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Silvia 8: Comic page creation (for the Dawing Day)

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To do a realistic comic album, I start from a precise documentation: photographs and 3D models. I create the models in Cinema 4D. I use Poser and Quidam for human characters. But for poses and expressions or to show specific characters I like also to use artists’ resources books, particularly the Fairburn books (nearly impossible to find today), which were used by prominent comic artists such as Grzegorz Rosinski. This comic strip is the first third of page 13. In a 46-pages album, the first page has the number 3 (not 1). Silvia, then 11 years old, is arriving at her granduncle Antonio’s house. She is 1.37m tall (4ft6in), so she is quite small; when adult, she will be only 1.57m (5ft2in) tall. Here (see panel 3), her proportions were calibrated from a book showing children at very precise ages. As I said in my last post, I have two Quidam 3D models of Silvia, one at 7 and the other at 15-16 years old: in this page, we have an intermediate situation. Rodrigo Lopez, her adoptive father, a young French farmer of Spanish origins, owns a Seat Cordoba, which is a logical choice. I used my own Cordoba (Fig. 1 and 2) as a reference, but my car is a 1997 model, whereas Rodrigo’s one is the current one (the comic’s action here is taking place in 2002, year at which the today model appeared). Hence the differences between the photo, which only served as a geometry basis, and the drawing. I have modeled a part of Antonio’s house in Cinema 4D (Fig. 3 and 4); most of the elements (the house, windows, door, table, dishes, glasses, etc) were created by me, but the bottle and the chair are freestuffs. So I modeled a whole little universe to draw my comics, and for that I took measures of real furniture. Probably later I will offer these things as freestuffs, but to prepare them for other users takes time… Photography and 3D can be a good help for illustrators with perspective problems! This is the final draft. Inking will be done in Manga Studio EX (in vector mode) and color in Photoshop. The texts are today in the font Helvetica, which will be replaced by a custom-made font later. I am grateful to my friend Gene (2Loose2Trek) for helping me in the translation of the balloons. I post this for the Drawing Day. You can see a picture of Silvia in action 4 years older here:

Silvia 6, when hesitation means death (contains violence)

I have opened a site to present my comic project. It is here:

"Silvia (the adventures of Silvia Robin)"

This is not a public site. I have done it for the fun of friends, but more important is to help me to improve the project. Every comment will be welcome. The access to comic pages needs a secret code. If you are, since some months, one of my friends, or somebody who favorites my work, or one of my favorites, write me an email, and I will give you the code. But without code, there are tenths of drawings in 3 galleries to enjoy!
June 7, 2008
Digital Comics
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Image Comments

Jun 7, 2008 3:04:58 pm
Very nice work Edouard ... I appreciate the explanation of your creative process and techniques. This is all very interesting and instructive. Really well done.

by 2Loose2Trek Homepage »

Jun 7, 2008 3:17:00 pm
this is phenomenal.... and very instructive!!

by timtripp Homepage »

Jun 7, 2008 3:47:45 pm
very instructive!!

by Mousson Homepage »

Jun 7, 2008 4:28:54 pm
Unbelievable work!

by pixelmeister Homepage »

Jun 7, 2008 6:36:29 pm
Merci du truc l'ami ;-) Bonne idée
Bon Dimanche

by MagikUnicorn Homepage »

Jun 7, 2008 7:37:06 pm
superb work my friend, your project is outstanding !!

by SapUS59 Homepage »

Jun 7, 2008 9:35:58 pm
lot of work goes on that most people do not understand about realistic comic or comis in nature at all. Like how they can draw the same person over and over in diff poses and pov and you still know who it is. this is a wonderful way of seeing into your world

by jocko500 Homepage »

Jun 8, 2008 3:56:33 am
Very interesting. 5+++

by ragouc Homepage »

Jun 8, 2008 4:06:49 am
Good job so far, DO keep up the good work.

by dphoadley Homepage »

Jun 8, 2008 9:04:09 am
C'est interessant de voir ta page de création, je suis toujours curieuse de voir comment les artistes travaillent !

by Severine Homepage »

Jun 8, 2008 10:54:53 am
Very interesting work flow.
Always good to see other artists' approach.

Planning the page and each scene seems to be the one common thread per artist's recipe for completion.

Particular methods used to reach the goal of final draft is where we all differ and is also where we all can learn from one another.

Perhaps one day I'll submit a tutorial on some of the methods I use...
But in the meantime, Thanks for the peek into your constuction stylings.

It's always appreciated!

by RBlue Homepage »

Jun 9, 2008 10:07:03 am
Formidable planche pédagogique qui nous donne une idée du travail de dessinateur de bande dessinée. Je suis tout à fait bluffé par la minutie que tu mets dans l'élaboration de tes planches. Bravo pour ton professionnalisme.

by Milouv Homepage »

Jun 9, 2008 3:58:14 pm
It is all very fascinating and very informative, thank you for expertise and your time. hugs Jane xx

by JaneEden Homepage »

Jun 11, 2008 5:05:33 am
Thanks for all the info and very very well done !!!

by NekhbetSun Homepage »

Jun 11, 2008 7:17:54 pm
outstanding visualization and original concept for the story. when I was drawing I never thought about a particular age, but only drew what I wanted.if I had paid more time to details, I may of been able to have a career in cartoon art

by Richardphotos Homepage »

Jun 14, 2008 4:53:04 pm
Beaucoup de créativité: bravo!

by lior Homepage »

Jun 15, 2008 7:56:18 am
Une photocomposition magnifique avec des détails passionants sur sa conception et mise en oeuvre. Tu es très pédagogue et j'adore cette capacité à expliquer ce qui semble compliqué et délicat, ou/et qu'il l'est réellement. Bravo Edouard!

by KarmaSong Homepage »

Jun 18, 2008 1:30:11 am
Very beautiful and very nice artwork.

by DukeNukem2005 Homepage »

Jun 18, 2008 4:15:26 am
Wow awesome work!

by Claywoman Homepage »

Jun 25, 2008 8:52:48 am
Good demonstration and concept
to show one way to create a comic strip!!!

Very professional and instructive work, Edouard !!!

by Platin Homepage »

Jul 2, 2008 4:11:21 am
this job is ok Edouard

by gattone_blu Homepage »

Aug 3, 2008 6:12:24 am
Fantastic work! Nice!

by Darkwish Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 20, 2008 7:28:35 am
It's so fascinating to learn how you work. I love this image and your explanation of it. Thank you for sharing your methods with us.

by novelist Homepage »

Jan 16, 2009 8:36:45 am
Elcet, This is highly technical and systematic. Do not restrict ur self to acurracy and measurements. Cos this could make u lose ur focus on the very crucial part and essence of the work which ranges from the story, fun, appeal, and so on. I know wat i'm saying cos i've experience it earlier.
The work is great, considering the creative process. It takes some one who is highly creative and patient to embark on such a technical creative process. Do not get me wrong, cos i've done more technical jobs than normal. But when trying to meet up wit this CGI standard in the world today, so many things may hav to be put into consideration.

Good job 5

by Jydekris Homepage »


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