June 2002 AOM -- ToxicAngel

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June 2002 AOM -- ToxicAngel

It's really an honour to be selected as the artist of month especially in Poser gallery. It's the largest gallery of this site, and truely has some unique and excellent artists who submit their masterpieces into it everyday.

Things that i've learned...?

What I've learned from the during my last year-and-a-half that I've spend here on-line is how different everybody is with their art - everyone's skills are unique and that makes or art different. I personally enjoy watching quite a few people here. I also try to get some influences from all of those artists here on-line that I respect to the highest level!! But, the most inportant thing of all is that, I've learned that the people here are really willing to help you out when you want to learn and know how one does the things he/she does.

I want to thank each of you separate and together, who had supported and helped me out in many things during these last 1,5 years !!!

Why Poser as a tool?

Well... why not?! - It's not the most top notch rendering tool IMHO, but it's one of the easiest solution to get "real looking" characters done quickly. Poser has quite a few lacks, but in the end it's a powerfull tool, which you can learn pretty fast, and even get good results out of it.

Poser is also a great tool for learning the basics of lights and human body. It had also helped me to develope my drawing skills (pencil - I really love to sketch things out before rendering...).

Is there any other software that you use?

As a matter affact there are many tools that I use to create my images, but the main tool is still Poser. I use Bryce too to create backdrops and stuff like that - I also do some modelling myself, but that's really not worth for mentioning *LOL*.

Ah, and one musn't forget the most importan two tools for me. Photoshop and Wacom tablet - without those two I would be in total loss... :)

Little about me... I'm 100% self-taught person, as many of us are. I once tried to get a scholarship to one of those fancy art-schools, but they said that I don't have what it takes, so I decided that I'll just learn techniques by that try-mistake method.

Why am I keen on this stuff? -I really don't know, but I think that the reason is that it helps me to stay somewhat sane in this ever-insane-world we're living in.

My history in brief... Ever since they first placed a pen into my hand when I was just a little kid, I enjoyed drawing. Later on I spent more and more time studying the human body, and various lighting technigues that I tried to incorporate into my drawings (more or less successfully :) ). As years went by, I managed to get my hands over the various programs and AMIGA 500 (YES!!!). I tried to figure out more about digital painting and 3d.

More recently, I managed to get myself a PC (now I have 4 of them...) and Photoshop, and those really neat programs like Poser, Bryce and 3DSMax. Within these last 2.5 years, I've learned much about digital arts in general - not to mention about those wonderfull people that I've met since I joined Renderosity.

My idols and stars to bow... My favourite artist... hmmm... there are so many of those, but to make it short i'll include those who had affected me the most. Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo, Olivia and of course, Larry Elmore. Those artists gave the basics of that air-brushed look that I wanted to incorporate to my arts. And I'd especially like to raise Mr. Royo to the stand here: I studied his lighting technique, and developed my own from his wonderful technique!

As for the digital artists and the community members here - there are so many brilliant artists here to mention that my list would get too long to be published ;)

My images... Well, they are more-or-less a mixtures of pin-ups and fantasy art. I've always been a fan of fantasy literature, so the choice was obvious for me. I've never even tried to do something which is "really there" - like portraits and stuff like that.

Using fantasy sets and sceneries in my art gives me that escape that my mind needs from time to time, to get out of this reality.

Now... As for me, I'm currently working for my own company (ARCTIVE), offering webdesigning, e-commerce, and custom design services. We just got started few months back, and are really working our butts off for it. They say that "it's never easy to be your own boss", but I hope it'll pay back the efforts eventually!

Well, I'm battling with few projects at the moment, and I'm doing some beta testing whenever I have time (i wish that days would have 48 hours :) ).

Basically my work concentrates on album cover arts and posters as well as some to custom artworks (either with pencil/colored pencils or rendered...)

Many people have asked me about my music taste - well... those of you who know me, know very well that, but as I do this cover art stuff, you have to jump from one style to another I just have to say that my music taste is quite far ranged, but mostly it's progressive metal or metal in general ;)

What I'd like to do in the future is expand my abilities as a modeller and animator, but then again - time is limited and there's that eternal question of money :)

This month's Voter of Note is Agny. Stay tuned to hear a bit about why she voted for ToxicAngel.

Congratulations to ToxicAngel and all of this month's nominees for making our choice so very tough!

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Laurie S16.1%

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Member Opinions:
By: Lon Chaney on 6/9/02
Congrats ToxicAngel. Very fine work. It was mighty hard to choose this month as they were all fine artists

By: Blackhearted on 6/9/02
Congratulations, my friend - you definitely earned it. Youve consistently pushed the limits of poser and bryce, and your imagination, and always come up with awe-inspiring images that set the standard which we all strive to achieve. Good luck to you and your new graphics business... cheers, -Gabriel

By: linkinpark on 6/10/02
Big Congratulations Toxic...
You do a great work which is (by my opinion) an inspiration for many artist..
I wish you a lot of luck,health and I hope you will continue in your masterful work
Have a good time :)

By: Dnick on 6/10/02
I voted for Beton.... but a good choice was made.... :) awesome work !!!!!

By: Ravnheart on 6/10/02
Grats Toxic! For someone that I highly respect as and artist and a true friend, you have given me someone to look up to, and aspire to be like. Your images are awe inspiring and always beautiful. Thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams with us.

By: Laurie S on 6/10/02
Congrats! I love your work and enjoyed getting to know more about you .. you do such amazing things with light and shadow .. your images have often inspired me. Good luck with your new endeavor!

By: Ehrilaz on 6/10/02
Huge Congrats Toxic.
I've followed your art for awhile now and have been a huge fan. Its very well deserved. Its been a pleasure taking a peek at the world through your perspective. Bravo!

By: reddog37 on 6/10/02
Your work has truely been an inspiration. I wish you well and hope to see more of your work here or in the general public.

By: dglidden on 6/10/02
I am glad you won my friend! It is about time you got you moment in the spotlight! Very well deserved!

By: KimberlyC on 6/10/02
Congrads!...you very much deserve this..you are such an inspiration. Your works are always amazing..and beautiful. Congrads again :P I look forward to seeing more of ur work :)

By: Sking on 6/10/02
Congratulations Toxic. It is about time you got this honor, it is well deserved. I have been following your work for a while now and I am always inspired everytime I look. Toxic, thanks for posting your wonderful images here. ---- Scott.

By: Cimerone on 6/10/02
Congrats!! You're great and I have to say that I have alot of fav artists (most of which were in the running) so it was hard to chose. But I am happy for you! :)

By: BB on 6/11/02
Congratulations ToxicAngel! Thank you for your exellent images and your Tutorials for people like me, still at the beginning stand and thus the possibility and the incentive has (by the sight of your pictures and the assistance by does) also times so large works to create; -)

By: Antoonio on 6/11/02
Congrats, title well deserved. Best poser stuff around.

By: kromekat on 6/11/02
BIG congratulations Janne!! - your work is one of the few that I will wade through the Poser gallery to see! - great talent, great technique and greatly deserved honour! :)

By: ralphmanis on 6/11/02
A well deserving spotlight... though all the nominees are deserving! Congratulations!

By: Rio on 6/11/02
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he he he
Big hugs and reindeer skulls,
Rio ;)

By: ladydawg on 6/11/02
Congrats Angel! It's so great to see you get this honor. I love your work and I love the tutorials that you have given us in learning lights and darks. I, too, am self-taught, and you have shown me that you do not have to go to a high-price art-school to be an awesome artist such as yourself. You are very deserving of this honor.

Again Congrats, and here's hoping all your wishes come true. (especially that of having 48 hours in a day, there is never enough time to learn everything)

By: RedSonja on 6/11/02
Congratulations!!! Love your work and you deserve the title. Wish you good luck with your business and hope to see more of your fascinating images!!

By: mickey2 on 6/11/02
I couldn't agree with everyone more, this is well deserved !!! Carry on you, are my hero !!

By: Bobbie25 on 6/11/02
BIG congratulations hun your very good at what you do

By: Stormi on 6/11/02
Congratulations Janne, I'm very happy that you recieved this honor, it's so deserved! You're such a fantastic artist and your heart is as big as your talent.

By: Tempus Fugit on 6/11/02
Congrats, Toxic! Your work is a great inspiration to me, and I love studying the details. Great artist, and a well-deserved honor!

By: lynde on 6/11/02
I am so glad to see that you've won, you definitely deserved it!! Congratulations! *hugs*

By: SkoolDaze on 6/11/02
check YOU out :) Spotlight AND Artist of the Month back to back... jeez...lol!! can't say that all these things are not deserved for your work is absolutely without peer... Congratulations!!

By: Giana on 6/12/02
Heaps of congrats, Janne!! Utterly brilliant & breathtaking work! :)

By: Eowyn on 6/12/02
*HUGGLES* Congratulations! I am so happy you won, you truly deserved it :)

By: dalinise on 6/12/02
Way to go little bro!!!
(... bowing down humbly to her master...)

By: Blackhearted on 6/13/02
by the way - happy birthday, Janne! hope everything goes well for ya. cheers, -gabriel

By: dandavis on 6/13/02
Well, I have to admit that I don't visit the Poser gallery much but I did take a stroll thru your gallery, and I must say that this is a WELL deserved honor. Congrats!

By: dragongirl on 6/14/02
Hi! Many congratulations on being AOM!! I love to hear the stories of people and how they work. Interesting that lighting was an important aspect of art for you from the beginning. And I'm always glad to hear success stories of artists who are making money with what they love to do! :-)

By: Seven Wolves on 6/15/02
Well done bud!! I have to say this months vote was true agony for me as I really admire so many of the nominees. When it came down to it though, I had to vote for the one who made me stare the longest at their art. That's you. You keep posting the awesome pictures, and I'll keep staring!!

By: foleypro on 6/15/02
As an avid Fantasy type person I am in awe of your Talents and pay humble homage to a person that is self taught I know how hard it is to figure out everything from scratch I have learned the same way and I will always learn....I also must say Hey folks if you havent checked out Toxics Tutorials on his site then you might want too they are splendid and I love them and use them now...Thanks for the awesome pics keep turning them out you are a true artist...As always B3D...

By: Pen_Is_Envy on 6/16/02
For you especially, this honour is long overdue. You should have won it a long while ago, BUT... it's about time. SO deserved. I love your artwork, I spend hours just pouring over it and marvelling at the crispness and brilliance of it all. Those art schools must have been smoking something wrong when they reviewed your application. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

By: Kiera on 6/16/02
Congratulations, man. You certainly deserve this honor, and I am just thrilled that you finally won. Thank you for sharing your work with us. =)

By: Spiritbro77 on 6/18/02
Congratulations! Your work is inspiring and beautiful.

By: Angel1679 on 6/19/02
Very well done dear. You always amaze me with the quality of your work!
Excelent choice for AOM.


By: Ms_Outlaw on 6/19/02
Well deserved! I've watched your work evolve over time and it has become dazzling. I wish I had half your talent. ~S~ You are also very generous. I imed you recently and you took the time to answer... as simple as that sounds not all do that. Wish you success in all your endeavors.

By: ColCasey on 6/19/02
TA, Congrats on your AOM Award, you really Deserve it, i look at your art and make's me Want to strive and Work Harder to become a better Artist, Especailly with me Not having ANY Formal Art Schooling. I Really Love your work it's Great! Again CONGRATS!

By: jeweldragon on 6/19/02
congrats i love your work and you deserve it :)

By: Smitthms on 6/20/02
Congrats.... I have always admired your work... IMO, you are the Royo of Poser . He is My fav fantasy artist btw :o) Thomas

Side note : I try to be as good & consistant as you & Blackhearted :o)

By: Kageboshi on 6/20/02
I'm quite surprised it took so long for you to win AOM. Your work is consistently attention grabbing, and always skillfully done. As my post work skills have grown, there are fewer and fewer sources of inspiration(and awe) for me to look to. Your name is still up there. Keep up the good work.

By: Ms_Outlaw on 6/20/02
For some reason my earlier post didn't come through... tries again.

Like other's have said this is LONG over due. I've watched your work since I came here last year. It was good then... I didn't think it could get better, but it has. I wish my work had improved half that well. You're very talented... and nice. You answered an im of mine, not everyone does. Congrats and wish you much success in all your endeavers.

By: Entropic on 6/20/02
Congrats, man. I always look at your stuff while perusing the galleries, and I think you've got a nice style to your images. Good to see that others have noticed that you kick booty, too. =)


By: jewell on 6/20/02
I haven't been following the AoM for a while now, but a friend suggested I take a look. Your work is wonderful and I'll be adding your page to my collection of bookmarked artists. I also enjoyed reading your interview. Congrats on the AoM, good luck with the new company (as an independent contractor, I know how hard that can be), and it looks like wishes for a happy birthday are in order as well. Be well and prosper!

By: Puppeteer on 6/20/02
Congrats to a well deserved winner :-) Each image you create has an inimitable style, and your post work really shines. Well done!

By: capsces on 6/20/02
You make gorgeous images, ToxicAngel. Congratulations!

By: RogueElement on 6/20/02
Totaly deserved, congratulatons!

By: Kimper on 6/24/02
Congratulations! You have been instrumental/inspirational in my decision to get back into computer art!

By: Tammy on 6/24/02
Congratulations this is well deserved, I really admire your work.

By: arctivist on 1/4/03
Great work Janne! I'm proud of you.

By: rohi on 1/13/03
I'm very pleased to see you receive the Artist of the Year award, well done and well deserved! Congratulations !

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