September 2005 AOM - Valentina

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] — September’s AOM is from the Poser Gallery. We congratulate Valentina [Valentina Kallias] for her outstanding collection of Poser images.

Congratulations on being voted Poser AOM for two consecutive years, this is a first in Renderosity AOM history. I know you were reluctant to be nominated for a second year, however, the community has voted and they overwhelmingly agree that you are their choice for 2005’s Poser Artist Of The Month. How does it feel to have been awarded this honor a second time?

It feels very good to see that so many people love my work. I was surprised, and a bit scared when I learned that I had been nominated again. I am a very shy person, and any kind of public exposure makes me feel nervous, and even more shy — that is just me! However, I am very honored to know that the Renderosity community thought that much of me that they would nominate me for a second year. I really didn’t expect to be nominated, let alone win. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone.

How have your artistic techniques/style grown over the years?

I don’t know what to say. As far as I am concerned, my artistic technique seems to have stayed the same every year. I want to believe that my art evolved, but I am not always pleased with my results. Perhaps my imagination expanded and became richer, but the post work, kind of stayed the same.

I do pay more attention to lighting technique now. However, my lights are actually post work, using the dodge and burn tools over the rendered image. Also, I realized that a very important element in an image is the character's expression. You must make the Poser model look alive.

Last year, you mentioned that you enjoy photography, do you plan on posting any of you photographs to your Renderosity art gallery?

I thought about posting photography, when I accumulated a lot of photos. Yet, viewing the Renderosity Photography Gallery, and seeing so many amazing photos by other artists, makes me feel a bit shy about mine … and I still delay in posting. … but, perhaps one day I will.

Did you finish your Sci-Fi children’s book that you were creating with your sister?

No, it is not finished yet. My sister is creating original 3D models just for that book's illustrations. We want it to be 100% original; new characters, new props and backgrounds. That way we will be able to create something unique. Of course it is a hard work, and it will probably take a lot of time, but we think it's worth it.

Are you still using Poser and Paint Shop Pro for creating your images, why do you prefer Poser and PSP, and have you tried your hand at other software applications?

I still use Poser 4 and I still render my images with simple grey lights and post work. But I do my post work in Photoshop 7 now, but its basically the same.

You Make Me Feel So Damaged © Valentina [Valentina Kallias]

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

Oh, I cannot say it is the best, but for sure the image I like most is: You Make Me Feel So Damaged. I like it because of the character’s facial expression, I think the expression makes the image! Also, The Closet, would be one of the images I am very pleased with, because it represents the usual children's fears ...which we all had ... the monsters in the closet ... the monsters under the bed.

The Closet © Valentina [Valentina Kallias]

What inspires your inner artistic muse outside the world of art … for example; what books, movies, and/or music gets your creative juices flowing?

What inspires me … are my feelings. Even darkness inspires me. But there are things that can make my imagination burst: science fiction books and movies, gothic tales, Nu Metal music, rust, abandoned places, ruins, rain. Due to the nature of my images, I mostly read horror books, and for sure I love the dark poetry of George Bacovia. I don’t always agree with all his work, as with every poet, he also has his bad poems.

Over the past year, how has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Art ... I started to create more than art, I now also create products for the Renderosity MarketPlace. Soon, I will start 3D modeling, and later, maybe animation. When I first subscribed to Renderosity, I barely knew how to create a render. So, everything about art, I learned here.

Relationships ... well, I met few people who are my friends, even now, over the years. I only have a few true friends. The ones who have remained my friends, are people who are worthy of friendship. I also met my husband here ... and he happened to be the right kind of person I was looking for [soft laughter].

Vali and Hubby

Learning ... I learned that a hobby can take a lot of time and sometimes a lot of money, but it makes you happy [much laughter]. I learned that art is a relief for the soul pain, and that sharing it with other people, helps take the pain away. Expressing feelings in an image, is like a healing — and yes, part of the pain goes in the image.

Do you have any words of inspiration that you would like to share with the community?

First of all, again, I want to thank the Renderosity Community for nominating me, and to all the people who voted me and sent me “best wishes” messages.

My advice to everyone would be … make art from the heart!
God bless you all !

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    Member Opinions:
    By: luciferino on 8/29/05
    I want to be the first to congratule with Vali sweety your art deserve this prize congratulation your Orietta

    By: LadyTranquillity on 8/29/05
    Congrats to you Vali, you really deserve this :) I always like your creations and creativity!

    By: romanceworks on 8/29/05
    Congratulations, Vali! Your art is always so original and extraordinary.:o) C&H

    By: Lory on 8/29/05
    I am sorry I wasn't the first to congratulate my sweet sister for being again AOM!!! Love u baby and keep on the good work!! U ROCK!!!!

    By: jjean21 on 8/29/05
    A wonderful choice fo AOMO, your gallery is always such a pleasure to view.

    By: papachile on 8/29/05
    Congratulations! I am so happy to see that you got AOM!!! You so deserve it!

    By: Shardz on 8/29/05
    My congratulations to you for receiving this honorable award, Vali! Your unique style of artwork and immense talent certainly deserves this recognition, and it couldn't go to a nicer person! Thank you so much for everything, Vali, you truly are a remarkable person in so many ways!

    By: calum5 on 8/29/05
    Congrats again Vali!Thats twice you've won it now and I can see you winning next years too lol!A very worthy winner ,Well done sweety,hk cal

    By: -BrandyE- on 8/29/05
    Congrats, Vali - you are certainly deserving of the honor!

    By: Sabra on 8/29/05
    Congrats! And a true winner you are, your work is amazing and I hope one day I can be able to do half of what you do. *hugs*

    By: maniano on 8/29/05
    Bravvvvvvvvvo!!!!! Super Vali!!!! WoW!!!!

    By: designthedream on 8/29/05
    Congratualtions!! It's a well deserved honor!! Take a bow, your fans are cheering. =) -Kara

    By: brycek on 8/29/05
    Congratulations Vali..Well Done!!

    By: Mahna on 8/29/05
    Congratulations Vali! Your art is so awesome! ;-)

    By: The_Sandman on 8/29/05
    Congratulations Vali on this well deserved honor! Not only are you one of the most talented artists here at Renderosity, but you are a true friend to boot!! M xx

    By: arwenone on 8/29/05
    Congratulations Vali!!!You really deserve this!! I love your artwork!

    By: rockets on 8/29/05
    Congratulations Vali! You're a nice person and wonderful artist!

    By: Stormi on 8/29/05
    congratulations Vali, you truly are a fantastic artist and very deserving of this honor.

    By: Fredy on 8/29/05
    Congratulations! Very well deserved! :)

    By: Pen_Is_Envy on 8/29/05
    Vali, I am blessed and honoured to have you as a friend and partner. Your art is incredible, but doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what an incredible person you are. MULTUMESC and big hugs!!

    By: bustinbogie on 8/29/05
    Congrats!!!! Well deserved, I might add!!!

    By: Vampi on 8/29/05
    Congrats, sweets... well deserved :)

    By: Tamela.J. on 8/29/05

    By: Bez on 8/29/05
    Congratulations Vali, a well deserved win :)

    By: Ede1302 on 8/29/05
    CONGRATULATIONS Vali!!!! You so deserve it!

    By: Ede1302 on 8/29/05
    CONGRATULATIONS Vali!!! You so deserve it!

    By: destro75 on 8/29/05
    Very cool. Your art is simply fantastic!

    By: Freja on 8/29/05
    Congratulations Vali :-)

    By: KimberlyC on 8/29/05
    Congrats! well deserved :)

    By: stonedog7563 on 8/29/05
    congratulations on an award very well deserved.

    By: Belladzines on 8/29/05
    Oh sweetie this is soooo cool!! congratulations on being AOM!! you rock, your art rocks and your heart rocks....this is so deserved!! i am so blessed to know you. congrats again!! huge hugs!!

    By: cliff-dweller on 8/29/05
    Very deserving selection...your artwork is really marvelous. Congratulations to you!!

    By: Marty_Mcfly84 on 8/29/05
    congrats Vali....well deserved

    By: Avalonne on 8/29/05
    Congrats on your win....well deserved as you do excellent art...There is so much talent in the Poser gallery though, being as how it is the largest gallery on the site, it would have been nice to see some of that talent nominated :-)

    By: Dalamanthas on 8/29/05
    I would like to join everyone thus far in Gongratulating you Vali, and to thank you for all your art, its an inspiration

    By: sunfirexed on 8/29/05
    Viva! me alegro muchisimo que hayas ganado,pues vote por ti! Eres una super artista y merchant tambien. Que Dios te bendiga y continua creando arte...

    By: Ranai on 8/29/05
    Congratulations hon! There's not much I can say that hasn't been said. Your uniqueness is what speaks volumes above the others!!!

    By: fracturedmoon on 8/29/05
    Congratulations, sweetie! It's an honor well deserved. *hugs*

    By: pjaj on 8/29/05
    Congrats to you Vali!! You really deserve it!!!!

    By: XxDarkMessiahxX on 8/29/05
    Your work is highly deserving of this award. Congrats.

    By: nemirc on 8/29/05
    Congratulations! :)

    By: Foxseelady on 8/30/05
    Congradulations an honour you have earned! Wonderful work and a pleasure to view. I am happy for you.

    By: luk on 8/30/05
    Congrats Vali your work is truly inspiring!!!!

    By: PIXELPUNK10010 on 8/30/05
    COngratulations Vali! I have always enjoyed your art (even the fantasy stuff). You have a great talent and deserve this.

    By: msebonyluv on 8/30/05
    Congratulations Valentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugz* You deserve this honour because you've been an inspiration for a very long time!! Bless you and continue to be talented!!! Luv Ya!!!!

    By: RodolfoCiminelli on 8/30/05
    My congratulations Vali,very well deserve....!!!! #:O)

    By: jonarts on 8/30/05
    I like your products as well as your just detected galerie under your "second" name :)
    (thanks to the AOM Team for making me aware of that!)
    For me, people did the right choise in a hard "competition"...
    Very well deserved! My congratulation for this, and a thank you for your inspiring work!

    By: Kaerobani on 8/30/05
    congratZ :)

    By: wparrott1 on 8/30/05
    Congratulations Vali! You have a beautiful mind. This is most deserved.

    By: Alexander on 8/30/05
    wohoo cool! congratulation!!

    By: Orionboy on 8/30/05
    Congratulations Valentina !!!! Bye ^_^

    By: addy on 8/30/05
    Congratulations Vali! :) This is an award very well deserved. Your work is always an inspiration, thank you for sharing ! *hugs*

    By: hongyu on 8/30/05
    Congratulations Vali! I've never known you had such a great galley until today, you are so great a artist as a great merchant you are!

    By: ARADTech on 8/30/05
    Bravo!! A much deserved and long overdue award to one of the most inspiring,creative and talented artists I have ever seen!!

    Peace and Creativity

    By: MoonGraphics11 on 8/30/05

    By: i-popba on 8/30/05
    Congratulations Vali.
    Yess..!!! you are amazing your work my friend.

    By: X-TC on 8/30/05
    You definately deserved this, took long enough to see you here :) Keep up your wonderfull work, keep inspiring us! -Best regards, Martin

    By: Jerusha on 8/30/05
    Congratulations, Vali. It's been a long time coming. I have been a long time admirer of your work. Keep up the beauty!

    By: SirAPKered on 8/30/05
    Woot! You know, you're one of the very few artists I actually took the time to put on my faves list, so congrats and what not, You deserve it!

    By: Lucca on 8/30/05
    Congratulations, Valentina!

    By: visualgirl on 8/30/05
    Congratulations, sweety! I am so happy for you!!! I have very much enjoyed your artwork since coming here to Rendo. You are an amazing artist and deserve to be recognized. Big hugs & kisses.


    By: bybydvd on 8/30/05
    Congratulations...Magnificent Talent

    By: Juri on 8/30/05
    If someone deserve to be artist of the month that has to be you. Congrats and good luck for the future. :)

    By: drifterlee on 8/30/05
    Congratulations! I have a lot of your products and they are marvelous!!!

    By: Mechanismo on 8/30/05
    go vali go vali go vali go vali !!!! :D

    By: eschen on 8/30/05
    Congrats Vali. You're one of the diamonds in this shop.

    By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 8/30/05
    You go girlie :O)) You really deserve it...lub your awesome stuffies :O)))
    Hugs :O))

    By: Turtle on 8/30/05
    YEA! You did it. I'm so happy for you. :O) Your so creative and original your art work is a Joy to see.

    By: Anjour on 8/30/05
    Congrats to you Vali, your gallery is always such a pleasure to view!!!:o)

    By: hongyu on 8/30/05
    Congratulates Vali! I've never noticed you had such a wonderful gallery until today, you are both an talented artist and a great merchant!

    By: Django on 8/30/05
    Well deserved

    By: SkoolDaze on 8/31/05
    YAY Vali! Congratulations!! Your art is always a feast for the senses...

    By: iamjuice420 on 8/31/05
    Congrats! your piece entitled "pure" is still my favorite image since i been a member of renderosity! i ended up printin a copy and hung it up by my bed for inspiration of creation....thanks for makin such a beautiful visual and mental picture for me to enjoy forever....

    By: fastburn on 8/31/05
    A big congrats to you!! You sooooooo deserve this!! You are one amazing artist!!!

    By: ChuckEvans on 8/31/05
    Well, well, well (big smile). Having a person I added to my "Favorite Artist" list become the AOM makes me feel like I can pick winners (grin).

    I'm very glad you were voted tops. Your work is wonderful and I look forward to each piece you do.


    By: oiram on 8/31/05
    vali is great...congrats to you!!

    By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 8/31/05
    Congrats, Vali. :) Indeed well deserved! :D

    By: Dorie0924 on 8/31/05
    I don't know but i checked out your gallery and u deserve AOM. :)

    By: jensielee on 8/31/05
    Very well deserved, you are a fantastic artist and merchant. Love your products. Congrats.

    By: Engel47 on 9/1/05
    Congratulations vali - very well deserved. Well done!

    By: fabriced on 9/1/05
    Congratulation vali, bravo

    By: classyladytwo on 9/1/05
    Congratulations Vali on being selected AOM well deserved your work is gorgeous and your heart filled with kindness and love. Bravo Valentina)

    By: wile1 on 9/1/05
    Congratulations Vali! What a well deserved honor. You are talented and a wonderful person. Very gracious and lovely! Congrats to you! A perfect choice for AOM :) Hugs..

    By: annita on 9/1/05
    Congratulations Vali. You know i love you're work. It's a well deserved honor!!! Bravo :0)

    By: ariyaari on 9/1/05
    congrats from me. you've got fantastic creation and talented. you know what i want now? meet you in real life, shake your hand and say "you are my favorite designer".

    By: Sivana on 9/1/05
    Congratulations Vali!!!

    By: Fatale on 9/1/05
    congrats!! you've been in my fav list for years so i'd say this is most well-deserved :)

    By: Wurzelchen on 9/1/05
    Think your artwork is amazing!

    By: Lion on 9/1/05
    congrats from me.You are so talented and a wounderful lady.

    By: eddyruiz on 9/1/05
    CONGRATULATION::. You work is really good, dont needed i tell you but..

    FELICITACIONES::. Tu trabajo es realmente bueno, aunque no necesitas que te lo diga verdad.

    By: AranelStyles on 9/1/05
    Congratulations Vali..Well Done!!

    By: GRiMAge on 9/1/05
    Congrats! Your images are always spectacular!

    By: desmithii on 9/1/05
    woo hoo! it worked! my fav merchant is the AOM. Congratulations Vali, you do great work.

    By: Toribev on 9/1/05
    Congratulations! Well deserved.

    By: eres on 9/2/05
    Congrats!!!!! You deserve to be at this place!!!

    By: Aaronheart on 9/2/05
    Very well deserved!!!

    By: LastAngel on 9/2/05
    Congrats!!! Your work is fantastic!!! Bravo!!!

    By: Merlin2000 on 9/2/05
    Congrats to you Vali!! You really deserve it!!!!

    By: OutsideTheBox on 9/2/05
    congrats vali!!!! both your rendo galleries are amazing as are your products and i count myself blessed that ive gotten a chance to meet you =D keep up the amazing work!!!!

    By: ErrantMinion on 9/2/05
    Congratulations, Vali! well deserved :)

    By: Christel on 9/2/05
    Congratulations Vali *smile* You make so amazing art and characters.. you really deserved this :o) Hugs C

    By: costa197 on 9/2/05
    Congratulations, very well deserved :) :) :)

    By: deemarie on 9/2/05
    Congratulations Vali,
    Your images are unique as well as beautiful!

    By: chrysalide on 9/2/05
    Yes congratulation Valentina, it's very very very very cool.
    have a good day

    By: brat526 on 9/2/05
    I love all of your artworks. Both fantasy and especially your grung gallery. You are a shinning star,and an insperation to many. My heartfelt congratulations on your second win.

    By: AlteredKitty on 9/2/05
    I am so pleased and happy for you :)
    Your artwork is wfantastic and very inspirational and I enjoy seeing everything you create :)

    By: Longrider on 9/2/05
    Congratulaions valentina,your poser creations are beutiful.
    Like the topics in your rock girl.

    By: antje on 9/2/05
    Congratulations Vali! :o)

    By: dinoonid on 9/3/05
    I've never seen your work before. But the R'sity headline got my attention. I just viewed your entire gallery. Brillant and original art-work. Thanks for posting your images. They are really inspiring.


    By: SK2Design on 9/3/05
    Late as usual, but wishing you a huge CONGRATS!!! Your talent is incredibly far reaching in so many areas! :D

    By: Seven Wolves on 9/3/05
    Val! You're the AOM! Way to go, no one is more deserving than you. You have a true artistic vision and the talent to go with it. Very well deserved indeed. Congratulations :)

    By: Mariny on 9/3/05
    congratulations Vali:-)

    You have been an inspire to me all my time here at RS... 1 Year ago I didn't know about this 3D-art or Poser:-) These months you have been an inspire to me, and it's always like "christmas" when I get mail about you have upload a new product;:-)) EVERYTHING you do IS SIMPLY THE BEST HERE!!
    I have many items of you. And all the things you put your hands on are simply GORGIOUS!!

    YOUR IMAGES ARE SOOO BEAUTIFUL and I'm very happy for you be the AOM... You deserve it:-)
    It's nobody "over" you... Keep up the good work...

    By: xxxander on 9/3/05
    Vali, you are sooo deserving of this honor AGAIN...Your art inspires me, invokes thoughts and convey so much emotion through every piece of art that you do..(that is what I, myself strive to do as well)...Your talent with art and products is endless...Congratulations!!

    By: roxcat on 9/4/05
    Congratulations to you! You really deserve this, your work is truly outstanding and I admire you for your talents.

    By: ElorOnceDark on 9/4/05
    Wow! Congratulations Vali! I can't think of a more deserving person for this honor. Your renders are not only technically excellent, but they convey so much mood and emotion! I look foreward to seeing what you'll come up with on the modeling end!

    By: KCRanger on 9/4/05
    Congratulations! Your work is outstanding and you truly deserve this.

    By: Shardz on 9/4/05
    Congratulations with this honor and historic event, Vali!! You are truly amazing with your unique and immense talents and this award is most well deserved! I agree with Jessie that you are an incredible person as well as an amazing artist! A job well done, Vali!!

    By: sirocco on 9/4/05
    Congratulations sweetie :-)

    By: Angelwave on 9/4/05
    Vali, your art has inspiried many a shy persons to open their art to the world, the courage to express suffering, pain, and the beauty of how it expresses an inner soul within the heart. You have inpired me greatly and we are all on the chain of humanity, linked to one another, inspired by each other. I was not with rendo for your first placement, but double congrats for continuing the parade of what beauty that lies within your heart. Linda

    By: akeeq on 9/4/05
    Congratulations, you just made history. And it was a nice interview :)

    By: Ensomniac on 9/4/05
    I've been a fan for while now, congratulations it's well deserved.

    By: fluffgirl on 9/5/05
    you are the best my dear.. and I agree with everyone else..your are so talented..congradulation from fluffgirl

    By: Cylithera on 9/5/05
    Wow, finally! Congratulations!! SO MUCH! :)

    By: akahastur on 9/6/05
    Congrats sweety, it's well deserved, you're such a kind and talented person! Love ya! Pati

    By: Azr1el on 9/6/05
    Congrats! It's well deserved as your work is truly inspiring! :)

    By: elinz on 9/6/05
    Congrads hon..U go girl*S*

    By: samoanlady on 9/6/05
    congrats on your well deserved honor!

    By: vivianne on 9/7/05
    Congratulations Vali! I didn't realize it was you when I read the article. Your items and atristic work are absolutely amazing! You soooo deserve this!

    By: eugpue on 9/7/05
    WOW - as a complete new member at Renderosity the first I got to see were your arts. I'm breathless - looking at your pictures is like being in a totally strange world - full of dreams. Big congratulations from Germany!!! (Sorry for my written English)

    By: Magix-101 on 9/7/05
    Hey Vali
    AWESOME!!! Your stuff is great!!!
    I only just realized that this was you who is artist of the month...I am so happy for you.
    BTW I really want to give you that free stuff we agreed on, but I never heard back from you.
    Can you email me or message me?...I have a way to send it to you now.
    Best Wishes

    By: JurgenDoe on 9/7/05
    Well deserved my dear friend nd good luck to you :)

    By: Angelmoon on 9/7/05
    Congratulations my dear!!!! There were other times..and other hopes...but i always knew, that everything will change for you :o))) All my best wishes and energy for you!!

    By: Atila-Han on 9/8/05
    What to say except that this is right reward for one of the most amazing artist and not just on this fantastic site and its community but on the entire web ;)
    My all congratulations and support clap clap clap
    And that this become just beautiful start of all great events in front of you
    All respect and all the best :) and let the force be with you ;)

    By: Gnomeboy on 9/8/05
    Cheers Vali! well earned.

    By: Vampi on 9/8/05
    Again, I am very happy for you, Vali... a well earned award :)

    By: ozzieboy2003 on 9/8/05
    Be very proud of who you are and aht you have achieved. Congratulations again.

    By: Jutau on 9/9/05
    Awesome Awesome Awesome... just so you know ;)
    Cong.'s and Comp.'s

    By: aodor on 9/9/05
    You're the best!!
    Everytime I get an e-mail anouncing a new product created by you, I jump to Renderosity and spend several minutes watching your new creation. Your idea of beauty is just out of this world. Combining Philipino, Polinesian, French and Chinese facial features to create someone live Vali (my all time favourite) ist just amazing. Body balance with beautiful faces is just a modest description of your art.

    Keep the good work for many, many years.

    Mexico City

    By: steve2381 on 9/9/05
    Congratulations, love your pics.

    By: MOOOW on 9/9/05
    Congrats to you dear Vali,You are one of the best poser artist,love your brilliant artworks:)

    By: ANGELFIRE999 on 9/9/05
    Congratulations; you truly deserve this honor!

    By: B_PEACOCK on 9/10/05
    You surely Deserve it .You have always been one of my favorites. You are amazing artist and lady

    By: KymJ on 9/11/05

    I was looking in your store just yesterday and admiring your beautiful products.

    So well deserved ...congrats!!

    By: pmauritti on 9/12/05
    não há palavras

    By: Kinouk on 9/12/05
    So happy for you! A BIG CONGRATULATION!

    By: FearaJinx on 9/13/05
    You know I've been a big fan and I IM you with big kudos! I love your dark stuff. Nice work, I've always liked your work.

    By: tivao on 9/14/05
    Oh wow, congrats Vali!! You know I think you deserve it. Keep it up girl! ^_^

    By: Rubnbump on 9/16/05
    Nice work from an excellent artist. Congratulation and keep up the good work.

    By: Valentina on 9/16/05
    THANK YOU so MUCH for the comments ! I am impressed to see so many people leaving their congrats and opinions under my interview...thank you, I feel really happy !

    By: robotalk on 9/16/05
    Incredible art work and imagination Congratulations Valentina !!

    By: Placebo on 9/17/05
    Ahhh, I totally missed checking what´s happening here....anyway a very late Congrats :-) I´ve seen your talent grow and you know I love everything between your dark pics and sweet chicks :-)

    By: mapps on 9/18/05
    Congrats :-) couldn't have happened to a nicer gal :-)

    By: BGHart on 9/19/05
    Congratulations, Valentina. I love your style. Your works are really something very special. :)

    By: TwoPynts on 9/19/05
    Wonderful Vali! I've followed your work for quite some time and you are well deserving of this honor. Congrats!!! =0]

    By: zatar on 9/19/05
    Congrats Vali!!!
    You deserve this...wishing you only the best!!!
    from your friend,
    Shawn x

    By: Giana on 9/21/05
    i should actually read the Front Page more often :o
    congrats for the second year in a row, and all the best in the coming years as well :))

    By: Magician on 9/22/05
    BIG, BIG CONGRATS my friend! You know I like your images very very much. Sorry for my a bit later reply. Noticed the AOM just right now. Wish you all the best.

    So long


    By: SoulSearcherr on 9/22/05
    I know nothing about Poser..but I know when I see something that catches my eye and intrigues me to keep looking since there is so many wonderful pieces of art here..the journey through Valentinas mind is a wonderfully freaky journey not to be missed..congratulations..*S*..

    By: Zachrael2002 on 9/24/05
    Congratulations to an extremely talented and deserving person! Your artwork TOTALLY rocks, and I am glad to call you a friend :-D Hugssssss!

    By: Digital_Baptism on 9/25/05
    Congrats, Val! I've always been a huge fan of your work and look forward to seeing more. Your images evoke so much emotion and winning AOM is a true tribute to your gifts. Take care and render on!

    By: Claywoman on 9/25/05
    Congratulations on being AOM and for sharing your awesome and inspiring work!

    By: Steves-Art on 9/26/05
    Congratulations :)

    By: 5391151 on 9/28/05
    All I can say is! This stuff is unbelievable....and you are awesome dh

    By: BonBonish on 9/30/05
    Congratulations :)...

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