2007 Halloween "Dinner with the Dead" Contest Winners

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This year's theme interpretation showed our communities creative talent. We had a large range of subjects from humorous to horrific and everything else in between. We are amazed at the amount of exceptional art work that was submitted.

It brings us great joy to give away such wonderful prizes from our supporting sponsors every year. We hope everyone enjoys our contests as much as we do and hope they continue to participate in our annual traditions.

As with all the previous years, there were so many great submissions that it was hard to narrow down the final selection. Congratulations to all the winners!

Please watch for the holiday contest coming in November.


Grand Prize Entry by calum5

Grand Prize Entry by jpiazzo

1st Place
Entry by StealthWorks
1st Place
Entry by inshaala
2nd Place
Entry by cwrw
2nd Place Entry by felipe-dragon
3rd Place Entry by boggers
3rd Place Entry by meselfr
4th Place Entry by Corbie

4th Place Entry by froggy42

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Member Opinions:
By: StaceyG on 10/31/07
Congratulations to all the winners! Everyone who entered did a wonderful job.

By: inshaala on 10/31/07
Very happy with the result (obviously)! Some great shots in there showing some creative thought in the process too :)

By: 3Dillusions on 10/31/07
Way to go Cal, brilliant entry, congrats to all the others too :)

By: Revelation-23 on 10/31/07
Congrats to all. After seeing who won, well, I don't feel so bad about not getting my entry done in time. I didn't stand a chance...

By: deepwater3d on 10/31/07
Good effort everybody! Its actually Beltane by definition in the southern hemisphere...

Just a quick question, who won the $10 renderosity vouchers?

Cheers, see you next time!

By: mel841 on 11/1/07
Congrats to all winners!
Calum5 that's awesome!! So much great art.

By: SGT2005 on 11/1/07
Congratulations to the winners and to all who participated in the contest.

By: Debbie M. on 11/1/07
Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone for participating. I love this time of the year with the big Halloween and Holiday contests. It's so refreshing and rewarding to be able to see everyone's creativity! You are all to be applauded for your talents, and please know that you are all an inspiration to so many of us!! CONGRATS!

By: ZeornWarlock on 11/1/07
Congratulations to the winners. Cool stuff folks. :)


By: MUSEWORX on 11/1/07
Congratulations to the winners! Awesome work
to all who dared to enter!!!!!!!!!!!

By: HHDrache on 11/1/07
cogratulations to all winners :-)

By: chrisskinner78 on 11/1/07
Congratulations to all the winners!!!

There's some great art in there.

By: chrispoole on 11/1/07
Awesome Calum, I see you were up against some stiff competition, (sorry about the pun). Congrats to everyone.

By: AngelSpirit on 11/1/07
Congrats to all the winners, Fantastic work!! well deserved.:-)

By: calum5 on 11/1/07
Omg!I won ? me??!Really ,I cant talk (type)Im in shock!'THANKYOU' everyone involved!I'd like to say thanks to every Artist that participated and to Renderosity Staff and the Sponsers for making the Incredible Contest.Ive never won a contest before and am overjoyed!Really cant express words of my gratitude.Well done once more to everyone ,I looked through all the entries and saw some really fine work that made me especially proud to get a place this year.
Best Wishes to all,

By: thundering1 on 11/1/07
Congrats to all the winners! Cool images everyone!

By: SndCastie on 11/1/07
Well do all who entered you all did some awesome work and should feel proud.

Congrats to the winners!!!

By: titch12 on 11/1/07
Congratulations to all the winner's
well deserved

By: chasq on 11/1/07
I never cease to be amazd at the standard of works in the galleries.Wish i could do it like you all

By: yorkshire_pud on 11/1/07
congrats to all who won. Every one of the entries were amazing. Great to view :O)

By: zippomaker on 11/1/07
congratulations to all the winners!!

By: StealthWorks on 11/1/07
Well done Calum5 - a worthy Grand prize winner. Just had a look at your gallery, amazing work - your modelling skills are exceptional. And congratulations to the rest of the winners and to everyone that entered - a very good standard of work this year - I feel honoured to have got a prize.

By: miharo on 11/1/07
congrats to all winners... all entries are very nice... nice work everone...

By: jpiazzo on 11/1/07
Wow. Thank You, Thank you. Great work all. I'm also one of those who never wins anything! Thank you staff and sponsors. To celebrate I thing I'll roast another perso..I mean, pork this weekend!

Happy Halloween, All Saints, and All Souls..

By: boggers on 11/1/07
I am absolutely gobsmacked (and also delighted) that I won a prize. I honestly thought I had no chance at all. Congratulations to all the other (far more worthy in my opinion) winners and to everyone else for their truly wonderful entries. I would like to echo Calum5's thanks to 'Rosity and the sponsers and say an equally huge thank you to the vendors whose outstanding products I used to create the image.

By: Soulpainter on 11/1/07
big congrats to the winners and everyone that entered, really some awesome work this year

By: ARADTech on 11/1/07
Well done everyone !!! And for sure yours Calum5 , I find it hard to believe you have never won a contest with the caliber of work you do so its really great to see you get your kudo's in this !! Again well done to all teh winners lots of great humour and interesting pieces.

Peace and Creativity

By: juleyanne on 11/1/07
Congrats to all, amazing artwork!

By: gibby.g on 11/1/07
Congratulations to all who took part and well done to the winners.

By: Turtle on 11/1/07
Cal, Wow I'm so happy for you. Hugs to you.
Yeah!!! Bravo.

By: Tammy on 11/1/07
Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who entered this year, there were some great entries. I hope everyone had as much fun with their entry as I did mine.

By: Corbie on 11/1/07
OMG, I'm so excited to have placed! Thank you everyone! There were so many amazing pictures this year, I can't imagine how hard a time the judges had picking. :-)

By: pokeydots on 11/1/07
Congratulations everyone!

By: Shiroyama on 11/1/07
Wow, some really amazing work! Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks Rendo staff for such a fun contest!

By: yakchat on 11/2/07
CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS....excellent excellent art...and to Calum...your art(all of it)is sooooo awesome...congratulations hon...huggers, Carol

By: cacavatica on 11/2/07
Thank you so much to the judges and all of the other contestants for making this such a fun contest! I'm amazed and flattered to have received a prize....with so many amazing entries I didn't think I stood a chance! Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who took a chance and entered....great job everyone.

By: mikeerson on 11/2/07
Last years theme WAKE THE DEAD was my first entry into the renderosity contest world. I looked forward to this all year. When I read the theme was: DINNER WITH THE DEAD, it set me back and all kinds of images hit my brain. I went gorry with mine and even cleaned it up some... Now looking at what has won, I wish I would of gone with an idea that was scribbled on a piece of paper that I walked by the last few weeks. I was disappointed durring the contest that there were no credit lines to the artist... Some artist signed their work and that was the only way you knew who did it - unless, you recognized their work... I think if you've been here at renderosity for the last year, you knew calum5's work... I knew it was his... I hope next year a credit line will be added... Their were some pieces I would of liked to have been able to contact the artist and ask where they got some of their props. CONGRATULATION TO EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY MY WIFE WHO JUST JOINED RENDEROSITY (because I'm always here) AND WON AN HONORABLE MENTION.

By: froggy42 on 11/2/07
WOW 4th place! Thankyou everyone

I had the idea for the photo early in the month, but we were leaving on a two week family holiday and did not have time to set it up. So I took the styrofoam skull with me. (Not sure what the Xray machines at the airport showed).
I would have like to age the mummy with tea-stain but it was made with the hotel pillow and I did not want ruin it.
Any guess what people might have thought looking in the window while I was making it.LOL.

Lighting was limited to the room lights, and the hotel room furniture, it was a self catering unit so we at least we had the crockery.

My family is ever patient, and my thanks go to them for putting up with me, and waiting for a late dinner.

Congratulations to the other winners there was some great pics.

By: jpiazzo on 11/2/07
Has any of the other winners heard fron admin about prize redemption?

By: DiamondSnatcher on 11/2/07
Thank you renderosity for offering such an exciting contest to get creative and to view other artist's fabulous and funny pictures, which sparked so much creativity from all!

Congratulations to all the winners! I am sooooo happy I won and thank you tremedously for my prize. It is exactly what I needed. My free trial download of Adobe photoshop never worked after I had to perform a system restore, during the first week I was using the photoshop. A great thank you to all the artists who entered!

By: Axeye on 11/3/07
Congratulations to all the winners, the images are all incredible.

By: aneirin on 11/3/07
Congratiolations to the winners - you´ve done a great job.

By: efron_241 on 11/3/07
All great images..

Boggers has my personal favo.

By: felipe-dragon on 11/3/07
Wow, second place in the photo section! Thankyou renderosity and everyone else who entered. jpiazzo, loved your roasted person... well done! (or should I say rare)

I have been a member for a while now, but am just starting to get into these contests... it's fun to get my creative juices going, and then see what others thought up as well. Looking forward to the holiday contest!

By: madmaxh on 11/3/07
All the winners put forth very strong entries. Fantastic work!

By: Geist1 on 11/4/07
Congrats to all the winners. Great job everyone. Loved everyones pics and interpretations in this contest.

By: Porthos on 11/4/07
Congrats to everyone, especially Calum, you raised the bar - BRAVO!

By: TwoPynts on 11/5/07
Way to go everyone! Lots of great entries this year for a theme that wasn't so easy for the Photo category especially.

By: LillianaSapphire on 11/6/07
Congrats everyone!

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