Modeling, Texturing And Rigging A Republic P47 - Part 1

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Modeling, Texturing And Rigging A Republic P47 - Part 1

Part 1: Creating A Reference Setup

Over the next few weeks, guest columnist Anders Lejczak [bazze] shares his Cinema 4D expertise with the Renderosity community. Anders’ combines his passion for airplanes and his talent as a CG Modeler to bring you this outstanding tutorial series: Modeling, Texturing and Rigging a Republic P47. This week, Part 1: Creating A Reference Setup!

Before we start modeling our aircraft we need some sort of aid that will help us get the shape and proportions right. Without a proper reference setup this would be very difficult. All kind of blueprints are available on the net. My favorite source is Sky Corner.

[Editors Note: additional blueprint links can be found at the bottom of the page.]

Finding Decent Blueprints

I have downloaded 2 sheets with blueprints like these you see in this picture. I can't use them as they are because they need some 2D editing first.

As you see in the next picture I will create one top view, one side view, one front view and several cross section views from these blueprints.

Creating Textures For The Reference Planes

Make sure that your textures all have the same size (for example 1024*1024) and that the blueprints are correctly scaled.

The thin green lines just illustrates that I compare the wingtips etc to make sure that everything is scaled correctly.

The red crosses are used to mark the middle of the texture. These come in handy in the next step.

Aligning The Planes

Create 3 new planes, one for the bottom view, one for the side view and one for the front view. Apply the top, side and front textures and align the planes so that the red lines meet (marked with green circles). Make the planes editable and delete the polygons you don't need.

Setting The Shader/Texture Preview Properties

To be able to view the blueprints even if you are in wireframe mode you need to add a display tag to the planes. Edit the display tag and check "use shading mode Guarag shading.”

This is not all. The blueprints are visible but very blurred/low res. Put the blueprint texture in the color channel and set the "texture preview size" to 1024*1024 in the illumination channel. Now the blueprints should appear as sharp as in the image below.

Setting Up The Cross Sections

The above image shows how the cross sections are set up. Create a new plane and apply one of the cross section textures (don't forget to use the shader setting I described in the previous paragraph). Align the plane so that the red lines meet (marked with green circles) and move the plane into position. The green arrow shows that cross section "A" is moved into the place where "A" is marked on the side view. Delete all the polygons from the cross section plane that you don't need.

Repeat the procedure for each cross section until you have something that looks like this. The reference setup file is available for download in the next chapter if you wish to download it instead of creating it yourself.

Blueprint sources

  • Sky Corner
  • Luft '46

  • Second Week: Part 2: Modeling

    We invite you to visit:
  • [bazze] Anders Lejczak's Renderosity Home Page
  • [bazze] Anders Lejczak's Renderosity Home Art Gallery
  • [bazze] Anders Lejczak's Renderosity MarketPlace
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  • Anders Lejczak's personal web site

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    We would like to thank guest columnist Anders Lejczak [bazze]
    for this outstanding tutorial series.
    Anders has been a member of Renderosity for over 6 years.
    As a Cinema 4D artist his Renderosity Art Gallery
    combines his passion for airplanes and his talent as a CG Modeler.
    Jan 23, 2006

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    By: ysvry on 1/24/06
    great show.;)

    By: tantarus on 1/25/06
    Very interesting tutorial, cant wait the part 2 :)

    By: randyrives on 1/26/06
    Good looking Tut. Looking forward to part 2

    By: nickcharles on 1/29/06
    Great work, Anders!

    By: UVDan on 1/30/06
    Thanks for taking the time to do this. I always find your models to be top notch. This looks pretty much like the same setup we use in Rhino.

    By: JFandL on 2/5/06
    Very good lay out work and Outstanding airframe scale with the 3 views.

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