September 2008 Artist of the Month - Igolochka

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... September's AOM is Igolochka!

We congratulate Igolochka for an outstanding collection of works in the DAZ|Studio Gallery!

Hi, everyone:)

I want to congratulate all the nominees for this month, who are very talented artists and each deserves the recognition! Thank you very much, site team, and big thanks to all the community members for the great support and for voting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it's a great honor for me to be recognized as the Artist Of the Month!

Who is 'Igolochka'?

My real name is Anastasiya Igolkina. I live in Kaliningrad - it's the city on the north-west of Russia. My nickname came from my family name - "Igolochka" meaning "needle", but tenderly :) I'm married and have a wonderful daughter Katerina, who is 8 years old now. We have a cat in our family, and his name is Barsik - you may have already seen him in my gallery. I work as a photographer in a photographic studio.


How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

About two years, and I can say that I absolutely love it!

Do you have traditional art experience?

Actually - no.

What are you currently working on?

Well, nothing special currently. 3D rendering is a hobby for me, and as you may have already noticed, there are mainly portraits in my gallery. So, I plan to render some more beautiful portraits.


What software/equipment do you use and why?

Primarily, I use Daz|Studio and Gimp. Both of them are free, but I think they are a very nice choice for the hobbyist. Also, I use Bryce for creating backgrounds.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

May not be the best, but one of my favorites is "Trying to learn". In this image, little Zlata is trying to learn something from her big book. I made this picture together with my daughter. She is a schoolgirl, and like the other children of the same age, likes to play and walk, instead of doing her lessons :) I think that this picture is the most lovely creation by me.

Trying to learn

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

As I've already said - I'm photographer, and it's very interesting for me to achieve some realism in the 3D dimension - to create some realistic poses and expressions.

Who/what inspires you?

Sometimes it can be music, or a book, or film. There are so many inspiring things around us in everyday life, but mostly I get a lot of inspiration from other artists in the Renderosity community. There are so many great talents here!


How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

First of all, I want to say that I found so many new friends here who are always ready to help, to give their support. There is such a warm and friendly atmosphere at Renderosity! You get positive feedback, and sometimes a little bit of criticism, which definitely helps to improve.

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

Advice? What can I say? Just enjoy what you are doing, and don't be afraid to experiment :) In parting: I'm so happy to be a part of this great community. My best wishes to all of you, and thank you again for Artist Of The Month award!

Yours truly,


We invite you to have a further look at Igolochka's Renderosity Gallery!

Be sure to visit the DAZ|Studio Gallery, and also pay a visit to the DAZ|Studio Forum!

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Artist of the Month is highlighting a talented Renderosity artist that has been nominated by mods and admins, and voted by the community. Recognition is given to this member for their collection of works for that year.

Since we only select one AOM per month, it is not about their works for that particular month. Instead, it is about highlighting a talented artist's works for that year, and they are recognized during that month.

To learn more about Renderosity's Artist Of The Month [AOM] award, and to view our past AOM's, please visit the AOM 2008 page, which can also be found on the sidebar under Highlights.

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Member Opinions:
By: mirana on 9/1/08
Congratulations!!! I am very plesaed for you :-)
*hug* Mirana

By: OkrimSlava on 9/1/08
I love your work,Congrads from Germany. :)

By: Christel on 9/1/08
THis is SO well deserved!! CONGRATS sweetie.. You rock ;)

Hugs Christel

By: maraich on 9/1/08
Awesome! Thrilled to see a DAZ Studio user as the AoM. Many congrats.

By: Ravenlady on 9/1/08
:D :D :D :D :D :D CONGRATS! your works are fantastic! Take care!!! :D

By: LemyD on 9/1/08
My congrads for you. With you beatiful pictures, you have earned this!


By: RodolfoCiminelli on 9/1/08
Congratulations for this award my friend...!!!

By: rl2000 on 9/1/08

By: calico1 on 9/1/08
Very special work. Special touch. Congratulations!

By: Raindroptheelf on 9/1/08
Wow, congratulations my friend, you really deserved this !
You do the most fantastic Work with the Daz Studio.

By: LadyMari on 9/1/08
Congratulations! I am constantly amazed at the marvelous images you create with Daz Studio.

By: schonee on 9/1/08
Congratulations Hun! Way to go I am so happy for you...You do some awesome work in Daz.
Have a wonderful day.

By: dbrv6 on 9/1/08
Congratulations!! Wonderful work with DAZ Studio. Nifty!

By: ladyinblack on 9/1/08
Congratulations! Very well deserved... your images are brilliant!

By: 45Cool on 9/1/08
Congratulations, your work is truly incredible!

By: yorkshire_pud on 9/1/08
Congratulations!!! You have a wonderful gallery :O)

By: johnny_damnit on 9/1/08
Congratulations Anastasiya, I am so happy you are the artist of the month. You deserve it.


By: colynn on 9/1/08
Congrats! You have a beautiful gallery, well deserved!^^

By: RGUS on 9/1/08
Whooooo Hooooooo... now that's a damn good choice!!!!

By: calum5 on 9/1/08
Really well deserved ,you have such sharp images always created superbly.I thought you were one of your renders at first but then I saw your funny face(lol)just kidden . Congratulations on a well deserved award.Best wishes cal :-)

By: Mechanismo on 9/1/08
a very well done, congratulations to a well deserved and beautiful lady/artist

By: Thelby on 9/1/08
This is So Wonderful how short a time you have made a Great name for yourself and you are now
Artist Of the Month!!!

By: watchman2005 on 9/1/08
Accolade well deserved and long overdue, my congratulations!!

By: flaviok on 9/1/08
Parabéns, seu talento e sensibilidade nas obras são fascinantes minha amiga. Sem dúvidas merecido.

By: BluEcho on 9/1/08
You do wonderful images.

By: Anain on 9/1/08
Mi congratulation for the award Ana, your work is fantastic! Hugs and smiles :)

By: DreamersWish on 9/1/08
Congratulations to you! Such amazing images and well deserved honor!

By: Lotus253 on 9/1/08
Wow! You look better than your avatar! (Rare).

I have to agree that "tring to learn" is your best image. Congrats!

By: Bossie_Boots on 9/2/08
Oh Hun wowwwww congrats and very well deserved i love your work well done hugs lou x

By: werun on 9/2/08
Congratulations, Anastasiya! Your images are very beautiful, absolutely deserved!

By: Misseh on 9/2/08
Very well deserved!,Your work always makes my jaw drop!
Congratulations Igolochka

By: 7Sins on 9/2/08
Very much deserved! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

By: scifibabe on 9/2/08
Way to go Anastasiya! You truly deserve this recognition and your artwork is always top notch and fabulous! I'm so glad you have been selected for this honor! Bravo! You are an inspriration to us all on Renderosity! :)

By: ladyduece on 9/2/08
So SO proud of you Anastasiya my friend! Your work always makes me smile and this is just so well deserved. Big *hugs* ~Stacey

By: fabiana on 9/2/08
congrats, dear Anny!!!!!!!

By: NekhbetSun on 9/2/08
Big Congrats Anastasiya !!!

Your work is so distinctive and cool !


By: soffy on 9/3/08
:) Congratulations,so well deserved,you have a wonderful Gallery**********

By: amirapsp on 9/3/08
Congrats sweety. Love your work.

By: shanpoo on 9/3/08
Congrats I just love your work!! :)

By: virginiese on 9/3/08
Congratulations Anastasiya ! A well deserved recognition ! Your gallery is just great !

By: 1010 on 9/3/08
Wow, what an honor. Congrats sweetie...

By: Paldav on 9/3/08
Congrats....they've made a good choise...and You got a great gallery.....
Greetings from Belgium
Paul (aka Paldav)

By: redheadgrrl on 9/3/08
Congratulations!!! So well deserved!!! I love so many of your portraits, and can't wait to see what you have in the pipeline. Keep up the good work!


By: Star4mation on 9/3/08
AOM!!! Very well deserved Anastasiya :)

By: morghana on 9/4/08
Congratulation for the award, Anastasiya. Your work is magnificent! A warm hug :)

By: Ladonna on 9/4/08
Congrats hon. You really deserved this title. ;)))
Many hugs

By: karanta on 9/4/08
Congratulations :)

By: lior on 9/4/08
A real creative artist!Well deserved!

By: RUS-lan on 9/4/08
Заслуженная победа....Поздравляю от всей души..Желаю еще больше вдохновения... и побольше свободного времени, чтобы его выражать:))
...Удачи....Привет семье и Барсику!!

By: npauling on 9/4/08
Congratulations you have a wonderful gallery.

A very well deserved accolade. Your work is of the highest calibre and always a pleasure to view. Congratulations!

By: CLDG on 9/5/08
Congratulation Anastasiya. i'm happy to meet you and discover your gallery.Beautiful artworks.
Chris (CLDG)

By: romanceworks on 9/5/08
Congrats, Anastasiya. Your creations using Daz Studio are really superb.

By: akulla on 9/8/08
Well done for only doing this for 2 years, also the fact that she uses DAZ Studio says it all. This free application is bringing out the artist in all of us. Congrats, on your selection!!

By: Vanadis11 on 9/8/08
Congrats! Great work!

By: DanB-Creations on 9/8/08
Congratulation my dear friend. Your work is stunning. Continue! Bravo!

By: Trepz on 9/10/08
A big congradulations, it is well deserved. Although I do not use DS, i do look ain on your work from time to time.

By: evinrude on 9/10/08
Brava, Nastya! You really deserve it. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

By: Antonio57 on 9/10/08
Toutes mes félicitations .Tu le mérite.

By: lunchlady on 9/10/08
Congratulations!! Your work is amazing and this award is definitely well deserved!

By: anitalee on 9/11/08
Congratulations Anastasiya! Your work is so beautiful, and so are you I see, I had not seen a picture of you before. Big congrats on this much deserved award.

By: texboy on 9/11/08
Congratulations, lady!!!

By: Odrah on 9/11/08
stunning artworks! congratulations and...please, keep on!!!!

By: BenBischop on 9/11/08
Congratulations, you do Great Work....;)

By: priss117 on 9/11/08
Congrats!! No one deserves it better!!!!!!!!

By: Sstavix on 9/11/08
Your work is fantastic and shows a keen degree of imagination and creativity! Congratulations - you deserve this honor!

By: DIDIERM on 9/12/08
Congrats, my friend ! Your work is fantactic.
Frienship from Paris...

By: Gary_P on 9/13/08
A huge congratulations from New Jersey, USA. It is well deserved.
And a fellow DAZ Studio user, an photographer too!
And you are very cute too. :-)

Good luck and keep working on your art.

By: kuttoosme on 9/14/08
congratulations u did it.........

By: mikeerson on 9/14/08
Just found out you became artist of the month... just found out I didn't have you faved (thought I did)...Just got caught up on a couple weeks of upload notifications... so It's perfect timing to fave you now... I'll be watching you - congratulations.

By: theSea on 9/14/08
Congrats - well deserved!

By: brycek on 9/14/08
Well deserved..Congratulation's!!

By: Vizronze on 9/15/08
Congratulations! Your reputation is well deserved.

Keep up with the good work!

By: MrZiegler on 9/17/08
Congratulation's Igolochka! Your renders are wounderfull and always leave nice coments. Your a great inspiration for me!

By: DaveF on 9/18/08
I've been admiring your Daz Studio work for quite a while. This is, indeed, a well-deserved honor. Congratulations!

By: poison1695 on 9/19/08
très beau travail de recherche, de couleur et de créativité!!!! Félicitations

By: tetsu-pino on 9/20/08
Congratulations!! I love your work!!!

By: PIERRE25 on 9/27/08
Félicitations! superbes images, excellent travail

By: sintoock on 9/27/08
Excellent travail, très créatif, Des portraits très expressifs et d'une beauté a couper le souffle, c'est magnifique!! tous mes compliments!

By: Josel007 on 9/29/08
Congratulations Anastasiya, I dont know what I like more, your work or you because you are really beautiful.

By: Virtual420 on 10/1/08
Congratulations... nice art!

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