September 2007 Artist of the Month - SkoolDaze

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... September's AOM is John Girouard, better known to the Renderosity community as artist, SkoolDaze! We congratulate John for his outstanding work in the Poser Gallery!

Who is 'SkoolDaze'?

Let me start off by saying how truly thankful I am for this honor and all the support I have received from this community for the last 6 and a half years. It has been one crazy trip... I would also like to congratulate all the nominees for this month. Each and every one of you is so very talented and deserves to be AOM.

Who is SkoolDaze? Hmmm... well, the Skool part come from a nickname I had back in my youth and I think I added Daze when I signed up on Renderosity because Skool was taken. I could be wrong as I am getting old and my memory is not what it used to be, lol...

Anyways, SkoolDaze is an obsessive/compulsive, caffeine addict, bouncing from one theme to the next when working on an image. This tends to end up leaving me with stacks of semi-finished work that I am forever obsessing over. But I love the process of creating and wouldn't change a thing.


My real name is John Girouard and I was born and raised in New Jersey, and now live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my beautiful wife of 12 years, Pamelia. My day job is a senior systems analyst in the service industry. When I am not busy toiling at work, I help run a non-profit organization called KenyaKEEP. You can find out more about this organization from a link on my homepage.

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

I dabbled with several graphics and 3D apps over the years, but it wasn't until I started visiting Renderosity in late 2000 that I started to think seriously about working in digital. So I decided to buy Poser and Photoshop in January 2001 and I was hooked and never looked back.

Do you have traditional art experience?

Many people in my family seem to have a knack for the arts and I was exposed to it very early as a child. I was planning to go to school for commercial art, but things happened and I ended up taking a different road in life and left art behind. However, when I stepped into digital 25 years later I was able to use a bit of my traditional background I learned as a child. My traditional background involves oils, acrylics, pencils, etc... as well as some sculpting and music. Since I started back with art in 2001, I once again sketch, sculpt and paint in oils on occasion.

the Archer

What are you currently working on?

Since I seem to get 2-3 emails a week about this, I am going to start working on a cloth/clothing painting tutorial this fall. Besides that, I am going to keep pushing myself to try new things and do more 2D painting.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

My computer is a quad core PC running Windows XP (it is a monster), dual monitor, with 4GB ram and a Wacom tablet. As far as software goes, I primarily use Poser 6 and Photoshop CS, but I occasionally use Bryce 6, Vue Infinite, Carrara, Silo and ZBrush as well.


What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

That has always been a difficult question, as my "best work" seems to always be a moving target with me. I can tell you that a few of my personal favorites over this past year are "continuum", "Cyssan", "sentinel", "memoria" and "the Archer". In my current gallery here at Renderosity, my wife's favorites are “Pride” and "East". :)

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

I said it before and I will say it again... Undo!! I also like the ability to set up a scene, and continually make changes to it without having to start all over from scratch.


Who/what inspires you?

I know this is going to sound cheesy, but I am inspired by life. What I mean is when I go through my day; I may see something; I may have a conversation with someone; I may receive some good or bad news; I may hear a song, look at another artists work, see a movie, read a book, daydream, etc., etc... and any one or all of those things could inspire me in some way. I have been inspired by a dream in the middle of the night and run downstairs and sketch something out quickly before it evaporates.

So it seems I am inspired by living and all the visceral input that comes with it.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

The obvious answer is I probably would not have jumped back into doing art if it were not for Renderosity. The people here have always been so supportive and kind and have helped me in many ways over the last 6 years. To this, I will forever be thankful.


Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

The best advice I could give to anyone is to never stop learning or be afraid to try new and different things. Because even if you never use what you learn or experience, it is the process which makes you a better person.

And again, thank you...


Please have a further look at John's Gallery.

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Member Opinions:
By: Rainfeather on 9/2/07
wooo hooo!!! i knew you would win sweetie! my congrats to a well deserved AoM title. you're the best!!!


By: Brandi on 9/2/07
Congrats, John! Well deserved, indeed! :D

By: luciferino on 9/2/07
HURRA HURRA i'm so happy the best has win again ..... Great see you here mine friend smack smack Orietta

By: madmaxh on 9/2/07
Good work! Congratulations!

By: karanta on 9/2/07
Congratulation!! Well deserved :)

By: kimariehere on 9/2/07
A big congradulations to you ... well deserved -you do beautiful work!!..

By: SamTherapy on 9/2/07
Nice one! Very well deserved.

By: DRAKELOT on 9/2/07
Congrats my friend ... Antonio !!!

By: Virtual_World on 9/2/07
Congratulations!! Well deserved!!!

By: SkoolDaze on 9/2/07
Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the support :)

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 9/2/07
Congratulations well deserved..!!

By: 3Dillusions on 9/2/07
Oh Yes you deserve this and more John you work, is outstanding :)

By: Vampi on 9/2/07
About darned time!

By: Ladonna on 9/3/07
Yeh....You did it!!!! Congrats!!!!Glad you made it!
Very well deserved. I love your work a lot.

By: SPIRESMEDIA on 9/3/07
yay, yay, YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!
C O N G R A T S, my friend...
well deserved!


By: RGUS on 9/3/07
Oh this is so good.. the perfect artist to win this award... just so love your stuff.. so damn glad I voted for ya! Be proud mate!

By: romanceworks on 9/3/07
Congratulations, John. Your artwork really is exceptional.

By: nfrocer on 9/3/07

By: msebonyluv on 9/3/07
Definitely a well deserved and welcomed honour!! You are truly one of my inspirations and as an artist you are truly up there with Van Gogh, Michaelangelo and DiVinci!! John, it has been a pleasure looking at your artwork all theses years and I hope to learn more from you through your strokes of detail!! Congratulations love!! :)))))

By: Turtle on 9/3/07
Congratulation, Way to go! :O)

By: icepixal on 9/3/07
This is long overdue. I've admired your work for a long time. Congrats!

By: ARADTech on 9/3/07
Just went through your gallery and all I can say is WOW!! Very very inspiring and aware pieces. Thank you for sharing and well deserved congrats!!

Peace and Creativity

By: BonBonish on 9/4/07
I always liked your work... well deserved recognition... my congratulation!

By: TT on 9/4/07
Congrats, John! Well deserved! :)

By: Surama on 9/4/07
Congratulations well deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: tizjezzme on 9/4/07
BEAUTIFUL Poser work; I'm glad I found you. Congratulations on AOM! Well deserved! :)))

By: Giana on 9/4/07
well, pass the coffee this way, hey? ;)
congrats on the AoM!
looking forward to seeing the tutorial too :))

keep on growing...

By: bogwoppet on 9/4/07
Congratulations my friend - a very well deserved win, I love your work!

By: JurgenDoe on 9/4/07
The perfect artist with inspiring pieces win this award. Congrats John!

By: Clementina on 9/4/07
Congratulations!! Well deserved!!!
looking forward to seeing the tutorial too!!!

By: Kinouk on 9/4/07
Your the "MAN"!! This truly rocks. Your art is alway a job to view! "Congratulations"

By: JenX on 9/4/07
Wonderful work, John! A Definitively deserved win!

By: plassgard on 9/4/07
Congrats!! Very well deserved!

By: Shardz on 9/4/07
After over six years it finally happened! And not a moment too soon, either! LOL! Congratulations on this great honor, Master John! Your style and techniques always bring such amazing detail in your work and it's definitely unique and one of a kind! Absolutely Top Notch and I'm glad to see this award finally found you! Keep up the great work and we'll look forward to another six years!

By: MimiCat on 9/5/07
A big congratulations to you!!! You're art is really amazing!!

By: dolfijntjes on 9/5/07
Big congrats!!

By: louly on 9/5/07
Congratulations! I'd say it's about time :) You're one of the best and an inspiration. And to give you incentive... I can't wait to see your tutorial :) the clothes is one of the things you do best.

By: lior on 9/6/07
Well deserved:well deserved!

By: RedSangre on 9/6/07
Artworks truly worthy of this honor. Many congratulations!

By: Samanthie on 9/6/07
Lovely work! Congratulations!

By: brycek on 9/6/07
Congratulation's John..well deserved!!

By: SpunkyMaMa on 9/6/07
Congratulations its well deserved and BTW till today I assumed you were female,LOL.
Sorry dunno why I thought such but anyway...

By: Bez on 9/7/07
Congratulations John, well deserved

By: r.zekri on 9/7/07
congratulations John for your astoning work :)

By: calico1 on 9/8/07
Congratulations. What I've seen of your art is excellent.

By: ilona on 9/8/07
Oh Captain, my Captain! This is the best way I can put into words what you deserve to read. This is you place and I take a bow. Congratulations John not only for being AOM but for the sum of your work which is an inspiration to everyone starting now and to everyone who does it for a long time. This is why you´re not only good.. but Great!

By: Artemis on 9/10/07
huge congrats!! i love your work.. its very inspirational.

By: ToxicAngel on 9/10/07
Gratz mate!!! Well deserved!

By: Danie on 9/11/07
Congrats ... well deserved!

By: laetia on 9/12/07
Congrats, John! Well deserved!!

By: LadyFire_Ice on 9/12/07
Congratulation on AOM. I just adore viewing your imgages. Such an AWESOME talent,, Hugsss Linda :-)

By: summer1412 on 9/13/07
I'm so glad you won!! Everyone was worthy of the place, but your work has a very special spot in my heart, it was some of the first work I saw on Rosity when I first joined. I admire your talent, and it makes me proud to be a member of this community while there are artists like you on here.
Keep up the excellent work.

By: ladydawg on 9/13/07
Congrats buddy! I'm proud of you!

By: Richabri on 9/16/07
Congrats on this well deserved distinction. Your work has always been an inspiration.

By: marforno on 9/17/07
Congratulations John... :-)

By: DIDIERM on 9/23/07
Congratulations John...
Continue to enchant us with your creations.

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 9/29/07
Congrat...well deserved !!!

By: Shaylea on 9/30/07
Congratulations SkoolDaze! Well deserved!

By: Ra Graphics on 10/1/07
Gratz John I always love to see your work :D

By: 3Dillusions on 12/31/07
Well done, you artwork is the best here and its a very deserved award, good luck in the new year:)


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