March's Artist of the Month - Legume

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March's Artist of the Month - Legume
Who is Legume?

Good question. Since few of us can answer that question, I'll do the best I can and tell you who I THINK I am.

I'm Joe Suburbanite, 38 years old, a former member of a notorious motorcycle gang that rode roughshod throughout southern New Jersey in the 1980s. I live in the Philadelphia area with my wife and three cuddly guinea pigs. I mow the lawn in my shorts and sandals all summer, and my neighbors don't have any idea that the polite shaven-headed man with the red Sears lawnmower is actually a high-ranking member of the Church of the SubGenius, a Texas-based UFO cult, as well as an outlaw 3D artist with a mind that's as twisted as Joe Theissmann's leg.

I've always had an outrageous and weird sense of humor, but always thought that maybe I was just a lone freak in a small town. Then I discovered the SubGenius Foundation, and I realized that there was a huge underground network full of people who weren't "normal", and who weren't afraid to express that lack of normalcy to the world. From the SubGenius teachings, I learned it's OK to think differently, and in fact it may save your sanity. Everything I learned from them was true (except for the stuff that wasn't). Also, my association with the SubGenius Foundation exposed me to the artwork of several other SubGenii, such as Ivan Stang, Paul Mavrides, IMBJR and Atom Funway Plastico, who are all weirder than a pickle jar full of human thumbs. My art has been featured in the foundation's magazine, "The Stark Fist of Removal", and a gallery of my work can be found among the millions of tentacles that form the "Art Mines" at SubGenius Foundation.

I guess that answers who I WAS more than who I AM, so I'd say the best answer to that question would be, "My name is Dr.Legume, and I'm Artist of the Month".

Do I get a tiara and a sash?

How long have you been doing 2D and 3D art work?

I've been doing 2D artwork since I was a kid crudely doodling offensive sketches of my peers and teachers on lined note paper with a #2 pencil in art class instead of paying attention to my art teacher. If only I'd listened to her instead, I'd probably be creating lovely ashtrays out of clay instead of drawing pictures that 9 out of ten times led to my being pelted with rocks and cuss words on the playground by my schoolmates. Funny how some things never change.

I've been creating 3D artwork since the day in 1998 I discovered that my pal and fellow UFO cultist Dr. F. Kenton Musgrave (now CEO of Pandromeda, makers of MojoWorld) worked for MetaCreations, and could hook me up with a free copy of Poser 3. Poser 3 really impressed me, having recently been exposed to the works of pin-up artist Mr.Neutron, who is now a member of the Poser newsgroup (alt.binaries.3d.poser) that I founded as a response to the then-rampant censorship practices in the Poser community. Using Poser 3, I was able to unleash the weird imagery that lives in my large, thick skull in ways that caught peoples' attention much more effectively than my crude drawings ever could. Jeez, I was lousy at drawing. If you saw my work, you'd swear I lacked opposable thumbs. When I see some of the fantastic work in the 2D gallery, I get envious as hell.

What are you currently working on?

I'm not currently working on any long term projects. I'm pretty prolific, sometimes cranking out two or three images per day. I'm so daggone prolific, I deserve Artist of the Month based on volume alone. I've cranked out about FIFTY new images in the last month, and I'm proud to say that almost every one of them either caused someone to laugh heartily or send me hate mail (I enjoy both thoroughly). I'd like to take a minute to thank my supporters, who have not only stood up and said in no uncertain terms that they support the expression of unorthodox ideas, but who have voted my images into an unprecedented FIFTEEN images out of the Poser Hot 20. You will be rewarded with a plethora of bunnies, armadillos, and stuff that you might never expect. I'd also like to thank my detractors; if you hadn't raised such a stink, most people would never have even looked at my stuff, let alone voted me Artist of the Month by such a huge margin.

What software do you use and why?

I use Poser 4, of course, and I use Bryce occasionally. I use Paintshop Pro 7, and my favorite plug-in filters are Xenofex and Alien Skin Eye Candy 4000. Alien Skin chose several of my images for their gallery at Alien Skin Software to show what their Eye Candy software is capable of doing.

If I had to get by with only one graphics program forever, it'd be Paint Shop Pro.

Why do you like 3D Art?

I like 3D art because it brings the ability to create imagery to the those of us whose artistic expression gets crippled by crude hands between the phases of conception and execution.

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me. Love, hate, death, brilliance, and stupidity. War, peace, flowers, bunnies. Disease, starvation, sex, pork chops.

What I see on the news, read in the newspapers, that's a huge source of subject matter for me, listening to what's said, thinking about what's NOT said. Examining a situation and analyzing the motives of the parties involved.

Mostly, what inspires me is animals, including people. What they do and why, how they respond to situations and stimuli, unusual tribal rites and rituals, how they correlate to behaviors of people within my own culture, these things fascinate me. I once read "The Naked Ape" by zoologist Desmond Morris, and it changed my perceptions forever.

The kinds of responses I get from my imagery, I can get those same responses from a person face to face with my ability to provide the correct stimuli, thanks to the knowledge I gleaned from Dr. Morris' book. I live to manipulate the perceptions and feelings of my fellow naked apes. The greatest thing a man can aspire to is to be a preacher. If you can communicate your ideas well, you can do ANYTHING.

Visit Legume's Art Gallery here.

Visit Legume's Artist Page here.
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Member Opinions:
By: GROINGRINDER on 3/3/02
Congratulations Legume!! It was only a matter of time.

By: DTHUREGRIF on 3/3/02
Aack! It's the millennium baby! Oh sorry, it's just you, Doc. There is a striking resemblance there. Were you ever abducted by aliens?

Congratulations, Doc! You're art has made me laugh, made me uncomfortable, occasionally confused me AND made me think. You certainly deserve this award!


By: Jan-Michael on 3/3/02
I really don't care about your pictures... as I think bragging about 50 in a month..only speaks of the quality... what I find disgusting is that there are so many talented artists here... that really deserve this..but now it is just a joke and don't think anyone would want their name associated with it... thank God Renderosity isn't the only Digital Art board on the web...:)

By: SQS on 3/3/02
Enjoyed the interview, but not impressed by the galleries. I think you could do so much more than putting words together.

By: namja1955 on 3/3/02
Congrats Legume. It's nice to see that you got at least two nice comments before the first disparaging remark. No doubt this section will turn into something like every other thread with you name on it.

Long live Mr. Fluffers...

By: Poppi on 3/3/02
50 in a month? I guess I don't have to ask about your "day job"..heh, heh. (Even if I didn't have my other "real" world concerns, truthfully, I could not put out 50 a month.)

Okay...that said...I know there is a "more" to your plan. Care to share it?

Now, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for kicking all the "wall-eyed vicki's in expensive temples" out of the hot 20.

Next, I would like to cuss you to hell for taking all the spaces in the 20 that the vickis don't have anymore. Geeze...I will never make it. Perhaps, I will pull out my zbrush and give that gallery a shot.

Last, but, definitely most important....I could not find a link for the armadillo. AND SINCE YOU PLAYED A ROLE IN THE DEMISE OF C&D, AS WELL....
could you please send it/her/him to me?

By: luke6666 on 3/3/02
And long live the Magic Pink Pony. Congratulations Dr. Legume-someday you could quite possibly rule the known world.

By: gg77 on 3/3/02
Congratulations Legume. It's no surprise that you won. A sense of humour is very welcome and Mr. Fluffers has been a hoot! Keep it funny!

By: Archangel_Gabriel on 3/3/02
Dull, yet unsuprisingly sophmoric.

By: lynde on 3/3/02
Well congrats I guess...I must say I had really hoped this honor would go to someone who had worked a little harder for it and showed more apparent talent though(Giana, LisaB, racin-jason, any of them I would have applauded genuinely as they really do have genuine talent)...but I guess I must keep in mind the point of Ironbear's article this week, if an artists intent is communicated effectively then technically it is art and since most of yours so clearly make us want to ventilate you with spears I can only assume that was your intent so I guess it is art after all.

BTW, I do like Mr. Fluffers but I really DON"T like some of the things you have done with him and I do think your technique could improve(as could mine I guess I should add, although that is always my goal with my work).

Melissa Ng

By: amokery on 3/3/02
I am glad to see you're artist of the month. Art isn't always about looking pretty and it definitely should not be about shelling out pieces that will get the popular vote. I hope we continue to see your work here at

By: Fortyseven on 3/3/02
Well deserved. To hell with the lifeless naysayers.

By: violentsmile on 3/3/02
Congrats Legume, not only have you managed to undermine the artistic merits of the many talented artists of this site you've also managed to make a complete mockery of the entire site. Bravo. If only I had your wisdom oh wise one, I could have saved myself the cost of a wacom.

By: chuckroast on 3/3/02
Congrats Legume. You've worked long and hard to get this...Now what?

By: TwoBeans on 3/3/02
Ohh look, several violations of the TOS with the responses. Time to "warn" some people.

Oh, and Legume is holding me hostage. Someone help me! I hear a zipper in the back room!

By: kjlintner on 3/3/02
Kudos to you, Dr. Legume. You deserve artist of the decade for the naked Hitler pic alone. I am definitely unhappy with those who choose to attack you in this area.

Hail Bob!

By: xenu on 3/3/02
Dr. Legume has been an inspiration to me, and has made me wonder what Ed "Big Daddy" Roth would have done in the 3D world. Legume has succeeded against all odds, and despite the admonitions of the King of Prussia that if he can't stand the mustard to stay out of the ketchup.

By: Dragontales on 3/3/02
God's amazing. You can even state it to them, yet they still don't get it. The more you people make a big stink over things like the MPP and so on, the more it will carry on. Every hear of "No such thing as bad publicity!"? The simple matter is, if you don't like it, don't view it.....and go away! Congratulations Legume! I don't always find your art to my liking (mostly I do though :)), but I'll support your right to create it, post it, and become AOM.


PS - To Jan-Michael -- AOM is not always about those that create the best art, but it IS for those who make the most IMPACT with their art. I'd say Legume made a crater here on renderosity!!

By: BladeWolf on 3/3/02
Congrats Legume... least it wasn't an artist that puts nothing but naked babes with swords and crap. That to me is disgusting, and your images are refreshing from the same T&A that pollutes these galleries day, and day out. Thanks for giving us a good laugh and lightening our spirits in these dark times.

Three Cheers!


I'd do more by my head is pounding thanks to a sinus migrane.


By: dariop on 3/3/02
I thought it strange that Dr Legume, with his stir it up style should so openly court the populist vote. A definition of irony perhaps.

By: mechmorph on 3/4/02
Put a fork in it, it's done.

By: Moonbiter on 3/4/02
Your head is somehow smaller than I imagined. I've hated some of your pictures and I've enjoyed others but regardless of the trolls, you do deserve the award. You've challenged many of us to actually think about some of the things we see daily. In this day and age that is a feat worthy of an award. Congrats.

By: strijdbijl on 3/4/02
Congratulations Legume.
I once asked my art teacher what is art.?..what makes a true artist.?
He said making people think,react,get mad,laugh.
making something they would remember...if they saw it after a couple of years and think " oh yeah thats him/her.

I think you`ve accomplished all the above and more.
So with that said anyone who denies that your work is art is far from being an artist him of herself.

I hope your going to be here for years to come.


By: Kiddego on 3/4/02
LOL to funny LOL
Well Legume you was right about one thing. for every rude comment someone makes you get 2 more votes for artist of the month just to spite us.

you must be proud to earn artist of the month out of spite only.

I would type more but I think Jan-Michael said it very well. So enjoy your spite award :-)

By: AHS on 3/4/02
Legume, you and your followers sorrowfully misunderstand the case against you. It is not a matter of what this community considers art, and what isn't. It is not a matter of weather your work is art or not. Anyone can scribble on a piece of paper and call it art, and no one can build a case against it simply because art is subjective. You have a right to create artwork and post it here, and no one has the right to tell you that your work isn't "Real Art".


What people here have against you is the fact that you are being considered Artist of the Month for this entire community - an award which you are obviously not qualified to hold when your work is compared to the work of the hundreds of other more deserving artists here. Artists who work hard to MODEL, TEXTURE, LIGHT, and Animate their images meticulously to create their vision of art. Artists who go against the naked-chick-in-a-castle trends, and barely get recognition for their HARD WORK. Artists which deserve their recognition, but are instead pushed aside by the recognition your lax attitude towards your own work receives.

You seem to be an intelligent person, and I think that you honestly know deep down that there are others more deserving of this award than you. And all of you members that have supported him, also know deep down that there are more deserving artists here as well.

As to why you have received so much praise, I can only begin to fathom, but then again, your quote said it best Legume; “You know how stupid the average person is?...”

Artist of the Month has now officially lost all meaning it had once had. It is no longer something to strive for, but something to point and laugh at on your way to the galleries.


By: Skygirl on 3/4/02
Congrats Legume ! If you think this is great, I can assure you I think it´s twice as great ! :-)

By: Bullfrog007 on 3/4/02
Congratulations Doc! Keep up the great (but at times controvertial) work!

By: KateTheShrew on 3/4/02
You, Doc, are what my late lamented grandmother would call an instigator. Your art always makes me stop and think, and ponder and quite often spit coffee on my computer or out my nose. Keep up the good work!!

By: cloudedInMystery on 3/4/02
Your art is somewhat funny, but the quality is very poor and doesn't show much artistic ability on your part.

I'm sure the next artist of the month will be a retarded, blind chimp that draws squiggles with a red crayon. This is the way Renderosity is heading, so I wouldn't be surprised if this happens.

By: OrchidDave on 3/4/02
Congrats Legume!
You deserve it! Keep cranking those images out!

By: MrJim on 3/4/02
Well done indeed! Now if only the same technique can be used to win equally unimportant elections, like the US Presidency...

By: MrJim on 3/4/02
Those who are unaware of the work of the SubGenius Foundation may not have understood that they have a very distinct and elaborate school of aesthetics all their own. Checking out the Art Mines referred to by Legume would be interesting research for any who think that this guy's work is "unsurprisingly" sophomoric.

By: Larry F on 3/4/02
Doctor, Doctor, I've said it before and I'm saying it again: "You're different, which isn't necessarily a good or a bad thing, and, IMHO, you seldom if ever post anything UNinteresting, a feat worthy of recognition in itself"

You're a crowd all unto yourself and you even stand out there. I mean, some of that stuff is just hope to die stomp down laugh out loud! Of course, some of it isn't, but that's life. You pays your money and you takes your chances! Keep on!

By: Jack D. Kammerer on 3/4/02
Congratulations Legume to your advancement into the Legion of Artistic Superheros!!

You have shown this Community allot. Not just through your artwork, but also, through your actions.

You have suffered much under the abuse of many "Community" members. Punished for not conforming to the upstanding automatron standards that you have been berated about for as long as I've known you. And rather than being petty and whiney as others would tend to be in your shoes, you have brushed yourself off, time and again, to stand truimphant here today.

Again, Legume, congratulations!! I hope that others have been inspired by your actions, as I have been. It takes a heck of a man to stand there and be persecuted for your views and not walk away and quit. You are VERY deserving of this honor!!

By: Freakachu on 3/4/02
If Stang likes ya, that's endorsement enough.

By: Jackie on 3/4/02
Hey Doc, Congrats! Interesting stuff here.....have a pork chop on me. ;)

By: Doc Mojo on 3/4/02
You weren't supposed to tell anyone about the UFOs, Legume.

I'm afraid you've compromised Pandromeda's competitive advantage now.


By: DgerzeeBoy on 3/4/02
Congratulations, Legume!

BTW, I think this may be the Third Sign Of The Apocalypse...

By: kromekat on 3/4/02
So, when are the nominations for Aprils AOM???...

Congrats Legume, it takes all sorts...

By: x2000 on 3/4/02
Wow. I must commend the PTB here at Renderosity for letting the people make their own choice instead of disqualifying Legume for some lame reason in order to appease the few but vocal naysayers. I had my doubts. Congratulations Legume! Now that you've made AOM, what's next? There is a presidential election coming up in a couple years, you know...

By: U91731 on 3/4/02
Congradulations ! Your artwork never fails to cheer up an otherwise dull day.

By: Seriphum on 3/4/02
Zoink! What are we going to do tonight Brain?

Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Congratulations Doc!

By: Penguinisto on 3/4/02
Bob Bless you, Sir. Well Done.


/P, o.k.a. Spark The Heretic

By: Buddha32 on 3/4/02
Does anyone rermember The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? The part where Ford and Arthur finally make it to ancient Earth and learn that the forebearers of Humanity were a bunch of mindless boobs that were running around making documentaries on themselves and trying to do market research? That's what your detractors remind me of, Doc. You've posted pics that made me laugh, that shocked me and made me laugh, that offended me and made me laugh and sometimes just offended me. Maybe I'm bright enough to realize that they were supposed to ilicit those responses. Here you actually have people telling you that you have no talent, that your galleries suck, and that other artists would be a better choice. I wonder what gives them the right to do that? If you don't like the work or even the person, fine. But would they say these things to someone else? I've seen plenty of people nominated (and win) AOM who, while technically skilled, make some of the blandest and most humdrum artwork imagineable. I would never tell then they suck in the uncertain terms that Legume gets told it in every day. That's just wrong. And as far as making a "mockery" of the site or the AOM? Don't you think we're taking ourselves a bit too seriously when we say things like that? Rock on, Doc. I hope your next image really pisses me off

By: Rebecca Lee on 3/4/02
Congratulations. =)
Love ya,

By: OpticalSingenoid on 3/4/02

One question: did you enjoy making them??
Answer: Most defenitely!

And did i enjoy looking at them? That's an affirmative!!

Live Long & Prosper my friend!!


By: Backwards_InsideOfMe on 3/4/02
Ok all i have to say is congratulations! and maybe next month i'll be the artist of the month, I'm not here to put you down, we all have different tastes in art, (some people don't realy get that) but i think some people here rather have me as the artis of the month even though i have paintings of Trent Reznor. I know what people are doing, and i go through it most of the time, just for posting what I consider art " my paintings of trent Reznor" well dude have fun make more pictures of what ever you do, ireally dont care. And for those of you who dont like Legume, why waste your time looking at his stuff and wasting your toughts on putting him down? Don't we ALL have the freedom to do art the way we want to?

"over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind." Maynard James Keenan

Well got to go and paint more pictures of Trent Reznor.


By: Alleycat169 on 3/4/02
Congratulations Legume, You're one of the very few artists here that actually makes a statement with his work. Others may not always like what you're saying, but at least you're saying something.
To your detractors who think you are making a "joke" of AOM; The AOM has rarely been more than a popularity contest anyway. I've always considered these "community vote" contests to be a joke. At least now the punchline is funny. ;-)
Keep up the good work.

By: voodoo on 3/4/02
You can out two or three images a day? Sometimes it takes me a month... what the hell am I doing wrong? C'mon... saying that you should win AOM by volume alone is like saying the Oscar should go to the actor that appeared in the most movies.

By: Sasha_Maurice on 3/4/02
Congratulations Legume, you've got great style.

By: ronknights on 3/4/02
Congrats to Legume.

You've succeeded in making a mockery of the Top 20 and Artist Of the Month.

By: Alihahd on 3/4/02
Wonderful DOC, Congrats.

By: hmatienzo on 3/4/02
Congrats, Doc! You finally are were you deserve to be... AoM!!!
It's about time the world realized there is so much more out there than the eternal booooooring T&A renders. You make us laugh, and howl in disgust, and you make us think and talk about something different than pin-ups.
Well done!

-Garibaldi's Cat-

By: MrJim on 3/4/02
Give Rosity credit where credit is due: it's very cool that they allowed Legume to be elected. Plenty of other online polls throw out the most interesting poll results on specious accusations of repeat-voting, or they ignore them if they don't get the result they want (remember Time's Fraud of the Century? Or Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf?). Hey, kinda like every other kind of poll!

Oddly enough Renderosity censored my first attempt to compliment them in a paragraph like the above. I'm not sure which sentence in the original could have more questionable than "You've succeeded in making a mockery of the Top 20 and Artist Of the Month", but they seem to have thought that I was accusing Legume voters of repeat-voting. They clearly didn't see my gallery. Ah, well. If they censor this one I'm not giving them another compliment.

By: robotalk on 3/4/02
Congratulations Legume--I'm very glad that Crazy ass humor ruled the day in one way or another and you won..If it hadn't been for the contest I would have missed your hilarious gallery ! Hail be to Bob !!!

By: lelionx on 3/4/02
congrath and thankth,thith plathe would be 1000 timeth leth interethting without you and your art.i thtill think it's thamefull that they thenthored your WTC pic.

By: MrJim on 3/4/02

By: Kelmar on 3/4/02
Well, you know what this proved? That the majority of people are mindless drone unable to think for themselves, and will do whatever to be cool, to fit in, to stir up trouble as long as it make them feel superior to the others and fit in with the cool faction.

All the "messages" or "moral" of Legume's pictures had been done, many times over.

"Look! Another poster making fun of smoking, with cute little animals."
"Look! Another picture making fun of religion."
"Look! Another picture making fun of people's sexual orientation."
"Look! Another picture with suggestive thumbnails just to draw more hits."
But the statement behind it all is: "Look at my stuff! Look at me! Pay attention to me! Because only I deserve your attention. I demand your attention, and if you don't agree with what I have to say then you are wrong."

If this the type of "messages" you look for in a piece of art, then well good for you, you have made your stance for what you believe in.

It is rather selfish to think oneself to be so important that, in order to gain fame and popularity it is alright to pray on others emotion, purposely incite anger just to make oneself feel better.

The truth is, the world do not revolve around a single person, even if they think so.

By: CWCrisman on 3/4/02
Congrats Legume! You have managed to breathe life in a gallery that was growing stale. One can only look at nekid chicks in helmets for so long... you can along just in time!!


By: odeathoflife on 3/4/02
way to go man, what an honour...but we all knew it the 1st time you posted the PPP...there really only needed that one pick to get to hte AOM.

By: Stapler on 3/4/02
May Legume's nugget never cease rotating.

By: Razorcut on 3/4/02
Your artwork and level of maturity is your own business.
But I would be ashamed to invite any family members to this site.
Note: they are older then 12

By: pnevai on 3/4/02
You know, what this guy did is not much different than what the Enron Execs did to there employees before they got caught. No there is no money involved and a good thing too. But it is the very same type of manipulation. That is why I am saddened by this individuals nomination to AOM. So what have you proved, and as much admitted to in your own self centered biography?

That you know how to push peoples buttons. While this in it's self is not bad it is the fact that you do it for personal gain and to heck with everyone else. Your supporters have not yet realized that you used them as a drowning man will push his would be rescuer under in his attempts to save himself.

So you can sit there and be smug about your accomplishment here, and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. Your antics can never lessen those that have real talent as their work speaks for itself. They will ultimately move on to greater glory and get lasting recognition for their accomplishments while you will stagnate here and remain the local jester, using what ever tricks you can to keep your voice from being consumed by the ambient noise.

By: orsillo on 3/4/02
congrads man!! a little song a little dance a little seltzer down yer pants - have fun enjoy - but i won't let ya borrow fifty ;)

By: zardoz on 3/4/02
Congrats Legume,
some of your works made me laugh, some made me angry,
some are a good food of thought.
What could one expect more from art :-).
Keep 'em up.


By: squidinc on 3/4/02
bravo, I salute you legume, virtual jugs were really getting on my nerves

By: Lemurtek on 3/4/02
Hey, congrats Legume! Keep on rattling those cages! :)

Lemurtek, ain't misbehavin' just havin' fun!

By: mriess on 3/4/02
What is art and waho can judge abou this?
Congratulations to you....nevertheless I'm not impressed of all your pictures, but in some way you inspire us. But with your know-how you could du much more than provacating people.
There's a lot wrong in this community, why is this damn artist of the month title so important to you? Why do you look at "art " you don't like?
I wish you much fun with this award!

By: cake1 on 3/4/02
"Art" as people love to call it is not always a matter of visual, it's most of the time a matter of concepts, of ideas, often controversial, a matter of revolution, of fun, of everything..

History is full of misunderstood artists as it is full of hated artists, and even full of people making fun of "Art"..


I have heard you used to have a different style before all that pink pony stuff arrived, but i don't know it.

All i know is what you do know, and i really think it's cool to make people think, to change minds, to have fun.
Anyway, what i'm trying to say is that i really love your style.

Welcome to the " AOM club"

Take care


By: hauksdottir on 3/4/02
Art isn't technique... that is draftsmanship, and we have some fine drafters in this Forum. Art is communication on a level beyond words alone.

You have made us *think*, and for some people that is a jolting concept in itself. Thank you for raising the consciousness level. I do not always agree with your images, but I agree with what you are doing.

And a note to Voodoo: the actor who has appeared in the most films (255!) is Christopher Lee, who at age 79 just was Saruman in Lord of the Rings. I don't know if he has ever had an Oscar. However, without villains of such magnitude, we'd have no heroes, and without temptation, there is no virtue.


By: STORM3 on 3/4/02
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! This is really healthy. I cannot ever remember seeing so many opinions on an AOM before. You have made a lot of people sit up and think, and react.
And for that alone you deserve this award because that is one of the prime functions of any art form.

Your art is rarely pretty and never wallpaper, but it screams out. Lots of people don't like that, it upsets them. Good! There is so much more to real art than just composition, technique and colour.

The Armadillos have asked me to formally thank you for making them desirable art subjects for the first time in their 75 million-year-history.

John ;0)

By: Ironbear on 3/4/02
Only one thing I can say to this:


By: WyldeSnake on 3/4/02
AHS, art's quality doesn't have need to have a direct relation to how long it takes the artist to make the picture. Legume has the blessing of being able to draw in his style very quickly and efficiently. There are people that draw in the realistic style, or other styles, that can create pictures MUCH more quickly than others, it doesn't matter WHAT the ending effect is. So if you can generate 50 unique images in a month, then by all means, go for it! If you can't, just accept the fact that you can't, and put images out at your own comfortable pace.

I am starting to get very deliberate with the placement of objects in my images, but it STILL doesn't take more than an hour to generate the models, and another 2 or 3 for the texturing.

Legume, congrats. Keep us smilin man.

By: Kiddego on 3/4/02
Whats my Opinion is artist like VooDoo / Brickhouse / ToxicAngel / kaiservr's / Sking / Gevidal / StefyZZ / Rio /schooldaze / just to name a few paved a way for all of you. and i am sure every single one of you had to of asked one of them how did you do this or that when you first started here. I guess now that you know how they did it. you can turn around and spit in all there faces and knock Babes with swords? when you do that these are the guys or girls your knocking. Why dont we visit all the Legume voters galleries see how man babes with swords or T&A we can come up with. I am sure we wont find a ton of pink ponies in there. WOW I just went and looked at random some Legume voters galleries and what did I find T&A how can this be? and one thing they all have in common is a hell of a lot less comments on there images then VooDoo / Brickhouse / ToxicAngel / kaiservr's / Sking / Gevidal / StefyZZ / Rio /schooldaze / just to name a few and i will be we can find some of your comments in some of VooDoo / Brickhouse / ToxicAngel / kaiservr's / Sking / Gevidal / StefyZZ / Rio /schooldaze / just to name a few galleries. My point is dont forget who taught us 90% of the stuff we know how to do in bryce and poser. and who paved the way for new artist. My thanks and votes go to VooDoo / Brickhouse / ToxicAngel / kaiservr's / Sking / Gevidal / StefyZZ / Rio /schooldaze / just to name a few

By: 3dmagicman on 3/4/02
Today is a sad day in renderosity history for everyone! To all the people in renderosity I pity you have been subjected to such work. The artist community far and wide now knows this place as a joke and a place for weakminded artists to post there work. It is apparent where this community is going and invite the many people with talent to post in a better community. Thumbs down renderosity, thumbs down! Controversy is not art. Maybe your next venture will be a white rapper. Gimme a break!!

By: spatrx on 3/4/02
When it comes down to it,it's just paper dolls with buttons.yours,mine and everybody's.I must admit I'm hooked on it.It doesn't suprise me that todays humans enjoy your ahh,er,hard work.

By: hek2339 on 3/4/02
Congrats; the way some people are talking about the mockery you've made of the process you'd think you used plagiarized material to win the Pulitzer prize. (Oh wait that's been done)

To the critics who claim that every message you've attempted to communicate has been done before, I say, "Thanks for the newsflash". How many variations of a sunset, nude woman, or still life have been done here? The thing that makes one artist's sunset or nude more memorable than anothers is the point of view.

A giant Campbell Soup can is still a soup can even if it was done by Warhol. Sophisticated art as well as the simplest drawing has it's own value.

By: Darkworld on 3/4/02
WOOT there are people who live vicariously through Victoria and Michael; maybe this will help give em a reality check- 3d artwork is just that, ART; and if one spot of color on a white canvas can sell in the real world for thousands of dollars; there's nothing wrong with a few digital pink ponies. long live the legume-ster, keep it funny bro

By: Mr Codini on 3/4/02
It's great to see that this really pisses off the dummies, those who think that technical ability makes them a great artist. That the ability to create a "pin-up" somehow qualifies them to condemn others art. And what thought process does a blankly staring Vic pin-up cause when viewed?
One where you wonder where you left the Vaseline and Kleenex?
If you don't like Legumes work, don't look at it's real simple.
Art should make you think,
It should make you look for the "point of entry," the emotional/intellectual hook that challenges the viewer to engage his or her skills, beyond their preconceived notions. If it can't do that, what's the point?

By: JamesGrim on 3/4/02
Way to go Legume, I've looked at your stuff and enjoyed the twisted sense of humor since I first saw Mr. Fluffers. As for this AoM stuff, I'll never have the talent to get such a nomination.. as for those people who're saying you've made a mockery of this that and the other thing... Lets see them produce thought provoking, anger inducing art enough to get us to stand up and take notice of them.. Personally, I'd invite my young siblings to look at some of this art.. 1 is under 12, and the other is in HS and the other a freshman in college.. but we were all weaned on Monty Python at a young age, so I fear nothing suprises us and we might even get a chuckle out of the people throwing tantrums that someone like you may have gotten the attention, thru whatever underhanded means they came up with be it "boobies" in a thumbnail.. or whatnot..Keep up the good work.. We sane folks thank you.

By: Lorraine on 3/4/02
Congratulations....your work certainly cannot be ignored!....:+)

By: akemi on 3/4/02
I'm bored already.

By: ronmolina on 3/4/02

By: synergyauto on 3/4/02
Whoopee, you made a statement, yippe friggin do.

By: ShowmetheMonet on 3/4/02
I guess it's like Damien Hirst and Leonardo Da Vinci. One has ideas the other can paint. I think people take all this far too seriously, for most this is just a fun hobby. I doubt many people think they are creating 'serious art' so the sniping at semi naked babes in castles is misplaced. The fact is that outside this forum pictures of pink horses would not attract any attention at all. Your 'art' is only what it is because of the context. Congratulations on winning but were the votes counted in Florida !

By: archetype on 3/4/02
Congrats Legume. I like your work, and I like the Vicki pin-ups as well. Variety is good for the soul. The only opinion expressed here that bothers me is the one that would eliminate diversity from this place. There's room here for all of us and I hope everyone realizes it.

By: mondoxjake on 3/4/02
Congratulations, Doc...and way to go! I didn't bother to read all the comments because I know what to expect when the name Legume shows up any place. Your replies were very interesting and informative. Rebels and those who go against what wishy-washy, polite, politically correct 'normals' think are the ones who change the world. Not all change is good, but the art world needs a shot in the arm, and censors need a kick in the ass...Doc Legume's comments and art satisfy both needs winhin our community.

By: d_authority on 3/4/02
congratulations. i never really liked the pony, but i do like the other images. they're so funny. like all of us, there are hits and misses. people may not like what they see, but i guess thats perfectly ok.

By: Badco on 3/4/02
Sheeeeeeesh ! Its just Artist of the Month ! Half you people act like its the end of the world ! "Oh no, Renderosity is falling, Renderosity is falling ! I'm a chicken ! Where's my head ????? I don't like to think, it hurts my head ! I just wanna look at the purty pictures !"
Get a grip please............

Once again, Dr Legume peals back the normal and exposes the rotten, festering underbelly of this, somtimes stagnant, Forum................

By: Schmock on 3/4/02
well deserved, congratulations


By: Brewvet on 3/4/02
Whatever the subject matter, I always get a chuckle out of your Pics, Legume.
MR Nash

By: ozgod on 3/5/02
So this is where C&D went

By: Stapler on 3/5/02
"By: archetype on 2002-03-04
Congrats Legume. I like your work, and I like the Vicki pin-ups as well. Variety is good for the soul. The only opinion expressed here that bothers me is the one that would eliminate diversity from this place. There's room here for all of us and I hope everyone realizes it."

I totally agree. Boobs are nice, and surreality is ecin too.

By: swamprocket on 3/5/02
Yeah... me too... I'm gonna go play with MojoWorld. ;] Heh heh... CONGRATS TO 'GUME!!! Praise BoB... Hail Connie... Give 'em hell you steely eyed missle man mojonaut, you. Let X=X

By: TMGraphics on 3/5/02
many Congratulations to You....

By: gravenrobber on 3/5/02
What wonders does this place hold.....?
many many some bitter and some sweet
some bring awe and joy to behold
some make the mind think
thank you for sharing your thoughts and congratulations

By: Shademaster on 3/5/02
Congratulations with being selected artist of the month!! I really like your unorthodox pictures, and you see how popular they are!

By: jack_ketch on 3/5/02
A community of 80,000 members produced more than 100,000 pics so far - and now that unrest because of one man? This gallery already drifted away from showing "art" before - there is some artwork here indeed but also lots of trash - Renderosity has become entertainment, nothing more than a big daily show. Daily shows need some highlights - Legume is only one. Some artists will leave this gallery, others will join - maybe this place will become a freak-show - but other galleries will catch the disappointed. Behind all these discussions I can see Dr.Legume grin (and the site-sponsors laugh) - it is much ado about nothing.

By: Fillingim on 3/5/02
Decided to read this section on Legume.

I have never seen such a separation of opinions in my life. Apparently you either love Legume's work or you hate it with absolutely no middle ground existing.

By: MrJim on 3/5/02
Fillingim: It's a SubGenius thing.

By: Tempus Fugit on 3/5/02
Congrats, Legume! A while back this community used to be a respectful place, where an artist could post work and not be slammed. It's shameful that it's turned into one big pissing match, where everything has to be compared to something else. Legume's art is unique and funny, and he deserves AOM from the amount of attention he's generated alone. The degrading and jealous behavior of some of the members here is nothing to be proud of, and it's the reason I pulled my own work out. I still check back every day for new works from Legume, though! Rock on, Doc!

By: kayjay97 on 3/5/02
Congrats Doc!! You have made me laugh and make me shake my head in wonder. The main thing you showed me is you CAN work outside the box.
PS- I love Mr Fluffers!!

By: Maygen on 3/5/02
Well there goes the neighborhood. Too bad it wasnt Feb. At least thats the shortest month of the year.

By: jwkub on 3/5/02
Congrats Doc!!
Your work never ceases to not illicit some deep emotional response for me, for good or bad.
I like that, you know how to push some buttons with your work. Many thanks and keep it up !

Happy rendering ,

By: Meowth on 3/5/02
Congrats!!! You are an inspiration, much to my family and therapist's horror. I just love to read the things your critics write. You manipulate them into the ultimate twisted work of art.

By: bkelly on 3/5/02
This is the first time I have ever commented on the artist of the month. I cannot let this go by without saying this to Renderosity, Not Legume. I look at this site to get inspiration to become the best I can be, and Renderosity at one time was that. Now it considers everything a hype or joke. There are many fantastic artists on this site, who we know deserve this awards. I do not believe that the T&A that we see are more deserving either. Congrats to Legume, any artwork is is artwork if it comes from inspiration. Try and let your images do the talking though.

By: Christoph1 on 3/5/02
Way to go, Doc. I laughed my ass off for an hour looking at all the pink pony pics that had taken over the Hot 20. Great work!!!

Friends who share are friends who care!!!!!

By: MikeJ on 3/5/02
I've sat and thought about this at great length before replying.
While I would have preferred the guy I voted for to have won, I have to congratulate you for winning, especially in the WAY in which you won. You are a true original, and that is something that is generally lacking in all aspects of entertainment, be it art, music, TV, etc.
While the concept of satire, specifically political/social/religious satire is nothing particularly new, it IS something fairly new around here. And it's nothing short of astonishing how you managed to impact this community with your statements, so pervasively, in such a short period of time.
And while I can't, and won't admit to having been emotionally stirred by ALL your images, or even most of them, I do have to say that you did at least make me think about many things which I had become too complacent to want to think about. Whether it was ever your intention to simply stir things up, or the loftier goal of raising public awareness, doesn't matter.
What DOES matter, however, is that you genuinely earned this award.
So, congratulations.

By: pokeydots on 3/5/02
Legume, Congratulations on the AOM, Your images are interesting, to say the least :) Way to go!

By: RogerWilco on 3/5/02
Please hear me out.
I don't think it's right for renderosity to be exhibiting the works of a religion--as Legume seems to think his work is "religious" in nature.
It may seem un-religious to the rest of us, who are used to old fashioned eastern or western imagery, to think of his cut-and-paste as religious, but it most definitely is. Subgenius is an offshoot of the Discordian religion, which itself is a bizarre spin off from the Masonic traditions. Okay, it sounds far fetched, but how far back do you have to go to find "religious" or even "pseudo-religious" imagery that makes you uncomfortable? Someone who posts Masonic images crafted in a contemporary way? Does it have to be Catholic/Protestant or Buddhist/Hindu?
In reading Legume's interview, his religion is what he speaks of first and most. Would he deny that his images would get front billing on the website? And though they imply that they are a joke, does Legume think they are a joke? Or, when asked about his religion, does he reply "Subgenius?" Would you feel differently if he replied "Baptist?", and filled your pages with pictures of bibical figures, whose representations can be just as controversial as his own works?
I'm not talking about banning Legume from Renderosity, only insisting that he be honest about the message he is trying to convey in his art (and the controversy he surrounds it with.)

By: dante on 3/5/02
Er...Legume in portuguese, means vegetable...just thought I could add some fuel to the bonfire...

By: Spiritbro77 on 3/6/02
Congratulations Legume, you have made me laugh at a time when its really hard to find humor. In response to Roger Wilco,Almost ALL of the old masters painted with a religious theme.A persons religion isnt anyones business but their own.

By: rodney on 3/6/02
Hmm...based on RogerWilco's response. I get the impression, that BECAUSE one can look at Legume's images and get some religious message, its religious. Well...hmm...does that then mean that any image that may contain either a Cross, Rosary Beads, the color Purple, Wine,the Star of David, or lord forbid all of the both known and unknown Masonic symbols should also be exposed as being religious. While we are at it, lets tag any images that may contain figures garbed in religious clothing. My point is not to stir things up more than to say that the truth of the matter is that Art is what you make of it. If his images contain a religious message, hats off to the guy that caught it, and kick me for not. But, thats not what I got from looking at his images. As negative as his comments may sound, it does serve to prove the same point over again. Legume is a master at making you think and feel. Lets just keep putting the images out there, and letting people get from them what they can. Isn't that the fun part?

By: FiXato on 3/6/02
Congrats man!
I can remember you image with that tacobell dog and that blood you made with your setting for Eye Candy4000. Still have ot try yur settings ;)
Well legume, go on and post some more gruwesome work!!!!!

Flip AKA Borgcmd
Wannabe AOM :)

By: Susan_Carter on 3/6/02
The stories I heard were true, your stuff is... very difficult to like... But that's not to say it isn't art... I mean, the impressionists had their detractors. The Fauvist artists were said to paint like animals (Fauve = animal). I mean, look at Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso or Marilyn Manson... There's no doubt they have skills but the artist rejects their skill in favour of meaning, satire, or simply art... The Dada movement was based on the very priciples that might have once driven Legume. A rebellion from the status quo, and a revolution of ideals... There are artists who sell their own excrement in cans, some immerse pictures of the crucifixion in urine, some make pictures of the Madonna out of elephant dung... I don't enjoy a lot of Legume's art, some of it makes me chuckle, some of it makes me yawn. After looking at a few I don't believe I have to see the rest, because, essentially "alright, I get it... what's everybody else doing?" But it is ART! And the fact that Legume has been elected AOM, is not a slight against him, or Renderosity. If you have a problem, take it up with the 80,000 plus members of renderosity who either voted for him, didn't vote for YOUR choice, or didn't take the time to vote to prevent him from getting this brass ring. But Legume IS an ARTIST, and he has been VOTED artist of the month... He is also Flavour of the Month, so be content with that.

But is it ART... Maybe... I think...

By: VEDESIGN on 3/6/02
Art ? or is it. that is hard to answer but in all these works show no skill what so ever. sorry for being honest.

By: bonoboner on 3/6/02
Tis truly a sign of the coming End Times that Legume gets Artist of the Month. He wouldn't have won had the Supreme Court not called a halt to the counting of the votes. And you'll notice he didn't say A WORD about how he used to be a high-ranking Oil Executive and MAJOR contributor to the election campaign of THAT MONKEY! You know the one I mean!

By: Crescent on 3/6/02
One of the things that I find humorous about all this is that some of the most virulent protesters are ones who don't do "standard" art, either. Personally, I hate Picasso's cubist doodles and can't stand Monet's paint splatters. In fact, I demand that museums tear down every last cubist and impressionist piece because they're not realistic enough!

If you look through Legume's stuff, you'll see more than PPP and Mr. Fluffers. His "Who Shot Liberty Valance" (sp?) picture, for example, shows a good eye for color and style. I don't like all of his pictures. Some of them are far below his ability and some just don't get the point across. On the other hand, he has some excellent pictures as well. The other nominated artists are also worthy and will be nominated again and will most likely win in other months.

Nevermind. You're right. AOM is meaningless. Everything is rigged. Renderosity has gone to Hell in a handbasket. Satan walks the Earth with a vegetable alias. The sky is falling. The Earth is about to be sucked into a black hole. The entire Milky Way galaxy is about to implode. We're all going to die.

Thanks a lot, Legume!

By: dark_bubble on 3/6/02
i think legumbre has some talent. if only he would devote as much time and energy towards his art as he does cultivating his image. (no pun intended)... others are definately more deserving but, as in real life, this has become a popularity contest. the shame is on renderosity not legumbre. i say let the artwork speak for itself.

By: Daio on 3/6/02
I was feeling rather down today. Then I read Legume's interview and more importantly the comments on it. Now I don't feel so bad.

So thank you to everyone pro and con for making me smile at the absurdity of this controversy.

And congratulations, Legume. I've always liked ponies, regardless of hue.

By: bobhobz on 3/6/02
Hmmm...very interesting opinions being expressed here over the election of Legume as AOM. It's basically like every other "Best of..." contest. Art is too subjective a thing to really have a competition. Legume's work appeals to a certain crowd while T&A appeals to another crowd. Who can say one is better than the other? Besides, as an artist, I don't think Renderosity or the AOM is the be-all and end-all of why we are artists in the first place. If you don't get voted to be AOM here, there's plenty of other sites that would love your work. I think people should just roll with it. Let Legume enjoy his time in the limelight. Next month it'll be someone else's turn. Hell,this ain't brain surgery, people!

By: achtung_333 on 3/6/02
Congrats! It's too bad some people can't just chill out and accept your images for what they are rather than what they think they should be. I'm glad, however, to see the majority of people got your message and voted accordingly.

By: RogerWilco on 3/6/02
I've been through the enormous "Art Mines" offered at the church of the subgenius website (, literally thousands of works from hundreds of artists that covers the gamut from scribblings and computer art to traditional works that were scanned. It also demonstates a wide range of talent. However, unlike renderosity, where I can comfortably look at the artistry of people who have art in common, I know that art is much further down the list of people who are mostly trying to sell their "religion." In a way it's like paying a visit to the home of a Jehovah's Witness, to see their pamphlets, rather than them coming to your home and trying to proselytize you there. I dislike the sneakiness involved.
And though I suggested it in my previous message, I see that Legume hasn't responded to the comment that his art, and his controversy, are just tricks to try to lure people to his "faith." But I doubt that he would admit it.
As to Crescent's comments disparaging the works of Picasso and Monet, I would just like to say that I adore Monet, I believe I am familiar with most everything he did, and if he were still alive today, and making art, I would fly to whatever city they were exhibited and pay a small fortune to see any new Monets. Which is far more than I would do for any other work of art, except perhaps Picasso.

By: Digital-Vomit on 3/6/02
Cool. I can't wait to post some of my images now I know they will be accepted. I have always felt digital art should be taken to another level. you have proved that.

By: februus on 3/6/02
wE R jUst RObOt vEhicLeS For oUr DnA

cONgRAtuLATiOnS, doC!

By: poserfool on 3/6/02
What's this all about? Is it an early April Fool's Joke?

By: Antoonio on 3/7/02
Pics in galleries, No.
Idea behind this all, Yes.

I respect the point you're making, the path you're walking.

But now, sad but true, AOM has lost the last pieces of respect it had to offer. Thanks for proving it.


By: ReplicA on 3/7/02
Of course its not a joke. Granted the pink pony isnt so great, some of the things hes done are really good. He has the abilty to make half the people laugh and piss the other half off. Dont ever think your so great that you can define art. So all you people with nothing good to say go back ane making your pictures of big breasted woman feeling each other up..i guess thats "art".

By: wgreenlee1 on 3/7/02
So this is where democracy leads...........

Hmmmmmmmm..... I get it!

Is this how "George W. Bush" got elected?

Somehow the phase from that Bugs Bunny cartoon keeps revolving around in my head...
"I am Elmer J Fudd,
I own a mansion and a yacht"


By: Blackhearted on 3/7/02
Congratulations Legume. I may not consider you to be most technically proficient artist of the nominees, but you've certainly shook the very foundation of Renderosity and made us all take a minute to think. You deserve it for impact alone. Cheers, -Gabriel

By: Thorgrim on 3/7/02
I've looked at your art four quite awhile, I can't with honesty say I was inspired by it. That said, I can't think of another artist's work, which can bring out so much emotion and controversy in such a diverse group of people with a simple image. Making people feel and making people think that’s what art is all about. Whether its humor or disgust it’s still an emotional response. I think some people actually love to hate your work.
I also I think you should see a doctor about that growth on your shoulders it looks like it’s starting to fester.:)

By: fauna273 on 3/7/02
Legume, I'm losing it. There has been a groundswell of support for your "art" which is beyond my ability to understand. What is going on?!? Why is there not a greater backlash?!?

By: wurrkop on 3/7/02
Really like your stuff, most of it is really funny and original, how many could have thought of the consept "Mr.Fluffers makes a new friend" for an example?

Some say that your stuff is simple and just crap, i know that it is not the case as i have tried and cant use the programs you use.

By: MikeJ on 3/7/02
From the "interview" above:
"Everything I learned from them was true (except for the stuff that wasn't)."

Man, now that line is CLASSIC! I love it!

By: designodyssey on 3/7/02
Oh, it isn't crap, wurrkop .. it is just crap for "him" .. because he knows he can do better, he would just rather do the easy(for him) stuff and get people riled up than do things that would actually challenge his skill and creativity.
If you are just beginning a program and you come up with many of the things that he has then actually you are doing quite well, but to have the level of skill that he has, yet choosing to do such skilless(for his level) work .. that is an entirely different thing.
When a first grader writes his abc's, it is a true accomplishment and he 'should' be praised for his skill. When a 38 year old award winning novelist writes his abc's (something he has been doing for 32 years or more) and gets praise .. there is something just off about that.

By: bigdog1 on 3/8/02
You lousy, no good, low down... wait... wrong thread.
When I saw you got AOM I laughed, I cried, I wanted to go ride an armadillo! I know you almost always stir something up with your work Dr. and that's what makes you deserve this IMO. Like I've said over on a.b.3.p. art shouldn't always be little Mary Sunshine all is right with the world. Sometimes people need to be smacked in the head with a cold mackrel to see that this is still far from Utopia and often your work does that.

I always know when I see your name attached to a render that on some level it's going to get a reaction from me. There's too much Vicki-naked-in-some-pose-or-other out there but stuff like yours is unfortunately somewhat rare.

By: spinner on 3/8/02
I didn't vote for you as artist of the month, Legume, I didnt get around to it, and I have to admit, it wasnt a priority for me. (Even though some of your stuff makes me laugh) However, after having read some of the forums (again)today, I would have, given the chance.

It never ends, does it ?

I admire the way you have kept your cool with a lot of the people who were petty, petulant, pompous, vindictive, abusive and self righteous in expressing their views on your stuff.

There are disclaimers posted all over Renderosity stating that some stuff can offend people. Apparently this wasnt enough.

However, people, if you click on an image, -own- your reaction, instead of running to the forums or an admin. Just as Legume has a right to express himself in any which way he chooses within the TOS, your often used "freedom of speech" line of argument also implies the possibility of being offended, of looking at an image that doesn't please you.


By: jewitt on 3/9/02
Clearly democracy isn’t always the answer.

Have you considered spending a bit more time in the garden and being a bit less prolific? That way we’d have more time to savour your offerings.

By: holyforest on 3/9/02
that's the non-event of the month

By: heyse on 3/9/02
I think I will be shocked when I see Legume's first boring picture.

You're the Kamagurka of 3D-art, Legume.

By: Wanda Burns on 3/9/02
Some of your work is hilarious, some of it is offensive, some of it is confusing...but ALL of your work is interesting...... and unique. :)
I'd be interested to know if you've ever shown your work at a show or convention.

By: chemicalbrother on 3/9/02
I think that artist of the month is a joke in itself....... it should be called "my best friend this month" or "artist most likely to piss people off"..... I agree that you should have the right to post anything you want and some of your artwork is genuinely funny and thought provoking... you have some great ideas...... I just wish you would spend more time implementing those ideas into well executed artwork.... seems to me each piece you do is to make some kind of statement or other or just to annoy people.......kinda like an artistic anarchist. if thats how you wanna spend your time that's entirely up to you. nobody can ever see all of the images in the galleries and to ask people to vote for their fave artist is a joke. how can we possibly give a real opinion on the galleries if we maybe see only 15% of the images posted.
DROP AOM rosity...... it is a mockery of itself

By: Slynky on 3/9/02
I got news for you people. If you lives depend on getting images into the hot 20 of a website, then you don't lead the most interesting of lives. How's about we all just GET OVER IT. It's very simple, if you don't like something, you don't vote. It seems a great deal of people like legume's work, and a great deal of people don't. I only wish my images sparked as much controversy as his.

as for how legume spends his time, stop wasting your time worrying about how he spends his time. It's like writing "Have you nothing better to do with your time?" The fact that someone takes the TIME to write that amuses me beyond belief.

Besides, his stuff beats all the naked vickies in the galleries. For god's sake people, BUY HER A BRA AT LEAST!

By: Phantast on 3/11/02
Whenever we get into "what is art" discussions, a lot of silliness always appears. Let's dispose of two myths.

"Anything anyone says is art is art."

In that case I have only to say "everything in the world is art" and everything is art. In which case there is no non-art. In which case the term "art" is redundant because it fails to discriminate anything. Reductio ad absurdum.

"Art is anything that provokes a response."

A joke provokes a response and so does a terrorist atrocity. Neither of these are art, regardless of the remarks of some morons last September.

I'm not going to try and come up with a snappy definition, but a work of art must satisfy two criteria:

1) It is constructed with respect to recognisable aesthetic principles (structure, harmony, rhythm, etc).
2) It is capable of interpretation at several different levels.

Criterion 1 disposes of jokes, and criterion 2 disposes of most of the vicky-with-sword pictures.

By: Rexxzilla on 3/11/02
Congradulations ! I think! Dude your stuff is how can i say off the hook! And to think you got the Artist of the month! Still wondering how!LOL

By: archetype on 3/12/02
I see some problems with your "a work of art must satisfy two criteria" Phantast.

1) It is constructed with respect to recognizable aesthetic principles (structure, harmony, rhythm, etc).
Who gets to define what these principles are and how they are adhered to? The French Impressionists are a perfect example of a movement that defied the "recognizable aesthetic principles" of their time and managed to redefine it for future generations. Do you consider Monet an artist? Many people of his time didn’t.

2) It is capable of interpretation at several different levels.
Last time I checked, not many people were claiming Thomas Kincaid’s work could be interpreted on "several different levels". His fans just consider it nice nature scenery (and they buy it up by the truckload while they’re saying it.)

I'm not trying to claim Legume is a present day Monet or Kincaid, but I am trying to point out the serious flaws in trying to pin down a definition for Art. For every definition you come up with, I bet I can find a thousand exceptions to it.

By: Phantast on 3/13/02
I deliberately left things rather vague, and as pointers to a definition rather than a definition itself. This is why I used the word "recognisable" - I'm not suggesting such principles can be defined or enforced, only recognised by someone, and communicable. I don't know Kincaid, but it is possible to produce pictures which are merely decorative rather than artistic. Go into your local poster shop and you'll see lots of examples. Nor do I want to suggest that there must be some sort of metaphor or symbolism. But it's important to make a distinction between a picture that responds to critical analysis and one that just looks pretty.

By: TheWolfWithin on 3/16/02
is Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' less a work of art than the celing of the Sistine Chapel???? if you want to be Michaelangelo Buonarroti, be Michaelangelo Buonarroti......but don't criticize someone for being Ub Iwerks......if you're Frank Frazetta, that's bitchin'....don't flog someone for being Friz Freleng.......(i had a well-thought-out epic written in this space, and when i tried to post it, the next page said to limit the post to 2000 characters, and to press Back.....when i did, my epic was this is a summary)

By: Phantast on 3/16/02
I'm not criticising anyone ... we're trying to explore the definition of art. It isn't a criticism that anyone lands the wrong side of it. Dave Barry may not be an artist but he's still funny. If someone would rather read Dave Barry than Norman Mailer, fine. That has no bearing on what is or isn't "literature".

By: twillis on 3/17/02
Phantast, I think your definition might help define what is "good art", but I personally think the definition art is much broader than that.

In fact, I think that anything that people create that goes beyond basic survival (food, shelter, procreation, etc) is art.

What Dave Barry writes _is_ literature. So is what Mickey Spillane wrote. So is fanfic.

Now, most literature is complete an utter garbage, but its still literature.

Same goes for graphics. Or clothing design. Or architecture. Or cooking.

I believe all people are artists, in some fashion or another. They may not be very good ones, but that's a whole other issue.

By: HandspanStudios on 3/18/02
Congrats, I'm glad to see you get this and I also enjoyed all the stir ;-). Keep up the evil genius!

By: RadArt on 3/18/02

I really get a kick out of all the humor behind your works and it certainly is different from the usual norm.

I believe sometimes people in general look far to hard at technique and realism and shadows and not even near close enough to something that really is a most signifigant, cherished factor of all art...."idea"..."style"...something that really is so unique and imaginatively oddball different enough to be so stunning that it grabs you for all its' worthy thought provoking charm.

You managed to create another pet rock only in a much more colorful and storybook style way.

Art that makes a statement is something to be proud of when one can fashion such a style once or have managed to create an entire gallery of such a value...and originality that speaks "Legume" and no one else.

Now about that crazy does have a memorable sneer...fitting ;-)


By: foe on 3/19/02
good job!! if ya don't like legume's stuff don't look at it.nobody likes my stuff either but i still make my pics because i like to.

By: Ironbear on 3/20/02
Have to say one hing about this: like it, hate it or be completely indifferent to it - this is probably the first time we've had an AOM with 154 comments under the interview. At least Doc managed to get people involved in the situation.

Kudos Doc. ;]

By: Valandar on 3/20/02
For those who think the Good Doctor is not an artist... may I show you this Forum thread?

Doc, that has proven you're not just the one-joke character you've played for quite a few months. It shows your dignity and respect when needed.

And I love this particular quote: "I may not agree with what you have to say, but will defend to the death your right to say it."

By: Bliss on 3/28/02
'Gumie-baby, you're my Hero.

Belated congrats to ya.


By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 8/31/05
:( You gallery is empty. :(

I would have liked to see it for myself... Such strong reactions, sure would deserve a look. Oh well.

Congrats, in any case, Dr Legume! :D

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