February 2006 AOM - stonemason

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] — February's AOM artist is from the 3D Studio Max gallery. We congratulate stonemason [Stefan Morrell] for his outstanding collection of 3D Studio Max images.

Who is stonemason and how did you come by your username?
I worked as a stonemason for several years before getting an interest in CG art. I was doing a lot of historical restoration of old stone buildings as well as newer commercial buildings.

One of my earliest commercial products at Renderosity was a stone wall texture set. It was not only photographed by me, but the walls themselves were mostly built by me.

How's that for ensuring your copyrights are in order :) (lol)

Anyway..I found Renderosity while browsing the net looking for art sites. I wasn't expecting this to become my second home so choosing a username didn't exactly get a lot of thought. In retrospect I should have used my real name..Stefan Morrell. Though from a commercial standpoint the name 'stonemason' has a value of it's own so it's worth keeping. I'm born & bred in New Zealand.

How long have you have you been creating computer graphics?
About 3 years

Do you have traditional art experience?
No, I'm mostly self taught. I tend to crash through programs ..pushing buttons & wreaking havoc. Eventually you get a grasp of the tools & they become a part of the creative arsenal. I've always made art in one form or another though..pencils, pens, clay, stone, paint, photos, mashed potatoes..etc, etc..whatever works.

What are you currently working on?
Recently my attention is on private comissioned work and learning more about Matte painting/camera mapping.

What software/equipment do you use and why?
3dsmax for it's ability to do pretty much anything you can think of. I've also yet to see a polygon toolset that can match it. I use Z-brush for sculpting high-res geometry & generating displace maps, Photoshop for textures & any 2d work,& a good digital camera for texture & resource collecting.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?
I hope it will be my next one! But, I don't know. Once an image is done I rarely go back & ponder it. Everything kind of blends into the next one.

Why do you like to work with 3D/2D software?
The freedom it allows. cntrl-z is something I could never do with oil painting or stone carving..ultimately just the massive assortment of tools that are available.

Who/what inspires you?
Anything..everything. One of my sci-fi scenes was inspired by the underside of an 18 wheeler while sitting at traffic lights. Others are created with the idea of simply making something that looks cool. Actually that's probably my philosophy in art..'make it look cool'. There are no deep messages in my images. It's just eye candy :)

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
I've met some great friends here at Renderosity, friendships that have even grown into business partnerships. I've also found the forums are a great place for learning.

Parting Comments/Advice to other Artists?
Have fun!

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    Member Opinions:
    By: almeidap on 2/1/06
    Wonderful images! I can't say enough about this guy...he's a double threat, I'm surprised he didn't win Artist and Merchant of the Month! Well deserved!

    By: Bobbie25 on 2/1/06
    well done stone many hugz

    By: BrokenAngel9 on 2/1/06
    Sweet, well deserved, and I'm not too sure what's better, his gallery or his store!;-)
    Congrats Stefan!

    By: ratracer on 2/1/06
    Great works so your AOM award is truly deserved(against great competition)! Sincere congrats!

    By: bucketload3D on 2/1/06
    CONRATULATIONS Stefan!!!!!!!! ... now to let every rendergod know about it :) ... *runs away*

    By: faveral on 2/1/06
    Yeah !!! Congrats bud!

    By: karanta on 2/1/06
    Congratulations :) Well deserved!

    By: artroland on 2/1/06
    Congrats... where would I be without my Stonemason goodies? Where would my sci-fi renders go without Level19 and the standalone props? I wouldn't have even made it to Dystopia!

    Way to go Stefan!

    By: noggin on 2/1/06
    Well deserved! Not only the best environmental modeller in poserdome_ not only a great organic creature modeller_ a great artist and photographer.
    This guy is superhuman (or maybe he's an alien and that's a self portrait!)
    Well done stefan!
    best wishes

    By: garblesnix on 2/1/06
    Excellent choice.
    His work is extraordinary.

    By: Moebius87 on 2/1/06
    My deepest respects to you, Stefan. You are an awesome talent, an exceptional modeler, a superb texture artist, an amazing conceptual visionary and above all, a tremendous human being. Your generosity to this community is as inspirational as your talents, my friend. This is well deserved recognition.

    Cheers! — Möe
    (founding member, stonemason fan club)

    By: caleb68 on 2/1/06
    about time! Wooohooo stonemason!! congrats mate!

    By: SndCastie on 2/1/06
    Congratulations and well deserved.

    By: Laurie S on 2/1/06
    Congrats Stefan, well done and well deserved!

    By: vlgraphics on 2/1/06
    Congratulations! Awesome work all the way around!

    By: IO4 on 2/1/06
    Congratulations - you make great models and are a talented artist aswell:)

    By: thefixer on 2/1/06
    Well deserved of course, never seen his gallery before, superb stuff in there and of course his products are "must haves". Big congratulations!

    By: cosmoz on 2/1/06
    The very best edge of graphics...Well deserved.
    Thanks for your many freebies as well!
    Your images pull toward another reality_inspired.

    By: vt100 on 2/1/06
    Very well done Stefan and About time too!

    By: Blarghd on 2/1/06
    Great to see you as AoM I know you how you tried to avoid this but hey, you really deserve it your models are great

    By: Lucca on 2/1/06
    I could see why you won this award when I visited your gallery. :) Congratulations!

    By: RGUS on 2/1/06
    Top man, top man.... Congrats Stefan... well deserved!

    By: gulu on 2/1/06
    Well done All your things...

    By: madmaxh on 2/1/06
    Your stuff is the best. Congrats and hats off to you!

    By: Sans2012 on 2/1/06
    Congrats! Love all your works;)

    By: shadow_dancer on 2/1/06
    congrats Stefan well deserved

    By: FaustoLucianCain on 2/1/06
    Congrats Stone! A well deserved honor.

    By: MOOOW on 2/1/06
    You are a great artist my dear friend ,wonderful modeling,textures and imagination very creattive love you artworks ,best luck in you life Congrats Stefan!well deserved!!!

    By: korrektor on 2/2/06
    congrats!!! you are hte BESTEST!!! :"_)

    By: kirisute on 2/2/06
    an awesome artist! well deserved reckoning by the community! Bravo!

    By: maraich on 2/2/06
    Congrats! I love your cats - have Basil up as wallpaper now.

    By: darthrhett on 2/2/06
    i concur with everything so far said.

    By: TheWingedOne on 2/2/06
    Congrats Stefan,very well deserved indeed. I'm looking forward to your interview. :)

    By: illusioner on 2/2/06
    Well deserved! Congratulations! I love your products and your images .. you are ACE!

    By: SeanE on 2/2/06
    nice and shiney trophy isn't it? :+P

    By: elektra on 2/2/06
    Stef - Congrats! You earned it, darlin!

    By: pascual on 2/2/06
    Congratulations,a great artist you are.

    By: drawbridgep on 2/2/06
    Certainly well deserved. Come back to rendergods.com real soon.

    By: psion005 on 2/2/06
    Your work is very inspirational... :) A well deserved award!

    By: SGT2005 on 2/2/06
    Congrats steph couldnt happen to a nicer guy....
    Again Congradulation

    By: LisaB on 2/2/06
    A well deserved honor for an awesome artist! Congratulations, Stefan! :)

    By: Nevermore on 2/2/06
    It's high time you got this sort of recognition. Warmest congrats. :o)

    By: lahavana on 2/2/06
    Congratulations, best wishes and keep it up! :)

    By: kmw on 2/2/06
    I hate you. :)

    By: richardson on 2/2/06
    Aye! Someone I respect! Poser, Zbrush, Lightwave and who knows what else. A decent award for a great mind.

    By: ramhernan on 2/2/06
    Congrats, Stone Man! :) well deserved recognition, pal.

    By: RoseMoxon on 2/2/06
    congrat... i enjoy your products immensely.

    By: Eugenius on 2/2/06
    Congratulations! You are an exceptionally talented artist deserving this nomination.

    By: neutron29 on 2/2/06
    Congratulations and well deserved. You always produce stunning models that inspire us all.


    By: animajikgraphics on 2/2/06
    Adding my congratulations to you Stefan!
    Long overdue!
    Best, AniMajik

    By: AgentSmith on 2/3/06
    Congrats Stefan! WELL deserved, imho...;o)

    By: turner on 2/3/06
    Was the cat done in ZBrush?


    By: MajinBoo on 2/3/06
    3DArtist, photographer,merchant a real Renaissance Man for Renderosity. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!

    By: stonemason on 2/3/06
    wow,thanks for all the comments..I'm truly honoured to be voted by my peers as AOM..let alone as an artist :)
    I see a few familiar names up here too,some I've known as long as I've been coming here..I must say it's a great pleasure being a pat of this commuiniy & I'm honoured to call you my friends,
    many thanks for the support :-)

    PS:interview coming over the weekend

    By: oooZENOooo on 2/3/06
    Well done Stefan.

    Thoroughly deserved!

    By: Turtle on 2/3/06
    Bravo! You earned this honor.

    By: kathym on 2/3/06
    Congrats!! Am a BIG HUGE fan of his work. By far the best I've ever seen. If anyone deserves an award, its Stefan.

    By: Houben on 2/3/06
    congratulations men :)

    By: butterfly_fish on 2/3/06
    Congratulations, Stefan! You deserve all the praise we can heap on you. :-) *hugs*

    By: GrayCloudDesign on 2/3/06
    Congratulations Stefan, well deserved honor!

    By: thundering1 on 2/3/06
    Congratulations Stephan - major fan! You've got some of the most awe-inspiring modelling and rendering skills here! Well deserved!

    By: bogwoppet on 2/3/06
    Congratulations you really deserve this, I really love your products and artwork and often visit your website. Keep up the excellent :)

    By: doarte on 2/3/06
    Congratulations, Stefan. Image Master!

    By: infinity10 on 2/3/06
    yay, congrats !

    By: Dave-So on 2/3/06
    Stefan .... 5 thumbs up !!!!

    You're awesome, man ... as an artist and a modeler.. both even :)

    I saw you over at Sub-D ... you could be the teacher :)

    By: RodolfoCiminelli on 2/4/06
    Wonderful modelling and work, splendid artist.
    Congratulations, a award very well deserve ..!!!

    By: tesign on 2/4/06
    Congratulation!..Great work!...keep them coming!

    By: Malstorm on 2/4/06
    well done Stefan...i've alwayz enjoyed your models and your art garlley...you also do some wonderful free stuff...so two thumbs up and Congratulations!!!

    By: wolf359 on 2/4/06
    Congrats bro!!!

    By: Lion on 2/5/06
    Congratulations! Awesome work all the way around!

    By: SamTherapy on 2/5/06
    Many congreatulations.

    By: Ironhelix on 2/5/06
    The quality of work in your models is unparalleled. Congratulations and keep up the great work. I'm definately a fan.

    By: Rochr on 2/5/06
    Most definitely well deserved. Congratulations! :)

    By: ogzapatah on 2/5/06

    By: ErrantMinion on 2/6/06
    Really well deserved :) Congrats ;)

    By: tralfaz on 2/6/06
    Congrats, a talented modeler but a talented artist also! Great work in your gallery.

    By: Shardz on 2/6/06
    Congratulations, Stefan! You truly deserve this great honor and you are an incredible inspiration to so many here! Your work is so meticulously detailed and of the highest quality and it's always a treat to see what you come up with next! I look forward to the future!

    By: chimera46 on 2/7/06
    What can I say, you seem to ooze talent out of every pore, you should bottle it!

    By: Azr1el on 2/8/06
    Congratulations! Very well deserved! :)

    By: mapps on 2/8/06
    Congrats dude!

    By: xiao_x on 2/8/06
    congrat dude~~~

    By: marcfx on 2/9/06
    Very well deserved. Congratulations! :)

    By: Aery_Soul on 2/9/06
    Hi Stefan! Glad to read the interview and to see you awarded as AOM, it's certainly a very well deserved honour! Thanks for sharing your artworks and your models. Congrats!! As Shanim & Siliphiel

    By: Richard T on 2/9/06
    Congratulations! Your artwork and modeling are inspirational.

    By: Valentina on 2/10/06
    absolutelly well deserved ! Amazing products, amazing art ! All my respect !

    By: sirocco on 2/10/06
    Congratulations! Cool interview :-)

    By: idiot_sphinx on 2/11/06
    Excellent honor stonemason !!! Congrats !!~******~!!

    By: BigRedKane on 2/11/06
    Congrats Stonemason, well deserved. :-)

    By: jadedjane on 2/11/06
    I don't think there's anything I could add that wouldn't echo the sentiments of nearly a hundred other people before me. A hundred more congrats still wouldn't measure up to what you truly deserve for your outstanding artistic accomplishments. I suppose I could just say thank you for being an inspiration to so many people (including me), and for giving so much to this and other art communities. Well deserved, Stefan!! :)

    By: LeapingWolf on 2/12/06
    What can I say "Graphics Master", items for rendering and all this its amazing to say the least.

    A well deserved award and title AoM, Congratulations and dont slack off now. We still need that inspiration and influance.

    By: maraich on 2/12/06
    I just finished a render using the Darkstar and I just had to come by and thank you for putting so much work and love into your creations. I didn't have to do a darn thing to the Darkstar and it looks gorgeous!

    Congrats again!

    By: Robotmonster on 2/12/06
    A well-deserved AOM. I love your stuff! Yoúr displacement technique is among the best I've seen yet. Keep it up!

    By: npauling on 2/13/06
    Well deserved. Your cats are so real. From one kiwi to another congratulations.

    By: omac2 on 2/14/06
    Your models are excellent, your art is even better !!. Congrats!

    By: Flak on 2/15/06
    Heya Stef, huge congrats buddy!! Good to see you get the award - thoroughly well deserved. *cracks open a XXXX and hands it to stonemason*

    By: Syrup on 2/16/06
    Congrats Stefan you praise is well earned! :B eaver !

    By: tempest967 on 2/17/06
    Congrats to one of the best artists out there.

    By: summer1412 on 2/17/06
    Congrats, you deserve it!

    By: sacada on 2/18/06
    Congratulations and well deserved!!!

    By: alienardo on 2/23/06
    Thanks for your work. Do you have a mason tender?
    You have great futures and great ruins.

    By: StudioTjeerd on 2/24/06
    Congrats! You deserve it!

    By: Greybro on 2/25/06
    Overal you're probably my favorite artist right now. Congrats on being "The Man"

    By: Poisen on 2/26/06
    Congrates Stephan,
    A well deserved award!


    By: OpenMindDesign on 2/28/06
    Congratulations :)

    By: richke on 2/28/06
    Congrats, even though it's coming from a new guy. love your work.

    By: maxxxmodelz on 2/28/06
    I seem to be late to the party. Congratulations, Stefan!

    By: Mec4D on 8/25/07
    Yes..and I am really late but better later as never.. Congrats Stef! ;)..have to catch up everything, sorry !

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