tiny baby, somehow the sight of that bridge tickled me funny. I was strange. Every time I cried in my crib my parents would say, “Hey, look! It’s the bridge Musi, Musi.” Then for some unknown reason I started to laugh. Based on their story anyway. I was strange. As time passed by, it just evolved naturally to “Uzi.” And Uzilite because I am a “lite” kinda guy.

Do not even THINK about trying that “Musi, Musi” on me now.

Je t’embrace
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Member Opinions:
By: rasputina on 7/2/02
congratulatons Wusamah; your work is wonderful.

By: deestilo on 7/2/02
Congrats Mas Usi !!!!!!!!!!!!!

way to go !!!!!!!!

By: TheDaedalus on 7/2/02
Uzi - I was so pleased when I saw that you had been selected to be the July Merchant of the Month; congratulations! Your work is unique and fantastic! And don't worry about your Grammar. I've been living in an English-speaking country all my life and I know I still don't have a firm grasp on it! Anyway, congrats again, you totally deserve this!! Take care!

By: magnet on 7/2/02
You have some spectacular products Uzi! This is one of the most entertaining and interesting bios that I think I have read. Good show and great products!

Take care,

By: audity on 7/2/02
viva UZI ! this is one of the best interview I've ever read at Renderosity ! keep the cosmopolitan addiction, eat more cup noodles, your work is outstanding !!!

By: thgeisel on 7/2/02
Congrats wusamah, I was one of the lucky who got
some of your things while they were free,and some i bought.I really like the "italian style"
and the high quality of the clothes you did!

By: lalverson on 7/2/02
All the ladies of Alverson fantasy art just love you and the sytles of clothes you have so far made. you make them look real and modern and full of live. Cinnimon Keene, one model in particular, will only "Dress" in Uzilite. Thanks for joining us and thanskgod for you talent!

By: Papu on 7/2/02
Uzi, mr magnificent, handsome devil you... I am in awe of your skills in grammar, among other things.

*bows deeply*

Papu (AKA scarf morf ;)

By: Eowyn on 7/3/02
Congratulations, oh handsome and beautiful one. I bow to your artistry! :)

By: merbliss on 7/3/02
Poor grammar? English is my first language and I stuff it up every time....see? Congrats.

By: specs2 on 7/3/02
Your story is real peotry. Nice to know something about you and thanks for the hints.

By: Xena on 7/3/02
Uzi, you're still handsome and beautiful to me ;)
Congrats on being Merchant of the month *hands over a bottle of Baygon and videotape of Baywatch* First place prizes you know ;P

By: artistheat on 7/3/02
Congrats Uzi you do outstanding work.Your a very talented guy.Keep up the good work:)

By: praxis22 on 7/6/02
Great interview man! Made me smile :) If ever you find out what a "passive type B womaniser" is let me know :)

By: Abraham on 7/7/02
Very happy to see you here, you're great and I like your humour :) J-L

By: saur on 7/9/02
Congratulations! You are an outstanding talented person.

By: catharine42 on 7/18/02
Uzi! My hero! The man who looked at the DAZ Vicky clothing pack and asked himself, "Who the heck dresses like this?" Glad to see you featured, though I must say, you've figure prominently in my Wishlist for a while. I'm looking into starting a webpage in your honor. I'm waiting to see if the URL www.passivetypebwomanizer.com is available. (Just kidding.)

By: BlueBeard on 7/18/02
Congratulations!! You have to be one of my favorite merchants, I fell in love with your stuff before you started marketing it. It was like a breath of fresh air. I think your clothing finds its way into most everything I do!!

By: MissMellyMel on 7/24/02
I too was disappointed with the clothing for Vicky. Not too many women I know wear thigh high boots and tapered jeans. When I got my first glimpse of the Uzilite clothing, I could almost hear the draining of my bank account. Thank you for your amazing contribution to the digital world.

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