November 2005 AOM - czarnyrobert

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] — November’s AOM is from the Vue Gallery. We congratulate czarnyrobert [Robert Czarny] for his outstanding collection of Vue images.

Who is czarnyrobert and how did you come by your username?

First, I would like to deny any allegations suggesting that I am an alien — I am not — however, my friend tse60 is one! [laughter] I am only a human [more laughter] ... European, Polish, to be more precise.

I am a dreamer. The here and now does not matter that much for me. My mind is wandering far away; somewhere among clusters of galaxies; over dirty backyards of primitive alien cities; above unfamiliar machinery too complex to understand its purpose.

Before I discovered 3D, my life was gray and boring. Seven years in French high school in Algiers. Five years of chemical engineering studies. Nine years in the sales departments of some mind-numbing multinationals. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life in the gray matrix of corporate cubicles. So I switched to something new — and I am creating the matrix now! I am designing virtual worlds, virtual atmospheres, virtual plants, objects and materials. Funny, yes, but also dangerous! In these modern times, there are people who feel better in virtual worlds of 3D games than in the real world ... and this is just the beginning.

My nickname is simply the result of pure coincidence — in polish it means "black Robert." It was the result of "10-second thinking," limited by the availability of free domain names when I was creating an account for my personal website. Why black? Perhaps because I have black hair, maybe because I often wear black clothes, yet still … maybe because the deep space is black. Or, it could be anything else...

Later I used this accidental nickname to register to Internet services, among them was Renderosity. I did not want to remember various nicknames, so I used the one from my website. At that time, I did not expect that I would post anything on Renderosity, or that I would became so well-known as a Vue artist here [laughter]. If I knew that at the time I signed up, I would have imagined a more spectacular nickname [more laughter].

Later, when I started to post images, and get some positive comments, I asked Renderosity moderators if it would be possible to change my account name — unfortunately it was not possible, so I stayed with this accidental nickname.

My czarnyrobert nickname has one great advantage ... the name is unique, so, when you enter it into a browser, the results come back with sites related to my art.

How long have you have you been creating computer graphics?

I started with 3D in February 2002 (almost 4 years ago). In 1988 I experimented a little with "Lightwave's grandpa," Videoscape 3D. However, I could not get interesting results with the program, since my Amiga 500 only had a 7MHz processor and 1MB RAM, which was too slow and too small for 3D.

Then I played with fractals and 2D painting, but it was just for fun, nothing serious. The Amiga only allowed 32 colors in 320 x 200 size, or 16 colors in 640 x 400. Computers have made some spectacular progress since 1988.

In 2002 I bought a computer magazine with a free version of Vue d'Esprit 2. I recalled my unpleasant first experience with 3D on the Amiga, and I was amazed to discover the progress made in 3D. The Amiga had difficulty rendering simple scenes with a couple of primitives. Yet, fourteen years later I could create almost anything I could imagine on my PC with Vue d'Esprit 2. I quickly became addicted to 3D. I started to experiment with other programs (Bryce, Terragen, Lightwave, Poser), but, in the end, I stayed loyal to Vue.

Do you have traditional art experience?
No, or rather no traditional art education, because I have always liked to draw pictures … since my earliest childhood. Until high school I drew quite a lot, later less. When I started my studies I almost completely stopped drawing. Now, I often use classical pencil and paper to sketch plans of my 3D scenes and objects.

What are you currently working on?

I just started another scene from my War of the Worlds series. I spent quite a lot of time modeling my Martian War Machines, so I plan to use them in another two or three scenes. Then I plan to start something different — of course Sci Fi related as usual. The limiting factor is free time.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

Of course, I use Vue 5 Infinite for final scenes setup and rendering. Why? Because its power/simplicity ratio is the highest I ever encountered in 3D software; because it lets me create large scenes with hundreds of objects (I am not mentioning ecosystems); because scene management in Vue is very effective; because Vue is under constant and intensive development; I expect even more spectacular features from future versions. I also use Cinema 4D for modeling, because it is very ergonomic and stable software, and because I cannot model complex objects in Vue.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?
Hmmm ... difficult to select just one - almost each picture I created was a challenge to me. Each time I tried to discover new techniques, better materials, lighting settings etc.

  • Guardians: this was my first large scene lot of work on texturing objects, on volumetric atmosphere setup, on flames materials. Just imagine, I created it on a Celeron 600MHz with 320 RAM!

    Guardians © czarnyrobert

  • Aliens Metropolis: with this scene, I started learning modeling. Everything in this scene was modeled by me (except aliens — morphed poser octopus). It was my first scene that give me first place in the Vue Hot 20 — which, was a boost of motivation.

    Aliens Metropolis © czarnyrobert

  • Aliens Ship Dock: here I also performed my modeling skills — also everything in this scene is mine.

    Aliens Ship Dock © czarnyrobert

  • Dead City Colony 77: in this scene I got a lot of experience with the simulation of ambient light.

    Dead City Colony 77 © czarnyrobert

  • Striders in the Sun: is my only scene where I am satisfied with the composition, however it was a pure coincidence. The striders were added during the final stage, initially I did not plan them for this scene.

    Striders In The Sun © czarnyrobert

  • Megaurchins Canyon: with this scene I tried to get advanced terrains with Vue.

    Megaurchins Canyon © czarnyrobert

  • Silent Spring: this scene became the most famous and highest ranked Renderosity picture. It shows the power of Vue 5 Infinite ecosystems, and makes use of numerous imported objects — really a "mastodon scene. " Even more strange, is that such a complex scene can be less than 1GB.

    Silent Spring © czarnyrobert

    I don't have one scene I favor over any of the others — each has some elements done well, and others that could be improved.

    Why do you prefer to work with 3D software?

    3D software gives me opportunity to create very detailed photorealistic scenes that I could not achieve by hand painting, as my traditional painting skills are not good enough. I also imagine that one-day, when I will have a more powerful computer, that I will be able to animate my scenes.

    3D scene creation is also something more than flat 2D painting. Real 3D structure is created. This is a real creation of worlds, not unlike playing God. It feels really great to create a whole world from scratch: first you create the sky, then the earth, you populate the land with ecosystems plants, add some animals, finally people, aliens and flying saucers. Oh dear! How it great it feels! And, on 7th day, if you are not satisfied with your creation, just click on delete to become "death, the destroyer of worlds " [loud deep laughter].

    Who/what inspires you?

    Good Science-Fiction in general, however I rather imagine my own worlds than just alter someone's else ideas — with the exception of my last War of the Worlds [WoW] series, which is a tribute to H.G. Wells who wrote over 107 years ago an excellent piece of Science-Fiction. I intentionally highlight science, as nowadays there is very little good Science-Fiction available.

    War of the Worlds — Thunder Child © czarnyrobert

    Most so-called "SF" movies or novels are simply brainwashed fantasy on technical background, having nothing in common with the science. What interests me the most is to create a picture and story, which shows some imaginary situations, but that also relies on real world science. My general SF ideology is inspired by such authors as Arthur C. Clarke, Stanislaw Lem, or Carl Sagan.

    How has the Renderosity online community enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

    The Renderosity community gives me a great boost of motivation. Before I start to post images on Renderosity, I just made them for me. They were quite simple. When I started posting on Renderosity I got a lot of feedback. It motivated me to create better, more spectacular and more complex pictures. As I always considered posting images here to be a privilege, I did not want to post a "15 minutes made scrap." That's why each time I design a new scene I try to prepare something worth viewing.

    Relationships? I have made some friends here, but just two or three, became my real fiends are outside of the 3D world — we often speak via skype or net communicators. Unfortunately recently I have very little free time to spend on communicating with people, commenting on artworks or posting to the forums. The reasons … work and personal life. Most importantly, don't want to make my girlfriend angry because I spent too much time with computer instead with her.

    Learning? When you view other artist's images, of course you can find some interesting ideas. I also check tutorials posted on Renderosity, and maybe adopted a couple of ideas. What I get from Vue is mainly the result of my own experiments. I appreciate the comments that people post to my images, unfortunately people posting comments on Renderosity usually don't give many helpful tips or prompts — and that does not help a lot.

    Parting Comments/Advice to other Artists?

  • Be creative, don't waste your time on banal and simplistic scenes, which were already painted a thousand times — invent something original.

  • Try to prepare the best you can, and ask your rivals what they think about it.

  • Be sincere when posting comments/ranking, explain what could be improved.

  • Lastly, let me thank all of you for your support, your votes, your helpful comments and rankings!

    We invite you to visit:

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  • Robert's Renderosity Art Gallery
  • Robert Personal Web Site — Graphique 3D

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    Member Opinions:
    By: superron on 10/31/05
    czarnyrobert definitly has some of the BEST work here!

    By: Elminster_ZK on 10/31/05
    congrats, czarnyrobert!

    By: KeremGogus on 10/31/05

    By: Chris on 10/31/05
    well deserved ... well deseved!

    By: Darthmagus on 10/31/05
    Bravo Robert!

    By: calum5 on 10/31/05
    I voted for this artist due to the abilty and vision he brings to the gallery's!Congrats!!

    By: Popgriffon on 10/31/05
    Well done, congrats!

    By: 0m3g4 on 10/31/05
    You had my vote. Congrats.

    By: iggy23 on 10/31/05
    a true artist and an inspiration. I have no idea how you do it, but I hope you keep on doing it, maestro :)

    By: beetle-car on 10/31/05
    Oh yeah! Congratulations Robert on this very well deserved honor. Your Vue work is unsurpassed, and inspiring. Way to go!

    By: Shardz on 10/31/05
    Congratulations on this great honor, Robert! Your work is meticulous and your style is perfected! you truly deserve this recognition in your great efforts in creating some of the most visually stunning artwork to be seen!! I look forward to the future!!

    By: Cheers on 10/31/05
    Totally deserved and congratulations, Robert :)

    By: Digimon on 10/31/05
    Congratulations Robert! Well deserved indeed!

    By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 10/31/05
    Congrats! :D

    By: Malstorm on 10/31/05
    well done got my vote i must say i do enjoy viewing your work...alwayz wondering where you get your ideas or how you do this or how you do that...but at the end of the day it just boils down to ~hard work~ your texturing lighting and creative mind is just mind blowing...i think you and vue were made for eachother anyhow enough said. Congrats!!!

    By: Ajax on 11/1/05
    Congratulations, Robert. I've followed your work for a long time and I always love to see each new image you post.

    By: sacada on 11/1/05
    Congratulations and very well deserved. Well done.

    By: BGHart on 11/1/05
    Congratulations, Robert. Your works always show your big talent for specularity. :) Bravo!

    By: brylaz on 11/1/05
    Really a great artist - congratulations!

    By: Sabra on 11/1/05
    Congrats Robert, you are a great inspiration to many of us in and outside the Vue community. A well deserved award!

    By: vshane on 11/1/05

    By: Rids on 11/1/05
    Congratulations Robert, well deserved! You got my vote not only because of your amazing artwork but because of the way you have pushed the limits of Vue to heights never dreamed of by most users.

    By: Singular3D on 11/1/05
    I couldn't agree more. Definitely one of the best Vue artists I've ever seen! Congrats, you deserve it.

    By: erka on 11/1/05
    Congratulations Robert. You are a true Vue explorer and a great artist.
    Congratulations to the other candidates too!

    By: Drakath on 11/1/05
    I was sure that he will be AOM this time. Congratulations! :)

    By: Margit1 on 11/1/05
    Congratulations! Very well deserved!

    By: Rochr on 11/1/05
    Excellent choice for AOM! Congrats Robert, well deserved! :)

    By: TheStarvingArtist on 11/1/05
    I've become a big fan of yours due to your architectural work. You deserve this honor so Kudos!

    By: lord_of_angmar on 11/1/05
    Congratulations!!! Chyle czola!

    By: lior on 11/1/05

    By: KHC_inc on 11/1/05
    Thank you for sharing your work!

    By: kiddd7 on 11/1/05
    Very well done!! You deserve it!

    By: artgum on 11/1/05
    Your "War of the Worlds" images are among my favorites here at Renderosity. Both your skill with Vue and your imagination are superb. A well-deserved award!

    By: 3D_Explorer on 11/1/05
    I envy your talent and your attention to detail.

    By: IO4 on 11/1/05
    Well deserved! Congratulations:)

    By: wolffenrir on 11/2/05
    Well deserved award! Robert's works are the perfext mix between techinique and inspiration. Bravo!!

    By: psion005 on 11/2/05
    I am in awe of your talent .. a well deserved win :)

    By: kenwas on 11/2/05
    Well deserved and a super congrats to you!

    By: odeone on 11/2/05
    A very talented artist, deserving of this title.

    By: beowlar on 11/2/05
    Well deserved and well earned!

    By: romanceworks on 11/2/05
    Congrats. Your art is superbly imaginative and original. :o) CC

    By: Moebius87 on 11/2/05
    Congratulations, Robert. Not only are you a talented, skillful artist and true visionary but you are also one heck of a great guy. :o) You're a very strong reason that this community is as wonderful as it is. Well deserved recognition, sir. :o)

    By: zaberc on 11/2/05
    Bravo Robert !!! C'est amplement mérité !

    By: DarkStarBurning on 11/2/05
    Truly outstanding and an inspiration to us all :o)

    By: jgmart on 11/2/05
    Robert - contratulations! I've alway admired and have been inspired by your work.

    By: Predatron on 11/2/05
    Well done Robert on a much deserved accolade. You are and will continue to be an inspiration for many, me included. Congratulations!!

    By: elmos on 11/2/05
    Gratuluje wyroznienia, Robert! Twoje grafiki zapieraja dech... Jednak jest zycie poza matriksem... ;)

    By: Artemis on 11/2/05
    Congratulations on a well deserved award!!.... always admired your images and the inspiration that has built them.

    By: maciek on 11/2/05
    Dobra robota Panie Kolego :) Gratulacje i to w pełni zasłużone na dodatek :)

    By: animajikgraphics on 11/3/05
    I am in awe of your Vue work! Congratulation to you on the AOM award! and look forward to seeing more of your creations.

    By: Elf_7 on 11/3/05
    You are a truly talented artist with such a vivid imagination, a very well deserved win!!!

    By: pmermino on 11/3/05
    Mes félicitations aussi .... ton travail est vraiment remarquable et ton imagination aussi ... C'est vraiment mérité ...

    By: Silgrin on 11/3/05
    Yes, well deserved... Huge work for you and huge load for your `puter:) Whad did you say, eh? Surprised a scene can take less than 1GB?! You lucky! It`s more than I have for all my graphic stuff! But the luck was given to the right person. Congrats... Strange it didn`t happen earlier:)

    By: MAW3D on 11/3/05
    Hello Robert! My congratulations to your votes to AOM of November 2005. You have deserved it and thank you very much for your artistic skills. Keep them coming! :-)

    By: Anjour on 11/3/05
    Well deserved and congratulations, Robert..:o)

    By: LillianH on 11/3/05
    Congratulations Robert!

    I'm not surprised you made it this far. I suspected back in 2003 when I approached you about 3DWorld Magazine that you were someone to keep an eye on ;-)

    "Dead City Central - Panorama" in 3DWorld

    Well done!

    By: Jay7347 on 11/3/05
    How richly desearved is this. You work is outstanding and inspirational. Keep up the incredible creativity!

    By: bodger on 11/3/05
    Just wonderfully imaginative and superbly brought to life. Masterly stuff.
    Completely deserved. Congratulations.

    By: karanta on 11/3/05
    Congratulations :) Fantastic images!

    By: marcoantonio on 11/3/05
    Congratulations! You really deserve it! You are one that show what we should have as a goal with Vue. So you've got my vote! I read your cry for quality in gallery post! After that I decide to up my bar what I thought be acceptable to my own work! I think it is a little difficult for you getting good tips as your are leading the way!!!! I got a lot of improvement with comments in my so-so post here. So I think it depends on grade you are!!! But you are right in asking not to conform with mediocrity!!! Please keep those fantastic work coming! Some looks like a mixture of Dali painting and HG Wells writing!!!

    By: Reflexpression on 11/3/05
    Kudos on being selected; as a long-time fan I can say from personal opinion it is very well deserved. I agree with your belief that all images here should have greater quality than at present; however, I disagree that these images have to be complex to be original; complexity achieves an artist a greater reputation for hard work and "quality" because the work is more obvious when so much detail is created... However, hard work can also be put into a simplistic scene, even if the time spent has a more subtle effect. One of the things that made me your fan was that in your works you have both; every time you post you pour so much skill and love for your art into the final product. Bravo.

    By: webchameleon on 11/4/05
    This guy ROCKS.

    By: dberryart on 11/4/05
    My hat is off to you,amazing work and a good website also.

    By: darkblack_ice on 11/4/05
    thats wonderful to see you in here man your are the first of all aliens!

    By: Arkanias4 on 11/4/05
    Congrats Robert! Looking forward to seeing your next personal creations :-)

    By: thefixer on 11/4/05
    I think he was the first on my favourites list and this accolade is well deserved!

    By: maniano on 11/4/05
    Niezla robota ! Gratulacje Robert!

    By: McDetti on 11/5/05
    Congratulations !!!

    By: oooZENOooo on 11/5/05
    I would have never stumbled upon your fine galleries, if this spotlight was not shone on you. Fantastic work!!!



    By: Actrise on 11/5/05
    Well done. This is some award you got there. I voted for ya too. Make sure to show some more of your excellent work.


    By: Qualien on 11/5/05
    "I think he was the first on my favourites list" thefixer

    Black robert has been on my favorites list a long time, I always look at his stuff right away, and want to see more.

    "Seven years in French high school in Algiers."
    Dang, it only took me six years to graduate high school, and I have never rendered anything which is 1% as good as czarnyrobert.

    By: PWroblewska on 11/6/05
    Bardzo serdecznie gtratuluje naprawde zasluzonego sukcesu !

    Paulina Wroblewska-Perez

    By: Bernado on 11/6/05
    Congratulations Robert! You art deserves this mention. Maybe you're not an alien but your username looks like one and I can't never remember how it's written. 8-)
    Keep the good art comming!

    By: archieb on 11/6/05
    Congratulatuons! You are an incredible artist and i have always loved your work.

    By: Richard T on 11/6/05
    Congratulations Robert. Your artwork is inspirational, thank you.

    By: djrenax on 11/6/05
    czarnyrobert? that easy to spell...if u r i am.anyway,your work is most impressive.i love illumination in most of your is sooo stimulating and energetic.keep up a good work...tak trzymaj!!!looking forward to see more of your art.

    By: kenmo on 11/7/05
    A Vue genius...

    By: eudoxus on 11/7/05
    This is some of the best work I've ever seen here. Congrats!

    By: danamo on 11/8/05
    I've been a big fan ever since I saw your "Dead City Colony 77". You are an inspiration Robert.
    Stay clear of "pointy-haired bosses",lol.

    By: SzambiarzXXL on 11/9/05
    Ale ten ALGIER jest dla mnie zaskoczeniem ;)

    By: zfigure7 on 11/10/05
    Hey Robert! You definitely deserved to be selected. Your stuffs are amazing, keep them all up, way up!!

    By: lulu18 on 11/10/05
    A well deserved award Robert, you are an inspiration to us all :-)

    By: agiel on 11/11/05
    Felicitations au Grand Maitre de Vue !

    By: gracia on 11/12/05
    Fabuleux et fantastique travail, felicitations et bonne continuation Robert.

    By: voske on 11/12/05
    Congratulations and very well deserved!!!

    By: Chudus on 11/13/05
    Gratuluje AOM'a. Naprawde zasluzone - swietne prace.

    By: superior on 11/13/05
    Bravo !!! Superb work and composition ;)

    By: vbarreto on 11/14/05
    Well deserved award Robert. You are a very talented 3D artist.

    By: MiloszRaczkowski on 11/14/05
    Ja te? si? ciesz?, gratuluj? i mam nadziej? ?e nied?ugo zobacz? wi?cej Twoich prac :)

    By: Germany on 11/17/05
    Tolle Arbeit. Spitze. Mach einfach weiter :-))

    By: SpideR_PL on 11/21/05
    Moje gratulacje! Wspaniale wyroznienie i przyjemnie ze przypadlo rodakowi :). Wspaniale oglada sie Twoje prace. Oby tak dalej!!


    By: SoulSearcherr on 11/21/05
    wonderful to see so much talent here..congrats..*S*

    By: tse60 on 11/24/05
    O matkoicórko! AOM? Najszczerzej gratuluje, Roberto! Ciesze sie podwójnie, bo teraz moge sie chwalic, ze mam takiego znanego znajomego na R'osity a drugie cieszenie to: Polak znów góra. Brawka! Miras :)
    Congratulations, Roberto!

    By: mwkloh on 11/24/05
    Congratulations Robert! Well deserved too! Am always in awe of your renders with Vue and look forward to many more!!

    By: TwoPynts on 11/30/05
    Love the interview with you. I was very interested in what you had to say and am blown away by your work. 3D rendering has come a long way since I started doing it in 1991. Congrats on AoM!

    By: oshi0324 on 11/30/05

    By: Alexander_Kroener on 12/1/05
    Ah, it was time for this event :-) Congratulations from my side as well!

    By: Samhain74 on 12/2/05
    You are indeed a great talent,this was very well deserved.

    By: eryt on 12/21/05
    I am just now getting started with Vue..and I love what I have seen so far...have been a Brycer for years. Your work is truly remarkable and an inspiration for me to getter better and better with vue...congrats to you..richly deserved!

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