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Good day and welcome to your first lesson in Temporal and Dimensional Physics. I am your instructor M.A.R.C. (Mobile Astrometric Recon Cray) 13-6921. I have been designed for gathering information and distributing on varied subjects. My expertise is the same as that of the human Epoch, Temporal/Dimensional Physics. His memories were loaded into my system upon my issue to him. This is a standard procedure that allows a M.A.R.C. series 13 to help its companion with various endeavors and even anticipate the companions needs.

Let us now dispense with deviations and begin our lesson.

Before we go into the details within the physics of this particular science, you must first acquire a basic understanding of its principles. To help in this endeavor, I shall play a portion of a report that had been composed and presented by my previous companion, Epoch.

begin play:

Time, as defined by man, is a measure of a thing's existence, and everything we know cannot exist without it. A more specific way to view the importance of time is to think of it as an aspect of dimension. In what we know as the third dimension there is height, width, and depth, but a fourth dimension is needed for something to exist. Time is that fourth dimension. It is the definition of a thing's existence, which is duration.

For a moment, think of time as a bubble that expands at the same rate as the universe. As the universe is effected by time, so time is effected by the universe. One way time is changed is by gravity, which can twist, bend and even rupture a part of this bubble. In effect, this kind of distortion allows travel to different places in time...time travel.

Now imagine our time bubble is but one in an infinite number of bubbles making up a cosmic froth. Each globe is an individual universe which is different from one another and represent alternatedimensions. There are times that these spheres come in contact with one another creating a passage for travel between them. Travel between these alternate dimensions range from de ja vu to physically moving into another universe, but sometimes the bubbles merge to create a mixture of time and space, or worse, they destroy one another. In the later case, everything no longer exists.

In any event, with this knowledge, we know interrupting an era of time is not just possible, INTERIM is inevitable.

stop play
September 10, 2008
Science Fiction
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Image Comments

Sep 12, 2008 3:41:18 am
Very original idea. I like the POV in the story. A lecture... nice!

by Liam. Homepage »

Oct 27, 2009 12:56:29 pm
Great idea! Very well done!

by Darkwish Homepage »


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