May 2009 Vendor of the Month - Propschick
May 2009 Vendor of the Month - Propschick | Propschick, VOM, Poser, Cinema4D, Paint Shop Pro

Who is Propschick?
I live in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. (USA). I am 34 years old, a mother of a 16 year old (Chris), married to a wonderful man (Walter), have 2 kitties (Lilly and Veruca), and work in the 3D communities full time. I love movies, music, art of all types, books, and I adore 3D.

How long have you have you been involved in digital art?
I got my first computer in 1998. Opened photoshop for the first time in 2002, learned to model last year!

What are you currently working on?
12 different things, hairs, jewelry, clothing, hair fits, promos , not in that order, lol

What software do you use and why?
Poser 7, Cinema 4D, and I prefer Paint Shop Pro 9 over Photoshop

Where do you find inspiration for your products?
TV, magazines, online art, everyday life.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?
YES! Don't give up for starters. That's the most important will have ups and downs, highs and lows in your content creation, but don't get discouraged and don't give up! Learn something new weekly, try new things. If there's an area that you feel you are weak in, build that skill. There's always room for improvement and every product that doesn't sell will only strengthen your future projects that will. Ask for help when you are stuck. There are so many forums and people in the community willing to help and walk you through anything, you just have to ask.
Did I mention don't give up ?

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
Well I've met so many wonderful people on Rendo: Bobbie25, who was willing to teach me modeling, rigging and all the basics I needed to learn modeling when I couldn't understand online tutorials on my own. She has spent hours with me teaching me and putting up with me, to me she is my 'modeling angel' !
Others who have inspired me or encouraged me at some point , such as RebelMommy, Adiene, Liladieni, Kaleya, DebbieM, Countess, -Silver-, SciFiBabe, -BrandyE-, RGUS, Fabiana, BlazerWiccan, Vexiphne, Igolochka, OutofTouch, Mairy....and sooooo many others I have missed, have each spoken encouraging words that have stuck with me over the last 2 years and have really meant a difference to me as I've worked hard in the 3D world. I thank you all for this and if I missed someone here, I apologize. There are soooo many wonderful people in this community!
I will say getting to know fellow vendors, artists and other members on Renderosity has been a delight!

Do you have any final words?
If you think you cannot make a living at this, then you can't. If you know you can, then you will !

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Member Opinions:
By: DesignsbyEve on 5/1/09
Gratz Jackie!

By: StaceyG on 5/1/09
WooHooo!! Congrats girl, you deserve it!!

By: Debbie M. on 5/1/09
WOOOT! All your hard work is paying off!!! Congratulations!! I'm very proud of you :)

By: kathym on 5/1/09
Congrats Jackie!!

By: DigitalDreamsDS on 5/1/09
Congratulations Jackie! You really earned it, you work so hard. -hugs-

By: ForbiddenWhispers on 5/1/09
Congrats hun! Well deserved!!!

By: Lzy724 on 5/1/09
WHOOOOOT!!!!!! YOU Go Girl!!

By: Samsung12z on 5/1/09
Girl, congrats. Your products rock!

By: outoftouch on 5/1/09
Congrats!!! :-)

By: Bobbie25 on 5/1/09
WTG hun Very proud of you and all your hard work many hugz

By: mixart on 5/1/09
Congrats Jackie !
Totally Well Deserved,
YOu Are AWESOME ! ! ! !
Chant> Go Jackie,Go Jackie,Go Jackie!

By: Silver on 5/1/09
Wooot! Congrats! More then well deserved :D Now get back to work!

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 5/1/09
Congrat Jackie...well deserved hunni. Huggers :)

By: kaleya on 5/1/09
Grats Jackie, You really deserve it, I'm so happy for you!

By: Blazerwiccan on 5/1/09
Congrats hun!! Well deserved :)

By: maraich on 5/2/09
I'm so happy for you. You definitely earned it.

By: fractalartist01 on 5/2/09
WOOHOO! CONGRATZ Girlfriend!! You deserve it!! Love the pic, by the way.

By: sapphy on 5/2/09
Congratulations Jackie, great job.

By: ladyduece on 5/2/09
Way to go Jackie! So excited for you =)

By: -BrandyE- on 5/2/09
Jackie, deserve this honor and it makes me so happy to see it! i am so proud of you, my friend!

By: Dragonluna1 on 5/2/09
Whoo-hoo!!! Way to go, girl!!! HUGZ!!!

By: TaylaAZ on 5/2/09
OMG this is such awesome news, you really do deserve this! I remember helpong test your fairies... Ever since you just keep coming up with bigger and better items. Way to go Jackie! xxx

By: Belladzines on 5/2/09
huge congratulations!

By: Liladieni on 5/2/09
Grats, and huge hugs! Well done, proud of you!

By: Victoria-Purplehair on 5/3/09
congratulations! keep up the great work! great interview, nice to get to know about you.

By: AlexandersGrandma on 5/3/09
Congrats,hun, on being Vendor of the month. You deserve it.

Hugs, Paula

By: WarpedHalo on 5/3/09
Alright - way to go, Jackie!!!! You deserve this!

By: jennblake on 5/3/09
Congratulations!! I'm a huge fan. And that is an absolutely beautiful friend there beside you. :-)

By: JeniferC on 5/4/09
Kudos! I'm very glad to see you get the honor of VOM. :)

By: Shana on 5/4/09
Congrats Jackie! :)

By: Freja on 5/4/09
Congrats girl! Well done =)

By: WildDesigns on 5/4/09
Way to go, Jackie! WooHoo!

By: DreamersWish on 5/4/09
Congratulations to you! It is definately well deserved. You create such wonderful and beautifully crafted products and you have so freely to the community as well.

By: missykia on 5/4/09
I don't know you but Congratulations! :)
You mentioned some of the best artist here.
I love looking at their art,and enjoyed chatting with a few of them myself.
Well done.

By: Firebirdz on 5/6/09

By: RavynGyrl on 5/7/09
Congratulations!! Well deserved!

By: Moonfire on 5/7/09
Excellent Jackie!! Congrats!

By: Seaview123 on 5/8/09
Fantastic news, and very well deserved! Congratulations!

By: kainxxx2000 on 5/8/09
Love your Stuff very well Deserved Indeed! keep it up!

By: Propschick on 5/9/09
Thank you, your all so sweet =)

By: carlx on 5/10/09

By: redheadgrrl on 5/10/09
Congrats! Well deserved! *cheering in Sweden*

By: Jollyself on 5/13/09
Congrats on Vendor of the Month...your products always delight and are of the highest quality

By: fabiana on 5/13/09
I can remember those early images with tubes and wings :) Far ago... you deserve this, Jackie... of course... Working moms are the best LOL!!!!!

By: Propschick on 5/14/09
I know, cuz I couldn't pose wings LOL

By: HeatherT on 5/20/09
Congratulations! A great honour and you deserve it.I love your products.

By: nefertiabet on 5/20/09
Thank you for all wonderful outfits and congratulations on vendor of the monts!!!

By: scifibabe on 5/22/09
Congrats to you!! You deserve this honor big time. Wonderful vendor, wonderful products. So creative!!!

By: winnston1984 on 5/22/09
Good, good, good advice. I work on the 3D world, and meet people everyday who have never learned the lesson of never giving up. Being willing to fail, and learn from it, and learning to be resourceful, is almost everything a 3D artist needs to be a success. Nice job, Propschick. Props to you.

By: XENOPHONZ on 5/23/09
Congratulations, Jackie!

By: mari_e17 on 5/24/09
Congratulations! You are deserve! :) @>---- Hugs! ;-)

By: P3D-Art on 5/28/09
Good for you Jackie ... Congratz!!

By: powerage on 5/28/09
Hey ! Congrats ! :)

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