September 2006 AOM RGUS

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM].

We congratulate September's AOM - Poser artist RGUS!

Who is "RGUS"?

This fantastically intelligent and devilishly good looking hunk of a man, who still has his boyish good looks, and all his own teeth. :-). Oh and I live in New Zealand, the best place in the world to live. I am a Kiwi, (and proud of it mate).

How long have you been involved in computer graphics?

I have been involved in computer graphics for 25 years mainly as an AutoCAD user for architectural and structural construction drawings. Only part of this time has been involved in doing 3D art just for pleasure. I started using 3D programs, such as Poser, to produce 3D art for my pleasure approximately 2 years ago.

Do you have traditional art experience?

Yes I do have a bit. I have done some painting in oils and wartercolours . I started to paint when I was 17 years old when studying to become an architect. I painted mainly architectural buildings for pleasure because I had a talent for it. It was not a requirement in my studies, but I was good at it and enjoyed doing it.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently exploring the creative possibilities of using white backgrounds for my images in Poser, in a series of works I started a few months ago. I really like using a solid white background as it emphasizes the play of shadows and light and form. The white backgrounds seem to highlight the design elements in a way that I find very satisfying.

"MADAME BLACK (for miss_e)"
(contains nudity)

What software/equipment do you use and why?

I use Poser primarily because I like working with the human form. Poser allows me to create images that are sculptural with an emphasis on form, light, and shadow.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I think my best piece of work is " THE BODY " because I really love realism. I believe this image best achieves the level of realism I like to do.

(contains nudity)

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

I like 3D software, in particular Poser, because it allows me to create images using both realistic characters, and, at the same time, escape into a world of pure fantasty. I like that it is possible to create realism and fantasy in the same image.

Who/what inspires you?

There are a number of artists on Renderosity that have inspired me and influenced my art. I would include the influence of such artists as Uwe Mattern, Ray Factor, Saintfox, XTrinityX and BBarbs. Also, BBarbs inspires me by holding a whip over me and telling me to "Git er Done !! "

(contains nudity)

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

This community has introduced me to other artists, their techniques, methods, and imagination, and stimulated the senses and fulfilled the soul.

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

The advice that I have to other artists is that it is important to spend enough time with Poser, or whatever program you use, to get a great deal of experience with it. Also, I would say that it is important to listen to people, use the galleries as your inspiration and extract as much as possible from those images. There are so many wonderful artists and infinite styles to see and learn from on Renderosity.

In parting, I would like to thank all those that have voted me into the Artist of the Month and all those who have been supportive, helpful, and appreciative of my artistic endeavors.

We invite you to look further into RGUS' Renderosity art gallery!

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Artist of the Month is highlighting a talented Renderosity artist that has been nominated by mods and admins, and voted by the community. Recognition is given to this member for their collection of works for that year.

Since we only select one AOM per month, it is not about their works for that particular month. Instead, it is about highlighting a talented artist's works for that year, and they are recognized during that month.

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Member Opinions:
By: Gog on 9/3/06
Congratulations, well deserved.

By: karanta on 9/3/06
Congratulations :)

By: Amaranth on 9/3/06
Congrats :)

By: B_PEACOCK on 9/3/06
I think that Deane deserves this honor .He is one heck of a nice guy and superb artist.Congrats Deane !!!!!!!!!

By: kimariehere on 9/3/06
MAy I be the first to say congrads here!! well deserved and earned !! ME thinks your talent and immagination is beyond brilliant . I am so happy for you today * smiling so big here biggest hugs EVER !!!

By: Rainfeather on 9/3/06
oooooooh!!! congratulations dear old mate!!! i told you so!! what an honor hon, a truly, well deserved one...i am so proud of you!!!!

celebratory hugs and luvs ya,

By: Kinouk on 9/3/06
Way to go!! Just plain WOW!! This is really great! big hugz

By: Digital-Lion on 9/3/06
Congratulation's from me, mate!

By: SaintFox on 9/3/06
You deserved this, my friend, many congratulations!

By: brycek on 9/3/06
Congratulations Deane!!

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 9/3/06
Congratulations my friend a award very well deserve....!!! #:O)

By: meselfr on 9/3/06
Yep... one of the best poser artists around... Congrats Deane!! :)

By: willigooo on 9/3/06
My congratulations deane. you earned it!

By: Monuli on 9/3/06
Congratulation's from me, Deane !! You deserved this !!

By: Paldav on 9/3/06
Congratulations Deane, well deserved honour for a great artist....

By: mejed on 9/3/06
A Super Big Congrats...Nice to see my vote counted this time...Couldn`t happen to a nicer person..Congratulations.

By: beowlar on 9/3/06
Congratulations! Your art is sensational and your excellence shows throughout your years at Renderosity!!!!!

By: vince3 on 9/3/06
WEll done Deane!!! well deserved mate!!!!(much clapping!!)

By: thartwick1 on 9/3/06
Well deserved!!!

By: Shardz on 9/3/06
Deane, here we are, my friend, and I had the strongest feeling for well over a month that I would be typing this text to you right now. I should forget about graphics and join the psychic hotline! LOL! I give you my humble congratulations on this honor, and for sharing your unique friendship with so many here! Your artwork and presence here have touched so many and I'm glad to see this award go to my favorite bloke! LOL! Whatever you are eating there in Kiwiland, feel free to mail some over here! LOL! Excellent work and job well done, Deane!

By: MimiCat on 9/3/06
Congratulations!!! It is very well deserved!:) Mimi

By: ericfarris on 9/3/06
Congratulations Deane, Art is always rewarded!

By: jwiest on 9/3/06
Well done Deane! Great mate, great artist...what else needs to be said?

By: mylemonblue on 9/3/06
Congratulation's. You're a great guy and artist. :D

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 9/3/06
Congrats! It is about time! :) Your images are always excellent and you are a great guy indeed (even tho twisted ;) lol). :D Well deserved indeed! :)

By: jonbg1 on 9/3/06
Congrats!! So very well deserved. :)

By: sixstring on 9/3/06
Congratulations Deane, and hat's off to everyone who was nominated. - Matt

By: jjean21 on 9/3/06
Way to go Deane, well deserved and some awesome competition. I'm so happy to see you as AOM, you are such an inspiration and a great friend. *hug*

By: webshadow on 9/4/06
Congratulations...and to echo the other comments, truly well deserved. You have one of the most amazing galleries here, and inspire many of us with your kind and helpful comments. Well done, sir!

By: Malstorm on 9/4/06
Congratulations mate...i'm so glad you won this...the voting poll was going up and down up and down...but you came out a clear Congratulations again!!!

By: bogwoppet on 9/4/06
Well done and congratulations Deane - Nice one mate!

By: Surama on 9/4/06
Congratulations Deane! Great artist and a great person!....

By: PatNoone on 9/4/06
Deane not only is a great artist he is guaranteed to make you laugh at some of his comments, he never fails to make me smile and if all Kiwis are like Deane, I agree it is the best place in the world, well done buddy, well deserved.

By: Surama on 9/4/06
Congratulaions to a grat artist and a great person!

By: OOFSET on 9/4/06
Congratulations RGUS!!

By: Claywoman on 9/4/06
Big congrats!!

By: PhilW on 9/4/06
Well deserved - you had my vote. And still nothing about the lighting...

By: eddyruiz on 9/4/06
congratulation.... felicitaciones, espero sigas diseņando asi, y aprendas a usar nuevos paquetes en 3D.

By: OOFSET on 9/4/06
Congratulations RGUS!! :)

By: 1010 on 9/4/06
I was so honored by being put with the likes of you Deane. You are not only an awesome artist but an awesome person. Quick witted and you have a unique way of making everyone feel good about their art, even if it stinks, hehehehe Huge congratulations to one of the best artist and nicest guys here at Rosity, good looking too. :)

By: louly on 9/4/06
Congratulations sweetie! Your heart is in the right place and it shows in your art. Well deserved! Hugs xx

By: twingo on 9/4/06
Congratulations Deane, you really deserve being chosen as AOM.

By: Valentina on 9/4/06
congrats, you make a beautiful work... and the lights you use are really amazing, and they make your images really unique !

By: chevybabe25 on 9/4/06
Congratulations!! Very well deserved!! :0)

By: Kimberly.3D on 9/4/06
After seeing your work I think you deserve this award for outstanding artwork...Congratz! Kimberly

By: jonbg1 on 9/4/06
Ah, the man behind the big letters. :P
Nice to meet you, RGUS. :)

This is great news Deane. You fully deserve the honour!
Well done Sir. You're TOP MAN!

By: Lion on 9/4/06
Congrats my Friend

By: rebelmommy on 9/4/06
Great now you'll have an ego the size of New Zealand..LOL No really.. couldnt have happened to a better guy! You know I luvs ya..:)

By: Turtle on 9/4/06
Congratulation on your honor of being Artist of The Month.

By: PsychoNaut on 9/4/06

By: RadiZ on 9/4/06
Way to go - for a kiwi i mean *LOL* - congrats, truly well deserved sir, thumbs up for one of the best rosity artist, still miss the trio though...;))

By: DRAKELOT on 9/4/06
Hey Deane, looks like "Nice Girl and Doofus have come a long way" ... Congratulations my friend !!!

By: jimw1 on 9/4/06
Congrats and well deserved' but i thought your best image was "I left the light on for you..." But Then i love the alternative poser art..

By: Broken_Lace on 9/4/06
Big Congrats Deane.. you know I love everything about your work and one of my biggest inspirations..Much love and I'm happy for you:)

By: pascual on 9/4/06
Excellent work. Some of them me resemble the draftsman Vargas.

By: luckyred on 9/4/06
Oh WOW!!!! I spent all weekend doing homework and decided last minute to POP up. What a wonderful suprise!!! You ole' hound dog! Congratulations!!! ~hugs~

By: outoftouch on 9/5/06
Congratulations! Well deserved :)

By: rixster on 9/5/06
Awesome work Deane - good on ya mate!!!

By: Christel on 9/5/06
I was cheering for you Deane!!! You really deserve this my friend *smile* CONGRATS on AOM!! BIG hugs Christel

By: VoidDweller on 9/5/06
Congratulations, RGUS! :)

By: A_Joker_B on 9/5/06
Congratulations, your art justifies AOM, the realism in "The Body" is outstanding. Keep up the quality work!

By: miss_e on 9/5/06
Congratulation, handsome! I think i will choose you for the "Nicest person of the month" too!

By: gampas on 9/5/06
Congratulations my dear friend.

Cheers Deane. You deserve this

By: Justmel on 9/5/06
Awesome Deane, and most definitely well deserved! Congrats!

By: npauling on 9/5/06
Congratulations Deane on your AOM. Nice to see another kiwi making the top. You really deserve the pick as you make Poser sing.

By: vshane on 9/6/06

By: -BrandyE- on 9/6/06
congrats on a well deserved honor :)

By: jose33 on 9/6/06

By: anitalee on 9/6/06
Congrats my friend!! You so deserve the honor.

By: Angelwave on 9/6/06
LOL, good thing bbarbs is standing ready with that whip, looks like you loved it!!
Best to you mate.

By: pacman323 on 9/6/06
very very congratulations you deserve it
your work is very nice and so good so realist
I really like your job
once again congratulations & thx for sharing your artwork

By: JOEANOMALY on 9/6/06
Congratulations on a well deserved honor. I look forward to many more of your great art pieces.

By: romanceworks on 9/7/06
Congrats, Deane. Your art is always superb. CC

By: jdehaven on 9/7/06
Right on! Well done!

By: Whimsical on 9/7/06
Well done.. congratulations!!!! :-)))))

By: frankiemas on 9/7/06
Wow Deane!!! Congratulations on making artist of the month!!! I am such a huge fan of your artwork!!! Hugsss Frankie ^_^

By: factor on 9/7/06
Big FAT HUG, Kiwi!
THIS is really what you deserve Deane!

By: Garlor on 9/7/06
Rgus you see into my mind and bring to life such lovely visions,thanks

By: Anjour on 9/7/06
Congratulations!!! Well deserved!!! :o)

By: southernamazon1957 on 9/7/06
Congrats mate! You already know I think you are marvelous..... Hugs Deane.

By: SusiQ on 9/8/06
Congrats my friend! You are so talented and I'm glad to see everyone else thinks so too! Hugs!

By: David.J.Harmon on 9/8/06
sorry I didn't vote for you, but I was busy and didn't notice you were up. But I would have for I love (even men say that word) your work. But I will vote for you for AOY [Artist Of the Year]. Hoping to follow in your footsteps.

By: alzartz on 9/8/06
Congrats on the achievement!...becoming a habit eh! Great to see another kiwi in the winners circle! Keep up the great work mate.

By: drifterlee on 9/8/06
Congratulations!!!!!!!!! You deserve it!!!

By: Belit on 9/9/06
Congratulations, your art is very inspiring.

By: Bez on 9/10/06
Congratulations Deane, well deserved :)

By: veng3nce on 9/10/06
yo Deane .. Congrats!!... you deserve it man, your the most addicted artist i know lol ^_^ you know what i mean.

By: M0rgane on 9/10/06
Oh i'm really happy it's you! Your such a wonderfull artist and creator. Congratsss!!!

By: TwoPynts on 9/11/06
I have long been a fan Deane. A big congrats to ya!

By: tendom on 9/11/06
Congratulations!You're BEST!

By: Ladonna on 9/12/06
Congrats. You deserved this. Believe me!!!

By: eres on 9/12/06
Very well deserved...!!!

By: oiram on 9/12/06
well deserved Congrats.

By: sahejaa on 9/12/06
Congratz, love your art!!

By: Rainbowgirl on 9/13/06
I'm late here, very late. But better late han never! And I didn't vote for you. I den't even know there was a vote! *stupid little thingie*... It is an honour and it is well deserved! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

By: Ixil on 9/13/06
I never fail to click on my email to see a new upoad that Deane has done.

Grats mate!

By: CaperGirl42 on 9/13/06
Congradulations -Very much deserved!!!!!
Love your Work- Keep it Coming!!!!!!!!


By: Primal on 9/13/06
Well deserved my friend...

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 9/14/06
Congrat Kiwi :O)))

By: sd012q on 9/14/06
well done and congras your art is super and always some of the best lighting i have seen on renders well done my freind

By: Gor111 on 9/14/06
A big congratulation to you! Keep going on!!!

By: DonaKuka on 9/14/06
Congratulations Deane! You sure deserved it!!! You are inspired and an inspiration to all of us!

By: DIANE603 on 9/15/06
Congrats Deane I love your style. More please!!

By: holyforest on 9/16/06
Congrats to you :)

By: Chippsyann on 9/18/06
Congratulation... "see, I told you before, you are one of the best"

Job well done.

By: dreamlight on 9/19/06
Congrats buddy! Well done!

By: i-popba on 9/20/06
Ohh..!! Congratulations my friend...!! you it.

By: LuLeLuna on 9/20/06
Way to Go D *S*Congrads!!

By: CeeBeeVFXG on 9/21/06
Congrats! A well deserved honor. Keep up the great work!

By: Magix-101 on 9/25/06
Hey Rgus
Cool man...great work!!
I am a kiwi originally as well

By: crossbrace on 9/26/06
Well done!

By: XoxoTree on 9/28/06
Congratulations and a very excellent gallery you have. Your bio made me laugh.


By: Richabri on 9/28/06
A well deserved distinction. I really like the style of your images :)

By: ilona on 9/29/06
Congratulations Deane! Itīs so well deserved!!!

By: GOLDILOCKSUK on 9/30/06
Great interview Gussy. I know i'm bringing up the rear as usual but had to say I admire your work and your sense of humour greatly. What an honour for you big kiss :)

By: mikeerson on 1/3/12
I thought I'd leave a comment, it's been a while since you seen this page, so it'd be a nice treat for you to remanice... I started here at this time and you were one of the first artists I seen. This place has inspired me to do this type of art. Now we're starting a new year 2012 and I just can't keep up with the commenting anymore... I don't know how you do it, but 5 years later, I still look at you, calum5 and prog as my top 3 favorites... I don't know why, I think it's cause your styles are consistant and when I see your work, I don't have to look at the name to see who did it... I'm glad you're productive and still slamming out the art, prog had a push in december 2011 - but before that, I hadn't seen him in months... calum5? he's posted a few times this year - not much though... You are the Energizer bunny, you keep going, Keep up the good work! If you don't hear from me too much this next year, don't worry, I still like you, but the commenting I've got to change if I'm ever going to get anywhere with my art, I love the people here, I'm a lifer here, just need to make some changes.
Thanks for producing the style art you do and the consistancy - it's very inspirational.

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