Did You Guess the Office?
Guess the Office at Renderosity!


We are finally settling into our new digs, and most of the unpacking is finished. Now we are going to give you a small tour of the office, as well as let you take a peek at where the Renderosity team works day in and day out to make this the home for digital artists! You will also get to know the newest member of the Bondware/Renderosity team - Adam Auden!

Here are the three members who correctly guessed each of the offices and who they belonged to:

Winners have been contacted. Please email contests@renderosity.com with any questions.

Now that our Guess the Office contest is over, you can see each person's office below! The office pictures are next to each Renderosity team member that works out of the home office here in Murfreesboro: Jenifer, Debbie, Stacey, Kristi, Jason, Preston, Tommy & Tim. We provided clues in each of our homepages - were you able to correctly guess all of the offices?

Note: Clicking on the office pictures will give you a larger picture for you to view.











Debbie M.







We'd like to thank everyone who participated! Questions can be sent to contests@renderosity.com.

Meet Adam Auden!

Adam joins Bondware having recently moved from London to the Nashville area. A Systems Administrator with 8 years experience, he will be overseeing the technical infrastructure behind Renderosity and other Bondware sites.

He has worked for a range of companies in the media and entertainment sectors in London including over 4 years at The Moving Picture Company in Soho, supporting their VFX and Post Production business.

When not tinkering with Linux machines he spends his time with his family, obsessing over coffee or playing with internet spaceships. "EVE Online is dangerous kids, don't do it," says Adam.

Adam hard at work on something super-technical.

Member Opinions:
By: Propschick on 4/27/09
Welcome, Adam =)

By: gypsyangel on 4/27/09
Huh...I'm tempted to believe that B belongs to Jenifer, but that's about as far as I got. :) Coolio offices, tho...

By: SeanMartin on 4/27/09
Man, I wish the digs where I work were this nice. Good going, guys.

And welcome, Adam!

By: AranelStyles on 4/27/09
welcome adam an i can see are clean Workstation, would also like something *lol* nice offices ;)

By: Drkwlf92 on 4/27/09
I wish my office looked like B...but then again, I have a cubicle!!! Boooooo!!!

By: maraich on 4/27/09
I totally agree with Sean - nice nice offices. I am way jealous.

By: StaceyG on 4/27/09
We LOVE our new offices. So nice, new and fresh!!!

By: sunfish on 4/27/09
Wow, I would like to have a warm place in your nice office. And welcome Adam. Nice to see the Mac!!!

By: StaceyG on 4/27/09
Remember if you are playing the "Guess the office" game, to check out each staff members homepage for hints by clicking on their pic!!

By: 3-d-c on 4/27/09
looks Impressive. Enjoy your new offices there!!

By: Anglu on 4/28/09
Well, Hi, Adam! Oh, a Mac! Very good choice! *gg*

By: macatelier on 4/28/09
Where are clues as to who drinks Coke or who eats M&Ms? :-)

By: StaceyG on 4/28/09
Maybe those aren't the clues to be looking for....could be just to confuse lol......

By: Kimberly.3D on 4/28/09
Looks great! Congrats!

By: Liz4 on 4/28/09
What a fun contest - almost like a logic puzzle. But I have to say all those offices look way too neat for a Gemini ;) I mean, how can we be expected to work on 10 things at once without creating mess! ;)

Good luck everyone :)

By: arcebus on 4/28/09
No clue.
But whenever I see somebody standing on a turnable chair with wheelies underneath it, I start shivering....

By: tresamie on 4/28/09
Y'all need more ART on your walls!! Great surroundings :)

By: RAGraphicDesign on 4/29/09
Hi to all of you,
this thing - to see the new offices - is a very intimate and funny:)

By: jamminwolf on 4/30/09
Such a beauty offices!! All those nice, comfy chairs and high tech computers! Oh, and non-messy desks (but will they be messy?? lol). Such a contrast against my home computer desk/computer location lol.

Adam!!! Welcome my friend :D :D


By: zacthezigster on 4/30/09
kool,and sooo layed back

By: UVDan on 5/1/09
I like the can of Bondware on the shelf in office G. I have heard of opening up a can of whoop ass on somebody. I have not heard of opening up a can of Bondware on them. LOL

Welcome Adam.

By: tivao on 5/1/09
Can of Bondware... LMAO

By: ebrochure on 5/2/09
Congrats on the new office digs!

By: mikeerson on 5/3/09
I've gotta say you all do a great job hiding you computer cords - lol ...EXCEPT FOR C. I know, you don't want to drill holes in your desk - lol

By: Ra Graphics on 5/4/09
Looks great congrats, keep it clean :D

By: ninhalo5 on 5/6/09
wonder how many guessed correct..

By: Liz4 on 5/6/09
Wow, what a lovely surprise, thank you so much for all the fun and the prize :)

By: LaQuiet on 5/8/09
I second Liz4's comment!! Awesome! And congrat to the other winners!
Currently looking for a purple flower.. lol!

By: ChristineG on 5/11/09
i like Stacey G's Office the most.. really nice with flowers and all...

fun to see your offices. thanks for the view *S*

congats to the winners..

By: Zicke_Buffy on 12/11/09
welcome adam :)

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