January 2007 AOM BlacKeri

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... January's AOM is BlacKeri. We congratulate BlacKeri for her outstanding work in the 2D Gallery!



Who is 'BlacKeri'?

First of all, please let me express my gratitude, as I have never expected such a great honour to happen to me. Really, I nearly choked to death on a candy I was eating while I heard the news. So, thank you all so, so much, for the great support, for this Award, and for every bit of feedback I have ever gotten. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. :)

Blackeri basically came from merging two words: black, being my favourite colour, and Keri, one of my favourite female names. To be honest, it was first thought up as a roleplaying nickname around 5 years ago...by my mom (Do I also get a Most Cheesy Story Award now?). Anyway, I liked it quite a lot and converted to this name, which then became my official nick, the artistic identity I now go by in the CG industry.

As a person, blackeri is dark, ironic, with a twisted sense of humour. She prefers sad, depressing and angry music, dark colours and mystical themes. However, that's not the full Marta. Of course, blackeri is a huge part of my personality, but I am not as enigmatic as some people assume I am. In real life, I generally am an energetic and happy person... But I just find such things boring to paint. It is the dark, mysterious side of humans that truly inspires me.

Seven Deadly Sins: VANITY

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

Well, back in 2001, I started using the computer more actively, colouring my manga sketches in Macromedia Flash, leaving realism for pencils on paper. After a while, I discovered Painter and rendered my first realistic digital portraits with a mouse. The real beginning of my adventure with computer graphics, however, I would claim to be summer 2002, when I bought my first tablet. From that moment, I gradually stopped using traditional media. I abandoned the crayons and pencils, nowadays sketching only on special occasions.

What are you currently working on?

This year, just as the previous one, I am devoting to technical improvement. I rarely take commissions and spend most of my time on personal paintings, which allow me to experiment and be flexible. Currently however, I am participating in very interesting commercial projects (workshops, articles and the like), one of which includes painting a concept design of a necromancer, which I will share with you soon. :)


His Only Friend

What software/equipment do you use and why?

As for equipment, I've got: Dual Core Intel 1,8GHz processors, a Geforce6600GT graphics card, 2GB DDR2 of RAM, 3 * 300GB hard drives and a Wacom Intuos 3. Maybe it is not really top notch, but it's exactly what I need to keep Painter and Winamp running smoothly.

As for software, I am currently using Painter (both Procreate and Corel) and Photoshop CS. At the moment, I am also a happy beta tester of the new to-be-released Corel Painter X. As to why, well, both Painter and Photoshop offer different advantages to the user. While Painter is much more intuitive and useful for sketching or basic colour blocking, Photoshop gives unending possibilities of customization, such as creation of user defined brushes, which are crucial for successful texturing.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

Oh, I don't know, really. I tend to be extremely skeptical about my artwork. If I work on a painting for too long, and this practically is always the case, even if I am satisfied during the process, I usually end up feeling unhappy about it once I finish. I cannot really say what would the best of my paintings be, as it all depends on the criterion.

My most popular painting, a breakthrough in my art-life, is the first from my Deadly Sins Series - Vanity, still very dear to me. When it comes to technical-best, I would say my biggest achievement (next to my current yet unreleased project) is my newest Renderosity upload, Pandora. In this piece I have managed to improve the anatomy, skin tones and lighting and I'm still quite proud of it. Other images, such as Love, I feel attached to just because of the symbolism and emotions they embody.


Who/what inspires you?

As to who, well, most of the time I admire certain paintings or artists because of the technique they represent, rather than the subject, as my mind is already bursting with ideas. A technical brilliance I see in an old master's painting or a CG piece I spot on the web makes me want to try harder and harder and constantly seek improvement. When it comes to the content of my works, I gain my inspiration from all of those mundane, everyday things, like commercials, games, emotions, music or colours. Sometimes it is hard for me to even specify what inspired me to paint a particular artwork, since very often the idea just pops right out of nothing in my head.


How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work,
relationships, and learning?

The role of Renderosity and its influence on my art-life is simply unquestionable. It is one of the first communities I joined to show my artwork at. The fabulous, warm feedback and constructive criticism I received encouraged me greatly to keep on painting and definitely helped me improve. It was more important to me back then, than ever later in the future, as at the beginning of my so called "career" I felt very awkward and insecure about myself.

The possibility to interact with others and learn from them has proved to be golden. Thanks to this community, I got my very first commissions, had a chance to meet so many kind people, some of whom I still keep in touch with, but also, what is of great value to me, I discovered a great inspiration, Christina Neofotistou (cneofotistos on Renderosity).


Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

 I am often asked what are the secrets to successful painting: what should one do to achieve a style that is commercially successful. And unfortunately, I only have an unsatisfying answer: there is no golden solution for such a problem! I think many starting artists spend more time worrying over how to paint and how to be famous, rather than painting itself. There is no point in copying a certain, already popular style in hope that it will sell and get you up the ladder.

What everyone, in my opinion, should do, is just keep on striving for originality. A style is a factor combined of certain elements, such as artist's sensitivity, use of colour, symbolism, themes, pure technique and so on... Something this complex can only develop naturally, through constant hard work and it certainly cannot be hurried or forced. So my advice would be: Don't stress, have fun and it will all come in due time!


Please have a further look at BlacKeri's Gallery!

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Member Opinions:
By: Eibenschuetz on 1/1/07
I agree. She is the greatest artist on Deviantart!! I really love her artwork! Hartmut

By: luciferino on 1/1/07
She is Genial!!!A true artsit well deserved

By: mommastacie on 1/1/07
YaY!!! Congrats, Marta!!! You totally deserve this honor! ::clap::

By: Toribev on 1/1/07
Truly well deserved. A truly fantastic and talented artist. Congratulations Marta!

By: Virtual_World on 1/1/07
Love her work. One of the best!

By: swtmelode on 1/1/07
Totally deserved & Congratulations!! You're work is one of the best around!! Fantastic way to start off the new year!

By: Shardz on 1/1/07
I am so pleased that you were selected for this award here on Renderosity! Your creative style, high level of talent, and amazing symbolism is magnificent beyond comprehension! You truly put your heart, soul, and mind into everything you do and you deserve this great honor so much! Definitely one of the best artists I have ever seen, I can't wait to see what you do this year!!

By: bogwoppet on 1/2/07
You are a very talented and creative artist with an eye for detail, colour and composition and I love your work - Congratulations!

By: Arien on 1/2/07
Congratulations, it's very well deserved!

By: deviney on 1/2/07
what a wonderful artist,her works says it all,true master!

By: Niha on 1/2/07
Congrats!! You deserve every bit of it! Excellent artist!

By: RadiZ on 1/2/07
It's the first time i see your gallery, and i am so astonish, you are unbelievable good lady, well deserved honor - congrats

By: calum5 on 1/2/07
Well ~really deserved.:-)bye cal

By: A_Joker_B on 1/2/07
A throughly deserved accolade. Outstanding talent, exceptional artistry, successful professional...A true inspiration.

By: Jerusha on 1/2/07
Glad to see you here at Renderosity! Your work continues to be of the highest calibre and beauty. Bravo, well earned!

By: newangels on 1/2/07
Congratualtions you artwork is superb.


By: Claywoman on 1/2/07
Congratulations BlackKeri! your work is outstganding and very inspiring...now if I could only talk my mousie into gliding acrosss the screen lol :)

By: lior on 1/3/07

By: stolenanjel on 1/3/07
Congratulations to you! I've seen your work on DeviantArt and in Imagine FX magazine. Your work is truly inspirational. A well deserved award.

By: -BrandyE- on 1/3/07
congratulations - your art is phenomenal...I find myself looking at it again and again and loving the level of detail...Your talent is an inspiration

By: amirapsp on 1/3/07
Congrats my art friend...

By: graphixdezine on 1/3/07
outstanding work!!! Truly your are an inspiration!

By: rockets on 1/3/07
Congratulations...you have a beautiful talent!

By: Turtle on 1/3/07
Bravo! Your a very Talented young Woman.

By: Surama on 1/4/07
Most excellent artwork...congratulations!!!!!!!!

By: Morgana61 on 1/4/07
I tuoi lavori sono un vero spettacolo, ammiro la tua capacità, le tue idee, la tua creatività ed il tuo talento. Sei bravissima! You artwork is fantastic!!

By: rofocale on 1/4/07
Well deserved, congrats!

By: ExprssnImg on 1/4/07
It's about bloody Time!!!! I love your style and you've been in my favorite artists since your first post!

By: Fredy on 1/4/07
Congrats! One of the best artists in the world!

By: Crimmy on 1/4/07
Congratulations! I hope 2007 is your best year yet!

By: ralphmanis on 1/5/07
But of course AOM! I have always loved your work! cheers, Ralph

By: BGHart on 1/5/07
Congratiulations for your well deserved award, Marta. I am always looking forward to your works and and you are a real inspiration. :) Britta

By: featherwitch on 1/5/07
Congratulations!! I don't get to browse the galleries as much as I'd like, so was thrilled to see such beautiful work! All the best to you! :)

By: i-popba on 1/6/07
Congratulations!.!!! love your work my friend...cool.

By: melabrad on 1/6/07
Love your work. Congrats being AOM
you deserve it!

By: frankiemas on 1/6/07
Congratulations for making Artist of the Month, from the looks of your gallery, it is well deserved!!!

By: paradigm on 1/8/07
You're one of my favourite artists, and judging by your latest works, you're just getting better and better!

By: Stormi on 1/8/07
Your work is BRILLIANT! Congratulations!

By: marhdugwenn on 1/9/07
Good job,keep going!I like your work.

By: TwoPynts on 1/10/07
Your 2D work is amazing and style very distinctive.
Big congrats to you!

By: NekhbetSun on 1/11/07
Big Hugs & Congrats !!!!

By: sirocco on 1/11/07
Congratulations BK! I just love your work :-)

By: Ladonna on 1/12/07
Congrats .I really adore your work since i have seen your first image at Devian art.
Big congrats!!!

By: abmlober on 1/12/07
I like your style very much. It's good to have you here at Renderosity.

By: Chrtt on 1/12/07
Very,very sweet stuff.

By: juca on 1/12/07
I really love her job, she is the best.

By: summer1412 on 1/16/07
I'm so happy for you! I daresay you're the best 2D artist on Renderosity, there is such mood in your pieces. You don't just see them, you feel them.

Keep up the always awesome work, can't wait to see your next masterpiece. ^.^

By: A_ on 1/16/07
great interviwe. and congratulations for this! you have always been one of my favorites digital artists, and a great inspiration. can't wait to see what you come up with next!

By: altec101 on 1/16/07
Do your thing ... Its cool :-))
huggs from Al

By: BlacKeri on 1/18/07
Thank you so much for the support everyone. You're the best <3

- Marta

By: morghana on 1/18/07
Congratulations! Your painting is wonderful and is a delight to watch it. Thanks to let see your artistic work to us.

By: Anjour on 1/25/07
Well deserved...congrats!!!:o)

By: dorkati on 1/26/07
I met your art at DeviantArt at first. And fallen in love with your Seven Deadly Sins series.
Your artistic skill is amazing. Congratulations!!!!

By: novelist999 on 1/26/07
Great artwork! I only just discovered your work today, and I'm glad I did. You certainly deserve this award. Congratulations!

By: kimariehere on 1/30/07
I adore your work (my fav is his only friend )!! you are very deserving of this!!.. a BIG congraduations sent your way!!

By: j-art on 1/31/07
Congratz Marta!!!
I knew since i saw one of your first pieces here at Rosity that you sure will make your way as an artist - well, you did :-).
Way to go!
All the very best,

By: ChristineG on 2/1/07
congrats!!! and well deserved for sure.. you make such gorgeous art..

By: xmasforme on 6/30/07
Congratulations well done!!

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