March's Merchant of the Month - plazio

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March's Merchant of the Month - plazio
How did you get started in 3D art?

I started to play CG in the far 1987 with Aegis Animator on the great Amiga500.

What software do you use and why?

For Creating original mesh or modelling an existing figure i like to use Lightwave3d, because itís easy to use and itís a very powerful modelling tool.

Photoshop for texturing and I cannot deny that I use other indispensable free tools like UVMapper, MorphManager and the great MTMirror.

Any advice for getting started in selling 3D work?

My advice is just to work at what you like.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

I believe that the creation of a 3D model is not like painting a picture, there is no need of a true and own inspiration, but it starts with a concrete idea that you have to realize through your own knowledge, your own means and the will to go beyond your own limits.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Renderosity has actively contributed to the development of my techniques and knowledge on 3d. The sections forum and tutorial were really useful in order to learn all the several techniques that now I can boast to know. Here on Renderosity I met persons with which I can often exchange technical considerations and precious advices to be able to succeed to the best in my 3D jobs and I want to gather the occasion to thank them.

Thanks to Masa,
Arduino, Steno (AMITICIIIII!).
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Member Opinions:
By: Shademaster on 3/3/02
Congratulations plazio! Always been a fan of Latexa and will be forever!

By: mgarramone on 3/3/02
lo sapevo che diventavi famosoooooooooooooo :)
sei sempre il migliore

MARIO (ti ricordi di me? Ho riperso il numero di icq ma avevo paura a dirtelo ehehehhehe)

By: stenographics on 3/3/02
Thanks for your help and the patience of your advices, plazio, you are a talented artist and a fantastic friend!
I hope you all the best!
Steno :)

By: Arduino on 3/4/02
e VAIIII! ;)

By: neurocyber on 3/4/02
Great to see this interview. I think your work is some of the most original and and stylish around. Your characters have quickly become some of my favorites and your latest masterpiece may be my all time favorite character ever. :)

By: Dark6Rayden on 3/4/02
Congratulations, pal!
I knew it always, your model will make it to the top ... ;) THX for letting it testing me.
And I bow down on your skill in 3D.
Good luck for the future!

Dark Rayden

By: zimmer on 3/4/02
Ciao, my friend! Itīs nice to see your face. Keep working like that and all the best luck in the future.

By: hmatienzo on 3/4/02

By: ronmolina on 3/4/02
excellent work!

By: Il Geco on 3/29/02
GRANDE Plazio!!!!
Insieme ad Arduino, tenete in alto il nome dell'Italia!

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