Congratulations to the Winners of Our 7th Annual Holiday Contest!


Our Annual Holiday Contest WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!

Renderosity gives special thanks to all the generous sponsors listed below that are supporting one of our favorite site traditions. We are pleased to announce that we have nearly $30,000 in prizes.

Across five categories (3D, 2D, Photography, Animation, Short Stories) we have a total of 66 winners all chosen by the Community! Our Community Members have, once again, crafted quality artwork. Congratulations to our winners! Please scroll down to select the contest category and view the winners in that category.

2D Category
3D Category
Short Stories


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Member Opinions:
By: flavia49 on 11/26/07

By: amirapsp on 11/26/07
Sounds lovely...Hugs

By: jayde on 11/27/07
sounds great! but the grand prize in 2d is photography software? hmm

By: jayde on 11/30/07
quick the theme of this years contest "Holiday Traditions"? Or is it just whatever floats our to speak. If it is themed, is that one of the judging criteria?

By: jpiazzo on 11/30/07
Are there any specs for the animation cat - file format, length?

By: gunsan on 12/5/07
Sounds so alike last year's topic.
We live in different countries and have different traditions.

By: im1hansonpunk on 12/6/07

By: Dafne.Fraser on 12/26/07
You know, the season of "Christmas" means so many things; who's right? You've done an exceptional job of expressing your idea of the holiday season without invoking any religious attitudes. Thank you for reminding us of the real meaning behind the season!

By: bsteagal on 12/31/07
Congratulations to all the winners! May you all have a safe and wonderful New Year..

God Bless you...

By: enigmaticredfrog on 12/31/07
Congrats to all the winners across the board :D

and thanks R'osity for hosting it.

By: amirapsp on 1/1/08
Congrats to all the awesome winners.
Thanx so much Rendo for this awesome New Years gift...Hugs

By: Geist1 on 1/1/08
Congrats to all the winners! Happy New Year everyone!

By: DarwinsMishap on 1/1/08
Congrats to the winners; though I will not be entering into the voting contests any longer.

Happy New Year everyone.

By: IO4 on 1/1/08
Congratualtions to all the winners!!

By: Tablesaw on 1/1/08
Congratulations to all who participated yet I am surprised at the very low number of votes on the winning submissions? Am I missing something here regarding this contest? Cheers to the New Year everyone.

By: gampas on 1/1/08
I cant believe it !!!! I wont he second place. This is a great news to begin this year !!!

By: delbeke on 1/1/08
Congratulations to all the winners. There were so many fantastic enteries. I do agree with Tablesaw on the low turn out. I wish others had submitted and or looked at all the enteries. The community has missed so much by not looking and voting. Happy New Year to all!

By: HHDrache on 1/1/08
congratulation to all winners !!

By: holymackanaw on 1/1/08
It was real fun doing this,and when do we get out prize?

By: phoenixwaller on 1/1/08
congrats everyone! I'll join the bandwagon and also express my dismay for the low voting turnout.

By: Phoenix1966 on 1/2/08
Congratulations to everyone!

By: vaia on 1/2/08
Wow! Thanks so much ^.^
Congrats to all the winners!
Happy New Year everyone!!

By: Little_Green_Man on 1/2/08
Congrats to all, and Happy New Year.

Despite the low turn out, I loved the winning entries. They were all beautiful.

By: Dotthy on 1/2/08
Congratulations to all winners !!!!!!!

By: killerpumpkins on 1/2/08
Congrats to all the winners!
It was nice to see that Renderosity separated 2D and 3D categories this year but I would like to know how the judges differentiate 2D and 3D here on Renderosity? It seems that there were many 3D entries in the 2D category of which many placed on top. Is Poser not 3D?
Is using pre-fabricated images like the ones sold here on Rendo not 3D? Just wondering.

By: chiquilla on 1/3/08
Congratulations to me!!!!!! I am so excited!!! Thanks all of you for your votes and for your time to read my story, I think the celebrations finished but this is a great excuse to follow with them!!! cheers everyone and all the best for this amazing year, it just start and I am winning!!! thanks to Rendo for this amazing contest!!

By: dts on 1/3/08
bravooo ,, we are proud of you

By: ZarthVader on 1/3/08
I congratulate those that won and received mention.

I also want to congratulate all those that entered. I know in the 3D contest the results were not what I thought they would be; even though I like the works that won.

I am sure that the many that did excellent work and were not mentioned may feel somewhat left out.

So I state I enjoyed your work and seeing it in the contest even though you may not have won a prize or even been mentioned; I may have liked your works even more than those works which won and received mention.

I thought your work was great and excellent
and I enjoyed all of the works entered.

It would be nice if all the works were rotated from the other pages to the first page on a timed basis so that all the
viewers could see the excellent works that I took the time to view in the; photography, 3D and 2D contests.

By: Mr.Green on 1/4/08
First I want to thank all the people who voted. Second- Congratulations to all the winners and best wishes!
As for me I took part in 3d and photography. I won the 5th place in Photography category. I'm very happy! Thank you all!

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