2001 Artist of the Year - hobbit

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2001 Artist of the Year - hobbit
Renderosity would like to congratulate hobbit for being voted the Renderosity 2001 Artist of the Year.

If you havent seen the fantastic art created by hobbit take a moment to browse hobbits Art Gallery.

As part of being voted 2001 Artist of the Year hobbit will receive the following prizes:

1) A Renderosity Shirt, Cap and Mug.
2) Admission to Siggraph 2002.
3) 5 night hotel accommodations while at Siggraph 2002.
4) Artist of the Year plaque.

If you didnt catch hobbits interview for being voted January's Artist of the Month you can view it

A note from hobbit:

"Once again my thanks go out to all who have voted for me, I am very honoured by this and can't thank everyone enough. 2001 was a very busy and successful year for me, most of which would not have been possible without the support and exposure Renderosity offers. I would like to wish everyone a happy and successful new year. Maybe this year I will get to those tutorials I promised :)' Again thank you everyone and happy rendering and painting for 2002.


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Member Opinions:
By: Styxx on 1/1/02
Congrats Hobbit!! A well deserved award!!

By: dragongirl on 1/1/02
A wonderful and very deserving choice!! Congratulations. Your artwork is phenomenal!! :-)

By: allengraph on 1/1/02
Congratulations Hobbit!

By: archetype on 1/1/02
I'm especially glad to see you're the winner of AOY. You have such a talent with powerful fantasy scenes as well as tender natural moments. I thoroughly enjoy your work and look forward to another year of your visions.

By: Sking on 1/1/02
Congratulations Andy. You have well and truely deserved this honor. Again Congrats and hope you have a great year 2002. ---- Scott

By: Maygen on 1/1/02

By: lynde on 1/1/02
Congratulations! your work is beautiful and this award is well deserved..:)

By: hardtwist on 1/1/02
Congrats Hobbit.

By: Pen_Is_Envy on 1/1/02
This is a brilliant turn of events. I'm thrilled you've won, hobbit, your work is TRULY magical. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. It has been a real blessing. :O)

By: Archangel_Gabriel on 1/1/02
Excellent, and well deserved! Best of luck. See you at Siggraph 2002. Daniel

By: laetia on 1/1/02
Congratulations! Well deserved honor. :o)

By: Joerg Weber on 1/1/02
Congratulations Hobbit - If anyone earned this award, it is you! I really love your pictures and I do hope there will be more.

By: Jan-Michael on 1/1/02
congrats ..... a very good choice...:)

By: giovanino on 1/1/02
To express in a few words such vast beauty and magical worlds that you creat would be a crime!!.
All i can say is you belong in a class way above all us litle mortals .If there is a god class of artist your are there for shure.Maybe one day in my mortal life dreaming i can come close to your work of majestic splender, and art wich touches ours hearts and soul.
Simply you are a true ARTIST.
a fan "giovanni"

By: GrayCloudDesign on 1/1/02
Congratulations Hobbit!!!

By: Seven Wolves on 1/1/02
Right on Hobbit! This was a real nail biter but I am very glad you came through! Congratulations and Happy New Year!

By: foleypro on 1/1/02
Sweet and well deserved

By: Daniel7Mc on 1/1/02
Well done, congrats Hobbit!

By: SkoolDaze on 1/1/02
Excellent! Been a big fan of your work since I first got here... Congrats, it is a well deserved honor indeed!

By: Lorraine on 1/1/02
Congratulations....hope to see more of your beautiful work in 2002

By: judith on 1/1/02
Most definitely a deserved award! Congrats!

By: Angel Michael on 1/2/02
Congratulations on a well deserved award! Your work is a constant source of inspiration to artists such as myself and I can only aspire to your standard of excellence. I hope to see more tutorials from you in the future.

By: Curio on 1/2/02
congratulations hobbit! A truly deserving winner! Your work was what inspired me to get back into 3D.

By: trinary on 1/2/02
Congratulations, Hobbit. :-) May we wish ALL of the competitors a round of well-earned and deserved applause, too. While a contest requires one winner, I think it was too difficult to pick just one. There were some tremendously talented folks this year! My hat's off to each and every one of them.

By: Ironbear on 1/2/02
Congrats, you do nice work.

By: voodoo on 1/2/02
Very happy for you, Andy. A well deserved honor based on a great body of work. ok, I'm envious. :) I always look forward to seeing your next work. Will K.

By: Michigal on 1/2/02
Congratulations Hobbit! I poured through all the galleries before casting my vote and i was totally lost in your images..you are magnificent and i enjoy your work immensely....you are so deserving of this honor!

By: Shademaster on 1/2/02
Hah! I knew it would be you! You rock man! I have just one question; can anyone tell me who came in second and third??? That's nice to know too.
Congratulations hobbit, you deserve this.

By: Tammy on 1/2/02
Congratulations I love your work it is very ispiring and each time I browse your gallery I am awestruck.

By: terra-man on 1/2/02
Congrats a lot, and really wel deserved, you're my fafourite artist and gives me a lot of inspiration, keep up the good work.


By: Luis on 1/2/02
You sure deserve the award.
Not only your work is the best around but you are always there when contacted with questions.

Many thanks,

By: kromekat on 1/2/02
Definately well deserved Andy!! - very well done!! :)

By: scenterotic on 1/2/02
well done ... congrats !

By: hobbit on 1/2/02
Many thanks all for your kind words and especially voting me this spot, I am honoured by it and can't thank everyone enough. I wish everyone the best and happiest new year for 2002.


By: ToxicAngel on 1/2/02
Congrats! Awesome images, with true sence of art!!! Keep it up!!!

By: Stormi on 1/2/02
Congratulations Hobbit!!

By: giantmushroom on 1/2/02
Congratulations hobbit, great job!

By: jwkub on 1/2/02
Congrats Hobbit, Very well deserved honor,
your work is spectacular!

By: genosiideri on 1/2/02
hobbit rules! u got the ring?

By: HMG_Designs on 1/2/02
Well deserve Hobbit, Congratulations!

By: Spiritbro77 on 1/2/02
Congratulations! Your art is truely wonderful!

By: SnowSultan on 1/2/02
Congratulations again, I've never seen anyone combine elements from Poser and Bryce quite like you do. We're all looking forward to your 2002 creations! :)

By: de-at on 1/2/02

By: audre on 1/2/02
hey congratulations on an honor well deserved! lovely work!

By: SndCastie on 1/2/02
Congrats Hobbit well deserved!!

By: pixilator on 1/2/02
Congrats! your work is very inspiring to me,.if you check my gallery you will see why,..For a while I didn't think you were gonna amke it!,.you were behind in the pole,but everything turned out fine, your on top!can't wait to see what you create in 2002

By: Toulouz on 1/2/02
Well done Andy.....a wonderful achievment well deserved......yeah.....keep it up 2002.....you have lots of admirers

By: RadArt on 1/3/02
Wow....congratulations!! I have been an admirer of your work for a long time. I am so very happy for you and this is so very inspirational all around.

By: TheWingedOne on 1/3/02
Andy, my congrats to you. I admire your work since saw your first posting. I'd be happy if my images would look only as half as good as yours do!!!

By: MikeJ on 1/3/02
BIG congratulations to you! Your style blows me away, and often when I'm making a picture, I think, "what would hobbit do here?" Not like my results are even close though, LOL!
Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2002. :)

By: Tamela.J. on 1/3/02
Congratulations Hobbit & Happy New Year!

By: gevidal on 1/3/02
Te felicito y me alegro mucho.Eres un gran artista. Aprecio tu sensibilidad y talento. Junto a mis felicitaciones te envio mi admiracion y respeto. seguramente hay mucho mas en tu camino.
Guillermo Vidal

By: Varian on 1/4/02
Big congratulations, Hobbit! I've greatly enjoyed viewing your work, and I hope you'll continue sharing it with us in 2002. :)

By: hobbit on 1/4/02
Thankyou again all,, I really appreciate your comments and words it is what inspires and drives me to paint more, thankyou.

By: Peggy_Walters on 1/4/02
Congradulations. I have enjoyed looking at your artwork. Watching and Still Watching are my favorite pictures in the entire Renderosity gallery.

By: Daramski on 1/4/02
Yay, way to go Andy, You the man!!!! : )

By: Visitor42 on 1/4/02
When I show a friend Renderosity you are the first Gallery I take them to. You work is lyrical. beautiful, and poetic. It never fails to impress. Well deserved congratulations.

By: Robb on 1/4/02
Congratulations Hobbit ! You are an amazing artist who much deserves the honor.

By: joezabel on 1/5/02
Congratulations! I'm very impressed by your work! The technical polish, the texturing, the style, the well-planned, circular compositions, the bright color schemes, and most of all the mood! Wonderful art! I'm also impressed by how productive you are-- two or three unparalleled images a week!!!

By: picky on 1/5/02
Congratulations Andy!!!
You deserve it!

By: Kaatjuh on 1/7/02
i've seen the pictures this time for the first time and i think they're great!!!

By: Devon on 1/8/02
Definately well deserved Andy....You raised the bar this year and we all look forward to what you will do in 2002.Thanks

By: Kimper on 11/6/02
Congratulations Andy!

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