Decembers Artist of the Month - Lorraine

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Decembers Artist of the Month - Lorraine
Who is Lorraine?

Lorraine in the "other world" is Lorraine Purviance, mother of Tricia Konings, born in 1975 (who always remains "Beany" to me) and one of the six Longbehn children. Although my family came from Minnesota, we moved to San Diego area in Southern California, where most of my memories of ideas about art and childhood occur. As I grew up I was urged to learn a career, something "practical" that I could support myself with, art was a nice "hobby" but there should be more than one way to earn a living with practical skills. Even though I have gone on to pursue a "practical" way to earn a living, I have also held on to the idea that someday I would be able to learn to be a "real" artist.

In my "day" job I am a family lawyer which requires me to rely upon my education and experience to guide people through the court system as they divide up their property, time with their children and hopefully move on with their lives. I have a BBA in accounting, Juris Doctorate by way of MBA/JD which includes Master of Business Administration courses. This job suits my mind-machine because it allows me to constantly input information for processing. It also allows me to research legal issues, organize information, write and argue for a particular view in the activity of dividing and distributing assets, custody and visitation disputes, or application of the law. My drawings hang on my wall in my office and people sometimes ask, why are you doing this when you could do that? Why indeed! Is it not better to do both?

Through all this schooling, thinking, learning and through all my wanderings in life, I have drawn or created images through drawings, stories and poems. Although I have worked at different jobs, traveled different places (real and imaginary) I have consistently enjoyed art. Therefore I think Lorraine is many things but has consistently remains an artist who earns a living practicing law so she can enjoy creating artwork.

How long have you have you been rendering?

Well, as far back as I can remember I have been rendering, it is the materials or tools that have changed over time, not the attempt by me to record in some way what I see. Art to me is the human way that a picture is created. Original art is the "Individual's" way of brining their own imagination to bear upon the materials they use. My personal goal in rendering has been rooted in the encouragement of my dad and the criticism by my mother who felt that something "original' was far more valuable than tracing or copying another's work. So rendering in its basic form is about finding yourself and putting it into your artwork.

Until around 1998 I used mostly pencil and pen to render my images. To that point in my life, my skill was driven by my early love of horses, which subject I had studied with a passion and imagination. Hours of practicing the technical aspects of the anatomy, shape and dynamics of horses led to a certain level of skill limited to the form of the horse.

However, since art was not considered a "practical" way to earn a living it has been more or less my hobby. By 1998 the computer programs Photopaint (Corel), Poser 3 and Bryce 3 took me far beyond my own skill and technical limitations resulting from spending little time "rendering" other subjects than horses. However, the learning curve for computer generated graphics was pretty steep for me, I had not learned all those technical art terms, I had many hours of trial and error, then I bumped into the Poser forums, and have remained a community member posting my first image in June 1999.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on trying to understand concepts relating to modeling programs. I am also slowly trying to learn what it means to speak "computer", that is to use scripting languages to get the computer to do things you want it to do. I am trying to get my mind around these two areas. So far my mind seems to be like a big rubber band, I can get it so far then it snaps back to go. Or I get distracted by an idea that can be done using the programs I have figured out and put a book mark where I am and get to work on a Poser image.

I am also beta testing some wonderful products. I have been given the honor of using many wonderful items in my images which have been created by other artists. In that way I see my art as a collaboration of many artists.

What software do you use and why?

I use Poser 4 (ProPack), Bryce 5, Photoshop 6, PSP7, Painter 6 and Photopaint. I have not yet learned how to "use" Truespace, but I am feeling pretty comfortable with Poser. I like Poser because there are so many talented artists producing props, characters and poses. It is so nice to think of an image and look at my library and find most of the elements of the image. Bryce 5 is used by me more as an extension of Poser, I set up the elements in poser and "beam" them into the Bryce environment. I have found the Zenware products to be especially helpful (CR2 edit, Zenvue etc.), so I would include them as well as the now famous utilities, UVMapper, MorphManager and Objaction Mover. I have Deep Paint3d which I am learning to use on 3d models for texturing.

Why do you like 3D art?

Like air is to my body 3DArt has been to my soul. It revives it from the long and tiring tasks of "being practical", it balances reality with imagination. It also is an efficient way to generate a wide variety of images within a reasonable period of time. Time slips by us all, but with the aid of the computer 3d Art is created within a smaller space and with tools that change and improve. The computer has given me a larger range and scope of capabilities.

Mostly though 3d Art has given wings to my ability to create images which would remain in my mind for lack of a way to extract them. I am most impressed with the way 3d Art involves multi-levels of "technique" while at the same time invites the newer artist to create dramatic images of detail and amazing effects. After an initial period of blundering with the programs, I saw on the screen that I had been unable to create with "traditional" tools. I was hooked from that point on. 3D art offers something to everyone who has a bit of patience to learn the programs, that something is the freedom to create from the abstract to the almost photographic image.

What inspires you?

My greatest influence was the imagination of my dad, who introduced the notion of the power of imagation through Magic Carpet rides. Firmly grasping the waist of reality all of us kids soared over incredible lands as the magic carpet was steered by two of its corners, veering this way and that to miss the tall spires of a magical castle or floated peacefully over the purple sunset of a far far away place. I learned that if you really want to and really try you can go anywhere and do anything through the magic of the mind and imagination and through the use of the imagination one can see through reality into a great vista of towering castles, tiny fairies and mystical landscapes. The real world is where you do what you must to survive but in the world of magic and imagination you can be and do anything you want. Through art you can celebrate freedom of your imagination, the tools of art, the pen, pencil, sounds, images, words...all are the magic carpet, which sits quietly on the floor waiting for the imagination to steer it here and there.

One of my greatest interests has been symbolism of the Tarot. That interest has launched me into discovery of myths, legends, a new view of the concepts of religion and the innate perspective of the human mind of its relationship with the unknown through time.

So my greatest inspiration comes from observations made in the real and imaginary world(s) as they pass through not only my own mind but the minds of others. Stories, poems, pictures, I am inspired by the efforts of other human beings to reduce to common view their own unique perspective. I also am inspired to create what I have experienced, views of landscapes, creatures and concepts.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Renderosity has been my artistic "school", the place where I have felt encouraged in my struggle with the sometimes reticent Poser people. I have been encouraged by the comments and criticisms of its members as well as inspired by the member's work.
I spent hours studying the work of the many great artists who post in the galleries. Many artists have shared tips and techniques and if there is a question or problem there are so many great people who take the time to help resolve the difficulties.

Almost as important as the knowledge base are the wonderful props and models. Freebies are honored in this community as a way to give back to the community. I have noticed the great expansion of quality products which came along with the introduction of the store. I support the store artists because through the store the quantity of quality items has increased. The prices for incredibly detailed items to me remain reasonable. The store items as well become a means of inspiration.

Each image I make is a collaboration of the many talented artists who contribute here. This community has provided openly and warmly a rich source of talent. Persistence pays off in the long run. This community has persisted in its belief that through the contribution of each artist a community of artists can make a difference. In my view Renderosity has made a difference in the world of 3d Art. That difference is that many people have discovered that "they can do art"!... "Wow look what I did" really translates to "wow look what this community has helped me discover that I can do".

Visit Lorraine's Art Gallery at Renderosity.

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Member Opinions:
By: Tamela.J. on 12/11/01
Congratulations Lorraine!!


By: sinsister on 12/11/01
Congrats Lorraine, you are a very valubale asset to the Renderosity community not to mention a very talented person. Peace! .[S].

By: Varian on 12/11/01
Congratulations, Lorraine! I first was enthralled by your artistic skill and creative imagination in the ArtExercise group, and your work never ceases to be both exciting and inspiring. Your interview here is also amazing, quite reflective of your multiple and oft' understated talents. Keep it up! :)

By: jacee on 12/11/01
Congratulations Lorraine. I think you are not only a talented 3d artist but also a talented word artist.

By: dragongirl on 12/11/01
Very happy to learn a bit more about you. Your Dad sounds great! Just took a little trip down memory lane through your gallery. I first really remembered your name when I saw Zaharina - still a favorite! :-)
Nice to see you up here!!

By: Tammy on 12/12/01
Congratulastions Lorraine, you have inspired me with your artwork here for a long time. This is well deserved.

By: trevor3000 on 12/12/01
Congratulations Lorraine! You have been a good friend and a mentor to me. It does my heart good to see your work recognized and to have others know (as I know) the bright, witty, kind person behind this most excellent and diverse art. Best of success to you now and always.


By: dolly on 12/12/01
Congratulations mate you deserve this ,so enjoy

By: desdemona on 12/12/01
Congratulations, I do really enjoy your wonderful work.


By: lynde on 12/12/01
Congratulations Lorraine, your work is really inspiring and I have enjoyed it for some time..:)

By: dglidden on 12/12/01
Congrats Lorraine, this is a well deserving recognition to you and your talent!

By: Morris on 12/12/01
How nice it was to get to know more about you! Congratulations on this well deserved honor! Your work is truly moving, always unique and an incredible joy to view! I find myself going back through your gallery over and over, each piece of art you create has new details to find and brings about new ideas and inspiration, I would like to say thank you for sharing your talent and vision with this community and me :-)


By: rockets on 12/12/01
Congratulations Lorraine! I'm thrilled that your work is being recognized with this honor. The originality and true artistic ability make your work a joy to behold.

By: Neec on 12/12/01
Congratulations Lorraine, your abilities as an artist are incredible and inspiring. I am so very happy to see you and your art being given the recognition and honor it deserves. You are most definitely an asset to the Renderosity community, not only as an amazing artist but also as a terrific person. In reading your interview just want to add ... Well Done!!!!

By: racin-jason on 12/12/01
Hi Lorraine - you know how happy I am - but I if course won't tell you in public. Here I will simply offer my sincerest congradulations, and state that your art is well deserving of this AOTH award. Keep up the great and awe-inspiring work Lorraine, and who knows, next year you could win again.

By: ronmolina on 12/12/01
Wow Finally! Congratulations! Well deserved and overdue.

By: Sking on 12/12/01
Hi Lorraine, I have to say a big congradulations to you. The art work you have produced over the last year has been a pleasure to view and of a very high standard. Keep up the graet work that i am sure is inspiring alot of people here as well as myself. This honour of AOM you deserve. Thank you, Lorraine. ----- Scott.

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 12/12/01
My but you are honest congratulations to have been nominated as the artist of the month.

By: emorin on 12/12/01
It makes me so joyful to finally get to know you. I first noticed your work through your spiritual creations and have not left you since. You are a very soulful artist and I see a lot of individuality in your work. Thank you for sharing that part of your soul. Ellie

By: Richabri on 12/12/01
Yeah Lorraine! I'm so happy for you and I'm glad you have recieved the recognition you so richly deserve. I've so much enjoyed knowing you and working with you and I wish you all the best in everything you do.

By: giovanino on 12/12/01
You are a great and humble artist and i admire that in all ,thanks for posting such fine work we can all admire and get inspired by.

a fan

By: Misha883 on 12/12/01
You are both creative and sensible; an inspiration to many.

By: laetia on 12/12/01
Congratulations!! You very much deserve this. :o)

By: picky on 12/13/01
My sincere congratulations Lorraine! Keep up a good work! :)

By: Stormi on 12/13/01
Congratulations Lorraine, you deserve this honor, your art is simply wonderful and as others have said, very inspiring to many of us. :)

By: holyforest on 12/13/01
Hello Lorraine ! Congratulations : )

By: rjghise on 12/14/01
Congratulations Lorraine, I'm very, very pleased to see you get the recognition you deserve. :-)

By: pam on 12/14/01
Let me add my congratulations :-)
As I have told you before, I love the spark of magic and mystery in your art. No one deserves this award more.

By: GrayCloudDesign on 12/14/01
Congratulations Lorraine:-)

By: Jan-Michael on 12/15/01
congrats Lorraine....LONG overdue in my opinion :)

By: Ironbear on 12/15/01
Congrats, Lorraine. And that's a neat pic on your interview. ;]

By: ralphmanis on 12/16/01
Hi Lorraine, Congratulations on a well deserved AOM!!

By: Insom_Nia on 12/17/01
I'm very honoured to know you, Lorraine.

By: Ecstasy on 12/17/01
About time you made it!:0)
Well deserved!Congrats and great article too.

By: capsces on 12/17/01
Beautiful work, Lorraine. Congratulations!

By: Tartan on 12/17/01
Hey Lorr :)

I was just wandering thru.. and all I can say is that as long as I have been around in the 3d and 2d world that your images just keep getting better and better. /e remembers the glory days of the 2d forum and well before. I had not realized how much you had on your plate. Being a family lawyer has to be quite stressful from time to time or case to case. Couple that with the quality and prolificity of your images and I am astounded. For awhile there I thought that you had slacked off until I wandered through your gallery here LOL. Keep up the good work gal.
Tartan :)

By: allengraph on 12/17/01
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! =-)

By: RadArt on 12/18/01
Congratulations Lorraine!!
Way to go ;-)

By: jasminre on 12/19/01 deserve to be here...

By: CellarCat on 12/21/01
About time!! I enjoy your work very much and am glad to see you have finally received proper recognation. Congrats....

By: Poppi on 12/22/01
I am currently working on trying to understand concepts relating to modeling programs. Oh, oh...and, you with such a full plate. Well, has it really been PROVEN that we need sleep? I don't think so...otherwise, God wouldn't have created cuban coffee.

congrats on aom. you certainly deserve it.

By: P-diddy on 12/23/01
Way to go

By: MikeArizma on 12/25/01
Lorraine is just too cool! Glad you got it, lady!It seems getting recognized here takes some time, but there you are, right on top. I'm very glad.
I hope this comment gets posted. Some of mine seem not to make it for some reason. Anyway, congrats, Ms Lorraine!!

By: Pen_Is_Envy on 12/25/01
Congratulations, Lorraine. This honour has been way too long in coming for you, so it's about time!!! Bask in it, it's well-deserved. And the merriest of Christmases to you and your family!! :)

By: Zrincx on 12/25/01
Lorraine, you rock! A well deseved artist of the month review..

By: Syyd on 12/26/01
I remember seeing your work, when I was still to frightened to post work....We were fortunate enough to get to know each other a little bit, I find your work very symbolic, very beautiful...and the line of work you are a wonder you have time to find to create, and create you do, some of the best things I've ever seen. Bless you Lorraine, and looking forward to seeing more of the magic you weave in the new year to come. Syyd

By: Orio on 12/29/01
Congrats Lorraine, keep riding your carpet!

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