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CEC DP-20 Gunship WIP 2

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Since I added a lot of details since I first posted this, I decided to make an update for all those who don't read the forums but who would like to see one anyway. Comments welcome.
April 1, 2008
Cinema 4D
Science Fiction
49.1 kB

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Image Comments

Apr 1, 2008 5:49:10 pm
Excellent model, a great work

by Evanooh Homepage »

Apr 1, 2008 7:35:23 pm
Nice stuff!!!!!

I bet George wishes he'd had you around in 1974-75!

by jeffg3 Homepage »

Apr 1, 2008 8:12:08 pm
Very cool, awesome model, it looks fantastic!!

by Daramski Homepage »

Apr 1, 2008 8:36:34 pm
That is one bad as_ lookin' ship!

by greywolfe1960 Homepage »

Apr 1, 2008 8:43:25 pm
Very nicely done. And I'm glad you're posting it here as I don't get to the forums much - just not enough time lately. :)

Back in 74-75 it was a whole lot easier just to make a miniature model and then shoot it with the camera. ;) To think nowadays anyone with a vision can create their own movie. :) I think the homage (sp?) to the Star Wars movies is showing pretty soon. I love seeing others works to pay tribute to the series. :)

Are you texturing soon? Or still working on details?

by kcorbett Homepage »

Apr 1, 2008 8:50:58 pm

David W

by DMWVCS Homepage »

Apr 2, 2008 1:15:02 am
Excellent modeling, kudos...

by DarkStormCrow Homepage »

Apr 2, 2008 9:16:06 am
Great stuff! Can we have a look at the other side, an obverse iso view. please?

by Moebius87 Homepage »

Apr 2, 2008 10:20:58 am
great model . its tasty ship

by hideakifuji Homepage »

Apr 2, 2008 8:14:29 pm
Wow. I have been following this in the forum, and am really impressed with how good it looks. What is the poly count on this ship? I hope you will texture it!
Great work...
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Horse·Flesh (hôrs'flěsh')
1.The flesh of a horse.
2.Horses considered as a group, especially for driving, riding, or racing.

by HorseFlesh Homepage »

Apr 2, 2008 10:54:51 pm
Poly count. Well, sure: The current poly count is 779,491 total. I have not yet decided whether or not I will texture the ship, but I will apply shader based materials for sure. I will also show the ship from different angles here, when it is done. I will post some more shots of her in the forum until then.

by VOID Homepage »

Apr 3, 2008 9:28:09 am
This is looking so awesome! I would love to see a wireframe for it. Poly count isn't too high but can get there fast (Horseflesh and I know all too
Great work so far!


by chachi Homepage »

Apr 3, 2008 4:28:19 pm
This is coming on strong, excellent!! :) Strata

by strata Homepage »

Apr 5, 2008 5:39:27 am
Cool model.

by WPL2 Homepage »

Aug 28, 2009 1:58:21 pm
Fantastic model work!

by Seaview123 Homepage »


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