Renderosity Free Stuff Artist - Boundless

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Renderosity Free Stuff Artist - Boundless
Each month we showcase a Renderosity Free Stuff Artist, in appreciation for their thoughtfulness, and countless hours spent creating free items for the Renderosity community. This month we are proud to showcase the works of Petra Hornburg, better know to his Renderosity fellow artists as Boundless.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Petra. I´m a german girl, I live and work in Berlin. I discovered the PC as my hobby since my retraining as the office merchant.

When did you discover Poser?

I discovered Poser around the same time as I discovered Bryce, because creating landscapes without peoples was not very realistic.

What version of Poser do you use? Why do you like it best?

I work with Poser4/PP, P5 and P6. Poser gives me the ability to create beautiful and imaginative images.

How did you begin modeling?

I created some items with Bryce 5, but I also work now with Cinema. Both programs are very different, therefore I still need some time to learn.

I've noticed that you do a lot of textures, do you have a fashion background?

Thank you for your praise about my works. No, I don´t have a fashion background.

Where do you get your ideas for clothing textures from?

I see the cloth or a building, which I would like to paint ... the ideas, then just come along.

Do you have a favorite program you like to use to make your textures?

I work exclusive with PhotoShop 7.

What was the first texture you ever made? Did it turn out the way you planned?

Sorry, but unfortunately, I don't remember exactly which one it was, however, I am sure that it was for the P4 woman. They do not always turn out as planned, because it is always dependent on the object itself - I cannot always paint, for example, one cloth exactly how I want to, because several components are dependent of them. You know what I mean?

Do you have a favorite Free Stuff item?

No, at the moment I don’t know, because there are many nice free stuff items.

Do you have a favorite Free Stuff provider? Also, what is your favorite image created with one of your Free Stuff items?

As to Free Stuff providers, for me is it only Renderosity, the selections here is very big.

My favorite image that was created with one of my free stuff items is Memories created by SaintFox, which features my free stuff item: A Simple Chair.

Memories created by SaintFox

Featuring A Simple Chair created by boundless

How long have you been a member of the Renderosity Poser Community? What do you like best about it?

I have been a member for 4 years. As to what I like best about the Renderosity Community: I cannot say, because I’m: not only a member, I’m also a merchant, and I enjoy both areas of the Renderosity Community.

Do you have any advice for someone just starting out sharing their free stuff items?

No, not really anything specific, however, for the moment, but if anyone questions, I suggest members to ask questions in the forums.

We invite you to visit the following sites:

  • Renderosity Art Gallery
  • Free Stuff Items
  • Renderosity MarketPlace Store
  • Poser Dreams

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    A special "thank you" to
    contributing columnist, artist, Angel1,
    for taking time out of her busy schedule
    to conduct this month's
    Free Stuff Artist Interview.

    If you know of a Renderosity Free Stuff Artist that you would like to have us showcase, please drop Dee-Marie a note with the artist's Renderosity username, and keep checking the Front Page News, you never know who we will be showcasing next!
    August 8, 2005

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    Member Opinions:
    By: nemirc on 8/8/05
    Hello my friend and congrats on an excellent job. Glad to finally put a face to the name. Thanks a lot to Angel for the interview.

    By: smiths_dawg on 8/9/05
    I'm a huge fan!!! Thank you for featuring Boundless. :)

    By: deemarie on 8/10/05
    Thanks so much Petra for sharing your time and talent with the Renderosity Community :]

    By: richardson on 8/10/05
    I love, love, love your textures. So much depth and easy to use. Your fabrics especially. Hope there will be many more.

    By: BrokenAngel9 on 8/10/05
    Congrats on the feature! It sure is nice to finally be able to put a face to the name ;)

    By: KarenJ on 8/10/05
    Nice to get to know you, Petra! Thank you for sharing your creations with us!

    By: lupadgds on 8/11/05
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch Petra! Du hast es verdient, Deine Texturen sind einfach klasse! Liebe Grüße von Petra

    By: boundless on 8/11/05
    Thank you so much for all the nice feedbacks :)

    By: SAMS3D on 8/11/05
    Wonderful work and thank you for your great stuff.

    By: nucks on 8/14/05
    Thank you for sharing your talent with the Community. We are all richer for it.

    By: SaintFox on 8/19/05
    Hallo Petra, ich wurde gerade erst auf Deinen Artikel aufmerksam gemacht und freue mich sehr, dass es Dir gefällt, wie ich den Stuhl in Szene gesetzt habe. Tatsächlich hatte ich auch einige gekaufte Möbel zur Verfügung aber nichts entsprach diesem Stuhl (zumal er dafür gesorgt hat, dass das Nudity-Häkchen nicht zum Einsatz kam ;o) ), er wirkt bemerkenswert realistisch. Auf diesem Wege einfach mal ein Dankeschön dafür, dass Dein und anderer freestuff es ermöglicht, dass man nicht für jede Idee, die man ins Bild setzen möchte, eine Menge Geld ausgeben muss!

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