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Darkness and Light

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Our need for food and water is only exceeded by the thirst for fuel of our vehicles.

Twin MHD turbines give us the battlefield agility to out manoeuvre or out run the enemy, but the cost is our frequent forays into towns and cities to seek out the precious liquid. While the MHD turbine will burn pretty well anything, the discovery of a large domestic fuel station and convenience store was a welcome oasis in the dangerous counties around the starport.

The sight of aerial predators circling above the town during our raid caused us to divert our route out to safety. We see so little natural life around the starport, most were destroyed by the killing dust. They circled and dived and we could only assume that something had died there.

They scattered as we entered the old industrial complex but continued to swoop and dive around one building near the centre. Even before we got close, we could smell the stench of decay.

We found the remains of a firefight. The blast marks on the walls were like nothing we had seen before, and every so often, wed find cuts and slashing of the walls and doors by impossibly sharp blades.

The final stand had taken place in one of the buildings. Invader creatures of every form you could imagine had piled their bodies in front of the attackers, filling the doorways and corridors with their slashed and burned bodies.

Nothing it seemed could stop the advance, for if the corridors and doors proved impassable, the attackers reduced some of the walls to a fine dust and continued their assault to the centre.

In the basement we found the remains of a large and terrifying creature. Whereas the invaders we have seen appear to be the warped and transformed nightmares of people, birds and animals, this was something entirely new and alien. It wielded weapons and wore equipment of its own, whose design and lettering were unrecognisable.

Most disturbing of all, we found with it, the broken bodies of some of our Sansica Corporation science team, who it seemed had been fighting to defend it.

Somebody came here, and it could only have been the Lazloi. They came with extraordinary firepower and could have annihilated this place in an instant, but instead, chose to fight this thing, up close and personal.

Suddenly, we feel like we are just onlookers, in a war far bigger than ourselves.

-- Mission log of Leading Sergeant Karin Nielsen, acting leader of the Recon Group
-- Mission Clock: 879 hours, 31 minutes, 47 seconds

Sky Manta is courtesy of Colin (also known as Digital I), and is available at Thanks Colin!!

AARV vehicle is an original model created in Hexagon.

Foreground figure wears FAS-X, an original conforming outfit for Stephanie Petite. Mid ground figure wears FAS-M, also created in Hexagon.

Buildings created in Hexagon, terrain created in Bryce 5.01

Final render in Vue 5 Pro Studio.

Thanks for looking.
December 3, 2006
Science Fiction
231.2 kB

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Image Comments

Dec 3, 2006 3:15:19 pm
Interesting picture!

by 3DClassics Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 3:25:33 pm
Love the detail of the dust covered tires. Good render!

by kenwas Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 3:40:42 pm
Excellent story and render :)

by Star4mation Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 4:22:25 pm
The Combination of image and story is enjoyable..... Nice work!

by Honda2000 Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 5:49:34 pm
Wonderful! I especially love the vehicles :-)

by izitmee Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 5:58:05 pm
Excellent. A very realistic image.

by AnteriorLobe Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 6:12:51 pm
cool vehicles!

by vkoontz Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 6:27:37 pm
Beautiful work -- you're definitely into the "pro" status with your modeling as well as your story telling. Beautiful composition to boot.

by duncanlong Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 7:05:34 pm
Very cool!

by gchuck Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 7:30:06 pm
Photo real image with wonderful vehicle.

by kjer_99 Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 8:18:49 pm
Very cool! Love the vehicle!

by ElorOnceDark Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 9:12:44 pm
Very nice :)

by Bea Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 9:33:14 pm

by MRX3010 Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 9:39:35 pm
I'm delighted to have been able to contribute a tiny part to this epic! Just a minor correction, my 'Sky-Manta' is found in my store at, not my store at DAZ...


by Colin Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 9:57:48 pm
And the plot thickens.... It's great to see a few units still sport the old-fashioned digital camo! ;]

by Denger Homepage »

Dec 3, 2006 11:26:24 pm
I love the vehicles and the foreground character.

Randomize the wheel hubs for better effect. They are all symmetrical.

by farkwar Homepage »

Dec 4, 2006 6:57:35 am
Very chilling and quite intriguing. Keep up the good work.

by Tom-Noddy Homepage »

Dec 4, 2006 2:27:47 pm
Excellent job mark i like the choice of shaders has a desert kind of sand blasted quallity to it. Great positioning of models , the vehicles , and love the slight camera tilt !

by Odessey Homepage »

Dec 4, 2006 6:42:24 pm
Great looking scene and story wonderfully done ^^

by CrimsonDesire Homepage »

Dec 4, 2006 7:05:21 pm
WOWSERS! This is your finest render yet. The posing is done so well and dont get me started on that vehicle you created. This is really perfect work I only wish I could give it the 5 stars it so richly deserves.

by garyandcatherine Homepage »

Dec 5, 2006 9:59:21 am
Splendid composition and attention to detail. Suits (get it!) the narrative. A fine picture.

by Mikeall Homepage »

Dec 5, 2006 12:46:14 pm
i must work with vue !

by willigooo Homepage »

Dec 5, 2006 4:24:02 pm
WOW!!. One thing is always certain, your works are always top notch in every aspect. Extremely well done Mark.

by RETIRED Homepage »

Dec 13, 2006 2:39:43 am
Excellent work as always Mark!

by Eromanric Homepage »

Dec 28, 2006 6:59:03 am
Oh wow!! A stunning image - I love the tilt of the camera and the natural look to the posing of the characters! Incredible outdoor lighting too - very convincing :) Well done!!!

by hoskins78 Homepage »


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