June 2012 Vendor of the Month - StudioArtVartanian

Congratulations to StudioArtVartanian for being Renderosity's Vendor of the Month for June!

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who is 'StudioArtVartanian'?

Hi everyone. It's difficult for me to talk about myself...(blush) :) but here is a bit more about my story: My name is Joanna, I live in Athens Greece. I have been an artist for a long time and work on my projects almost all day long. You will usually find me sitting in front of my PC the most part of the day, or should I say night, as I like to work during the Vampire hours :) When I take some time from that, you can find me painting airbrush portraits. I love feeding the neighborhood cats and dogs, along with mine. I like to watch tv shows to relax, and enjoy sharing time with my friends and family.

How long have you been involved in digital art?

I started learning 2D techniques in 2000, because when I scanned my traditional painted illustrations from paper to pc, I had great loss of color and detail quality.

With this new study, I learned new techniques and it has helped me to get the results I wanted for my book illustrations. Since then, I have been involved in digital art.

What made you decide to become a Vendor?

I used to create Poser characters and 3D models as a base for my book illustrations, but when my Publisher had to close his business (because of the financial crisis), I lost my Job. With the encouragement of my friends, as I'm a shy person, I decided to try to become a content creator and do the thing I love the most, providing other artists the means to develop their own fantastic worlds and stories.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on a new character for V4/V5, almost finished, and 2 hair sets for her.

What software is currently in your digital toolset and why?

My main and favorite tools are Blacksmith 3D suite for texturing and extreme detailed morphing, Hexagon for modeling and morphing, the classic Photoshop, and lately Gimp for image adjustment and 'tablet' painting. Poser 7 to Poser pro 2012, but I create the most of my content in Poser pro 2010. I keep the older versions for testing my products and using 3 PC's for that. Daz Studio 2.2 for testing and creating my DS mats and DS 4 pro for creating and testing my Genesis content. Also, I use many little programs and utilities from Dimension 3d, 3D Universe, colorcurvature, netherworks, markdc and others.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

Everywhere, from a picture I saw somewhere, or in a magazine, something I saw on TV, a movie, Greek culture and art, other artists work, ideas from friends, suggestions and feedback from my Renderosity clients and members.

Could you list any current favorites among the products you've created and tell us a bit about their creation?

I think my current favorite is Elenoir and Nevil, not only for the product we produced, but while working on this product I really enjoyed the process of this creation and the collaboration with my friend Godin. It was a new and wonderful experience for me.

You've had the honor of Vendor of the Month in June of 2011 as well. To what can you credit your continued success?

To the people who are supporting me, who are buying and using my products to produce amazing renders in the galleries, and to Renderosity's staff and great support and help. My fellow vendors who always support me and I'm always trying to give my best to evolve my work and to offer the highest quality and unique looking products, that are affordable to everyone, without compromising quality.

Thank you all very much for this great honor!

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Just work with your heart, create content that inspires you and makes you happy. Look for detail and don't give up on a product until you have the best possible quality. If you don't know how to do something to evolve your work, just Google for that and I'm sure you will find a tutorial that will help you.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Renderosity opened a window to a new wonderful world for me. I've met wonderful people from all over the world, we exchange ideas and techniques. I have made some new and real friends here.

Do you have any final words or advice for other digital artists?

Like I said above - Just work with your heart, create art that inspires you and makes you happy, Learn new things and try to evolve your work.


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Member Opinions:
By: Nouschka on 6/2/12
I am the first :-) Congratulation! Deserved the right one (hope this sentense is right)Areward for high quality work my friend

By: Anagord on 6/2/12

By: jeanne_50 on 6/2/12
Congratulations! I love your products.
Keep up on doing the things you like to do. :)

Love, Jeanne

By: Ometeotl on 6/2/12
Congratulations! Very well deserved

By: renecyberdoc on 6/2/12
congratulations to this fine vendor.

By: Godin on 6/2/12
Yippie!!! Congratulations Sweetie!! You deserve it so much..all your creations are Outstanding and of very High Quality! and on top of it all, you have a heart of gold!! I am very happy for you my Dear Dear Friend :)

By: beachsidelegs on 6/2/12
Congratulation's love your products :)

By: Savage_dragon on 6/2/12
Congratz, Jo!! ")

By: KimberlyC on 6/2/12
Congrats! Very well deserved! :)

By: matrix03 on 6/3/12
Congratulations and well deserved!
I have several of her products and have been using them quite frequently.
the hair looks realistic like hair should and not like plastic.
I highly recommend her products!

By: tiff666 on 6/4/12
Cool, love her stuff! Well deserved! ;-)

By: Kalypso on 6/4/12
Congratulations Ioanna! I can't think of anyone who deserves this more! You never cease to amaze me with your work!!

By: Syyd on 6/4/12
I think youre an outstanding creator in this arena, if not "the" one. Your characters are incredible. Congratulations, well, well deserved.

By: pixeluna on 6/4/12
Congratulations, Jo! You deserved it as you always make wonderful products and my Runtime is happy. Your creations are top-notch and always high quality works. So happy for you!!!

By: TK0920 on 6/5/12
This is indeed very well deserved. Your work is both inspirational and well crafted. Congratulation!

By: Morrighan on 6/5/12
Congratulations a well deserved award for a great creator compliments. :-)

By: P3Design on 6/5/12
Congrats sweetie, you deserve it! :))))

By: Direwrath on 6/5/12
Congratulations to you! I have to say that I am a big fan of your work :)

By: poisinivy on 6/5/12
I couldn't think of anyone more deserving of this reconigtion. I like to offer my Congratulations & I look forward to seeing more great works to come. :)

By: Cimaira on 6/5/12
Congratulations! A wonderful lady and great vendor!

By: 76claudia2205 on 6/5/12
Congratulations Joanna, iy's very well deserved :D

By: singanprayisme on 6/6/12
Congrats, Joanna! Love to see you get this award!

By: Biscuits on 6/6/12
Congrats! You can see you work with so much passion!

By: lyron on 6/6/12

By: Pierrot_Lunaire on 6/6/12
WOW!!! It's great!!! Wonderful!!! To see you VOM make me really very happy, as you know!!!!!
Very well deserved award to one of the coolest artists and vendors on rosity!!! Congratulations!!!!!

By: EmmaAndJordi on 6/7/12
Dear Jo congratulations! It's very deserved, I admire your work so much...But behind a great talent there is a very nice person and pretty too :), hugs dear friend!

By: Savage_dragon on 6/7/12
Congratz, Jo. You know we love you! ")

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 6/7/12
You know by our site mails that you
are one of my fav vendors here! But
honestly it is so good to see you get
recognized for being so talented!!!


By: renecyberdoc on 6/7/12
congratulations hon,we love your creations!!!!

By: archaelius on 6/8/12
Congratulations on your award! I love your work!

By: mikeerson on 6/8/12
congratulations! You say you're shy, try to be more outgoing... I say that because I was shy all through school, after I started having kids, I felt like I could talk to anyone.... the best thing you can do, Is get on stage and sing karaokee - lol - serious... You're not a professional singer (I'm guessing) so if the crowd says something you don't like, laugh it off - BUT... in all my experience with karaokee, I've never seen anyone booed off the stage - trust me, it's an adreneline rush that will give you the confidence and then once you've done it a few times, your shyness will be broken - AND THEN - woa, look out.... You won't feel anything can stop you. I love your work and you've been so kind to me with gifts I can't say enough good things about you... SAV's Hot Men is probably my favorite item on my wish list, you've done an amazing job with it - but - I have a question, Bellbottoms went out when I was a teenager and looking at your picture, they went out of style before you were born - what made you make those jeans Bellbottoms instead of straight legs??? Go sing karaokee - it does the soul good.... and, stay away from the Doors "light my fire" there is an instumental break for about a minute in the song and I sang that in front of thousands of people - It feels awkward to stand there without singing - lol - but, again - it helps with that shyness like you wouldn't believe.
any chance of doing s Stallone look alike model?

By: Jonrea on 6/8/12
Congratulations, and very well deserved. :)

By: zachary on 6/8/12
Congrats ! Well deserved !!

By: vyktohria on 6/9/12
YAY!! Congrats, Jo, Sweetie! Sooooo well deserved...BIG HUGS!!!

By: Rosie-D on 6/9/12
Congrats and HugZ - I am totally addicted to your work - it just leaps into my cart of it's own accord - Keep em coming and I'll keep on buying - no pressure...

By: sireneidae on 6/9/12
Congratulation! I always admire your phantastic stuff and wait for your next creations

By: theuberdude on 6/11/12
Love your PRoducts!!!!!!

By: lunchlady on 6/12/12
So very very much deserved Jo!!! Congratulations Sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

By: twingo on 6/13/12
Congrats, really like your products

By: MKeyes on 6/14/12
My my my - what a wonderful thing to come in and see, YOU in the deserving spot light! It happened last year, this year and it will happen again next year. Why? Because you WORK from your heart. I write from my heart, all of my stories come from what moves me - so we have that in common. I am so happy for you, you are an incredible person, artist and vendor. May this continue to serve you in a way that your life needs are always before you. I can remember waaaay back when I used to test for you. First I remember of your creations was Wolverine... and look at you now. Hugs, kisses and loads of love and thumbs up all the way!

By: Wolfmanw on 6/14/12
Congratulations on your work. Best wishes for the future.

By: shorterbus on 6/14/12
She's hot!

By: Karth on 6/15/12
Congratulation !!! Love your style :) WTG

By: Danie on 6/15/12
Congratulations! :)

By: schonee on 6/15/12
Congratulations!!!! I admire your work. You Deserve this so much!!!

By: nobodyinparticular on 6/16/12
StudioArtVartanian does not do great work. The work is extraordinary. I have numerous item, all of which are among the best of their kind. Congratulations, thank you, and keep going.

By: Cimarron on 6/16/12
Congratulations Joanna! Your work is always superb and it's a pleasure to work with your characters:)

By: Teufelseinhorn on 6/17/12

By: P3D-Art on 6/18/12
You deserve big bunches sweet Jo ... keep it coming!!
And so nice to read about you :)) *Hugs* Peg

By: SWAM on 6/20/12
very well deserved, you do a amazing job :-)

By: posfan on 6/22/12
congrats! Your Morphs are outstanding with excellent textures.

Now, if you would do a Mark Harmon (Gibbs from NCIS) one, I'd love you forever. Plus I buy that in an instant, even not on sale.

By: aproctor on 6/22/12
Congrats - you do lovely work!!

By: JeniferC on 6/22/12
Congratulations!! Very well deserved. Love your work.

By: RPublishing on 6/22/12
I great admire your talent. Congrats and warmest wishes!

By: soffy on 6/24/12
Congrats :) so well deserved,your work is fantastic********

By: StudioArtVartanian on 6/25/12
Thank you all sooooooooo very much!!!!!
big hugs to all:)

By: Richardphotos on 6/25/12
congratulations Jenny.an honor well deserved

By: echokimono on 6/27/12
Well done and congratulations!!! Your stuff rocks!!! :)

By: Tempesta3d on 6/27/12
Joanna you are a wonderful Artist and woman. Very deserved indeed, your love for Art, pets and your shy tenderness turn you into a delicate flower full of grace and passion, colors and life.

Congratulations from your italian neighbors ;)

By: RAMWolff on 6/27/12
This is one talented and sweet lady. I've had the good fortune of communicating with her here and there. She's also very generous with her desire to help out where she can. Your the best Jo. I think you should make a tutorial on how you accomplish a project using Blacksmith 3D because that program boggles my mind (and this coming from someone that uses ZBrush here and there! lmao) HUGS!

By: vapo on 6/27/12
Congrats, Joanna - to become the well deserved Vendor of the Month! You have made some fantastic characters... though, I'm still waiting for Joe Manganiello to complete and enrich your True Blood suit... :)

By: hardwaretoad on 6/27/12
A very well deserved recognition once again, your products are outstanding as have been your generosity with your many excellent freebies. Thanks for all you do to make this an enjoyable community and hobby.

I wish you continued success... ;)

By: PhilW on 6/27/12
Well deserved - very high quality products!

By: JohnDelaquiox on 6/27/12
Congratulations my dear friend!

By: Meldamiriel on 6/28/12
Congratulations! (Nice to "meet" you!) You definitely deserve it and I LOVE your products. PS: Thank you for the wonderful comments on my artwork! :)

By: rooks on 6/29/12
It couldn't have happened to a nicer lady, and well deserved. Thank you for the support you've given.

By: Tipol on 6/30/12
Congratulations it is well deserved, I love your products, all are great work, I hope you continue for a long time to create these beautiful products.Thank you.

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