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La danse de la vie (in memory of Valerie)

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I was in the middle of creating this image when I got the news that my friend Valou (Valerie Ducom) passed away and I thought this was fitting her, the way I want to remember her and to honor her. I know that this is how she would want to be remembered, always full of live, smiling, positive, avec une joie de vivre. And roses were so much part of her gallery... She was my friend, always supportive of me and even last night when I went to bed, she's the one who put a smile on my face :)

And with the generosity and the big heart she had, she wouldn't want us to be sad and I know this for sure :)

Aurevoir ma petite Valou, je t'aime :)
Production Credits
Subgraphick - Charlotte and Charlotte\\\'s clothes
Aery_Soul - Boots
Severine - Elements of background from Magic Bubbles
June 10, 2008
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Image Comments

Jun 10, 2008 9:02:06 am
Une belle image pleine de sensibilité.

by Subgraphick Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:05:14 am
Impressive indeed!! Wonderful tribute!!

by MaraP Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:13:35 am
great work congratulations!!!! ++++++++5

by hleon Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:13:58 am
This is so beautiful!

by huismus Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:16:13 am
Une création d'une grande pureté et un très beau rendu. Le jeu de lumière est parfait ainsi que la pose.
C'est une superbe dédicace pour ton amie Valérie. Tout comme toi, je pense que cette image pleine de vie la symbolise très bien.
Les mots qui l'accompagnent lui iront sûrement droit au coeur !


by virginiese Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:16:35 am
Sem dúvida perdemos nós uma amiga, artista e pessoa maravilhosa, o céu certamente brilhara mais com sua presença...mas a tristeza sempre será marca em meu coração por não estar mais entre nós, mas um rasgo de paz por ter tido a felicidade de ser seu amigo e admirador. Tributo soberbo minha amiga
Without a doubt we lost us a friend, artist and wonderful person, the sky certainly had shined more with his/her presence... but the sadness will always be mark in my heart for not being more among us, but a peace tear for having had the happiness of being his/her friend and admirer. I tax superb my friend

by flaviok Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:19:02 am
what horrible news:(
beautiful image and dedication

by corvas Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:24:48 am
And a very fantastic image to remebr her by... and very brave of you to use red as a background. It's great, nah... it's fabulous, the colour and the effect on it. really nice pose and idea with the rose petals too.

by RGUS Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:26:07 am
Such sadnes, I hope you are well, an a wonderful image and dedication!

by Tavia3D Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:27:02 am
Beautiful and touching tribute to the memory of your friend. I'm sorry for your loss :(

by Richabri Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:31:08 am
Très belle image pour un bel hommage !

by Severine Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:42:26 am
Wondrous tribute, heart felt.

by doarte Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:42:29 am
J'ignorais que Valérie nous avait quitté :( (elle venait de temps en temps dans ma galerie). Ton image est superbe par sa sensibilité et je suis sûr qu'elle plairait à Valérie.

by powerage Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:42:32 am
A really beautiful and touching dedication to a great lady, good work Louise

by magnus073 Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:42:38 am
This is an image full of life and beauty--a beautiful way to remember your friend and keep her close in your heart!

by lwperkins Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:46:35 am
je m'associe avec toi louly , helas je sais ce qu'est de perdre un ami (e) cela fait deja un an et je ne suis toujours remis.. ton hommage est magnifique et suis de tout avec toi dans cette epreuve difficile

by aerodreams Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:49:55 am
Excellent work and very expressive character......!!!!!

by atsoram Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 9:58:32 am
Beautiful tribute for a great friend that will never be able to forget, Valerie--<--<@I have no words at the moment.................Beautiful Image. A million stars from me!!!********************************
Have a wonderful day.Hug and kiss in Your heart.Luminous blesing. Ludy

by LudyMelltSekher Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 10:07:35 am
Excellente image ! Un bien bel hommage à Valou !

Je ne la connaissais pas spécialement mais j'utilise souvent les scripts et les flammes qu'elle a créés pour Apophysis !
Je penserai à elle chaque fois que j'ouvrirai ces fichiers ...

by yorek Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 10:12:01 am
It's very nice....

by Gameforce Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 10:31:11 am
Lovely image and dedication!!

by brycek Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 10:48:50 am
Encore un beau dessin à sa mémoire!!!!!Très beau Louise!!!

by Antonio57 Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 11:03:22 am
this is so lovely
so sorry for the loss

by Eganko Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 11:10:51 am
This is wonderful! Awesome realization!!!

by morghana Homepage »

Jun 10, 2008 11:23:45 am
Beautiful image, and I love the hands and vignette. I am sorry for the loss of your friend.

by chippwalters Homepage »


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