November 2007 Artist of the Month - EhsanA

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... November's AOM is EhsanA! We congratulate EhsanA for an outstanding collection of works in the Vue Gallery!

Who is 'EhsanA'?

My name is Ehsan Azzuz (this explains EhsanA). I was in North Africa, and moved to the US in the 70’s. I have been drawing since I could remember. As long as there was a pen and a paper in front of me…I doodled….and still doodle. Self taught.

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

I have been using Computer graphics off and on for the last 20 years. Only in the last 2 years I had enough time to improve my skills. This explains the experimentations I go through.

The outhouse

Do you have traditional art experience?

I have experience with pencil, water color, pen and ink, and air brushing.


Dangerous waters


What are you currently working on?

I have no definite projects. I create whatever I feel at the moment.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

My best works are the ones I have not created yet. My joy is in the creating process.


Who/what inspires you?

Everything: life, movies, nature, people, work and the thousands of artists on line.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Renderosity exposed me to the work of so many artists that helped me grow and constantly learn.

Yester Years

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

I want to thank all the friends who voted for me and supported me through this growth period. As for advice, just keep creating. Mix style and software so you can expand your creative boundaries.

Please have a further look at EhsanA's Gallery!

Be sure to visit the Renderosity Vue Gallery, and also pay a visit to the Renderosity Vue Forum!

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Artist of the Month is highlighting a talented Renderosity artist that has been nominated by mods and admins, and voted by the community. Recognition is given to this member for their collection of works for that year.

Since we only select one AOM per month, it is not about their works for that particular month. Instead, it is about highlighting a talented artist's works for that year, and they are recognized during that month.

To learn more about Renderosity's Artist Of The Month [AOM] award, and to view our past AOM's, please visit the AOM 2007page, which can also be found on the sidebar under Highlights.

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Member Opinions:
By: Darthmagus on 10/31/07

By: Brandi on 10/31/07
I've been watching your work for a while now and it's phenomenal. Congrats to you on AOTM!

By: chrisskinner78 on 10/31/07
Well done EhsanA!

There's some great work in your gallery.

By: ElenaHernandez on 10/31/07
really beautiful work! You are so talented and gifted. It amazes me how technology as evolved the artistic realm to new heights. Great work!

By: chrispoole on 11/1/07
Excellent artist in the true sense. A superb gallery and a wonderful eye for colour and composition. Well done and I look forward to the interview.

By: Thandaluz on 11/1/07
Congrats EhsanA, Great work!

By: kanzler on 11/1/07
Congratulations! Beautiful work.
I like especially your surreal render.

By: EhsanA on 11/1/07
I want to thank all who supported me, nominated me and voted for me, your work was the drive.

By: Vidar on 11/2/07
Congrats EhsanA,Amazing!!!!

By: calico1 on 11/2/07
Wow. You've made some really cool art. Congratulations.

By: madmaxh on 11/2/07
Well-deserved, EhsanA. Brilliant work!

By: Thelby on 11/3/07
Big Congrats and Well Worth the Win in My Opinion!!!!!

By: martial on 11/4/07

By: FrenchKiss on 11/5/07
Congratulations to you! I've always loved your work and am happy to see you as AOM. Well done!

By: calum5 on 11/5/07
Well done on such great work!A worthy merit for sure,:)cal

By: MyVue on 11/5/07
Excellent artwork, congratulations.

By: fabriced on 11/6/07
excellent work!

By: Domi48 on 11/6/07
I like the variety of your works and, of course, their esthetic value. Bravo et continue ainsi!

By: npauling on 11/7/07
Congratulations, you have a wonderful talent for colour and composition.

By: Leond on 11/8/07
All just excellent. I'm impressed & inspired.

By: kenwas on 11/8/07
Congrats my friend!

By: LaurentR on 11/8/07
Fantastic works!! You're a very talented artist!

By: Gini on 11/8/07
Such beautiful and inspirational pieces you make ... congratulations on being AOTM !

By: garyandcatherine on 11/8/07
Contrats---you most certainly deserve this distinctive award !

By: telber on 11/8/07
congrats as one of my personal favourite artists i think its well deserved

By: MarkHirst on 11/9/07
This is well deserved recognition, congratulations.

By: ysvry on 11/10/07
congrats , realy original style and great works.

By: mwkloh on 11/15/07
congratulations! love your work using mixed digital art tools..

By: madmaxh on 11/17/07
Great work, EhsanA. Congratulations!

By: jmc95 on 11/21/07
A well deserved award ! Congratulations !

By: lior on 11/22/07
Congratulations !Well deserved!

By: SndCastie on 12/1/07
Congradulation I love your work.

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