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What Would HE Think.......? .. (Rant)

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First of all, can I apologies for turning my comments off today..
I feel if I am going to (yet again) empty my spleen onto these pages I cannot in all honestly expect you to say 'Oh! Good Boy!'..
I will leave the Faves on for those who really must reply, or do like the picture, (but I must say I don't think its that well taken, I could not get it in 100% focus..)

In Britain this past week, the filth came out on the streets and took over.. £100 millions of damage has been caused, robbery, looting violence on an epic scales across our Country was seen.. Well over 1,000 have been arrested and so, so many more were not! People were mugged, robbed and actually murdered on the streets for 'fun'!
I don't want to hear the excuses that oh it was not like that, there were reasons why etc.. Bollocks! When gangs are sent to areas via 'Facebook and Blackberry' devices, it is not because they are 'poor' or disadvantaged in any way!

Enough of what happened, you know what did (and it may happen again if something is not done)..

When I grew up, if I did something wrong, I was punished at home, my parents were not hauled off to court!!!! If I did wrong at school, I remember a board rubber being hurled across the classroom, missing by a foot or so.... It made me jump miles! And that was at Primary School! And more, far far more importantly if I was caught doing something wrong on the streets, the Police dealt with it! More often a clip around the ear and then being dragged (yes dragged) through the town to my parents who then gave me an even thicker ear!
I did not mess around a second time after the first....

Now though, Parents can't touch kids, Teachers can't discipline them for fear of being sued and more important, the Police can't do bugger all.. All the runts know it! They grow up thinking they are 'Mini Gods', they are entitled to everything, (because they are given it ... or steal it.)..

I could go on and on...

There are other things that have messed this Country up so much its beyond belief! Joining the E.U. (We pay 36 BILLION to be in this club) And they want to save money?
Signing the 'Human Rights Bill'.. Which has opened the biggest can of worms ever! And our immigration problem.. (Which I won't go into here.. But a small place like ours cannot support 600,000 new people a year coming into it.. End of.. This reflects in no way on the very hard working coloured, Asian etc people that have been settled here for generations and live like Britain's..)
See I never mentioned Defense!! Shocked...?

The picture? Well, what would 'He' think then? I suspect turning in his grave..
August 13, 2011
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