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Tornado Train

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Just some post work in PS. I used some free stuff I cant remember where i got them though :(

May 31, 2005
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Image Comments

May 31, 2005 4:05:49 pm
Great idea...!!! Like your postwork...reminds me I should do more with photoshop...Very creative work..well done !!

by violet Homepage »

May 31, 2005 5:03:02 pm
what a dramatic sky!good idea wit the light!

by renderix Homepage »

May 31, 2005 5:48:00 pm
Wild effects! I like the pov a lot!

by Digimon Homepage »

May 31, 2005 6:15:33 pm
THe image is just stunning. The sky work is fabulous, the train looks stunning, and the effects are very owesome. Very kewl render. -v-

by cornelp Homepage »

May 31, 2005 7:50:50 pm
Amazing image! I love the loco model. I think it may be the one avliable at 3D Cafe, among other places. The lightning and sky are very well executed as well.

by 19Paul Homepage »

May 31, 2005 8:32:26 pm
very cool....

by zoren Homepage »

May 31, 2005 8:55:04 pm
Well done !

by sackrat Homepage »

May 31, 2005 9:59:10 pm
Fantastic image!!!

by Burpee Homepage »

Jun 1, 2005 1:40:53 am
Fantastic storm effects here.

by Kathye Homepage »

Jun 1, 2005 2:37:10 am
AWESOME. Great idea with ur gif, would have been great on the main pic too. Nice one!

by omac2 Homepage »

Jun 1, 2005 3:25:52 am
Excellent work, the lightning and sky are awesome. I like the smudge effect on the power lines to, really effective. An idea though, maybe you could ruff up the trains textures a bit, give it a dirty feel. Just an idea. The animated thumb is a cool idea too. Keep up the excellent renders.

by Sans2012 Homepage »

Jun 1, 2005 1:27:48 pm
Great feel of movement, well done

by marcfx Homepage »

Jun 1, 2005 1:48:11 pm
Super effects! Excellent train model! Great lighting and background Tornado is fantastic.

by adrian3Dart Homepage »

Jun 4, 2005 1:22:44 am
I’m so sorry I am so far behind. I’m trying hard to catch up and busily slaying e-bots!! (What else is new??) Until I can get caught up, I’m still going to mostly just be leaving behind my “calling card.” But I’d also like to leave a suggestion with everyone. In the three months I’ve been here at Renderosity, I’ve made a huge number of wonderful friends that really mean the world to me. And I’d like to share a technique with everyone. Take a minute each day and have a look at “What’s New.” Pick out the work of someone you don’t know, pop it open and have a nice little look at what they have done. And don’t just look at people that do the same things as you. Pick from all the different categories and programs. You will learn a lot – and you’ll get new ideas for postings. This “cross pollination” will help us build more robust “hybrid” art. All of the “Old Masters” in art history spent a great deal of time learning from the “Old Masters” of their day – AND from each other. If we do the same, our work will continue to get better and better. And sometimes pick someone that is just starting out and give them a hand – share YOUR knowledge with a newcomer. And then – send them a brief IM. Introduce yourself and tell them how much you like their work. Just by making the introduction, you’ve just taken the MOST IMPORTANT step toward making a new friend!!! Everyone will learn from each other and each new friendship is one more stitch in this “Tapestry of Friends” that is Renderosity!!! SO – MAKE ONE NEW FRIEND EACH DAY!!! Love, Meredith PS - UNBELIEVABLE EFFECTS!!! Great train, lightning and tornado!!!!

by MeredithWilson Homepage »

Oct 28, 2005 7:26:03 am
TY all for the replies-sorry i have been away to comment

by Biomoto Homepage »

Oct 28, 2005 10:14:29 pm

by curly Homepage »

Dec 6, 2005 1:42:15 am
Simply splendid! Love the grey atmospheric background blending with the train smokes. Excellent work!

by zfigure7 Homepage »


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