December 2007 Artist of the Month - calum5

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... December's AOM is Calum Andrews [calum5]! We congratulate Calum for an outstanding collection of works in the ZBrush Gallery!

Who is 'calum5', and how did you come by that username (is there a significance to the number 5)?

First, can I say thank you to everyone who voted for me and to renderosity for seeing me as a worthy nominee? I'm bowled over with joy and very proud of the events of the last few months.

I'm a 36 year old London living artist by night, and business management by day. Father of two amazing children and still with my love, Caroline, 18 years now since we got together. My 2 year old girl Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the other love in my life!

My user name, calum5, came about when I joined my first art gallery. Number 5 is my favorite number, and is my birthday and birthmonth (nothing special there, lol).

*~~,,War Lord Jubstan,,~~*

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

I've been rendering and painting with programmes since 2002, really. I originally started out with Bryce 5 and Poser 4.
I purchased ZBrush last year and am enjoying my art now more than ever. I hope to be able to use XSI 6 and True Space 7.5 rendering capabilities along with Zbrush3.1, to develop the final renders of my models in the future. It's something that I'm teaching  myself currently, alongside everything else.

**~Dinner With The Dead~**

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I'm in the middle of a few projects. Two projects involve me creating full body 3D models, and another two projects are to do with props and conforming items for Daz figures. I'm also doing some private artwork.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

The first thing I open these days always seems to be ZBrush3.1. My PC is a Mesh 4300, 120GB dual core, 2 GB Ram, and I have a 256MB Nvidia Graphics card. I'll be upgrading within the next few months. The more 'power', the more 'speed in creation' is why I am looking to upgrade.



What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I don't really have an idea as to what my best image is. I prefer the last creation for a 'moment', but then I want to improve more, so I'm really still looking for an image I've created that I'm completely happy with. I like some elements in images I've made, but never the entire piece. Maybe I'll never be happy, or have a fav image of my own. I'll have to see what the future brings :)

What is it that you like best about ZBrush?

Since upgrading to the latest version, I can't start with anything else. The only scultping I've ever done before was a vase in pottery class, lol. I've found with Zbrush3.1 you can sculpt without any real knowledge in 'how to', but if you work at it you can create anything. That's what I love about the programme the mos: the freedom to just sculpt away through the night and see what you can come up with. I'm currently working on a full female figure, and getting her shapes how I like is a great challenge. Making her form look right, along with the muscle and bones evident below the skin is a great excerise.

Who/what inspires you?

As I mentioned in my earlier interview this year, I tend to create without direct inspiration. I don't see my exact image in my mind before I start working. I do things which lead to other things, ideas come into my mind for evaluation as to better the image as I'm working. I have alot of ideas in my thoughts that prompt me to implement them into my creations, or to see if they work in a particular image or not.

I see a lot of work that I enjoy and would like to be able to create. On my fav images list, I saved a lot of images that I personally love and would love to do images like. Some of these artists I have a lot of respect for (some of the finest Renderosity art works for me are in my favs images).


How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

This Renderosity community has been something that has helped me grow from the very beginning of my 3D art life. I can't state enough how much other artists' input on my works, and seeing some really astonishing works here have helped me develop my own work. I have made many friends in these galleries that are as special to me as my art. Some really good friends have left and moved on, which is sad, but life carries on. I could list around 250 artists that I would like to thank for helping me, and their encouragements over the years (they know who they are). I have a special amazing artist friend that can see in the future, by telling me things that always happen. I would like to send a special thanks to him, David aka Shardz.You meet some special people here, and this guy is the pinnacle of examples of a talented, humble, and humourous friend.

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

I would like again to say THANKYOU to everyone who visits my images. My advice to artists would be to learn your tools' full potential. With the knowledge of what you can do with your software, making your images will be a lot easier. Read tutorials and look at the sort of work you want to be able to create for ideas. Find out what steps are used to make such art and go for it. The forums here are a great place for learning.

On a final note, I personally feel my art is far from where I want it to be. I don't think of my work as that good, and I have a far greater desire to reach new standards in my own perceptions. I receive a lot of feedback on my work which is greatly appreciated and I'm honered! Last, but not least, have fun in doing what you do - that's important!

Please have a further look at calum5's Gallery.

Read a previous interview with Calum.

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Member Opinions:
By: kathym on 12/2/07
Wooohoooo! Congrats Cal!!

By: Shardz on 12/2/07
Well, I certainly saw this coming and I can say that I am still very pleasantly delighted to see you get this great honor by your peers! I can't think of anyone who truly deserves this more than you do with all the hard work you have poured into your craft to create such stunning and brilliant art! The time and effort involved with your work really speaks volumes about how much you care about you do, and that alone opens the gate to a universe of unique creativity! I'm so glad and very proud of where you and now, and I just know that the sky is the limit in the future! Spot on and well done, Calum! My sincere congratulations on your amazing accomplishments!

By: AlteredKitty on 12/2/07

Nothing I say could possibly express the awe in which I view your work. I am so glad that you got this award - even though it's waaaaay overdue!

ali xxx

By: odditorium on 12/2/07
Congrads their calum.
Love your work!! -- odd --

By: dogbite1066 on 12/2/07
Hail once again, man.

By: Revelation-23 on 12/2/07
I thought it was a rather tough field this month. Congrats, cal!

By: jdehaven on 12/3/07
I gotta say, it is with great relief that someone with your calibre of talent is nominated- with the stuff we see under "most commented" and "highest rated" most of the time... lets just say its a REAL relief to see actual talent and hard work finally get recognized!!

By: arwenone on 12/3/07
Congratulations Calum!!!!!

By: orbital on 12/3/07
Well done Calum, all down to me of course! Haha only kidding you deserve this buddy!

By: luciferino on 12/3/07
What can i tell about you mine dear Friend, you are a fantastic artist but for me you are a treasure of friend, thansk for be like you are TVB your furball Orietta

By: Darthmagus on 12/3/07
Bravo! Well deserved!

By: addy on 12/3/07
Congratulations!! :D
You are such an amazing artist, love your work, thanks for sharing!


By: BonBonish on 12/3/07

By: Whimsical on 12/3/07
Congratulations!!!! :-))))))

By: romanceworks on 12/3/07
Congrats, Cal, and so well deserved. You are a true original, as an artist and as a person.

By: Turtle on 12/3/07
Way to go!!! I'm so very happy for you. :O)

By: Soulpainter on 12/3/07
calum has for as long as i have been viewing their work created such amazing images with great attention to detail.
a truly well deserved AOM!

Congradulations Calum, you deserve it!

By: Gog on 12/3/07
Well deserved indeed.

By: SkoolDaze on 12/3/07
Congratulations! :)

By: carlx on 12/3/07

By: dyl on 12/3/07
nice one well deserved

By: Brandi on 12/4/07
Yay! Congrats, hon'! Definitely well deserved! :)

By: stevey3d on 12/4/07
Good one Cal! Well deserved mate! ;)

By: designfera on 12/4/07
Amazing works! Couldn´t have been more deserved! Congratulations!

By: Bez on 12/4/07
Congrats to you Calum, well done (*)(*)

By: BAR-CODE on 12/4/07
Hey ..How cool can it get ...
Win a contest , have a interview , become AOM.. Now go and win the lotery ;}

Congratz to you ! well deserved it is


By: Valerie-Ducom on 12/4/07
¡¡¡Congratulations Cal!!!
You deserve this AOM because you have a lot talent and such amazing and impressiv work !

By: Surama on 12/4/07
So well deserved Cal..........congrats!

By: fran_joel on 12/4/07
Bravo Andrew. Well deserved.

By: scorpion9 on 12/4/07
My opinion of calum andrews is i think he is one of the best artist i have seen on renderosity not to take anything away from other great artist's but this man deserves all the praise he gets an outstanding artist..

By: Valentina on 12/4/07
One of my very favorites artists:-) Very very well deserved !

Congratulations and keep creating great art so our eyes can enjoy:-)

By: zachary on 12/4/07
Congratulations for your splendid work with ZBRUSH calum !

By: Rodma_Hu on 12/4/07
Well deserved. Congratulations!

By: Kimberly.3D on 12/4/07
I am not surprised at all! Congratulations for a job well done and for going beyond what is expected from a 3D Artist!


By: dolfijntjes on 12/5/07
Very, very well deserved your work is amazing and your a fantastic person

By: deviney on 12/5/07
you are the man! respectable hard working artist who is on top,your work and dedication speak for them self.You give inspiration to us all, Thank You!

By: LuLeLuna on 12/5/07
Congrads Buddy..You earned it =0) Hugs Mona

By: alan42 on 12/5/07
well done Cal and well deserved:) I see we share a birthday too! - from another 5/5'er

By: Odrah on 12/5/07
respectful congratulations! your art is outstanding!thanx for sharing!

By: madmaxh on 12/6/07
Right on! This is so warranted. Congratulations, Calum. Your work is fantastic.

By: Rochr on 12/6/07
Not surprising at all. Well deserved recognition.
Way to go man and congratulations! :)

By: doarte on 12/6/07
Congratulations...Well deserved and then some!

By: B_PEACOCK on 12/6/07
Wow I never realized you and my daughter have the same Bday. COngrats my friend.If any one deserves to be here it is you Calum.Not only have you always been one of my fav artist.But you have always been one of my fav friends

By: DarkStarRising on 12/6/07
HA HA i knew it, well done Calum! And now i know what you look like, you cheeky monkey!

By: Anjour on 12/6/07
Congratulations Calum, well deserved !!!:o)

By: fastburn on 12/6/07
Congrats my Friend! Should be artist of the decade! Your work is amazing as you are! All the best Cal! Take care!...Dave.

By: nucks on 12/7/07
Calum - this is just too cool. I am so very happy and proud of you - what a wonderful example of artistry and friendship.

Congratulations - this is tremendous and so very well deserved!

nucks (Tito)

By: fpicini on 12/7/07
A most well deserved honor. You know how I feel about your work. It's always a pleasure to see recognition where
it's deserved.
Keep up the great work.

By: Danceswithroos on 12/8/07
Keep it up mate your work is just amazing!!!

By: GOLDILOCKSUK on 12/8/07
Oh congratulations you deserve this so much your work is amazing and very professional.
You are a master at what you do. I just had to comment :)

Anyone would be hard pressed, to recall an artist with such exemplary talent as yourself, Calum. Your artwork is always spectacular and always worthy of praise.
I congratulate you, vehemently for this laudable achievement. Very well deserved. Well done Sir!
Steve :o)

By: sirocco on 12/8/07
Congrats Cal for a well deserved honor! You have amazing talent and originality in everything you do :)

By: TT on 12/9/07
Congratulations! Well deserved :)

By: Janl on 12/9/07
Congratulations, Callum! A well deserved honour. Your work is inspirational!

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 12/9/07
Congrat....Your ART are OUTSTANDIG!!!! Lub it to pieces. Well deserved. Hugs :)

By: calum5 on 12/10/07
Can I please say thankyou to everyone for their comments here!Im really touched that you feel I was a worthy award winner :-)
Thanks everyone.Cal

By: Mariny on 12/10/07
Congratulations! You deserve this! Love your work:-)

By: SomethingStrange on 12/10/07
Very big congrats to you! You really deserve this :)

By: Longrider on 12/11/07
Finally, congratulations mate.
It's very well deserved.

By: Thelby on 12/11/07
Amazing Art and the Best Choice for this Award!!!
Big Congratulations, You Really Deserve It!!!
Always 10 Star Rating

By: SK2Design on 12/11/07
A HUGE CONGRATS, Calum! Your art is incredible and this honour is so richly deserved. I'm tickled to see you voted!

By: mikeerson on 12/11/07
Mr. 5 alive! It amazes me that I have only been here little over a year and saw your work right away. You've always been a favorite of mine... Would it suprise you that I don't have a notification alert on your new uploads? I keep meaning to, but there is always something going on... I think I better and whoever reads this better do it while we're thinking about it - IT'S ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER. I'm glad you won first for the Dinner with the Dead, I don't feel so bad that I didn't place. LOL

By: kanzler on 12/12/07

By: Bossie_Boots on 12/13/07
Congratulations hun a very well deserved AOM
your work rocks hugs lou x

By: Rausen on 12/13/07
Congratulations Dude, you deserve it much more than anyone!!!

By: NocturnalRamble on 12/15/07
well its about time mister. Well deserved my friend. BONKS!!!!Congrats!!!

By: yakchat on 12/16/07
Hi Cal :-) ...Congratulations a very very talented is always such a pleasure to visit your gallery and see your amazing art...looking forward to more...lotsa love, Carol

By: StarChildSong on 12/17/07
Congrats. What you do with Zbrush is amazing!!! Well-deserved!!!

By: MINTY1974 on 12/17/07
Thoroughly well deserved mate (and to a fellow Londoner too!) Your ZB work is really exceptional and always inspires. Well done that man.

By: J5ive on 12/18/07
Fantastic Work!! Congrats! When i grow up i wanna be like you!!!!lol. Johnny5

By: Rainfeather on 12/18/07
My congratulations to a well deserved honor! Here's hoping to see much more of your work in the coming year!!!


By: lucindawind on 12/19/07
Congrats!!! beautiful work !

By: Unicornst on 12/19/07
Well deserved, Calum! My jaw still drops every time I see something new by you.

By: savanna on 12/20/07
Congradulations Calum :)
Herzlichen Glückwunsch :)

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 12/23/07
You excuse my friend the delay but I hardly enter in the homepage I go direct to the galleries, and I have just found out that you had been named the artist of the month.
I am really glad a lot this to be this way for that in your work you had given samples of a great creativity and talent, and I find this award very deserved by the way.
A hug and I reiterate him my congratulations...!!! #:O)

By: Bernado on 12/24/07
Ooops! I quite didn't see it.
Congratulations Cal. You've worked hard to deserve this.
By the way, the first image on this page it's truly the best horror image I've ever seen How did you do it? 8-)
Keep the good work.
I'm just in time to wish you and your beloved ones a merry xmas and a wonderful (and terrific) new year!

By: ThetaGraphics on 12/27/07
Congratulations! The quality of your images are amazing. You definitely deserve this honor! ;)

By: nvjasmin44 on 12/29/07
you are very good of what you do .Congratulations!

By: Svenart on 12/30/07
very well deserved Award. Congrats:)

By: msebonyluv on 12/30/07
Wow!!! I nearly missed this!! OMG Calum!! This is such an amazing honour and so well deserved!! Your artwork is amazing and I am glad you finally got the recognition!! Congrats hun!!! *hugz*

By: rockets on 12/31/07
Congratulations Calum, well deserved!

By: keelin on 1/1/08
looking foraward to seeing your new work and the items for DAZ.

By: Ladonna on 1/1/08
congrats. Very well deserved!!! way to go!!!!
Love your artwork . I am really so happy for you. :)

By: eres on 1/1/08
Congrats buddy!!! You deserve it, and, sorry to be late...Happy new year!!!!!

By: Calumsmum on 2/24/08
As always, I love your work and am very proud of you Calum xxxx

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