June 2006 MOM pretty3d

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June 2006 MOM pretty3d | pretty3d, VOM
Who is pretty3d? At the beginning, Pretty3D consisted of only an account for sharing my products with other people but then it became �Pretty3D World� and I don�t know where it will go from here. :) How long have you have you been rendering? I truly started to deal with 3D graphics in 2000. This interest was about animation in the beginning because 3D graphics provides you with an endless universe to express your imagination in and this universe is only limited by such. What are you currently working on? The products which I make for Renderosity are especially realistic or fantasy outfits for Poser. I�m also involved in business projects beyond Renderosity: 3D Max animation for advertisements and some educational programs for universities. We have also been contacted by a game company interested in us creating 3D models for a computer game. What software do you use and why? I use 3D studio Max 7 for modelling. I think 3D Max is the strongest tool for modelling and animations. Especially since it surpassed �Maya� which was it�s sole rival since version 5 because it has very useful tools for modelling, animation and special effects and a very friendly users� interface. I certainly recommend it to friends who want to start to model or make animation. You also must know an image editing program like Photoshop. If I�m making a Poser product, I absolutely use Morph Manager, UWMapper and Scaler which are small but very useful programs. I sometimes use wordpad to control Poser scripts for fine settings but as I said in my previous interview: the most useful tool is Winamp for me. ;) Do you have any advice for getting started selling 3D work? Actually, I gave some advice above in my previous answer but I could say that this job is an art so it is impossible to advance if you don�t have the required abilities. If you believe that you have enough skill and feel determined enough, you should check to see if your mental condition is also ok or not. Of course I�m joking. :) First, you must try to express something that is original in your mind. Don�t imitate and don�t forget that imitation only exalts the original. Some books and some tutorials would be very useful sources for you. Renderosity is also a unique library for you. Where do you find inspiration for your products? The life that I�m living and my imagination are the most important inspirations for me. How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning? Actually, I was doing this job as a hobby but I met a community like this through Renderosity. Since then, I have a lot of friends and I�ve learnt a lot of things. By the way, Renderosity brought my products, professionally, to a wider range of customers and in doing so made me known to more people and as a natural result, it forced me to do better and renew myself everyday. Do you have any final words? I guess this is the moment of thanks. I want to extend my thanks quickly, without delaying you further. First, I wish to thank my dear partner �Mytilus� ( Ibrahim), thanks to my wife for her support and patience, thanks to my colleagues and friends at �Pretty3D World�.( Scatha, Sam, Archode, Priscoan, Dejavu and special thanks to a special friend Nirvy). A special thanks to the kind and supportive Renderosity Team who gave me this honor for the second time. ( A special thanks above all to Clint, Debbie, Caroline and Karen ). Thanks to my vendor friends. A big thanks to my customers for showing interest in my products and of course thank you for taking the time from your busy day to read this interview.
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Member Opinions:
By: mytilus on 6/1/06
Hey buddy you did it again! Congratulations! Well deserved..I'm sure we'll see you as merchant of the year.. Keep up your works and go ahead full throttle.

By: mapps on 6/1/06
Congratulations, much deserved :-)

By: StevieG1965 on 6/1/06
Yahoo! Congrats and much deserved! Your stuff rocks and I'm always looking to see if you have put anything new out to play with.

By: outoftouch on 6/1/06
Well deserved :) Love your stuff!

By: Ravenhair on 6/1/06
Very well deserved!!! Congratulations!!!

By: rasputina on 6/1/06
congratulations. :)

By: Sayaka on 6/1/06
Congratulations !!!

By: LeChatDesigns on 6/1/06
I love your content! All the best to you!

By: kainxxx2000 on 6/1/06
woot you deserved it!!! I love you stuff you created!!!!! all your products are great!!!

By: infinity10 on 6/2/06
Cool, congrats.

By: hahtor on 6/2/06

By: nirvy on 6/2/06
You deserve it no doubt! Your professionalism and precision work is unique and your models always "Avant-Guarde" in the Poser fashion World!
Congrats, totally heartfelt, to you and all your Team!BRAVO!!!!!!

By: laetia on 6/2/06
:) Congrats!! I'm real happy for you! I love your stuff - I loved seeing it come up in pending and getting to test it. Keep up the great work!!!

By: Bice on 6/2/06
My friend, I say it again and again: You are the best!!! Hugs and kisses to you!!! :o)

By: Lisbeth on 6/2/06
Congratulation :o) Well deserved!!

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 6/2/06
Congratulations :)

By: Seven Wolves on 6/2/06
Hey! Great job, and well deserved. I've got several of your outfits and they are all fabulous!

Seven Wolves

By: jarbeard on 6/3/06
Well Done

By: calico1 on 6/3/06
Congratulations!! Well deserving.

By: vshane on 6/3/06

By: priscoan on 6/4/06
Heey superman, congratulations.. I love your products and your sytle. U really deserve it, like MOY deserving. I think it is reserving for you, if u'll continue to do unique products..

By: karanta on 6/4/06
Congratulations :)

By: rebelmommy on 6/4/06
Congratu;ations! You make such incredible products that is no suprise to see you as MOM and I would not be any more suprised to see you as Merchant of the Year. I look foward to seeing more great products from you!

By: metal_3d on 6/5/06
this is a good interview, this will make u do a lot of works...
Congra. and i love or ur products...

By: Archode on 6/6/06
Congratulations! I hope I'll say it again when Pretty3d is shown as "merchant of the year" at the top of the left side on the page.

By: jennblake on 6/6/06
You are an amazing creator and merchant, and this is very well deserved. Congratulations!!

By: Ilenora on 6/7/06
Ah, did my comment get deleted because it said a few small words of "not" praise? All I said was that I didn't like the pulling down tops... That wasn't supposed to be an insult :) Oh well, congratulations! You deserve it ^_^

By: chick-e-poo on 6/7/06

By: cosmoz on 6/7/06
Superb attention to detail where quality is safely assumed, you have long set the standard.
Congratulations on your most deserved recognition!

By: dorkati on 6/8/06
Congratulations! And thanks for all of your stuff :)

By: 4blueyes on 6/9/06
Congratulations! You well deserved to be the Merchant of the Month :)

By: MadALyice on 6/10/06
Congratulations! I love Pretty 3D!

By: stephaniebt on 6/11/06
Congratulations, you make beautiful stuff :)

By: orion1167 on 6/12/06
Always an honor to see you here again my friend. Your work is inspiring and talent top rated. Continue the exceptional work Tayfun.


By: BigRedKane on 6/13/06
Congrats Pretty3D, it was great to read about the guy behind the fantastic products. keep up the cool work.

By: Shardz on 6/14/06
Your products are outstanding and you truly deserve this great honor of recognition! Congratulations on a job well done!

By: brut69 on 6/14/06
Really nice stuff you got there mate. Keep up the good work.

By: WiXie on 6/14/06
You are my number one :-))) Keep up the good work and so much congratulations form me.

By: juliekitty on 6/16/06
I LOVE your products! You do a fantastic job.

By: Kazam561 on 6/17/06
Congratulations! Excellent work Pretty3d! Bravo!

By: B_PEACOCK on 6/17/06
Congradulations . You do deserve it . I love every thing you do from your art to your modeling .Thank you

By: EventMobil on 6/18/06
Congratulations from 'just a user', not yet able to create figures or props by myself. But like many others I'm able to morph and put pretty nice pictures together. So where would I be without people like you? Thank you for not only SELLING your stuff, but especially for sharing a wide range of beautiful pieces as free stuff! I'm a great admirer of your products, and pretty3d is (as I think) already a legend among other pioneers of 3d-art.

By: turkuaz on 6/19/06
congratulations! I hope to see you as merchant of the year...

By: calico1 on 6/28/06
Congratulations. Love your creativity.

By: ilona on 6/28/06
Congratulations!!!!!!!! This is so well deserved! Thank you so much for all the amazing things you have done for all of us and as I mentioned before, making our lives easier and our products and images looking so much better!! Youre an inspiration!

By: Pretty3D on 6/29/06
Thanks for all kind words and great comments. It is more satisfied for me to win the people's appreciations than earning the money. You can believe me that I'll continue to make more quality and better products for you ;)
Thanks again.

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