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Reconing ~ Rendo Halloween contest entry 2012

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I never win contests, but no one can say "If you don't enter you can't win" ... lol

So, I entered. :D

Those that did win totally deserved it. They were my favs, too.

I'm not spooky enough, I don't think. I just don't 'see' that way ... lol. I do love spooky imagery, though.

If you zoom, you can see a lot more detail, but I always hate the 'saved for web' distortion ... lol.

The accompanying description from the contest:

I used DS3 & PS for post.

I like images that can express more than one possible interpretation. My inspiration this year was thinking about the wedding night going really bad.

The main composition took about two days, another for little details, and two more for draping the dynamic fabrics. Render too forever due to a failing hard drive, so I took a week off to fix the computer, then the render took roughly 4 hours at a 3000 scale.

I mentioned a dual interpretation possibility ... Did the hanged figure do something heinous, deserving his fate, maybe something leaving her vulnerable and mournful? Or did a stranger turn her intended wedding night of bliss into a horrid memory by ripping her love from her after consummating their vows?

You decide ...

My last upload ...

If you find time, check out my website:

Be sure to check out my latest VidFolio, too :D
WillowRaven's VidFolio
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Xameva - Perfect V4 Complete - Full Body Fix
Xameva - Perfect V4 Complete Upgrade - Full Body System
meipe - Perfect V4 Complete - Full Body Fix
meipe - Perfect V4 Complete Upgrade - Full Body System
November 3, 2012
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Image Comments

Nov 3, 2012 8:19:43 pm
Beautiful work!

by GrandmaT Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 8:29:01 pm
This is absolutely amazing! When I'm zoomed in all the way there's so much to look at, so much little detail. Beautiful artwork once again, hope you had a great Halloween!

by Xameva Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 8:40:42 pm
very beautiful indeed

by grylin Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 8:41:46 pm
Well done.

by pimanjc Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 8:46:38 pm
A most beautiful work my friend.

by barryjeffer Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 8:47:17 pm
Looks spooky to me, stunning!

by 1010 Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 8:49:17 pm
alway try myself, my post a few images ago was mine. (unhappily ever after) i really enjoy your submission. nice setting and lights.

by eekdog Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 9:04:16 pm
look spooky and fantastic work.

by Minda Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 9:05:59 pm
Very good work
Great scene
sorry you didn't win - though I think you should have

by Faemike55 Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 9:40:45 pm
I Like it.
CHeers, -Trifd-

by Trifid Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 9:59:16 pm

Wow, nice scene, and perfect lighting too.

by nitegrafix Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 10:01:45 pm
This is a most marvelous image and wonderful creation! Bravo on your fine imagination and splendid artistic talents! Thanks for sharing them with us!

by Radar_rad-dude Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 11:15:53 pm
Cool work.

by bebopdlx Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 11:51:49 pm
I think you did a sensational job on this eerie Halloween image

by magnus073 Homepage »

Nov 3, 2012 11:54:06 pm

by rbowen Homepage »

Nov 4, 2012 12:34:10 am
not a stranger,it was one of her lovers back from the schooldays the guy was a bit sicko in the brains and on the wedding night he lost it completely and went apesh..!

by renecyberdoc Online Now!   Homepage »

Nov 4, 2012 1:08:20 am
I never enter contest here anymore. I know if you never enter you never win, but winning here is at a very high level. I am afraid it is higher than I can produce. I do not have the talent or the tools to win here, so I enter contests at smaller site where my chances are better. I have not even looked at the contest here since they threw out my entry with one hour left in the contest. I had uploaded the entry more than a week earlier. It was not that good and would have lost anyway, but by the time I saw my entry had been thrown out the time limit to enter had already past. What really pissed me off was the reason it was thrown out was it did not conform to the contest theme. When I looked I found 3 entries from other artist that where similar. I left rendo for about 6 months. I still do not like them and would like to see another site displace them.
I like you render. It looked to me that something spooky is stalking out fair maiden. The scare factor is there in that you can not see what is stalking the lady. The problem your render it was subtle and best appreciated full size. It is my guess that there are only a few voters that actual open and look at the render full size. I also suspect the if the scare factor is not easily seen in the thumbnail, many do not even bother to open the render. I do not know who won this year, but if it is like prior years it was not just a straight poser render Usually it is a Z-brush figure that was custom made.

by HADCANCER Homepage »

Nov 4, 2012 1:40:42 am
This wonderful image really deserves to be seen full size, it's amazing and spooky enough in my opinion. I never enter contests...the only time I tried on Daz MP, my image was banned !!! yes !!! censored !!! It's the image titled "Nuts" if you want to have a look.

by gaius Homepage »

Nov 4, 2012 1:43:34 am
Very beautiful work!

by byteline Online Now!   Homepage »

Nov 4, 2012 3:02:32 am
very nice work my friend:)

by spiritmind Homepage »

Nov 4, 2012 3:26:59 am
I remember seeing it ! It's a fine piece, well lit and composed and I like the add of the watch in her hand, more moody than creepy but it's your style and having a style of ours is already a great thing !

by legolie Homepage »

Nov 4, 2012 4:09:22 am
i like it so much !! amazing work !!

by Dreamingbee Homepage »

Nov 4, 2012 4:50:28 am
Great Halloween image, nice colors and lighting!

by VDH Homepage »

Nov 4, 2012 5:57:53 am
very excellent entry

by bebert Homepage »

Nov 4, 2012 7:16:31 am
I have never tried a contest with my art. I feel pressured because of the time frame and then get rattled. So I don't bother, anything else I can do under pressure, but not this.

The flow of the dress hanging down the side of the altar is so realistic. YOu don't see that much in 3d art. Everything is so stiff. I am very impressed with that. The light glows are a awesome too. Wonderful piece you have created.

by boobunny Homepage »


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