August 2006 AOM Kimarie Chartier [kimariehere]

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist of the Month — August’s AOM is Photography artist, Kimarie Chartier [kimariehere]. We congratulate kimariehere for her outstanding Photography gallery!

Who is 'kimariehere'?

Hello my name is Kimarie Chartier. I am 40, and have always loved anything to do with art. When I was a child, my Mother told me I always had something to draw with in my hand and would cry when the paper ran out!! I am a Mom of three girls and try to live life to its fullest. I am spontaneous, adventurous, loving, easygoing, have lots of energy, and am always on the go! I am told by my friends I am very enthusiastic and basically a happy person. My world has always been about creating and art -it's what I am all about!

How long have you been involved in photography?

Well I have had three digital cameras since '01, but only seriously been into photography for about 14 months now!

Do you have any traditional art experience?

Yes I went to art school, taught art, had professional oil painting lessons, and have self taught myself with any kind of material I could get my hands on. I am also a musical person and play guitar, flute, and piano, as well as write stories and poetry. I have won creative writing awards. But I must say photo art is still new to me and I am still learning here!!


(I felt a real peace when I shot this, so i love it for that reason!!)


What are you currently working on?

Right now as I am typing this, I am 2500 miles from my home on summer vacation for a few weeks and taking a rest. But before that, at home I have been working on learning more extensively Adobe CS2 and just got a new Canon SLR camera yesterday that I am looking forward to learning about more in the upcoming months...


"Waking Lotus (blanketed with a Lily pad)"
(This shot is special to me as it is my first ever SLR shot. It is hanging in my living room!)


What equipment/software do you use and why?

I have been using a Nikon 7900 pocket cam the last year, because it is what I could afford at the time. It goes with me everywhere in my pocket.

Starting next month, I will be using a Canon Rebel XT dgt 8mp, as I have just purchased it! This past year I have been working primarily in Paint Shop 7, as it is like an old friend ( been playing around in it since 1999), but now have Adobe CS2 so am trying to grow and learn from that.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

Gosh, I am not sure but the one that quickly comes to mind first is:


"How am I ever to get the key? ( Alice)"


I think I love this picture the most 'cause I really worked hard for this one ...and that it is of my daughter Janel who really does look like Alice in wonderland. It is not photo-manipulated, but in a store that had an Alice in Wonderland theme. They do not allow photography in that store. I got special permission that day and had to go through four managers! The funny thing is that my daughter looks like she is upset about not being able to reach the key. She was really quite upset 'cause she was tired of the fact that I had taken so many pictures of her that day and that eveyone was staring and wanting her attention in the store. I had to look all over for this costume and paid much more than I wanted to for it. It was a fun experience as all the kids kept pointing and saying "Look there's Alice!!" (lol!! It was a surreal experience and remains a highlight in my memory of photoshoots...)

Who/what inspires you?

What is most inspiring to me is looking at all your work each day. I look at the images on here and sometimes find myself in tears or laughing 'till my sides ache. Sometimes I will see something that moves me so deeply that I dream about it. In fact, some of my favorite childhood artists/writers are Monet, Charles Russel, Maxfield Parrish, Samual Clemmons, Lewis Carrol, Dr suess... Then there is Georgy (Georgia, my best real life friend, her work that I see in person inspires me to no end)!

But back to the work on this site. It is what has motivated me to go out and do photoshoots and learn and grow more than I could ever tell you I am grateful for that.


"Red rock canyon thru the Juniper tree!"
(This is the kind of shot I love to take with a naturally framed window to Godglorious creation!!)


How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I look at my work a year ago and compare it to what I know now, and cannot believe how much I have grown. I am the sort of person who learns by just doing and I have spent hundreds of hours on this site and have come further in the last year than the 20 years before - being on Renderosity is better than any art school I feel !! To me, this site is also more than just learning, it is like a family that shares so beautifully. It has changed my life. I am a happier person since I found this site and that is the truth. I have gone on many adventures and done things I might have never done, seen things I would have never seen, and been motivated to do it all beacuse of this site! For that I thank you, for it is a gift that is priceless! My friends on here mean the world to me and my world is a better place and richer because of it!


"Proud Mama of Four!"
(This shot was not wasy to get I had to Slowly crawl on my belly in the dirt and duck poop and got a foot away . it felt like a surreal experiance as that Mama trusted me that day . I will never forget it!!)


Do you have any parting comments or advice to other artists?

Let go of all fear. Be free, let it all come naturally...that is when the magic will happen! Don't worry about what people think or say, just follow your heart as you open it. As you love the world around you and the miracles that happen everyday, look for them and you will surely find them then they will be brought to life through your work.


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    Member Opinions:
    By: bogwoppet on 8/1/06
    Congratulations and very well deserved - I'm so happy for you - enjoy the moment :)

    By: short_ribs on 8/1/06
    Yes a very big congrats to you on this one ;) You sure do deserve it! ;) Have a good month lol :P

    By: Blitzz-Licht on 8/1/06
    Congrats from my Side too. The often different and always wonderful executed works makes your own Style. - Well deserved -

    By: Svenart on 8/1/06
    Congratulations! You have an amazing gallery with much great works. Well deserved.

    By: easyjobrob on 8/1/06
    yes!!!!!!!!!!! about time. Kimarie is undoubtedly one of the most talented photographers on R.

    Well done Kimi!!!

    By: psion005 on 8/1/06
    Well done ... a well desreved win *peace*

    By: aneirin on 8/1/06
    Congratulations to you.

    By: NekhbetSun on 8/1/06
    YAY !!!!!!
    So glad you got it *does a happy dance*
    ~ HUGS ~

    By: Digimon on 8/1/06
    WOW!!!! You go girl!!! This is awesome!!! You so deserve this Kimarie!! You have such a unique style, and you are such a ray of light!! Woohoo!!!!!

    By: babuci on 8/1/06
    Well done girl....hard work payed off! Congartulation!!

    By: bobbystahr on 8/1/06
    Totally deserved for the many fine moments she has supplied almost every day...never stop

    By: mojo1917 on 8/1/06
    kim certainly is prolific and this honor is well deserved, she has a great eye and commitment to her vision.

    By: Hendesse on 8/1/06
    Congratulations for beeing AOM. I'm very happy for you. You really deserve it, your work is fantastic!!! :)

    By: colynn on 8/1/06
    Congrats!! Your work is amazing, I love it!^^

    By: visionart on 8/1/06
    Congratulations Kimmer! I Always Enjoy Viewing Your Fantastic Photography....Perfection At Its Best!!

    By: artgum on 8/1/06
    Congratulations Kim- a very well-deserved award!

    By: DRAKELOT on 8/1/06
    Congratulations to you !!! Fantastic and well deserve !!! ... Antonio.

    By: kenwas on 8/1/06
    Well deserved and fine news indeed! Congrats to you!

    By: Onslow on 8/1/06
    A big congratulations to kimarie for AOM. I see from the EXIF data on your latest posting you have treated yourself to a new camera and computer to celebrate. Hope to see more of your trip to Brooks Falls too.

    By: SPIRESMEDIA on 8/1/06
    congratulations! i've only just recently discovered your work, and immediately added you to faves...wonderful gallery and a well deserved honor!

    tam ;o)

    By: inshaala on 8/1/06
    Hehe, knew it would be you. Enjoy it and well done and deserved, you have some fantastic shots to share! ;)

    By: intro on 8/1/06
    One look at her gallery says it all!
    More like "Artist of all Seasons". Kudos!

    By: Blitzz-Licht on 8/1/06
    Congrats from my side too. Really Like your Style in Photography. Not always the same kind of pictures, often different but always with your unique Style. Well deserved. (-:

    By: TwoPynts on 8/1/06
    Big congrats Kimmers!
    It could happen to a nicer gal, or a more talented artist.

    By: vlaaitje on 8/1/06
    O yes, enjoy this moment...congrats....I like your work

    By: Talt on 8/1/06
    kimarie; you create wonderful and, for me, inspirational images. Congradulations on the well deserved recognition!!

    By: DJB on 8/1/06
    Way to go Kimmers.Not only a very good artistic photographer, but a terrific member cherished by many.

    By: bentchick on 8/1/06
    Yeah Kimmers!!!!!!!!! Your in the spotlight now, girlfriend!!! Enjoy!!! You've got your own special style and people love it!!!! :)

    By: Shari123 on 8/1/06
    A great big CONGRATULATIONS to you Kimarie!

    By: Shardz on 8/1/06
    What a great honor to receive this award and you certainly deserve it very much! Your technique and style is just amazing, but what really astounds me is how you can find so many fantastic and diverse subjects to capture! You always leave a very lengthy description and story with your posts and it's refreshing to know exactly *what* we are viewing! I wish everyone in the photography gallery did that, but alas they don't. Superb work on this award and it couldn't have gone to a sweeter person!

    By: Conniekat8 on 8/2/06
    Oh sweet, Congratulations!
    I'm new here, but quickly noticed Kimmers quality of work, awesome talent, and friendliness! What a great example for all of us!

    By: kimariehere on 8/2/06
    thank you all and please forgive all my typos and spelling errors as i hadnt slept for around 40 hours after just traveling today .. love you all your comments encouragement and support do mean the world to me!!

    By: Dannii on 8/2/06
    Congratulations kimariehere for being artist of the month, it is of course very well deserved. Enjoy your much deserved break.

    By: soffy on 8/2/06
    :) congrats Kim,Im so happy for you,you really deserve it*******Hugzzzzzz :)

    By: Lledeline on 8/2/06
    Congrats !
    Your imagination and kindness always bring in the gallery poetry ,dreams and cheerfulness.
    Thanks for all that and a very deserved AOM/

    By: luvsrunner on 8/2/06
    Hey congratulations, much deserved, much viewed, much appreciated.

    By: girsempa on 8/2/06
    Your approach to life shines through in your works... you're an artist of the heart, and certainly of our hearts! Congratulations, Kimmers!!!

    By: karanta on 8/2/06
    Congratulations :)

    By: rudiruth on 8/2/06
    congratulations to you!!!

    By: YARDOBE on 8/2/06
    fine artist,indeed,and seemingly a finer person as well!

    By: nattarious on 8/2/06
    Congratulations honey for the deep of my heart.. You really deserved it.. And i totally agree with Doug..


    By: JuliaKretsch on 8/2/06
    Congratulations! You have exceptional photographs, Kimarie! Compliments. Julia

    By: kennyliu on 8/2/06
    Congratulaion, Kimmers! well deserved! Regards.

    By: 2Loose2Trek on 8/2/06
    Congrats Kimmers!!! I can't think of anyone more deserving of the honor. Mucho kudos!

    By: lafayette on 8/2/06
    Congratulations Kimmer, it's totally deserved, i am happy for you!

    By: RGUS on 8/2/06
    Whooooo Hoooooo... I knoe someone famous, I know someone famous.... so very well deserved... party, party, party... Whoooo Hoooo

    By: Flannelman on 8/2/06
    3 Cheers ;-]

    By: dan07nad on 8/2/06
    Nice Going

    By: Fotogen on 8/2/06
    Congradulation, You really deserve this. Your work is absolutly amazing.

    By: PhotoAntics on 8/2/06
    Congratulations Kimarie! You have an outstanding gallery. Your eye for lighting is quite keen and refreshing to view. Thank you for sharing your photographic beauty AND your inner beauty with us all.

    By: romanceworks on 8/2/06
    You always share so much of yourself with others, through your creativity and caring. And the love you feel for your art is always so evident. So very glad you received this special honor and thanks for bringing joy and inspiration to us through your photos and stories. CC

    By: Margana on 8/2/06
    It couldn't happen to a sweeter or more talented person.Congratulations Kimmie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By: DennyT on 8/2/06
    My nephew enlisted me to join today and I am very glad he did. Your work is amazing and wonderful. I'm very impressed. Keep up the great work!

    By: rainbows on 8/2/06
    Superb artist, work second to none! More than that a treasured, much valued friend. Congrats Kimmers. Hugs to all. Now go to sleep, sweet one :-) Please.. Di. xxx

    By: DJB on 8/2/06
    Your interview is very inspiring.I am happy to know you and have always admired your art/photography.I will never forget "Smudgie" either. Congrats Kimmers!!!!Looking forward to wht you do with the new camera.

    By: avalonfaayre on 8/2/06
    Whooooh Hoooooo!
    Congratulations Kimmers! I knew you were special from the beginning. I am so happy for you. Keep goin'...

    By: waldomac on 8/2/06
    Hot diggety dog, Kimmers. You deserve it. I was extraordinarily pleased to see you on 'Rosity's front page. Well done!

    By: titta on 8/3/06
    Congrats! Biiiiiig congrats, Kimarie! :-)

    By: gsb on 8/3/06
    Congratulaions, Kimmers! Your pics deserve this price! Regards.

    By: Anjour on 8/3/06
    Congratulations Kimarie...Fantastic art work and well deserve!!!:o)

    By: calico1 on 8/3/06
    Beautiful art. Lovely interview. Congratulations.

    By: jgmart on 8/3/06
    Congratulations! So well deserved. Your work is very beautiful and inspiring. All the best to you :)

    By: nathalie06 on 8/3/06
    Ciao Kimmie !!!! I'm really happy to see that the Winner is..... you, lol, for this AOM. You deserve it, your work is always very impressive and a pleasure for my little eyes. But more than all, your photographies, and your work have always touch my heart. Each composition isn't just a lovely one, but I can feel your sensibility, and I love that. I wish you a very good Holiday my friend, and congratulations again. Hugs. Nathalie

    By: claude19 on 8/3/06
    I like all what make Kimarie. I am proud for her to obtain this award. She is a great artist, and I am very happy when a new shot is uploaded !!!

    By: catmandennis on 8/3/06
    Kim, it does not surprise me that you have finally been chosen for this honor. Your work represents the best of what we artists try to do. I applaud you for this award and for your excellent work. Dennis

    By: coolcatcom on 8/3/06
    Congrats ! Well deserved indeed !

    By: DIANE603 on 8/3/06
    Congrats!! Girlfriend!! No surprise here. You have grown so much since your very first post where we met!! And you are also the best mom in the world!!

    Love ya - Diane

    By: DennisReed on 8/3/06
    Congratulations Kimmers on becoming August 2006 AOM! Well deserved IMHO! ;)

    By: jonbg1 on 8/3/06
    Ah... an here I thought I was the only one who had discovered you. :P
    Congrats!! :D

    By: GiMi53 on 8/3/06
    One could really not think of a better choice to represent the Photography community as AOM... for us, Kimmie you are the Photographer of the Year !
    I love your images and thank you for your friendship... and of course Congrats for this well deserved election !
    Hugs & kisses !

    By: Axeye on 8/3/06
    Your photo's are truly beautiful. Your artistic ability shows in each one! Congratulations!!!

    By: dalroi27 on 8/3/06
    Amazing Artwork! I love Red Rock.... Your artwork is shining as your smile!! So Long !!

    By: marybelgium on 8/3/06
    Bravo ! Congratulations Kimmie ! you deserve it ! Have a wonderful vacation ! Mary

    By: gunsan on 8/3/06
    Congrats very well deserved!!
    I remember your "smudging" beginning, and it is an amazing devellopment you have gone through in such a short time, wonderful to follow. You have given me many moments of beauty and many smiles!

    By: ysvry on 8/3/06

    By: eryt on 8/3/06
    Hey there! been away from rend for quite sometime now..but do ck in ...and Im so happy for you! Your work is, always has been, just exquisite, creative to the max, and an absolute joy to view...congrats..really..double congrats!!

    By: _Bee on 8/3/06
    Absobloominlutely awesome. You are an inspiration to everyone:-) Congrats from Down Under!

    By: tomste on 8/3/06
    Your work deserve it really, congratulations

    By: qmont on 8/3/06
    Congrats Kimmers, I am so glad you got this, your work is full of bueaty, and magic, you are a special person, and it shows in all you art, I hope to see you here at RR for many many more years to come. Bueatiful work my friend, and a well earned honor................John

    By: webshadow on 8/3/06
    Congratulations, my sweet friend...your gallery has always been a place of peace and beauty for me to visit after a long day. You inspire so many of us here with your gracious encouragement, and that fabulous eye you have for capturing the perfect moment. Well-deserved recognition, and a wonderful testament to all that you share with us here. I'm so happy for you!

    By: npauling on 8/3/06
    Congratulations on AOM. You really do deserve it. Your pictures bring such pleasure to everyone and they are always so well presented.

    By: ddaydreams on 8/3/06
    Allow me to be the 82nd one to Congratulate you.

    By: stolenanjel on 8/4/06
    Congrats! You are listed on my favourites. Nice to know I have good taste :D

    By: RodolfoCiminelli on 8/4/06
    Congratulations Kimarie for this prize very deserve.
    You continue with the wonderful work.

    By: chvervalcke on 8/4/06
    Congratulations Kimarie with this AOM award!
    Fantastic work.

    By: deviney on 8/4/06
    I have tears in my eyes reading this,Your heart is so full of love and your creative inspiration has really inspired me.Lov your honesty and commitment to your fantastic art.I think they picked the right one here!you are amazing!Lov you Girl! Ron Deviney!

    By: EweSaidIt on 8/4/06
    Your pictures are really terrific. AOM is well deserved!

    By: Rob2753 on 8/4/06
    Very many congratulations Kim, a very well deserved award !! Well done !! :)

    By: Snow_Angel on 8/4/06
    Kimarie this is so wonderful! I'm so Happy for you ! Congratulations GF, well deserved! You are very talented and great news getting your new camera! Hugss! Snow :)

    By: jhustead on 8/4/06
    Congratulations Kim for becoming the artist of the month. I've never looked through your gallery, but now that I have just looked at the few pictures that were featured here (my favorite one was of the baby ducks and their mother) in your interview for the AOM I'm definitely going to go take a look.

    -James a.k.a. jhustead

    By: southernamazon1957 on 8/4/06
    Congratulations! Your work truly shows your passion for the arts.

    By: DonnaB on 8/4/06
    Congratulations, Kim! Well deserved recognition! :)

    By: 3D_Explorer on 8/4/06

    By: graphixdezine on 8/5/06
    congrats Kim!! Glad you won!! HUGS Neesa

    By: yaknchan on 8/5/06

    Hey it's Dave from Church. Many congrats from the Yaeck family on this honor. When you return from your trip, I would love to get together with you and have coffee to talk more about your photography. Once again, this is well deserved and Congratulations.

    By: leifse on 8/5/06
    Congratulations for beeing AOM, its very well deserved, you have beautiful work in your gallery, always very inspiring to browse through these wonderful images! And you´re so right this is like a big huge family in here, a wonderful place on the web!
    With kindest regards

    By: danob on 8/5/06
    Bravo I am so happy for you and the interview has lots of advice thats just you and would help many to learn from

    By: hewee on 8/5/06
    Wow Kimmer you are great and I remember chating with you when you came here and saying how great your work is and how you need to say around and so glad you did because you keep getting better at what your doing. :) Congratulations to you.

    By: Kinouk on 8/5/06
    Congratulations!!!! Love your photowork. A true job to view!!!! hugz

    By: Kinouk on 8/5/06
    Congratulations!!!! Love your photowork. A true job to view!!!! hugz

    By: ges on 8/5/06
    Congratulations. Keep up with your beautiful work.

    By: redbeard on 8/5/06
    Hey Kim! Congratulations on this well deserved honor. Not only are your photos always diverse and interesting but you are always a delight to hear from and a cheerful and wonderful person. You openly share your life and your vision and show us new ways of looking at things. Well done!

    By: Junglegeorge on 8/5/06
    Congratulations to a title well deserved :-)

    By: brycek on 8/6/06
    Congratulations Kim..a well deserved award!!

    By: CrAzYiNeSs on 8/6/06
    Congrats Madam! =D I am proud to be your adopted son!


    By: GOLDILOCKSUK on 8/6/06
    Ohhhh I just new you'd get recognised what an honour for you. You have a great eye for photography I always picture running round for shots in places people wouldn't normally look lol! I am so pleased for you.

    By: drawlyzer on 8/6/06
    Excellent :-) Congratulations!

    By: B_PEACOCK on 8/6/06
    You deserve it Kim .Bravo :)

    By: Denger on 8/6/06
    Well, it's about time! Congratulations on the long-deserved recognition.

    By: Gog on 8/7/06
    Congratulations, your photography is great, this was well deserved and it was a very talented group that were nominated.

    By: kenmo on 8/8/06
    I am very happy for you Kimmie...It is certainly well deserved...

    God Bless...


    By: 4udreamcatcher on 8/8/06
    Many congratulations, your work is outstanding :O-)

    By: Rick323 on 8/8/06
    A tip of the hat to you Kimmers-A well deserved Kudos-you & your art Rock!!

    By: vbarreto on 8/8/06
    Congratulations kimarie, well deserved!

    By: Buffalo1 on 8/8/06
    Way to go Kimmers. This is a well deserved accolade. You are true artist.

    By: angells on 8/9/06
    Congratulations for a well deserved honor. Your photography is outstanding!!

    By: twiggypeasticks on 8/9/06
    How wonderful to see you skill and art rewarded - congratulations - very well deserved

    By: Lyne on 8/9/06
    Congratulations! Very very well deserved! :-)

    By: Ailarchendil on 8/10/06
    Congratulations! I always enjoy viewing your pictures - vibrant, creative, heart-felt and often uplifting. You have a real talent for showing how beautiful this world can be.

    By: dcarvell on 8/10/06
    Congrats, Kimmers. I know I don't post as often as I used to, but I'm a big fan of your work. It's given me inspiration, most of which will have to wait until I get a "real" camera, but meanwhile, looking forward to seeing much more from you!

    By: Gor111 on 8/10/06
    Wowwww Kimie I'm so happy for you for beeing AOM! I always said that your works are glorious! It took a long time till your fabulous arts got honoured like now! Congratualtion! Hugs Roland

    By: idiot_sphinx on 8/11/06
    Congratulations my friend !! This is well deservered :) You have such a skill with the camera and it certainly shows ! I am so glad to hear of this recent honor to you. ~*Hugs*~

    By: fap77 on 8/11/06
    Congratulations! A deserved award.

    By: goido on 8/11/06
    Congratulations your art is only surpass by your beauty!!

    By: Steak on 8/12/06
    A well earned and much deserved honor for someone that puts her all into her art. Thank you for all your sharing and congrads.

    By: Martinez on 8/12/06
    Congratulations Kimarie with this AOM award!
    I like your arts very much :o))


    By: Loloe on 8/12/06
    Congratulations Kimarie!!!! Well deserved!

    By: Claywoman on 8/12/06
    Wow fantastic shots! Thanks for the interview!

    By: Emberhaze on 8/12/06
    Congrats Kim!! Well deserved!

    By: Christel on 8/12/06
    Congrats Kimmy!!! You deserve this SO much!!! I LOVE your photoes, and your imagination and fantasy to always find fantastic and magical motives *smile*

    Big hugs C

    By: fractalinda on 8/13/06
    A big CONGRATULATIONS, dear Kimarie! Your artwork is inspiring, beautiful and outstanding; a well-deserved win!

    By: alzartz on 8/13/06
    Congrats on this most deserved award! All your works are excellent and of high quality.
    Keep them coming!

    By: evilstoy on 8/15/06
    Congratulations!!! Your work is absolutely beautiful!

    By: frankiemas on 8/15/06
    Wow congratulations Kimarie, your artwork is so gorgeous!!! Wow I would like to see more!!!

    By: SoulSearcherr on 8/15/06
    congrats Kimmie...*S*..

    By: cwk on 8/16/06
    Yaaay Kimmers!!!!! 'Tis a fitting feather in your cap my dear!! Much grinning here!!

    By: trac on 8/17/06
    Congrats. Beautiful work!

    By: Garlor on 8/19/06
    Thanks for your help with Santa
    Monica pier pics, very pleased to see you are featured this month.Love the work.

    By: Syltermermaid on 8/20/06
    Congrats Kimmie, if someone deserved it than you!!!! You really do amazing things to surprise us always with wonderful photos!!!! I love what you are doing and I admire how talented you are in so many ways!!!! Hugs

    By: Pontigary on 8/20/06
    My cordial congratulations, dear Kimarie on being recognized highly - Your sincere and heart-felt artwork and fantastic eye for arts deserve it! Wish You all the best and let the inspiration always guide You to further great accomplishments. With kindest regards to You and Your family (including Lizzy of course ;-) from Pontigary and AnthonyJr!

    By: jif3d on 8/21/06
    Well done, your photography and photoshop skills have really improved over your time here, congets Kimarie ! LOL & *Cheers* :o)

    By: Naichan on 8/22/06
    Just like to say how pleased I am to see you as Artist of the Month!

    By: Arkanias4 on 8/22/06
    Congrats! very well deserved with such a great collection of beautiful pictures in your gallery :)

    By: TRANSCAN on 8/23/06
    Congratulations, really impressive shots..

    By: Burpee on 8/23/06
    Bravo and congratulations!! What a great choice for AOTM and well deserved!!

    By: Syrup on 8/23/06
    Pleased to see your being honoured! :B eaver !

    By: Georgy on 8/24/06
    Congratulations with BIG HUGS my friend. This is so joyous and exciting and this couldnt have happened to a nicer more talented and loving,caring person. Yep well deserved!!!!

    By: diomedes66 on 8/24/06
    Monster hugs dear lady - there is no one better to receive this honour.

    By: Littlejock on 8/25/06
    Excellent!!! and congratualtions. I am in Walles now on my holidays and so happy when see yo like artist of the moth. You deserve it and inspire me also with many of your pictures. Hugs. Luis

    By: pol_redheadgrrl on 8/25/06
    After browsing your gallery - I can only say that I'm in utter awe! /redheadgrrl

    By: kellendor on 8/27/06
    Glad I dropped in to RR today! Just wanted to say "CONGRATS(!) Kiddo!! Way to Go!" Remember I told you way back when that you had talent! I'm so happy for you - well deserved honor!

    Congratulations again!

    By: eres on 8/28/06
    Congratulation!!!! You deserves this place!!!

    By: Maori on 8/28/06
    My most sincere congratulations!!!!

    By: Ladonna on 8/29/06
    Wow, congratulatins. This is amazing. You deserves this place!!!
    I am really so happy for you. Hugs Ilona

    By: Hedepo on 8/29/06
    Congratulations with your award as AOM!!!
    This must have been a special milestone for you on RR and hope to see many more of your fantastic photo's, you did desrve it!!
    (better late then never, I have been on holidays and a break from RR to work on my photo's and to get used to work again .......)
    Best Regards


    By: TIMMYLYNN on 8/30/06
    Congrats! Your work is beautiful!!

    Love and Peace.

    By: nikolais on 8/31/06
    better late....Kim, my congratulations. I strongly believe you are the top pearl in the RR. Keep it up.

    By: royc8 on 8/31/06
    Wow congrats Kimi, wtg girl ; ) I'm really pleased and proud for you!

    By: Cosme..D..Churruca on 8/31/06
    Enhorabuena ! You are an extraordinary artist !

    By: lior on 9/1/06
    Congratulation!You're a very creative artist!!!!!!!!!

    By: Odrah on 9/1/06
    congratulations for ur trajetory as an artist, and thanx for the joy you give us each time we see one of ur atworks!

    By: jayantkumar on 9/24/06
    Serenity is surpassing.
    - Jayant.

    By: dtp on 12/18/06
    I am so happy for u is what u deserve nice 1

    By: Richardphotos on 4/12/07
    deserving allocade

    By: lior on 10/31/07
    Well diserved Kimarie!

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