Congratulations to gevidal - Voted January's Artist of the Month.

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Congratulations to gevidal - Voted January's Artist of the Month.
I was born March 7 1955 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. My language is Spanish.

During my childhood I grew in the field, in a town called blue Stream. I was educated by a called woman Rosa.

Of return to the city, during the adolescence I studied drawing and painting, with a called painter Colombres and later on in the school of fine arts.

To the 22 years I enter to a religious congregation and the 35 I was ordered priest.

Simultaneously to priest's work, I developed an artistic work drawing comics and illustrations, but not in a professional environment.

When I could have a computer I am interested in the 3D and all the related to the computerized graph.

After 6 long years of learning and rehearsal, I presented my works in rendero and here I am, sharing it with you.

I thank them a lot the interest and the appreciation that have always given me and I hope to continue learning and expressing next to you.

Thank you for everything.
Guillermo Enrique Vidal

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Member Opinions:
By: ronmolina on 1/16/02
Guillermo your work is incredible!

By: ivar on 1/16/02
I've always admired your work. Thank you very much for sharing it with all of us.

By: GrayCloudDesign on 1/16/02
Congratulations gevidal:-)

By: kromekat on 1/16/02
Many congratulations on your second AOM Guillermo! - your work is greatly admired here! :)

By: Elusion on 1/16/02
Su trabajo es bellisimo, una gran inspiracion para todos y muy especialmente para mi. Gracias por haber creado tantas imagenes que me han deleitado profundamente, por su increible dedicacion al arte y por la elegancia de su estilo. Felicitaciones por haber sido (finalmente!) elegido Artista del Mes!

By: dragongirl on 1/16/02
Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us, in additon to the beautiful 3D work you post here. I love your work very much, both the fantastical and the scenes of daily life. I am very glad you and your work have been honored here. :-)

By: roobol on 1/16/02
Congratulations Guillermo, and I hope to see more of your work.

By: KimberlyC on 1/17/02
Many congratulations....your works are incredible..thank you for sharing your talent with us. :)

By: allengraph on 1/17/02
Congratulations gevidal!

By: jeweldragon on 1/17/02
congrats you are a wonderful artist!!

By: TOXE on 1/17/02
Congratulations, your work is very good and very evocative. You know the secrets of the light and the colour.

By: Shademaster on 1/17/02
You did it again Guillermo! Congratulations!

By: desdemona on 1/17/02
Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us and my real congratulations to you. I have always admired your imagination and the atmosphere that you achieve in your work.
Best regards

By: Jan-Michael on 1/17/02
We all love your work ...Guillermo... it takes to worlds yet unexplored... THANK YOU !!!!!

By: scenterotic on 1/17/02
At least ! Finally you got what you deserves with your art. Congrats !

By: ralphmanis on 1/17/02
A well deserved win for G! Congatulations

By: sharong on 1/17/02
I'm a huge fan of your work. Its a real inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing it with us.

By: cambert on 1/17/02
Your vision and imagination are second to none, and your skills leave me open-mouthed. Congratulations on AOM; it's very well deserved.

By: Curio on 1/17/02
Congratulations once again!

By: KiDAcE on 1/17/02
If anybody deserves this again it's you. I enjoy looking at images done in Bryce that don't look like the normal Bryce. Awesome! You have a style to yourself.

By: MaxDude on 1/17/02
Congratulaciones, eres un creativo extraordinario con visiones divinas de mundos fantásticos. Una verdadera inspiración para todos nosotros!
Dios te bendiga che!

Congratulations, you are an extraordinary artist with grand visions of fabulous worlds. A true inspiration for all of us!
God bless you man!

By: Deimos on 1/17/02
Congrats on artist of the month. I always enjoy looking at your work. I am not surprised to see that you have studied art but I am suprised that you don't do art proffesionally. Your work has a vary unique style which I realy like.

By: marforno on 1/17/02
Que grata sorpresa Guillermo enterarse de tu logro... y sobre todo saber un poco mas de tu vida... felicitaciones y es siempre fenomenal contemplar tu trabajo... Gracias por compartir ese don de vos con todos... hasta pronto, Gracias de nuevo...

By: Daniel7Mc on 1/17/02
It's nice to have a face and life story with your work. Congratulations!

By: Eugenius on 1/17/02
Congratulations Gevidal! I'm glad to hear that you have received the January Artist of the Month.
You always surprise me as you keep mastering and refining your unique style, one masterpiece after the next. Thanks for posting those wonderful images.

By: schlafhasi on 1/17/02
congratulations guillermo. you are a great artist nd thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us.

By: Incarnadine on 1/17/02
Congratulations and very well deserved. I like to hit your site frequently. Keep at it please.

By: hobbit on 1/17/02
Congratulations Guillermo, your style is so unique and inspirational to all.

By: hardtwist on 1/17/02
I am a great admirer of your work. I particularly like the “I wont forget” piece. Congratulation on AOM.

By: kodesign on 1/17/02
Felicitaciones Guillermo! parecen muy buenos tus trabajos y muchas gracias por compartirlos,espero seguir disfrutando de tus obras....suerte!

By: Maygen on 1/17/02
Congrats !!! You have some extremely nice work.

By: SndCastie on 1/17/02
Gragrats on a well deserved win I love your work and hope to some day be as good as you. Keep them coming!!

By: GhostWizard on 1/17/02
You are a genius Guillermo!And one more thing, make some tutorials for us mortals please. And once again congratulations....

By: 07091977 on 1/17/02
wonderful artifact ... a new breath for the computer art

By: Seven Wolves on 1/17/02
Congratulations Guillermo, a well deserved win. I doubt even the inventors of Bryce had any clue what you would do with it. Bravo!

By: Hellmark on 1/17/02
Congrats padre!

By: Helen on 1/17/02
Congratulations... I so pleased to see you have been honoured :)

By: jjokar1 on 1/17/02
Congrats Guillermo,You are an exeptional talent~Your art is so incredible!! Yes,and tutorials would be real nice!

By: Antoonio on 1/18/02
Finally! Great to see such unique artist as you in first place, in place you deserve. Your works are inspiring lots of people and leading 3D art to new, untouched paths.

By: wizardry on 1/18/02
congratulations from me too ! as you already know i love your work and ya kind of pictures.
too bad we lost contact we had over email ........

By: picky on 1/18/02
Congratulations Guillermo! Keep on creating those wonderful and unique images.

By: sloth on 1/18/02
One Cool Priest
Well earned AOM

By: henriqueaguiar on 1/18/02
Congratulations AGAIN, my friend!! :)
U well deserve it!! Plz keep sharing ur great work with us!

Best Regards

By: jba on 1/18/02
heartfelt good wishes and congratulations Gevidal. the Brycing Priest! A wonderful combination.
best, Jonathan Allen

By: Audiophile on 1/19/02
Im glad to see you get this as you are one of the most imaginative and talented here... your work is just amazing and has its own style. Keep up the good work man!

By: loganarts on 1/20/02
parabens gevidal,
eu sempre admirei seu trabalho.
é uma eterna fonte de inspiração para mim.

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 1/20/02
¡Felicitaciones Guillermo!, muchas gracias por compartir con todos los miembros tu obra de arte, tenes una gran imaginación y creatividad, lo que lleva a que concretes obras totalmente distintas en su concepción y realización, el clima de ciencia-ficción y surrealismo que tienen son realmente es realmente fantástico...:)

By: Eshal on 1/21/02
Gevidal I'm happy to see you as artist of the month. Your work is beautiful, haunting and thought provoking, I only hope that one day I can get to be half as good as you! Regards Eshal

By: Poppi on 1/21/02
Mucho gusto en conocerle. Sus obras siempre me dan felicidades. Buena suerte con sus obras, y, con todo mas en su vida. Gracias por la felicidad para mis ojos.

By: jarec on 1/22/02
You have always been one of the artists who I look out for. Thanks for giving me so much enjoyment.

By: Faeroon on 1/22/02
You are truly that, what I call "an artist"!
Your work is so full of colors, life, emotions - I'm in awe for this work and I hope that we can see much, much more from you in the future! Gratulations - you truly deserve the title "Artist of the Month"!!

By: kaiservr on 1/22/02
Very interesting art indeed. I love your color pallete, and technique. Very good work, congrats!

By: Teyon on 1/23/02
Back here again, eh? You must truly feel loved. Well, I'm gonna just add to that feeling by saying your work and imagination keeps the Bryce gallery an inspirational place.

By: Ironbear on 1/24/02
Congrats Gevidal. I spend a lot of time dissecting your images visually to see how their done. Nice work.

By: Archangel_Gabriel on 1/24/02
About frikkin time. :)

By: gevidal on 1/25/02
I thank to all the generous comments. I appreciate their expressions of friendship and I hope to respond them learning how to work better every day and to share it with you. Thank you

Les agradezco a todos los generosos comentarios. Aprecio sus gestos de amistad y espero responderles aprendiendo a trabajar mejor cada dia y compartirlo con ustedes. Gracias

By: frogman on 1/26/02
Congratulations Gevidal and honor well deserved. All your hard work has certainly paid off. Your works take us from our everyday lives and transports us to other worlds. Worlds that seem much safer than the one we live in..........take care and thanks for all you have shared....

By: holyforest on 1/27/02

By: TVartDude on 1/28/02
you rock man. i love your stuff.
Bobby Walker

By: RLG1034 on 1/28/02
Your work is an isnpiration to us all. I am only a beginer in 3-D art, but I hope that one day, with a lot of practice, I am just half as good as yourself. Thanks for all the beautiful and awe inspiring images you have shared with us.

By: thip on 1/28/02
Well-deserved congratulations, Gevidal. Your work is in a class of its own, you bring haunting symphonies of otherworldly visual beauty into our lives. Thanx for sharing them.

By: ladynimue on 1/29/02
Each image that you post is a Masterpiece onto its own. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. I add my congratulations on an honor well bestowed.

By: Ironbear on 1/30/02
I definately have to agree with Februus. That's one of the first things that struck me when I started seeing your images: "Gods - I'd love to live there and explore that world!". That's one of the best effects an artist can create in the viewer.

By: pmoores on 2/6/02
Now and then I get creative block. A quick look in your gallery and creativity is back again. Wonderful work you have there and congratulations on your AOM.

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