May Merchant of the Month is Dark_Whisper

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May  Merchant of the Month  is Dark_Whisper
How did you get started in 3D art?

My fascination with 3D art began a long time ago - I remember the scenes I used to create in Moray/Povray. Things sure have progressed, I remember spending hours upon hours rendering one picture only to find that right at the bottom was a problem ;-)

I then followed the Bryce range from Bryce 3D, and spent hours creating virtual scenery. I think the "bug" really bit when I stumbled across Renderosity about 2 years ago, although it wasn't called that back then. The virtual community who could interact and share their art inspired me, and it wasn't very long before I got Poser and started clogging up my hard drive with tons of free downloads ;-). As my skill in 3D grew I ended up making models to use in my scenes, and well - here I am!

What software do you use and why?

Although I have tried many different packages, I was first struck by the modeling power of Rhino 1.0. The NURBS capabilities gave me a power I could not achieve in other modeling packages. In a short space of time I could take an idea in my head, and translate it to polygons on my screen, and I loved this. I have since upgraded to Rhino 2.0, and have become a dedicated fan. I also use Poser Pro Pack in my character/clothing/hair design, and on the odd occasion I still fiddle around with Bryce 4.

Any advice for getting started in selling 3D work?

My only real advice is simple: Never stop doing stuff for fun. The fact that you might make some money on it is cool – but focus on the enjoyment of creation. And don’t rush into the marketplace, as your skill increases, you will have more and more requests for the stuff you make… go with the flow.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

This is an easy question to for me to answer. Everywhere… I watch how people walk, how their hair falls, their mannerisms, etc. Sometimes the line between real and virtual can be very faded – I have caught myself on many occasions staring at someone’s hair and thinking “Man what an awesome texture map!” ;-)

In my mind, each of the characters that I make has a personality. I love conceptualizing my models long before I get started with the actual modeling.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Renderosity has been the biggest factor in my 3D career. Not only is it packed with talented artist sharing ideas, but it is also made up of real people… people who have good and bad days, who say nice and nasty things, who jump to conclusions, who ultimately help to carve you into the person you are.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me and helped me to become who I am. I have made (and will continue to make) many friends here.

Thanks also to all the Renderosity staff – you guys do a wonderful job, and I wouldn’t trade places with you for all the biltong in South Africa!

Steve Corder

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Member Opinions:
By: audity on 5/3/02
Hi Steve,

you are doing an extraodinary job ! the items in your little store are all excellent...
I love the "ancient book", one of the best model I ever bought.

:) Eric

By: thebert on 5/3/02
congrads, I happy for you. You do excellent work with all the model I have. Just love them all. Good job in merchant of the month


By: nikitacreed on 5/3/02
Congrats to you DW!! Well deserved! =OD

By: LadyJaiven on 5/4/02
Congratulations :D

By: Digital-Witch on 5/4/02
Very nice profile..informative and inspiring,as someone new to Bryce Im still trying the grasp the essentials..but will "hang in there"...Nancy

By: caleb68 on 5/4/02
execelent artist, great work, very useable/poseable items in your store, I have yet to be disapointed with a purchase from you. Glad to see you made the artist of the month Dark Whisper, its well deserved :)

By: modepics on 5/4/02
congratulations !!! : )

By: holyforest on 5/4/02
You are doing an excellent work - keep on good job !

By: Seven Wolves on 5/4/02
Congrats! I love your models, and your art is top notch stuff.

By: rasputina on 5/5/02
Congratulations Dark Whisper! You certainly deserved it.

By: linwhite on 5/5/02
I have almost everything you've done, and it's all just excellent. Congratulations on this honor, and you sure deserve it.

By: KimberlyC on 5/5/02
Congrads!! deserve it..keep it up :P

By: Penguinisto on 5/6/02
Whoa... 'bout time you got the praise you had coming to you! Good job, DW!


By: Sprinter on 5/6/02
Congrats Dark_Whisper well deserved.
Will be waiting on every new items :).
Keep up the great work.

By: kjlintner on 5/6/02
I have two of your products and they are both great. Congrats on receiving these honors. Honestly, I've never read your profile, and I've always envisioned you as a gothic female :)

Oh, dopey me! :)

By: Schnagger on 5/7/02
Congratulations Dark Whisper.
Your work impresses me very much. You have a good eye for beauty and elegance which can be seen in your work. Your models can be used easy and quickly and the rendering results we get are very amazing.
Keep up the good work.

By: ronmolina on 5/7/02
Steve, Congratulations!

By: KattMan on 5/8/02
Only one thing missing from this article...

DW is very appreciative of comments and freely shares his knowledge and ideas!

I remember when his real bikini came out for vicky and I thought it needed a posette version. He didn't blink when I asked him if I could do the conversion.

Way to go DW!

By: bluevenus on 5/9/02
Hey Dark Whisper!
I just went through your store and recognized most of your items from my wish list :) I can't wait until I get some moolah and try them out!

By: X-TC on 5/10/02
GRATS to the "Merchant of the month"!
You really earned it by creating (and sharing!) your incredible items with us. From single items like your different hair props to your complete packages (Sami is gorgeous) it's all high quality and easy-to-use stuff.
Keep on releasing your great work and best wishes to South Africa!

By: PaganArtist on 5/13/02
A big thank you for all your hard work! I have enjoyed all your work and have never been disappointed in my purchases from you. The mega beach pack is my favorite. You don't know how long I have searched for the items contained in the mega beach pack like the Slops (beach thongs).
Thanks again you deserve this honor!...Micheál

By: queri on 5/16/02
Congratulations to one of the nicest artists out there. Your characters not only come with Everything-- they have a certain something beyond texture and clothing, they have spirit and personality. I admire your vision and I respect your work. So happy it's being honored here.

By: Tamela.J. on 5/16/02
Congratulations DW!

By: Da3dalus on 5/17/02
It is has been a long (and sometimes) rocky road for you on Renderosity. However, things took on a different feel when you became a merchant and you haven't looked back since.

Well done on a just deserved award!


By: ladynimue on 5/20/02
You are an amazing artist with a wonderful talent. I just realized that I have 5 of your Market Place items on my wish list. Congratulations to you for the well deserved honor of being Merchant of the Month! Now I am off to work on that wish list :)

By: reece on 5/24/02
congratulations bru! ... yure stuff is really great .. ......................p.s i dont think these people know what biltong is LOL ;)

By: Mahna on 5/28/02
Congratulations! I have only recently fallen in love with your hair, and dying to try other items of yours. Like many others, I too have your things on my wish list! And been IMing with you, not realizing you were the merchant of the month. Boy, do I feel dumb! LOL...

Very happy for you!


By: artdude41 on 5/31/02
geeeez these south africans sure as hell get around ;) nice one, bru ! congradulations ,thanks once again for letting me play with one of yure hair figures . excellent stuff ............

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