April 2006 AOM - Matthieu

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The M onth [AOM] — The April AOM artist is from the Cinema 4D Gallery. We congratulate Matthieu [Matthieu Roussel], for his outstanding collection of Cinema 4D images


Who is ''Matthieu"?
Hello, I'm a French freelance illustrator, living in the south of France in the countryside, with my wife and my three children. I used to work whith ad agencies, publishing houses, and a press magazine.

How long have you been involved in computer graphics?
I bought my first computer, an Apple Powermac 7300, in 1997, and after three months I used to do all my artwork with Photoshop. Some months later, I bought Strata3d and started into doing 3d.

Do you have traditional art experience?
Yes, I started as a free-lance illustrator in 1991. I worked with pastel, painting, and ink, producing traditional illustrations. I was also modelling with clay. I made models, took photos of them, and I did the post work with Photoshop. It was a heavy method to make 3d illustrations, but then I discovered Strata3d.

What are you currently working on?
I'm working on a children's book for an editor, I'm illustrating a mascott for an ad agency, and a couple of things for a press magazine. This is the program of this week.

"After the rain"

What software/equipment do you use and why?
I have two Apple g5 dual 2ghz computers, and I work with Cinema 4D and Photoshop all day. Cinema 4D is a powerful piece of software; very easy to use and to learn. Modelling is a real pleasure, and renders are just perfect for me (not too long, and a very good quality of HDRI).

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?
For the moment, it is "The last elephant". I think I succeeded in showing emotion in this illustration. I tell the story of the full life of the character, with the least number of elements and details. Your imagination can make the rest.

"The last elephant"

Why do you like to work with 3D software?
Because I love the 3 dimensions. Even if this one is virtual, you can't touch it, the result is so rich you only have to imagine and you can see it on the screen of your computer. Magical!

Who or what inspires you?
I don't know really, everything around me and the world where we live. The countryside is very inspiring, and I have the chance to live in nature.The city is very inspiring too, and I like to go to Paris to keep the feeling of this "other world " which is not mine for the moment.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
It is always motivating to post illustrations on Renderosity, because people help you in their critiques or comments. Sometimes it becomes like a game, as you imagine the personality of people who make the comments. It's a good way for inspiration of course, as I am always looking at different galleries and talents.

Do you have any parting comments or advice for other Artists?
You have to find your own graphic style to be free in your creation. Don't try to make things like this one or another, you will do better in a different way. Thanks to all the people who work for Renderosity, giving the opportunity for everybody to show art work from all continents.

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  • March 27, 2006
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    Member Opinions:
    By: demonfirefly on 3/27/06
    Congratulations!!! :0)

    By: virtuallyhistorical on 3/27/06
    A well diserved award! Big Confrats!

    Mak & Pete

    By: Akhira on 3/27/06
    Congratulations Matthieu, you deserve it !

    Your gallery is very original !

    By: shakes on 3/27/06
    big congrats Matt! so well deserved! you're one of the hardest working and talented artists in 3d. love your stuff- it's brilliant!

    By: tmathise on 3/27/06
    YAY! Congratulations buddy! Your fantastic work certainly merits the AOM honor, that's for sure. I'm so happy for you. BTW, I love your gallery! Lots of excellent work there. Splendid!

    By: ratracer on 3/28/06
    I didn't know your work. My loss until now.
    Fantastic pictures. Technically great, but what stands out most is the originality and humour.
    It takes 3d to new levels.

    By: Perry6 on 3/28/06
    Congratulations! I always enjoy seeing your latest work! Hope your Children's Book is a big success!

    By: asiadog on 3/28/06
    Well, Its about time! You do wonderful work. One of my favorites on this site for sure.

    By: mommavelvet9999 on 3/28/06
    AWESOME!!!!!!!! Congratulations on a well deserved award! Love your gallery too!

    By: 3D_Explorer on 3/28/06
    Congratulations Matt! I'm a big fan. I love how your renders always have a narative.

    By: CreamCity3d on 3/28/06
    Il y a longtemps depuis j'ai vu votre travaille, mais tes images sont toujours amusant et de qualité superbe. Nice to see you are getting work in the US too!

    By: psion005 on 3/28/06
    Fantastic art... Some of the best 3d i have ever seen.. A well deserved win :)

    By: vasquez on 3/29/06
    one of the best 3D artist out there!
    congrats Matthieu!!!!!

    By: joshus_hund on 3/29/06
    Congrats! Your work is outstanding. So original and charming!

    By: handlebar on 3/29/06
    Well deserved, i'm a big fan. Always amazed at the speed you work.

    By: Eugenius on 3/29/06
    Felicitations! Tu es un tres bon artist avec beaucoup d'imagination et sense d'humeur.

    By: karanta on 3/29/06
    Congratulations !!! :D
    Very well deserved! You´ve got such a wonderful gallery :)

    By: memaci on 3/29/06
    Congratulations Matthieu. It was nice to read the interview to learn more about you. Much success on all your future projects and thanks so much for sharing your vision here at Renderosity for all of us to enjoy.

    By: TheWingedOne on 3/30/06
    It was about time to see you on the frontpage, Matthieu. Very well deserved and I'm looking forward to your next images. Keep it up! :)

    By: rockets on 3/30/06
    Wow, I just visited your gallery for the first time and I LOVE your work! Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration!! Carol

    By: TwoPynts on 3/31/06
    If you don't deserve this honor, then no-one does. :]

    By: CLDG on 4/1/06
    Bravo pour cette nomination ! Votre travail est vraiment super et original ! le style cartoon est très réussi et la modélisation est impécable. bonne continuation et encore bravo pour cet excellent travail.

    By: vshane on 4/1/06

    By: Claywoman on 4/1/06
    Congratulations and thank you for the inspiration and beautiful work you share~

    By: wolfomatisch on 4/2/06

    congrats....excellent gallerie...fantastic style u diserve it

    By: stealthman on 4/2/06
    I'm so glad you're featured here now! It's about time! I've been enjoying your work for a few years now, and I have to say that your attention to detail and the emotion of your characters is always an incredible joy to view...

    I'm glad I didn't miss this as I'm not on Rosity as much as I used to be... I hope your freelance business continues to thrive! Good luck my friend... ~ stealthman

    By: dragounsleer on 4/3/06
    conratulations! i took the time to go through much of your work. i'm shocked at the consistency. i failed to find a single image that didn't fit in with the rest. your work is exceptional. all attractive, all with a touch of humor or sweetness or melancholy and/or personality that is all you. i'm very impressed.

    By: idiot_sphinx on 4/6/06
    Congratulations :) You are very creative and deserve this !

    By: cartesius on 4/8/06
    Truly well deserved, Matt! I love your work and imagination :)

    By: kromekat on 4/8/06
    Very well deserved award!

    By: JnM92 on 4/10/06
    HUray!!!, finally, you deserved it!!!!!!

    By: chrispoole on 4/10/06
    Yes, you truly deserve the recognition, your talent is many fold and it's a pleasure to share this site with such an incredible artist. Although I have to avoid accidently showing your gallery when showing somebody mine LoL.

    By: Anjour on 4/10/06
    Congratulations Matthieu, very well deserved...:o)

    By: leifse on 4/14/06
    You have very beautiful and creative work in your gallery, congratulations with this award!

    By: kenmo on 4/15/06
    One of the true talents...excellent vision and skills... Always a pleasure to visit his gallery...

    By: plejer33 on 4/16/06
    one on top of my favorite artist
    keep the good work matthieu

    By: BGHart on 4/20/06
    Mes felicitations, Matthieu. Ton travail est vraiement exceptionel et tu as un style tres reconnaissable. J'adore. :)

    By: drifterlee on 4/25/06
    Congratulations!!! I love your work!!! I watched a special on (USA TV) 20-20 about saving elephants in Africa and so your work has even more meaning for me. Hugz, drifterlee

    By: novelist999 on 1/26/07
    Congratulations! Outstanding work! So creative and original! Your work truly tells a story. And I love your bold sense of color.

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